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Enjoy a one-hour session with Paul Wagner. Sessions can be by Phone, Facebook audio, Skype audio, or Zoom video. Paul’s uniquely intuitive advice and coaching style inspire deep transformations in his clients. You’ll love this session as it will speak to you emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.

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24 reviews for ONE-HOUR INTUITIVE READING WITH PAUL: A Truly Profound Experience

  1. Joanne M.

    A very insightful and loving experience. It also pushed me a bit. I wasn’t clear on just how many excuses I had collected over the years LOL! This was a breakthrough call for me and I’m eager for more. Thank you!

  2. DivineGirl

    That was wild! Love the channeling – and I love the feedback on my current situation – and (fingers crossed) future! I was blown away but it all made sense. I’m excited to move forward!

  3. InGratitude

    More than an intuitive/psychic reading – it was deeply moving. More please!

  4. LoriAnne

    Oh my gosh, that was so fun – you are incredibly magica! I loved how you moved between the real and the surreal, the metaphors and the hard-core truths. Such an awesome experience!!!!

  5. Laura G.

    This was wonderful, seriously wonderful! Thank you so much!

  6. Roger T.

    As down-to-earth guy’s guy, this was a shockingly beautiful & motivating experience. I love that you spared me all the hokey, new-age language and gave it to me straight. Such a great experience. Thanks!

  7. Christopher1999

    Thank you, Paul! Every session with you is eye-opening!

  8. MagicSoul108

    Thank you for going a little longer on the call – I love your flow and openness!

  9. Paul Wagner

    A truly lovely and empowering experience.

  10. Bhaskar D

    Paul, your helping me become a new person, a completely new person, filled with positivity and purpose.

  11. Artie U

    This was a truly grounding and inspirational reading. You shared so many insights and helped me see how much potential I carry. I’ve almost forgotten how blocked I was before the call! Seriously, I feel released and empowered – thank you this wonderful session!

  12. Natalie S.

    The guidance that comes through you is breathtaking. I feel challenged by it – but moreso, I feel encouraged to honor myself. Especially when it comes to my family, boundaries, and my true self. Filled with much gratitude today!

  13. Angel C.

    Wow. That was awesome. You saw all the key players in my life and you were 100% correct about each one. I’m still blown away. Thank you for all the feedback and ideas – I had no idea this was going to be so powerful for me. Super happy I found you!

  14. Chissy1008

    Walking in the garden today and remembering all of the information that flowed through you during our session. That was absolutely remarkable – I feel like I’m still in the session. Thank you!

  15. Candace1998

    Thanks, Paul! I loved our sessions together – 3 in a week – changed my life 100% Everything is now FLOWING LIKE A BEAUTIFUL, WILD RIVER! THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!!!

  16. David T.

    When you recommended that I evaluate my office staff – you saw something in one of the employees that I disagreed with. Well, you were 100% correct. How did you know that? How did you see it? It’s frankly and simply AMAZING! Luckily you told me how to deal with – and that’s exactly what I did! You’re spooky – but in a good way!

  17. Terry R.

    Love our sessions and your course – every single moment! I’m in for a coaching package – let’s roll! Thank you Paul!

  18. ButterflyMagic12

    My sweet little business is becoming a sweet, larger business – and it’s because I took every word that came out of your mouth as the way to go! I trusted you 100% and it’s working 100%. Couldn’t be happier about this! I know I was a little tough during the call, but you love me anyway!

  19. CraigH351968

    I am always a little skeptic around these types of things and I was certainly defensive during the start of our call – I’m sorry for that. That said, you blew me away with your reading. Beside the advice you gave me, how did you know about my friend the Congressman’s assistant and the internal struggle he was having?! You have some serious chops, my friend!

  20. TaylorJ1083

    I’m very happy I found you, Paul. This has been such an incredible process – so eye-opening – almost miraculous, considering the results so far. Never had a coach before – and you’ve certainly filled the shoes of your position to the brim! Absolutely wonderful so far!!

  21. MarcBane J.

    Month 3 of coaching it’s like my life before working with you simply never existed. It’s a whole new plane, a new world, and a new me. Athough I have always known all of these parts of me that are now coming to life, I never had them all functioning at the same time – all in pursuit of a clear agenda. This is a great time in my life – thanks to working with you.

  22. Peter C.

    I came to you for clarity and within two months, you had my company streamlined with better operations – and less dead weight. You’re a magician, psychic, businessman, and fireball. I’m having a great experience on our calls. Thanks man!

  23. Windycitylover55

    How did I find you?! Such a perfect fit working with you. I feel how deeply you see into my nature, desires, hopes, and goals – all of this is incredibly moving and inspiring. Thanks Paul – a new life has begun!

  24. Creativespirit777

    I love our 30-min calls 3x a week – this is perfect – and it’s boost I needed! You are truly gifted, my friend. Thank you times 1000!

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