The Spiritual Seeker’s Handbook (eBook): Funny, Inspiring, Eye-Opening!


This playful 75-page e-guide will help you better understand and enjoy your experiences at temples, ashrams, and other spiritual activities throughout the world. Funny, inspiring, and educational. You’ll learn all about:

  • Temples & Ashrams: How should you behave at an ashram or temple? What are the protocols and what’s expected of me?
  • Mantras, Tantras & Prayer: We’ll explore some of the key ideas and practices within Hinduism and Buddhism, making them more relatable.
  • Humor & Grace: When we laugh at our challenges and let go of our egos, we make room for grace. With grace, we can improve our lives.
  • Guru Culture: What makes a Guru, Swami, or Monk so special? How do I be respectful and comfortable at the same time?
  • Shamans, Mystics & Sages: How are Shamans different than Mystics? What do Gurus, Wizards, and Imams do? You’ll learn about today’s spiritual roles.
  • Karma & Forgiveness: Are you ready to move beyond your karma and forgive your challenges and offenders? By forgiving, we create space to expand.

The Personality Cards are a wonderful companion to this playful, inspiring ebook.

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