Are you preoccupied with events & relationships from your past?
Do you feel frustrated with your current circumstances?
Are you ready for change and rebirth?


Over these 30 years, I've traveled the world meeting enlightened masters. They've helped me release my past, extinguish old identities, and get over myself. Through rituals, prayer, meditation, and discipline, I learned to be less attached, more proactive, and peaceful.


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Like many people, I've had wonderful successes, but I've also made poor choices. I would sacrifice my health, emotional well-being, and loving relationships for fame, position, and meaningless gain.


My health failed, passions disappeared, and my life collapsed.

I was brought to my knees.


With gentle self-evaluation (and grieving), I became more clear and aware. I went through such a transformation that my prior behaviors and goals felt foreign to me.


I could no longer relate with the person I once was.


As I continue to deepen and evolve, I offer empathy, intuition, and guidance to others, with the hope that you will find a deeper clarity. After helping thousands of people see themselves and their organizations more clearly, I've learned one very important lesson:

To heal and grow, we must first become selfish.


Only after seeking the depth of your experiences, desires and attachments, can you successfully put others first. After you nurture your wounds and well-being, you'll naturally turn to helping others. 

It's time to seek clarity, forgive ourselves and others,

release guilt and shame, and TRULY AWAKEN.


I am committed to helping you improve the quality of your life and the expansiveness of your consciousness. If you're ready to relinquish old patterns, revise outdated self-definitions, and make deeply empowering choices, let's spend a little time on the phone together.


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I am an Intuitive-Empath with Clairsentience, which means I have the ability to feel the present, past and future of your physical and emotional states, without the use of the normal five senses. I feel what you feel, and I feel what the people around you feel. I see and feel your experiences, which allows me to embody your pain and illuminate pathways that lead to peace, joy and clarity.

As a spiritual advisor and business "consciousness coach," I lead individuals and groups to forgiveness, happiness, greater awareness, and success. During my lectures, workshops and retreats, you'll release the past, find new joys, and have lots of fun exploring yourself with others.


I am a 5-time EMMY® Award Winning writer. I have written, produced, taught and performed for millions of people on TV and at events around the world. I have over 500 corporate clients in 10 countries, and I've written and performed over 2500 shows for the Fortune 1000.

I've written some wonderful books and created a profound deck of Oracle cards called The Personality Cards. You can also check out my Personality App for inspiration on-the-go.


I promise that our intuitive sessions together will be fun, eye-opening, and transformative. Book a personal session with me - HERE.

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