Seek Enchantment and Transformation through Prayerful Ritual and Ceremony

When we create the space and time to connect with the deepest parts of ourselves, we honor the ancient’s teachings and most enduring tribal traditions found on every continent on Earth. By committing to this deepening, we awaken our cores and establish trajectories leading to healing and transformation. To begin, we need only glance in the direction of our divine natures. In this article, you will know about the prayerful ritual.

With heart-centered intention and thoughtful action, we can clear the dust that clouds our souls’ perceptions and connectivity. Regardless of how lost or confused, we believe ourselves to be, in every moment there exists the potential for clarity. While it might feel daunting, even impossible, you have the power to reconnect with your deepest Self and the eternal consciousness. In the process of seeking our soul’s illumination, we improve our perceptions, vibrations, and the ability to feel nurtured by our realities.

When we seek divine clarity, we find many gifts:

  • Answers to our deepest questions
  • Changes in our perceptions
  • Changes in dynamics
  • Awakened potentialities
  • The ability to forgive and truly let-go
  • Improved awareness of our talents, attributes and personal magic
  • Lessened projection, fewer expectations, and more acceptance
  • Reduction in our attachments to self-limiting societal and religious constructs
  • Less desire to delude ourselves
  • Deepened humility
  • Increased connectivity and joy
  • Expanded abilities around creating and sustaining empowered lives

Schedule a ritual training session with Paul: HERE

This powerful, intimate experience involves a beautiful, life-changing ritual,

book-ended by two profound and intuitive sessions with Paul.

Paul’s Experience

Seven Arrows, Changing the Book of Life, Vision Quest, Sweat Lodge, and Medicine Wheel are ancient rituals that lead to connection and liberation. Paul spent many years learning Native American rituals under the guidance of Lakota elders and shamans. Traveling throughout India and China, seated at the feet of enlightened masters, Paul learned the ceremonies and traditions that our ancient elders created to help us heal and awaken.

Open your heart and heal thru ritual. You’ll LOVE it.

How Authenticity Leads to Happiness

Authenticity has been on a long, tough road in pursuit of its place in the world. It began as impulses within raw, wild beasts. It wandered through forests and wilderness for many millennia. After merging with consciousness and connecting with the intentions of all living beings in all the realms, authenticity became bold and brazen.

For some, authenticity has involved secret knowledge and clandestine pursuits. For others, it has been used as a tool to manifest power and control. Over time, authenticity matured, nurtured itself, and found its most enduring and profound calling as the homing-beacon for people who have lost their way.

“Only the truth of who you are, if realized, will set you free.”

— Eckhart Tolle

What Is Authenticity?

Authenticity is a pure encounter with our core selves. It occurs in the present moment, without pretense. Its purpose is to serve our expressiveness and self-awareness. It does this by initiating experiences and absorbing the related energetic fascia. While it is continually evolving, our authentic nature is always available to us.

When we are not conscious of the ramifications of our temporary selves, we might deny ourselves authenticity and the complete experience of our natures. While social norms tend to oppress us, we always have the option to commit to returning to authenticity.

During this new era of social over-responsibility and political confusion, authenticity has found itself in a quandary. While its pure expression might confuse, offend, or harm others, it remains a living force that requires continual exploration and pronouncement.


To fulfill its purpose, authenticity must experience itself in some form without oppression. It must be permitted to know itself and give rise to its impulses, without judgment. While not all authentic selves are peaceful or benign, they must be allowed to live.

Authenticity is not only a strategic path toward self-awareness and personal evolution; it’s the key to living a full life. As life gives birth to itself without judgment, so must we.

“The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

The Pathway To Authenticity

Some of us are living powerfully authentic lives. We live from and through the electricity that pours through us. We remain connected to our core nature in all activities and relationships. Those who have lost touch with themselves might only need to be reminded that they are inauthentic. Others might require a process to walk them back home. While no path is perfect or precise enough to meet every mindset and need, here is a step-by-step list of how you might achieve greater authenticity in your life.

While it’s become socially acceptable to deny ourselves realistic public identities, there is nothing more important than being honest, especially when in dialogue with our inner spirits. When we experience genuine acknowledgments of our natures, at least within our thoughts, intentions, and prayers, we open doorways to healing, accountability, clarity, and transformation. Honesty also saves us energy and gives us the most stable foundation for enduring success and happiness.

Self-Worth and Self-Approval
We are not all great Mahatmas, but this does not preclude us from beckoning the eternal light and bathing in it. And while we might be able to request a miracle and immediately experience it, we must begin by accepting that we are worthy. In pursuit of our evolution, we do not need to approve of our transgressions. They are in the past and the past is a canceled check. It does not exist. We do not require approval or forgiveness from others. We focus on ourselves and on our desires to become new and drenched in the light of the universe.

Under the umbrella of an approved self, we can joyfully venture into self-evaluation. If we engage humility and other nurturing attitudes, we can source the areas of our personhood that are most in need of change. By acknowledging our shortcomings, we can choose to improve them.


After objectively evaluating ourselves, the next step is to speak clearly within ourselves about each aspect. With a focused, inner dialogue, we can reduce our stubbornness, dissolve some of our more indelible self-identities, and venture toward transformation.

Make Adjustments
While intentions are mighty little angels, without action, they are merely hopes. Making personal adjustments to our thoughts, ideologies, behaviors, commitments, loyalties, and relationships can take some time. It might be helpful to make gradual adjustments so that all of your most endearing aspects can remain in-step with your revised life-trajectory.

