Sacred Ceremony

in the Rockies

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Infinitely more penetrating than words, and abundantly more powerful than circumstances, fears and passions, Rituals connect us with the substratum of our subconscious, and immerse us in the awareness of our eternally divine natures.
By authorizing our sovereignty and affirming our quality, Rituals give us the capacity to unwind unworthy trajectories, release antiquated identities, and transform our realities to honor the most profound versions of our highest Selves.
Rituals, Pujas and Ceremonies have been utilized by tribal cultures for thousands, if not millions of years. It's through this physicalization of prayer that our ancient ancestries, pre-birth electricities and eternal souls merge to intend and create new realities.
Truly transforming our lives requires an intentional and relaxed deepening.
For your Sacred Ceremony, Paul will lead you in a three-hour submersion into the depths of your core Self and eternal heart. In a pre-ritual, 1-hr session about your life and the ritual's process, you'll learn how to articulate and act-upon the desires of your heart. During your private ritual, Paul will be nearby, and available for questions and guidance. Following the ritual, you'll have a 1/2-hr session with Paul to talk about the effects of the experience, along with next steps.
Paul spent many years studying with Native American elders, learning ancient traditions and practicing tribal rituals. While on a Vision Quest in the Pecos wilderness, he cleared his past and future of debris, and was able to inspire peacefulness in the wild animals nearest him, including a large black bear who playfully wrestled with Paul. It's during Vision Quests, Sweat Lodges, Medicine Wheel Ceremonies and other rituals that Paul learned to connect with his ancestors and highest Self, and guide others to do the same.
During your ritual (ceremony), which you'll perform alone (with Paul nearby as a guide and prayerful protector), you'll forgive others, let go of barriers, establish clear pathways to your happiness, and call forth a new, beautiful, and empowered life. 
If you're ready for this transformative experience, nestled in the bosom of a nurturing forest: 
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With an open heart and sincere effort, rituals can cleanly release the past for all time, welcome in a new era, and substantially improve the quality of your life.