30-Min Intuitive Reading With Paul: Sweet, Specific & Profound!

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Enjoy a 30-minute session with Paul Wagner. Sessions can be by Phone, Facebook audio, Skype audio, or Zoom video.

Be sure to sign-up on the PaulWagner.com home page for the download of my Exuberant Life Report  🙂

Once you’ve paid, please message Paul through the website and let him know your session preference (Phone, Facebook audio, Skype audio, or Zoom video) and general availabilities during the next week.

Thank you!

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22 reviews for 30-Min Intuitive Reading With Paul: Sweet, Specific & Profound!

  1. Paul Wagner

    This is right to the point, fast-paced, and empowering! You’ll leave feeling impassioned, supported, encouraged, and wanting more from Paul, feeling as though he truly knows you.

  2. Bethandfamily

    Thank you Paul, I loved experience – and I’m immediately booking a full hour! So enriching and supportive – and eye-opening! Thank You!

  3. colorfulworld188

    What a wonderful connection we had on the call – thank you for being so firm with me on what you were seeing – it was 100% correct. I’m so excited about all the changes. I think you’d be the perfect coach for me. More soon!

  4. JimBarn1

    A great experience -and lots of learning – thank you! I loved it!

  5. VeronicaTravelTime

    Lots of deep insight and helpful information. I feel more grounded and you were right about everything. This was so helpful!

  6. GertieBethWinn

    I feel so pampered! I just signedup for a second session, but the hour-long one. And I bought The Personality Cards! So happy!

  7. Angel C.

    Wow. That was awesome. You saw all the key players in my life and you were 100% correct about each one. I’m still blown away. Thank you for all the feedback and ideas – I had no idea this was going to be so powerful for me. Super happy I found you!

  8. Chissy1008

    Walking in the garden today and remembering all of the information that flowed through you during our session. That was absolutely remarkable – I feel like I’m still in the session. Thank you!

  9. JenniferGrace

    Such an amazing journey on the call with you! You saw it all, like EVERYTHING! And I made the change to the relationship, and I did that ritual you recommended. It was wild!

  10. WilliamBTaylor1

    With so many psychics out there telling stories and saying yes to everything (and having none of it come true), it’s so refreshing to have a real person with real insight help me walk through my bundle of challenges. This was one of the most moving, intuitive, and deep experiences of my recent life. I am SO grateful.

  11. Candace1998

    Thanks, Paul! I loved our sessions together – 3 in a week – changed my life 100% Everything is now FLOWING LIKE A BEAUTIFUL, WILD RIVER! THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!!!

  12. Eddie_Rachel_now

    Your reading for me was so kind and so intricate! I loved how you used your Personality Cards, those are so beautiful. Oh my gosh, I was hanging on the edge of my seat during the whole reading, a truly wonderful experience.

  13. PeteNelsonJr10

    I so appreciate how you walked with me through all of my difficult business questions – and team questions. Just WOW. I am blown away by how intuitive you are and how much you helped me. I can’t say enough here, no words, so so so thankful!!!!!!!

  14. ButterflyMagic12

    My sweet little business is becoming a sweet, larger business – and it’s because I took every word that came out of your mouth as the way to go! I trusted you 100% and it’s working 100%. Couldn’t be happier about this! I know I was a little tough during the call, but you love me anyway!

  15. CraigH351968

    You blew me away with that reading – AGAIN! Outstanding!

  16. Mark888Wayne

    My wife and I had an incredible time with you on our zoom call. You were so tapped-in! While she’s still talking about it, I want to set-up coaching. Just sent you a msg.

  17. David T.

    When you recommended that I evaluate my office staff – you saw something in one of the employees that I disagreed with. Well, you were 100% correct. How did you know that? How did you see it? It’s frankly and simply AMAZING! Luckily you told me how to deal with – and that’s exactly what I did! You’re spooky – but in a good way!

  18. Terry R.

    Love our sessions and your course – every single moment! I’m in for a coaching package – let’s roll! Thank you Paul!

  19. Natalie B.

    The perfect gift to myself after a long, challenging set of proceedings. While divorce isn’t easy, you brought me back into the flow again. Thanks for being there so beautifully.

  20. GaryIngalls3

    Looking fwd to the coaching – this session opened my eyes to so many things! I’m so very grateful and super excited to get cookin!

  21. RaeRaeGates

    Between the company and my personal life, there are so many moving pieces. You put them all in perspective and gave me pathways to forgive and find my strength. Onward to coaching with you. I couldn’t be more excited!

  22. Olivia_YatesXO

    With The Personality Cards and this reading, I’m in heaven. Thank you!

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