Create A Unique Living-Process
Once you’ve established your challenges and potential changes, it’s vital to adjust your operational plans. The processes and procedures you’ll want to change might involve habits, environments, hobbies, jobs, careers, relationships, and schedules. With a clear and executable plan, we can achieve almost anything.

Commit To Yourself
The most difficult thing for most of us is making a commitment to regularly uplift and honor ourselves. It’s not always easy. To ensure that we stay on our path, we might adhere to a strict schedule of self-validating practices like meditation or journal writing. We might also hire a coach, therapist, or engage a few friends in a homespun support group.

Encourage And Celebrate Yourself
We are all creatures of habit. When we make even the smallest adjustments, it’s crucial that we validate ourselves. While we should refrain from self-worship, each of us is unique and in need of specific forms of encouragement. Explore the styles of encouragement and celebration that feel most nurturing to you. Add these modalities to your daily routine and social schedule. It’s in this way that we engage the universe to support our new paths and achievements.

“As I began to love myself. I found that anguish and emotional suffering are only warning signs that I was living my own truth. Today I know this is authenticity.” — Charlie Chaplin

Achieving Happiness

While happiness might be overrated and contentment preferable, we always have a choice to pursue a desired emotion. In this pursuit, everything changes. When we’re intentional about our emotional states, we increase our chances of improving our vibrations.

Being authentic with ourselves invites forces and Beings from every realm to come to our aid. Our authenticity is the most magnetic part of us. By relinquishing temporary and outdated self-identities, and by focusing on the reality of who we are, we give birth to nuances that can protect our pathways to achieve the life-states that we desire most.

To begin, tend toward selfishness and give yourself all the room you need to nurture, awaken, and experience your authentic self. Peek into the nooks and crannies of your desires and personas. Ask for guidance to fully know yourself when you need it. After learning more about who you are and nurturing yourself for a while, the chances are good that you’ll tend toward wanting to help others. It’s through measured and focused selfishness that we can achieve fertile and stable selflessness.

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”

— E.E. Cummings

Always be yourself. Whether you feel a well of sadness in a grocery store or a burst of joy in a park, find safe and healthy ways to let it all out. If expressing your emerging emotions is dangerous to others, find ways to transmute the toxic aspects within your being so that you can move toward being self-expressed. It might be that meditation can assist you in becoming fully present. It might also be that meditation is your crutch.

To become authentic and whole, you can choose to embody a combination of gentility and ruthlessness. You might be hiding from your biggest disappointments or most enraging life events. You might be using them to create victim-minded or lower-chakra personality traits, thereby reducing your vibration to sub-par frequencies. You might be missing out on 90% of who you are.

Step boldly into the wilderness that resides within you. Consider performing sacred ceremonies and rituals to assist you in your rebirth. Remain hopeful and prayerful. In all things, continually embrace your divinity and all the beautiful aspects inherent in your birthright.

Bach Flowers Remedies, How Herbs Can Transform your Life

Bach Flower Remedies
Bach Flower Remedies
Bach Flower Remedies can be wonderfully healing and transformative. A Shutterstock Licensed Image.

In your local Walgreens, CVS, Whole Foods, and other stores (online too!), you can often spot tiny brown vials with droppers and pretty labels resting on shelves above various vitamins and minerals. 

For many sensitive souls, these lovely little tinctures treat problems resulting from stress, sleep, physical chemistry, emotional trauma, and other ailments. 

For those who already know the healing effects of these remarkable concoctions, you can thank the pioneer of this unusual technology and product line, Dr. Edward Bach. Bach Flower Remedies help millions of people find peace, relaxation, and happiness. Bach’s work also spawned competitors through the years, some of whom use different processes to distill the essence of many varieties of plants and herbs. 

What’s your favorite Bach Flower Remedy? I love Star of Bethlehem because it seems to address several issues related to complex lives and challenges. 

We are all complex beings, continually ladened with energy bundles stemming from other people, many events from this life and others, and via portals that connect us to other realms. 

The Journey From Secret To Mainstream

Originally, all of humankind’s medicine came from plants, some of which were specifically grown to heal the physical body. This type of medicine, found in the forms of tinctures, salves and teas, has been relatively obscured over the past hundred years. As a matter of fact, much of today’s herbal medicine was considered witchcraft up until the late 1800s. 

Within the past 20 years, all of the most popular healing herbs seem to have experienced an upgrade, including the energies and essences of a long list of flowers. Many of these herbs and flowers are now included as part of traditional, western medicine’s prescriptions and practices. 

Truth be told, the ancients have been using medicine born from the earth for thousands of years. While Dr. Bach appears to have been the one to have invented flower essences, he was simply the man who perfected the essence distillation process and sponsored its acceptance by the mainstream. 

This took over 50 years, mind you. What a journey these flowers have been on!

Flowers, according to Bach, are just like you and me. They have their own unique energies and personalities, each of which connects them to the same planes as us. 

After realizing this, Bach started studying flowers and wrote his Bach Flower Remedies book. Soonafer, he began creating his lovely tinctures and selling them. He was quite the pioneer!

Who is Edward Bach?

Edward Bach (1886 – 1936) was a British Doctor who received his degree in London, England, in 1913. He was a medical officer and surgeon, devoting his life to the study of those tiny little creatures known as bacteria. Three years before his death, he started research in practical herbalism at Sotwell.  

In his 40s, Bach discovered how deeply connected he was to the world around him. He used his highly attuned senses and years of medical knowledge to match each of the herbs he researched to the human body. He would note how some had a natural calming effect, while others could nudge the subtle bodies one way or another. There were few known people doing this type of work. 


