The Wild Ones:
May 24-26, 2019 in Colorado
Joyful self-exploration through rituals, prayer, meditation, incantations & artistic expression.
Recover The Lost Gems 
Enjoy a sweet deepening
Connect with your wild side
Experience renewal and liberation
Imagine playtime for your spirit
and inner-master
Paul Wagner

Dear Beautiful, Amazing Souls,


Our next WILD ONES retreat is from May 24-26, 2019, near Denver & Boulder CO,

at the Omni Interlocken Hotel. I'll be joined by a few special guests who will add some

light, love, and spiritual magic to the event.

This retreat will give you a respite and help you uncover your gifts, talents, and passions. You'll release anxieties, masks and agendas. Afterward, you'll feel more whole and in-line with who you are. Meanwhile, you'll make some lovely and inspiring new friends.


During the retreat, I'll help you connect with your spirit guides, angels, and ancestors (the good ones), along with other light-beings who want to help you. You'll come to know yourself better, take healthy steps toward liberation, and begin to blossom.

This retreat was created specifically to help you rejuvenate, and free your natural voice and desires. It will help you find the courage to forgive the past, embrace your beauty, and know yourself deeply.

If you're feeling confused or stuck, if you're in the midst of a rebirth, or if you're just excited to make lasting changes in your life, this retreat will give you the encouragement, space, spice, strategies, rituals, and energy to move forward with light and love.


We'll learn lots of ways to open our hearts so we can grow, including:

  • How to rediscover your lost gems

  • How to release trapped emotions so you can achieve clarity and wisdom

  • How to love yourself and invite a joyful synchronicity

  • How to release negative patterns and attachments

  • How to get "unstuck," evolve spiritually, and be more present

  • How to utilize prayer and rituals for empowerment and authenticity

  • How to liberate yourself through meditation and forgiveness

  • How to release the need to obsess and control

  • How to reduce anxiety, disappointment, and resentment

  • How to stay connected to who you truly are


We'll enjoy a variety of peaceful exercises to help you blossom:

  • Individual and group, intuitive readings with time for questions, answers, and sharing

  • Individual and group workshops and rituals to help you uncover your beauty and uniqueness

  • Partner exercises to help you soften and resolve blocks

  • Playful and sweet group sharing to help you uncover and celebrate hidden joys & desires

  • Artistic exercises to help you express and explore your creativity

  • Workshops on high-vibration language, prayers, chants, and lucid dreaming to help you elevate your consciousness and improve your ability to move through challenges.

Every retreat is filled with a vibrant and beautiful energy. Throughout the weekend, you'll experience a greater clarity, and you'll begin to assemble a more vibrant life-plan. We'll have a great time together as you liberate your spirit and awaken. Afterwards, you'll be grateful that you gave yourself this very special and lovely gift.

Who Should Attend?

This retreat is the perfect respite and adventure for women, men, and other genders, to experience a more intimate and profound connection with themselves. By committing to the experience, you'll learn how to practice the highest level of self-care, and you'll reinvigorate parts of yourself that have been dormant for far too long.  Show up ready to be open, transparent, kind, and playful.


The Details

When: May 24th – 26th, 2019
Where: Omni Interlocken Hotel, Broomfield CO (Between Boulder and Denver CO). This lovely hotel has (2) wonderful pools, a huge, crystal-clear hot tub, a luxurious spa, and a 5-star restaurant. It's only 20 minutes from Denver, Boulder, and the Rocky Mountains.

Cost: $695* plus lodging and some meal. Call (303) 438-6600 to book your room.


Meals Included in the fee: 5-Star Sat breakfast, Sat lunch, and Sun breakfast. For your other meals, retreatants can dine together, either at the amazing restaurants within the hotel, or at the nearly 30 restaurants within a 2 mile radius.


* To reserve your spot, please pay the full fee of $695. Register for the event only after you have checked your calendar. Prior retreat participants say that while they initially had fears about committing, it was one of the most profound events of their lives.

* To receive the special rate, mention "Paul Wagner Group" when you call the hotel @ (303) 438-6600.


Our Schedule

•  Friday evening:  7pm to 9pm

•  Saturday: 6am to 4pm; 7pm to 9pm (evening workshop is optional)

•  Sunday: 4am to 11am


•  Grab you spot now! ---> REGISTER

•  Register (2) people for a 28% discount ---> HERE

IMPORTANT: The retreat fee is non-refundable, however, your spot is transferable to someone you know. If you do this, please introduce us to your friend so that we can welcome them! Please be aware that alcohol and drugs are not permitted throughout the weekend.


I look forward to serving you!

---> After registration, keep an eye out for a brief, required (and helpful) questionnaire. Thank you!