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1-HOUR INTUITIVE READING WITH PAUL: + Comprehensive Vedic Astrology Report

This is a powerful combination. You’ll receive a profound, detailed, and comprehensive Vedic Astrology report (as a PDF file) – PLUS a 60-minute Intuitive Session with Paul. Traditional astrology is based on a planet. Vedic Astrology is based on a star, which makes it far more specific and informative.

You’ll learn your Nakshatra (the star of your birth), your hidden strengths, and how to successfully bypass your challenges. Your Vedic Astrology Report will inspire you for months to come.

During your session with Paul, you’ll dive deeply into the various aspects of your life. You’ll explore pressing questions about your experiences, relationships, business, and more. You can even ask Paul to share his insights into your hopes, dreams, and desires.

Sessions with Paul are informative, inspiring, entertaining, and sometimes a little spicy. While learning new things about yourself, you might discover that it’s time to forever forgive your past and finally celebrate who you are.

Working with Paul can help you become more authentic. After sessions with Paul, many begin to attract and plan beautiful and abundant lives.

Once you’ve paid, please message Paul through the website and let him know your session preference (phone, Skype video, Skype audio, or Zoom) and your general avails during the next week or two. You might also share your questions so that Paul can meditate on them prior to your session.

Check out The Personality Cards. They make a wonderful companion for the most sincere spiritual journeys. In the meantime, please keep an eye out for Paul’s response to your message. Be sure to check your spam.

Thank you!

Purchase confirms your agreement with Paul’s Consent and Waiver).  To learn more about the numerology behind my pricing, go HERE.

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19 reviews for 1-HOUR INTUITIVE SESSION W/ PAUL PLUS Your Vedic Astrology Report

  1. Paul Wagner

    A powerful, inspiring, educational, and motivating combination!

  2. BTMgmt

    This was a phenomenal experience. It was very helpful to learn my birth time from my Mom and then learn about vedic astrology. It’s so specific! The session with Paul was perfect. It was all so wonderfully intertwined. Lovely and profound.

  3. RickTrainerV

    I love vedic astrology, such a blast to be on the phone with Paul. He’s a wild volcano full of insight! Loved it so much.

  4. IngridPraeger209

    Wow, I mean, seriously, that was just incredible. Deep insights from both Paul and an in-depth vedic astrology report. A+ Experience!

  5. Jennifer56Camb

    I can easily say that this was one of the most delightful, penetrating, and positive growth experiences I’ve had in a long while. I didn’t realize how much of my life lessons and joys are built into the stars and planets. I loved my session with Paul and how he connected his intuition for me with the extensive report. This was terrific on so many levels.

  6. Barry_B_Happy

    There was so much information that I could barely breathe during the session! LOL Paul was so clear and kind to me, and I learned a ton about my life and marriage. The session also helped me answer some old questions and deep concerns. With the report information mixed into it all, it felt like I was having a rebirth right there on the phone with Paul. Gratitude, my brother!

  7. NickF3200

    I loved every second of this experience – and the report was incredible!

  8. CarolineGardnerX1

    So much information that comes from these things tends to be light and fluffy. This was very different. You were so patient with me and the information was incredibly constructive and applicable. Thank you, Paul! I really loved this and I am looking forward to coaching with you.

  9. CraigQSandersCo

    This experiences made me feel like I was speaking directly with my soul. At one point I couldn’t even hear Paul’s voice as separate. As he shared the report along with his insights for me, I felt an overwhelming sense of calm and awareness. I’ll never forget this, a wonderful event.

  10. Kimberly108LoveChild

    So much information at such a rapid rate, Paul was awesome. That report is something I’ll read over and over again. It’s so motivating! Loved this so much!

  11. RainWonderJoy

    It feels like I just come out of a “winter of my soul.” By the conclusion of the session, it felt like I had left the old me behind, refreshed in a new way of seeing myself and the world. This is a wonderful combination.

  12. NanHoward333

    Such a dreamy experience. Paul’s reading was just perfect. I feel so much better.

  13. TrishaYogaIsLife

    With all the wild things going on in the world, this was the perfect respite. Paul and the report gave me everything I needed to let go, move on, improve my perspective, and feel in love with life again. Lots of tears and lots of laughter. I am very grateful for this experience.

  14. GraceNoteCo1

    After this experience with Paul, I feel like I love myself more and I can barely believe it. Everything shifted inside of me. It’s a little strange but I feel healed of something palpable. It’s a new day!

  15. ZoeyBarkBark

    Beautiful, bold, just awesome. I will be doing more sessions with you Paul. Thanks for everything!

  16. Walkingtogethernow

    Reading the report at first felt a little overwhelming, but my gosh, it was so accurate! And motivating! I also loved the session with Paul, who put everything in perspective for me, and then laid out his vision for my life, according to my astrology. What an incredible experience! Thanks for everything! Just, wow!!!

  17. Beautifullife108

    I’ve ordered many astrology reports but of this quality. When you add the session with Paul to the mix, this becomes a monumental life-event. Thank you very much! Just perfect!

  18. windowtothesoul

    My lovely little company is growing! Thank you for your guidance Paul, very very helpful! Love the report, too – comprehensive to the max!

  19. TrayValdezInc

    I refer to the vedic report all the time now. It’s become a resource for me, helping me see myself clearly and take action from that self (rather than the broken one!) I’m very grateful for this experience and I’m looking fwd to more!

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