Disease is, in essence, the result of conflict between the Soul and Mind, and will never be eradicated except by spiritual and mental effort.

— Edward Bach


Bach was magic. He knew that it was just as important to take care of the spiritual body as it was to take care of the physical. He loved the more subtle aspects to being human – the emotions, soul, and energy bodies that envelop all of us. 

Since he was studying how to cure extra-physical ailments, he knew he didn’t need to use the physical body of the flowers. He went out every morning and collected dew from the leaves and petals, bottling it 50/50 with brandy to preserve it. He said it was important for the process to use all four elements:

Water – To collect and carry the plants powerful healing attributes.

Earth – The primary source for plants to sprout.

Air – A source of life and energy for the plants.

Fire – The sun, which activates the plant’s healing abilities.

The dew that was collected from the plant had been heated by the morning sun, letting the condensation take on properties of the plant. By adding the dew to other water and heating it up, Bach learned that he could grow the energy from the plant to fill any vessel, most importantly the tiny tincture bottles we see in stores today.

After a while, Bach started picking flowers and seeping them while they were housed in jars in the sun. He used the new tinctures to freely treat patients. With each new client, he learned about their emotional and physical stressors, share the appropriate flower tinctures with them, then jotted down notes about each flower property as it pertained to the patient’s ailment. 

Even though Dr. Bach passed in 1936, the same practices, ones that he birthed long ago, are used today to harness the healing benefits of all the flowers in his repertoire. 

Western studies have not been able to confirm Bach’s research, but many claim to find relief from his remedies. As with all medicine, sometimes it’s a bit subjective, or even hit or miss.

As a sensitive and intuitive person, I benefit greatly from Bach Flower Remedies and have come to know them quite intimately. I LOVE THEM!

The Subtle Body

In Sanskrit, your subtle body is called Ssūkṣma śarīra; a combination of your mind, heart, and energy. Some view the subtle body as the whole mystical or divine body, including our chakras, those energy centers that connect with all aspects of the Universe. Others believe that our subtle bodies are connected more intrinsically with our physical form, yet include our spiritual bodies. 


Most people believe that the subtle body is everything that isn’t physical. The

 reality is that we have several subtle bodies within the whole of our overall subtle body. These subtle bodies include the energetic shapes around our chakras, our entire physical body’s aura or light-body, and the energies that our soul’s connect with throughout any given moment. 

While most people have never heard that we have a collection of subtle bodies, it’s all very simple since they can all be managed just like our physical bodies – with kind attention and consistent care.

For those who didn’t suffer from broken legs or appendicitis, The research of Edward Bach was groundbreaking. People who were deeply empathic, compassionate, warm, affectionate, and intuitive found that Bach’s work was life-changing. To Bach and his fans, it’s always been about improving the vibrations and healing the subtle bodies. 

Alas, flowers to the rescue!


Types of Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies heal the fractures of your subtle bodies and temporary self-identities, and open pathways to the highest of vibrations, including eternal love and light. 

By including these lovely flower essences in our daily routines, we can heal ourselves (or at least reduce the effects of) everything from stress to depression. Flowers are so powerful that many have ingested their essences to trample, transform, and eradicate their addictions.


Hatred, Anger, and Resentment

When people hurt or betray us, we might feel vengeful or hateful. We might also become despondent or harshly detached. When we are consumed by rage, we can become blinded to all the goodness that surrounds us. This blindness can diminish our ability to see the positive aspects of our lives. Using herbs like Beech, Cherry Plum, Heather, Holly, Star of Bethlehem, and Willow, we can sooth the most inflamed emotions within us. 


Panic Attacks and Anxiety

Anxiety is often caused by a slew of different inputs: stress at work, social pressure, or a lack of empathy and compassion for yourself to name a few. To help relax and soothe your anxious tendencies, consider Agrimony, Beech Cherry Plum, Chestnut Bud, Impatiens, Red Chestnut, and White Chestnut. For some, these essences are absolutely transformational.


Confusion, Daydreaming, Inattention, and Lack of Focus

It can be difficult to focus on things for long periods of time, especially for people who are very sensitive or those who have an intimate connection to the eternal muse.  In the modern day, we are forced to split our attention between multiple tasks at one time. 


For creatives and artists, this stressful modern culture can have devastating effects. To stay on task, try Impatiens, Elm, Clematis, Gentian, Vervain, Chestnut Bud, Walnut, and Larch. For artists, painters, psychics, and more, these lovely concoctions are considered nectars from the Gods. 


Courage, Confidence, and Low Self-Esteem

The hectic flow of life can often make us feel like cogs in a massive, impersonal system. This can leave us utterly powerless over tedious circumstances and the difficult people around us. When we lose respect for ourselves, we may find it difficult to try something new. We might even doubt the various skills we’ve long mastered. 

When you are feeling beat down and small, you might consider trying these flowers: Larch, Willow, Pine, Mimulus, Olive, Gentian, and Agrimony. Warriors, teachers, power-players, and creatives find these elements very helpful to living an empowered and active life.


Motivation, Depression, Insomnia, and Loss of Passion

Even the happiest of us can feel down at times. If you feel a little low, deflated, empty, or fatigued, you might need to adjust your subtle bodies to regain your old Self. Try using Aspen, Larch, Olive, Hornbeam, Mustard, Elm, Pine, White Chestnut, Gentian, Cherry Plum, and Holly.


Anguish, Sorrow, and Grief

If you can’t seem to shake the feeling of loss due to a major event or traumatic death. Try these herbs to initiate the healing process: Pine, Star of Bethlehem, Sweet Chestnut, Water Violet, Wild Rose, and Red Chestnut.


