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A Lovely Experience!

Ask Paul 5 Questions Now

Paul will provide insightful answers to (5) questions by email. He’ll write at length and explore every facet of your question. For some, this is better than a phone/video session because they have Paul’s written answers, always on-hand to review.

You might have questions across several categories:

  • Are you wondering about a possible job, relationship, or experience?
  • Need help with your partner, lover, or children?
  • Do you have a question about business, operations, strategies, or pursuits?
  • Need confirmation on a hunch?

As you explore your questions, meditate on each one. Then:

  • Dig deeply into the most pressing questions on your mind and heart.
  • When posing your question, please be specific, and feel free to add additional information.
  • Please refrain from asking several questions within one question as this can be confusing and distracting from the heart of the matter.

Paul will answer your questions with focus, love, light, and specificity.

Thank you!


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  1. Paul Wagner

    Extremely sweet and inspirational writing from Paul Wagner – a bit like Rumi, but focused on me! Loved it!

  2. MarianneHB

    Wow, quite a rich and deep experience – thanks Paul for diving in so deeply!

  3. VeraCanDo

    Loved this experience! Very different and more etheric than Paul’s personal sessions. Has a mystical quality to it – very very helpful

  4. JWayne1000

    Warm, sweet writing from Paul, he answered every question, so perfect!

  5. SaduBeverly

    The feeling of Rumi in your answers are extremely helpful and inspiring. Thank you, Paul!

  6. BobsElectric

    I love having Paul answer questions like this. He’s accurate and there’s a poetic feeling to his writing, which makes it more accessible and enjoyable. Excellent experience!

  7. YvetteCrane

    Outstanding! Prayer-like responses from Paul. He is 100% in tune.

  8. Felicia23Rayon

    Feels like I’m holding hands with you and you’re talking to me softly and sweetly. This is a very heart-warming experience. Thank you so much!

  9. RickFranklin25

    Creative and lightly spooky. Paul does not mess around! This was SPOT-ON! Awesome!

  10. ClearandWildRae

    When I read Paul’s answers, I feel like I’m speaking to a channeled spirit. It’s eerily in-tune with all parts of me. I really really love this.

  11. AlwaysYes9

    Paul’s answers cover a lot of ground and I feel so much better!

  12. Clairemarie

    Sometimes whimsical, sometimes funny, always warm and to the point. I love how he answers my questions – even answering questions that I forgot to ask LOL

  13. SusanHanes

    Credible, helpful, clear, motivating. What more could I ask for?

  14. LoveIsMeNow

    Playful and deep is such a great combination. I am very grateful for your answers Paul!

  15. Oliverscandy

    Dayuum! This was powerful for me!

  16. WalkwithGraceJ

    I’ve re-read Paul’s answers 9 times now and they speak to me in different ways each time I read them. Just wonderful!

  17. Supersamuel

    Clearly talented and connected to other realms, Paul did me justice today with a terrific set of answers. Saved me!

  18. PaolaJaza23

    Great job thank you very much

  19. AndersonBrae5

    Paul’s responses were trippy, kinda like that first mushroom you ate with that super sexy soul back in the 80s. A deeply moving experience. Thank you very very much.

  20. GretasHorizon

    I read some of these reviews and I concur 100% Paul is the real deal

  21. RainWonderJoy

    Some of Paul’s answers were so spot-on and moving, I had to pause like I was at church. Seriously great stuff. More please!

  22. NanHoward333

    Answers were perfect. A+++

  23. HiramBrand1

    I feel so heard and so loved by these answers. It’s now a great day to forgive someone!

  24. JasonV

    What a wonderful experience. No bs, just a lot of clear, loving insight. Such a gift!

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