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Open Your Mind & Heart So You Can Explore All The Realms 

Honor your spiritual gifts and put them in service to your life or the world. You are far more aware and powerful than you allow.

Let’s pull back the curtains to your expanded consciousness so you can source the insights, answers, and trajectories that will best serve you and those you serve.

Through this class, you’ll experience something truly and deeply personal.

This package consists of (6) One-Hour Educational Sessions with Paul Wagner and (1) Supervised Reading where Paul will witness (live) your reading with a friend or client, and then provide feedback following the session. This package also includes the lavish Personality Cards, Paul’s eBooks (over 300 pages of unique and powerful content), and his Personal Freedom & Spiritual Expansion course with 30+ videos. This is an amazing deal with phenomenal, life-changing value. Enjoy!

In This Class, You’ll Learn How To:
  • Use Tarot, Oracle, and The Personality Cards to source answers to life’s most important questions, doing so for yourself and those you lovingly serve
  • Invite the joy, playfulness, peacefulness, and happiness that your soul and the Universe intends for you
  • Interpret the images that emerge through your channel and birth through your bliss
  • Open your heart and mind’s eye to the eternal consciousness and dreamscape
  • Invite loving, friendly spirits from this realm and others
  • Expand your mind, heart, and core nature

Course Delivery: You’ll connect live via Zoom (and/or phone) for (3) 60-minute classes.

Your Teacher: Paul Wagner, Intuitive Life & Business Coach, Medium, Healer, and Five-Time EMMY™ Award-Winning Writer

This GOLD PACKAGE Includes:

1 – The Personality Cards

A unique and wonderful oracle, akin to tarot, but far more powerful and insightful. Included in the purchase are 78 beautifully illustrated cards and a 174-page booklet, inside of a luxurious box.

  • This lavishly illustrated deck will help you see yourself more clearly, forgive everything, and celebrate the person you’ve become.
  • The perfect icebreaker, this beautiful deck will inspire your friends and family to share their perspectives and feelings about their lives and life in general.
  • Each of these personalities will give you keen insight into your relationships, experiences, and conditions.

The Personality Cards provide hours of personal exploration and fun. Enjoy them with friends – and grow together!

2 – (3) eBooks (Digital Downloads)

These powerful ebooks will help you see yourself more clearly, forgive everything, and celebrate the present moment.

  • The Field Guide To Human Personalities (eBook, 244 pages)
  • The Spiritual Seeker’s Handbook (eBook, 75 pages)
  • How To Live An Exuberant Life (eBook, 21 pages)

You’ll Learn:

  • Ways To Invite Happiness In Your Life
  • How To Have Empathy For Everyone
  • How To Forgive Everything And Live More Peacefully
  • Temples & Ashrams: How should you behave at an ashram or temple? What are the protocols and what’s expected of me
  • Mantras, Tantras & Prayer: Key ideas and practices within Hinduism and Buddhism, making them more relatable.
  • Humor & Grace: Release our challenges and egos, and make room for grace. With grace, we can improve our lives.
  • Guru Culture: What makes a Guru, Swami, or Monk so special? How do I be respectful and comfortable at the same time?
  • Shamans, Mystics & Sages: How are Shamans different than Mystics? What do Gurus, Wizards, and Imams do?
  • Karma & Forgiveness: Are you ready to move beyond your karma and forgive your challenges and offenders?

3 – Paul’s Personal Freedom & Spiritual Expansion Course

This is a powerful 30-video course that sells for $297.00. With The Gold Package, you’ll receive the course free.

Course Description
We have mechanics for our cars, plumbers for our toilets, and Gods for our afterlife, but we rarely invite guides to help us feel more clear, driven, and alive. It’s time to release your past, own the present moment, and experience unbridled, personal freedom.

Throughout this course, you’ll:

  • Unearth your most limiting beliefs, qualities, and attitudes
  • Stop projecting your pain onto others
  • Release the past and forgive yourself & others more deeply
  • Create better conditions in your life
  • Find personal freedom
We can remain attached to the ideas fed to us by society, culture, family, and religion – or we can challenge these stories, forgive everything, rewrite our narratives, and free ourselves.

You’re the only person who can truly thrill, save, and awaken you. Let’s dive into your depths and bring every empowering possibility to the surface. It’s time you lived an inspired and free life.


At the conclusion of the class, you’ll receive a lovely certificate commemorating your growth and new awareness related to your gifts, talents, and attributes.





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