Shock and Trauma

We might find it difficult to compose ourselves after the most challenging events in our lives. Things we used to enjoy doing might now feel scary and, in some cases, create struggle  throughout our days. 

If you are finding it difficult to recover from a devastating experience, you might find these herbs to ease your suffering: Aspen, Cherry Plum, Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Mimulus, Gorse, Sweet Chestnut, Oak, and Pine.

Healing with the clean, pure, beautiful agents of nature is surely the one method of all which appeals to most of us.

— Edward Bach


Sensitive people  may find that supplements leave them jittery, sedated, passive, devoid of opinion, or dulled. For those who struggle to use supplements, or those looking for a more natural way to heal their subtle bodies, Bach’s Flower Remedies can provide remarkable and sustainable relief.

Many swear by Bach’s “Rescue” Remedy (Impatiens, Clematis, Cherry Plum, Star of Bethlehem, and Rock Rose). Although it is his most famous creation, he catalogued a total of 38 species of flowers, further explaining how each of them affects the human subtle bodies.

While some find it easy to reject spiritual, mystical, and other fantastical remedies for a host of reasons, the results don’t lie. Most who try Bach’s remedies report positive reactions and report they cannot imagine a time before their existence. I completely concur, doctor!

Next time you don’t quite feel yourself, meditate on the parts of your life that feel compromised or difficult to handle. Explore the aspects that emerge, then consider your feelings and potential blocks. As you evaluate all the evidence that emerges from examining your subtle body, seek relief in Bach’s Flower Remedies.

In all things, remember that you are born from stardust and you are composed of light and sound. Everything you do, feel, express, and achieve are also made of light and sound. Heal yourself with whatever tonics you feel serve you best. When it comes to transforming and upleveling our realities, meditation, rituals, and prayer are among the most effective.




The Empath Oath: A Commitment to Emotional and Spiritual Freedom

Empath oath

Take THE EMPATH OATH. A Shutterstock Licensed Image.

As an Empath or highly sensitive person, I’m able to absorb and quantify emotions emanating from a person, group, or environment. I may also be able to embody the emotions of a person or event remotely.

While many Empaths are loving and compassionate, some are not. Regardless, I am uniquely qualified to help myself and help others help themselves.

Make a formal commitment to THE EMPATH OATH HERE.

I wholeheartedly agree with each thought below:

  1. I agree to observe and parse the emotions that I witness and absorb, without blaming anyone, at any time, including myself.

  2. I promise to regularly clear the compiled energies that have attached to or exist within my heart and body.

  3. I promise to embody love and compassion so that I can be of service to my fellow human beings, deceased ancestors, energy-entities, and light-beings.

  4. I promise to set clear boundaries with others so that I can remain whole, healed, and protected. If I need help learning how to set boundaries, I will seek the advice of a mentor.

  5. I agree to be a beacon of light and positivity at all times.

  6. When communicating my projections, beliefs, feelings, and experiences to others, I promise to keep my ego at bay and deny my ego any measure of self-indulgence, self-aggrandizement, or self-gratification.

  7. I will continually seek high-vibration energies, awakened masters, and light-beings to light my path, clear my heart, and cleanse my soul.

  8. I agree to learn additional high-vibration modalities, including prayers, incantations, mantras, sutras, and rituals that are of the light and in service to the light.

  9. I agree to commune with at least one positive person every week so that I can uplevel my vibration, moods, and attitudes.

  10. I agree to love myself and nurture myself, especially in times of stress, confusion, and trauma. This might include journaling, walking in the forest, praying, crying, writing loving letters, seeking out good friends, dancing, coloring, singing, or laughing.

  11. I agree to begin the process of forgiveness for every soul who has caused or co-created a negative impact on my life, heart, mind or physical body.

  12. I agree to continually forgive the innuendos, misgivings, attacks, and unconscious behavior of others, whether the culprits are partially or completely at fault.

  13. I do not require that others apologize to me or tell me that I “was right” with regard to any situation, at any time. If I require this type of validation, I will seek it within myself.

  14. Upon any infraction against my being, body, or spirit, I will immediately release any prior or newly created anger, sadness, and disappointment without any requirement of another person’s admissions, remorse, or reciprocity.

  15. Regardless of what I might imagine to be relevant excuses, I will continually strive to be a loving and conscious person.

  16. Regardless of the behavior, I will always seek the high road. Upon every infraction, I will be “the better person” by becoming a healing force of light.

  17. I will honor my boundaries and the boundaries that others require of me.

  18. I will be kind, friendly, courteous, gracious, thoughtful, and generous, knowing that my efforts will improve the conditions, experiences, and feelings of those around me.

  19. I admit that I am flawed but I promise to never allow my flaws to cloud my judgment and desire to help humankind.

  20. I own my “buttons,” issues, feelings, attitudes, intentions, and experiences as if I chose every one of them for the sole purpose of helping me to rise above and beyond myself.

  21. I own all of my accumulated intellectual, emotional, and spiritual trash. As such, I will dissolve from my heart and mind: all grudges, resentments, egocentricities, hateful projections, fantasies of vengeance, and harmful thoughts.

  22. I will seek solace in mindfulness, meditation, prayer, and peaceful action.

  23. If I am feeling out of control, I will immediately seek help and inspiration from therapy, counseling, massage, Bach Flower Remedies, homeopathy, organic food, fasting, yoga, dance, and other healthy modalities for self-expression, creativity, and healing. I will also drastically reduce or extinguish sugar, caffeine, marijuana, drugs, and other harmful substances and activities from my life.

