SPECIAL: (12) Personality Cards + Free Demo Deck + Intuitive Readings! – 50% OFF




This unique package brings a visit from Paul plus 50% off on Personality Cards: • (12) Personality Cards (Beautiful Box, Booklet, Cards) • (1) Personality Cards Opened Demo • Paul to visit your store and do 2+ days of paid Intuitive Life Readings With this purchase, Paul will come visit your store for (2+) days, paying his own travel. While at your store, he will give Intuitive Life Readings to your customers (for a fee). Your obligation will be to promote Paul’s visit through Facebook and other channels and to schedule at least (6) appointments prior to Paul’s arrival. When traveling, Paul’s Life Readings are $150 per hour or $85 per half-hour. Email Paul with any questions – paul@dev.com. The Personality Cards (78 color, laminated cards plus a beautiful, informative 174 pg booklet) are beautiful, inspiring depictions of the many aspects found in the human condition. Use the cards akin to a Tarot deck. Pose a question, pick a few cards and read about them in the booklet. Using The Personality Cards is a great way to explore yourself, forgive others and find greater compassion for humanity. Paul Wagner’s writing is a mix of new-thought and Jungian metaphor. Each card features a beautiful hand-crafted image by renowned artist Loukia Kyrikidou. Each metaphoric personality image will inspire insight into your relationships, events and circumstances. Reduce negative behaviors and characteristics, find healing for challenging situations and learn how to simply let go. The Personality Cards provide hours of personal exploration. Enjoy them with friends and grow together. You can also download The Me App at PersonalityApp.com or check out The Field Guide to Human Personalities for a more interactive experience. Enjoy! Enjoy and thank you!


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