Free Yourself Mini Audio Course – Lesson 3: Authentic Living

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Lesson 3: Authentic Living


Here’s what we’ll explore in this lesson about authentic living:

When we’re born, we’re thrust into societies, religions, and family constructs that are often built on principles that have nothing to do with the truth. These ideologies are built to contrive allegiance and compliance – not freedom.

Freedom is removing the limiting constructs from your thinking so that you can attract and create a more fulfilling and FREE life. It’s all about being authentic. The real you – not the one that wears the costume to make other people feel more comfortable.

Are you being authentic in your life?

Authenticity leads to personal power, life flow, and better health, which is what freedom is all about. Get yourself out of the box and be real, starting with yourself.

How are you a slave to society, your religion, an ideology, your habits, your conditioning, your emotions, or your excuses?

What would happen if you decided that you would be happier if you reworked your beliefs and intentions, and took control of your mind and heart?




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