  24. I agree to pursue healing for my addictive patterns and refrain from dragging others into my drama.

  25. I understand that the people and events that I attract to my life are born from my energetic body, which means that on some level, I chose them. As such, I will not blame the people or events in my life, rather, I will seek to improve upon myself and upraise my vibration.

  26. I will read books and seek healers to help me understand myself, other people, spirit, and the divine.

  27. I will respond to every person and situation with careful awareness.

  28. I will only speak in ways that uplift the vibration of myself, others, and the eternal consciousness, and I will discard the rest.

  29. I will choose to be happy most of the time because I know that happiness is the path. I also know that happiness is a choice.

  30. I confirm that I am committed to being a vehicle for clarity, healing, light, and love, first for myself, and then for others.

  31. I confirm that my contract is not with individuals, it is with the universe.

  32. I confirm that there is no “other”. At all times, in all circumstances, in every situation, the other person is always me.

Make a formal commitment to THE EMPATH OATH HERE.

How to Know if You’re an Empath: The 18 Signs of Being a Highly Sensitive Superhero

an empath

If you’re an Empath, you have super-powers. A Shutterstock Licensed Image.

We are all made of sound and light, groupings of electromagnetic fields and frequencies, culminating in unique vibrations that repel and attract other vibrations. The realities that we embody are the magnets for all realities to come.

As you embrace your intuitive nature, you will eventually come to learn that other people’s feelings, actions, responses, and feedback are their dreams, not yours. These things are of no consequence to you, unless you afford them power.

In other words, while others emanate, vibrate, and irritate themselves, look deeper within and grow the light that most reflects your happiness.

You will always become the vibration that you feed.


These are the 18 Signs and Attributes of an Empath:

  1. You are acutely aware of what other people are feeling (emotions, moods, and attitudes) the majority of the time, whether in-person, remote, or via text messages.

  2. Your natural inclination is to carry the feelings and burdens of others, often being their therapist, healer, or “best friend.”

  3. When something is potentially questionable, wrong, or dangerous to yourself or others, you have an undeniable feeling in your heart, mind, or gut.

  4. You regularly absorb the energy, feelings, and attitudes of other people or groups of people. This can be debilitating, for a period of time.

  5. Loud, aggressive, and negative people overwhelm you, push you into an emotional corner, and deplete your positivity, receptiveness, and life force.

  6. Emotional confrontations with closed-minded people can feel momentarily traumatizing or oppressive.

  7. The crowds found in stores, and at parties and events, can feel so overwhelming to you, that you’d rather stay home or remain in the car. You might even hide in the bathroom.

  8. When other people in your circle are in pain, they confess their deepest secrets to you and seek your counsel. This doesn’t surprise you at all. You naturally oblige.

  9. Strangers might see something in your eyes or feel the emanations from your heart, which can cause them to want to be near you, hug you, share their secrets, or ask for your advice. They might tell you that they love you.

  10. No matter the emotional resonance of a room, whether filled with people or not, you will feel the energy of that room, and be able to describe it with the utmost clarity.

  11. Rain, snow, clouds, and shadowy weather can be helpful to you because it often keeps others indoors and makes everyone more self-reflective. The lessened energy buzzing around you helps you feel more at peace. Conversely, sunny days can have either a positive or negative effect on you, depending upon your personal boundaries and the levels of energy being emitted by others.

  12. You instinctively know when others are being truthful or dishonest, and transparent or protective. This is true whether your meeting is in-person, remote, and via text messages.

  13. When a person is speaking to you, you pay less attention to the words and more attention to the feelings beneath the surface. You will often become irritated when the words do not match the feelings.

  14. You can sense, perceive, or feel the potential of a forthcoming event, sometimes long before it happens, including when others are near to passing beyond this life.

  15. You accumulate emotions like others accumulate savings in their bank accounts. Regular emotional clearings are required.

  16. You are intuitively drawn to heart-centered movies because they inspire you to feel deeply, thereby helping you clear trapped emotions.

  17. When you do not clear your emotions or honor yourself, you are prone to feeling angry and you might wrongly assume the position of the victim. You are not a victim.

  18. When you take care of yourself and continually refuse the victim mindset, your life has a beautiful flow to it, and you feel like an emotional Superhero.

Click here, if you’re ready to take The Empath Oath.

The Personality Cards are Officially Launched!!! WOOOHOO!

personality cards

Hi Everybody,

My Personality Cards just arrived and I’m grateful for all the work that went into them. The card artist Lucy Kyriakidou did an amazing job! I love how the cards, booklet, and box came out.

personality cards

personality cards

The personality cards are fun to use and can

provide deep insight into who we are.

I use them in every intuitive session I do,

and they are always on-the-mark!

Buy them HERE.

The Wonders of Tea Tree Oil, a.k.a. Melaleuca Tree Oil

Tea tree oil

Tea Tree Oil is healing and nutritive. A Shutterstock Licensed Image.

Even though it’s been used by healers, shamans, and native cultures for thousands of years, it’s only over the past decade or two that Tea Tree Oil has skyrocketed in popularity. While at first glance, it might appear to be a life-saving cure-all, some medical professionals are concerned about the hype. Meanwhile, lovers of this Oil say that it provides a panacea for everything related to skin, hair, feet, mouths, wounds, veggies, fruits, and homes. While the science is sketchy, Tea Tree’s fanbase is huge.


“Some of the most powerful antiseptic essential oils include lavender oil, tea tree oil, and clove oil.” ― Essential Oils for Beginners by Althea Press

What Is Tea Tree Oil?

Derived from the Tea Tree or Melaleuca Tree, this medicinal oil is known by many names, including Melaleuca Oil, Melaleuca Essential Oil, and Ti Tree oil. The fauna is known by several Latin names, including Melaleuca alternifolia, armillaris, styphelioides, leucadendra, acuminata, ericifolia, quinqenervia, linarifolia, and dissitiflora. The tree is extremely durable and can be found in New Zealand, Australia, Tunisia, Egypt, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the United States.

Tea Tree Oil Benefits And Studies

While there has been no long-term, controlled studies involving Melaleuca Tree Oil, the limited studies have shown:

  • The oil can kill some common bacteria and viruses, including E. coli, S. pneumoniae, and H. influenzae
  • When adding Melaleuca Tree Oil to hand soap, studies have shown that it boosts effectiveness against E. coli
  • Mixed with coconut oil, this Oil can work as an antiseptic to minor cuts and scrapes and reduce dandruff severity and itchiness
  • This Oil reduces inflammation and has shown significant clinical improvement in cases of athlete’s foot, although some studies show that it’s not as effective at eradicating the fungus
  • Melaleuca Tree Oil might be effective against eczema, and more potent than zinc oxide and clobetasone butyrate creams
  • Tea Tree Oil fights acne, as effective as benzoyl peroxide
  • Mixed with apple cider vinegar, Melaleuca Tree Oil works great as an all-natural, all-purpose cleaner

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Tea Tree Oil Uses

What is this Oil good for? Here’s a list of the most common uses:

  • Reduce facial and body blemishes like pimples
  • Use as a natural insect repellant
  • Use as a natural deodorant
  • Reduce skin inflammation by using a tea tree oil spray
  • Relieve Psoriasis
  • Sooth your dry skin
  • Reduce or control dandruff
  • Reduce the spread and severity of athlete’s foot
  • Kill head lice eggs
  • Clean your house
  • Wash your fruits and vegetables
  • If you love the smell, try Tea Tree Oil aromatherapy
  • While this is not proven or recommended, some people enjoy and receive benefit from Tea Tree Oil mouthwash


“The Healing Power of Essential Oils Many essential oils act as adaptogens, which are natural balancers. Adaptogens promote a balancing reaction in the body, which in turn can affect a multitude of the body’s systems, including blood pressure, the autonomic nervous system, the endocrine system, and digestion.”
― Essential Oils for Beginners by Althea Press

Use Tea Tree Oil Safety

While each person has unique sensitivities, Tea Tree Oil is known to be generally safe when used topically. That said, some people have reported the following reactions when using the oil:

  • Skin irritation
  • Burning
  • Redness
  • Dry and itchy
  • Peeling and scaling
  • Allergic reactions in the form of skin rash

Is Tea Tree Oil Toxic?

In some cases, science points to ‘yes.’ While it’s been a popular folk medicine since the beginning of time, it has never been approved by the FDA, and many believe it to be poisonous when taken internally.
Here are additional Tea Tree Oil side effects and symptoms that can stem from consumption by mouth:

  • Weakness
  • Forgetfulness
  • Lack of muscle control/coordination
  • Decreasing levels of consciousness
  • Drowsiness
  • Nausea
  • Confusion
  • Dizziness
  • Allergies
  • Dermatitis
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Rashes
  • Hallucinations
  • Coma
  • Lethal at high doses to rats, cats, and dogs
  • One study suggests that repeated use of Lavender Oil and Tea Tea Oil can cause the swelling of breast tissue in young boys

How To Use Tea Tree Oil And How To Apply It


You might be curious about how to apply and dilute Tea Tree Oil. While there are many different formulas for this, consider that this is a powerful oil. While the packaging might look pretty and benign, the oil that results from steaming Tea Tree leaves can be both healing and vicious at the same time. Also, most Tea Tree tinctures are extremely potent, so you’ll want to use them sparingly, especially when mixing with other oils like lavender and coconut.

You can apply the oil as a diluted spray, in a handcrafted lotion, or as an addition to your liquid gel or soap. Be careful to use enough water or base before applying to your body.

For stubborn acne, you might benefit from applying a drop or two directly onto the blemish, but be aware that it might sting. When using the oil to reduce dandruff or improve the antibacterial nature of your hand soap, begin with smaller amounts rather than the other way around. When using Tea Tree Oil, always consider safety first.

Where Can I Buy Tea Tree Oil?

Tea Tree Oil can be purchased online and from a long list of national chain stores. There are Multilevel Marketing companies (MLMs) that tote their version of the product as if it were akin to the birth of an Enlightened Master. Don’t buy into the hype.
Membership in an MLM is not required for the purchase of this wonderful oil. In most cases, you’ll find non-MLM pricing to be much lower, less expensive to ship, more accessible, and of equal or greater quality than their MLM competition’s products.

What About Purity?

Like any medicinal oil, there are levels of purity to consider. Because most companies are transparent about their processes, it’s difficult to determine which brand is producing the highest quality oils.

There’s also the marketing hype to consider. You’ll see ads for Melaleuca Tree Essential Oil, Organic Tea Tree Oil, and Pure Tea Tree Oil.

You’ll see companies touting their “seed to tincture” manufacturing processes, and how they source their herbs solely from farms that they own. Some companies, especially the MLM essential oil companies, will tout how their scientists have proven that their company’s oils were birthed from the loins of Gods. Don’t believe any of it.

If you’re skeptical, try a few different brands. Mix them with coconut oil or lavender oil and test them out. In most cases, I believe you’ll find that the best Melaleuca Tree Oil is the one that works for you.

The Electromagnetic Nature Of Emotions

Electromagnetic nature of emotions

Electromagnetic nature of emotions. A Shutterstock Licensed Image

When we allow ourselves to feel our emotions, it’s as though hidden forces, even tidal waves, move within us. As we process them, vast amounts of space within our minds and hearts emerge. We feel lighter and more resolved. Our emotions help us evolve and teach us how to expand, yet our understanding of them is limited.

Electromagnetism is the study of electromagnetic force, which is born from interactions that occur between electrically charged particles. Particles attract, matter is formed, and energy is emitted.

Electromagnetic fields transport these forces, giving birth to electromagnetic radiation, such as light. As atoms attract via electromagnetism, they create our physical realities. We cannot exist without electromagnetism.

Lightning is the result of electrostatic discharge. Emotions are similar. When we have experiences, we immediately absorb them, and then our personalities form responses. Meanwhile, without any apparent effort, our minds and hearts funnel our experiences through our unique webs of perceptions and beliefs. At the end of this speed tunnel, and without much effort, our emotions are born.


As ideas and imagery move through our minds and bodies, they bounce around like pinballs, creating, and provoking emotional responses. It’s in this way that emotions appear to be ultra-compact, contained hurricanes of raw energy. Since they can be stored and extracted, it means that emotions most likely have mass.

Emotions Are Somewhat Infectious

You’ve been in movie theaters and experienced waves of emotions. During specific scenes, you can almost feel the weight in the room. It’s quite possible that when we express emotions through laughter, yelps, and gasps, we release chemicals and electromagnetic discharges born from emotions. This is why being in a funeral home might feel different than being in your living room.

Are my emotions more powerful than God?

When religions tell you to ignore your emotions, they’re telling you to deny your impulses and refute your ability to expand. Since your expansion can produce your divinity, you’re a threat to every religion.

The more conscious religions will encourage you to honor your emotions, and expand your understanding of self. While it might be challenging to become self- and God-realized, religions should encourage these pursuits. What can be more critical than your expanded consciousness? Maybe nothing.

If emotions weren’t the byproduct of interactions, we’d have a better chance at controlling them.

Emotions are tiny, energy-Beings that are created and fueled by our thoughts. When we have a charged thought, whether positive or negative, we will undoubtedly experience emotions. Because we often assign meaning to our thoughts, they tend to have a flavor of angry, sad, delight, fury, excitement, and more.

While it’s difficult to control how we express our emotions during traumatic and profoundly beautiful events, it’s possible.

Emotions like love, joy, comfort, relaxation, peace, and positive passion can improve our attitudes, relationships, and immune systems.

Meanwhile, emotions like fear, hate, anxiety, shame, blame, and despair tend to deplete our energy levels and health and even kills cells. Regardless of this distinction, dormant emotions, harmful or not, must be encouraged to move.

Here’s how you might awaken or move your emotions and the related electromagnetic discharges toward your favor:

  • When having an emotion, allow it to breathe. Don’t judge it. Try to love it.
  • As it moves within you, note how much energy it requires to sustain.
  • If an emotion commandeers your passion or clarity, note its value: positive or negative.
  • If it’s negative, permit yourself to express it safely. Letting out a little steam will reduce its internal effect on you. If the feelings of negativity remain dominant, choose a modality to help you express it. You might consider crying, exercising, writing in your journal, pounding the earth, or doing a healing ritual to help you expand beyond your temporary self-identity.
  • If your feelings are positive, let them fill you up, then share them with abandon.
  • In every situation, you can choose a higher-level perspective. In doing so, your emotions will follow suit. While honoring your emotions is essential, it’s best not to fuel negative emotions. Give them their say, even a vote, but don’t give them a seat at the table or cement them into your reality.

Can We Replace Emotional and Mental Mechanisms to Make Life Easier?

Human beings do not react similarly to the same conditions, largely because our perceptions and beliefs are not uniform. Each of us is a unique machine, with indeterminable mental pathways, emotional mirrors, and projection systems. Given the complexities of each person’s life, it would be quite challenging to successfully swap one person’s wirings and inner workings for another’s.

Current technological advances seem to allude to the possibility of replacing aspects of ourselves with prosthetic emotional and mental constructs. While this is compelling, it would most likely require brain transplants, and thorough expunges of our neural networks. In cases like these, individuals would no longer be themselves. In fact, they might be considered adult new-borns.


Where Can Our Emotions Lead Us?

Just like a compass needle, our emotions seem to point us in specific directions. Anger tends to lead to destruction, although rage can protect us, and noble fights can produce miraculous outcomes. Joy tends to point to positivity, although it can also result in permeable boundaries and unwanted pregnancies. It’s all a matter of perspective, and it’s situation-specific. If we’re careful with our emotions, we can construct formidable personalities, through which, we can create empowered lives.

What’s The Takeaway Here?

Your emotions comprise one, massive, collective organ. Each emotion is akin to a mini hurricane, which can save, protect, or heal you. Emotions either fuel your reality or feed its deconstruction. Every emotion you have is a piece of you. It lives within your body and emits electromagnetic discharges. Your emotions have a substantial influence on your overall vibration.

Treat this vital, collective organ with respect. Seek modalities and rituals that ground and nurture you, and use your words and tears to express your position. Remember that you can often choose your emotions, or at the very least, choose to improve upon them.

Finally, in all things:

  • Accept what is happening in the present moment.
  • Release your resistance to the flow.
  • Be careful when assigning meaning to circumstances, events, and relationships.
  • Focus on love, joy, and health.
  • When confronting hypocrisy and insanity, be fierce, firm, and swift.
  • Remember, the past is a canceled check.
  • Choose positive responses whenever possible.
  • Set clear boundaries so you can protect your beautiful garden.

How To Create Miracles


Miracles are for everyone. A Shutterstock Licensed Image.

Miracles are born from absolute congruence and surrender, but only when we are in our humblest and purest states of spirit.

Miracles cannot be born from ego or goals, as these trivial things are based in physical and three-dimensional realities, which are only tangential to the creation of conditions. Miracles are born in the spirit world, then handed over to our physical positions in spacetime, with our consent. From there, we must bring them to life and keep them alive.

If you’re hankerin’ for a hunk of miracle, you need not be an altar boy, Rabbi, Priest, healer, saint, Pope, Goddess, Avatar, or perfect person.

In fact, miracles tend to fall into the laps of the people who have no powers, titles, or privileges. This is because the beaten, poor, and lonely are well-practiced in humility and transparent, heart-felt requests to the Divine.

When thinking of your miracle, you might first consider why you have not received it already. Here are the top ten reasons why your miracle evades you:


  1. The miracles you seek might be the inverse reflections of the things that you refuse to acknowledge, heal, or address in your life.
  2. Even if for brief moments, you might not have learned how to love yourself.
  3. It’s your ego’s miracle, not your spirit’s.
  4. Your anger is in the way.
  5. The miracle you seek is in direct conflict with someone else’s pain or identity.
  6. You do not yet know how to acknowledge your feelings or process your emotions.
  7. Your miracle might be too complicated and intellectualized for it to emerge from spirit.
  8. Your pain is more valuable and nutritious to your soul than the miracle you requested.
  9. You may not have recognized a specific experience as the miracle you sought.
  10. Your karma ate your miracle.

When miracles evade us, we might be refusing to grow up.

When our love miracles don’t appear, it might be that we have yet to learn how to love ourselves. If we are seeking fame-n-fortune miracles, it might be that the natures of our souls require further pain to expand beyond their current, temporary self-identities. In this case, fame and fortune would not elevate or benefit our spirits in meaningful ways. These things would merely function as pieces of candy.

This alludes to the fact that sometimes we might have a miracle in mind, but as a result of our prayers, we’re given something completely different. We may have mastered articulating our miracle. We might even be embodying perfect humility, congruence, and surrender. But amid our devotion, the Divine hears something deeper and then administers what is necessary, and possibly more in line with our root needs and spirits.

It’s in these cases that we must trust our intentions and the precise, divine answers to our calls.

There have been millions of reported miracles throughout history. These include:

  • Apparitions
  • Physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual healings
  • Saviors
  • 8
  • Bleeding icons and statues
  • Appearances and disappearances of people and objects
  • Magical shrouds and hats
  • Playful ghosts
  • Stigmata and physical abnormalities
  • Incorruptible saints and paupers
  • Astronomical and planetary manifestations
  • Births and deaths
  • Money
  • Love

While many of the more sensational miracles that emerged throughout time may have been driven by religious prophecy or wishful thinking, they are nonetheless miracles. Every time that your deepest desires and intentions appear in a physical form, it could be considered a miracle.


The most lovely miracles are born from broken hearts. These humble requests are not about promoting religion or gaining position; they are simple hopes that are stated clearly and without expectation. It’s not that expectation is not helpful; it’s just not a required ingredient when creating a miracle.

The broken heart is like a beacon to the Divine. She hears us. Immediately seeing our faces, She knows our pain and embraces us. It’s in this moment that the eternal and divine consciousness grants our wishes.

Do we have to be broken to gain access to the versatile fabric of the universe?

The reason that brokenness is helpful to us is that it puts us on our knees. In this position, we are vulnerable to love and attack. When we’re broken, we are driven by our attachments and assumptions. We’re pushed outside of our minds and into our hearts. Brokenness is how we see our true natures and experience our most enduring attributes. Without moments, weeks, years, or lifetimes of brokenness, we might never know the truth.

Are you feeling separate from the eternal fabric of reality? Are you living without knowledge of your sovereignty and might? Have you forgotten that you are made of stardust?

The reason that most of us become depressed and distracted from our truths is that we allow our egos and minds to drive the train. We’ve all heard this before, but let me take a bit further. The moment you feel low and then ponder that low position, you have already cemented it into reality. Because you allowed it, you now have to dig out of it. For most of us, there’s a way to stop the madness.

How can I move past the moment when a disconnected sadness covers my heart and eyes? How do I stop enabling this, and allowing it to take hold of my Being?

As you are falling into the dark cloud, realize that you created it and that you can un-create it. While it might not be easy, in the moment you feel a falling, reach above you and call for God’s help. Reach to the stars and beg for divine light. Realize that you are not the person falling; you are the stars and light you are beckoning.

We give our minds too much power, and like any entity in power, they take us on wild, sometimes horrible rides. It’s not that our minds are bad, it’s just that they don’t offer much value when it comes to improving our feelings and protecting our individualized divinity.

To find your miracle, soften your heart, release expectations, and feel gratitude. When you’re ready, look into the eyes of the Divine and speak to your soul.

The moment we feed the temporary self-identity that our mind’s depression creates, we have lost the battle. Once we get on the train of misery, it’s tough to truncate its trajectory. It’s like being locked in a ride at Disney, but not a good one.

Sometimes our miracle-request is simply this, “Universe, Goddess, Creation, Avatars of Light, please walk me out of the darkness so that I can feel the power, light, and love infused in my soul, blood and bones. Be with me so that I can put this old identity behind me, embody your love, and represent the eternal flame.”