Group Coaching With Paul: Be Encouraged, Empowered & Inspired! (6 Wks)

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Thank you for stopping by! Please message Paul through the contact form so that you can discuss what group coaching is all about! Thank you so much!


Dive deeply with Paul into the various aspects of your life. Explore pressing questions about experiences, relationships, business & more. Ask Paul to share his insights into your hopes, dreams & desires. SEE FULL DESCRIPTION

Your package includes (6) 60-80 minute group sessions (one each week for 6 weeks) and an invitation to join private coaching groups on Skype and Facebook. During each session, Paul answers personal & business questions and guides everyone through their passions & challenges. Paul also does deep and inspiring tarot & divination card readings for participants, often using his beautiful Personality Cards.

Group sessions with Paul are informative, inspiring, entertaining, and sometimes a little spicy. While learning new things about yourself, you’ll witness the challenges and transformation of your fellow group participants.

Check out The Personality Cards. They make a wonderful companion for the most sincere spiritual journeys.

Thank you!

To learn more about the numerology behind my pricing, go HERE.

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33 reviews for Group Coaching With Paul: Be Encouraged, Empowered & Inspired! (6 Wks)

  1. Hiphopcoach101

    I was quite a sad sack for some time – Paul and his passion uplifted me beyond words. Thank you so much! Continuing!!!!!!!!!

  2. Friendofall

    This was incredibly informative and eye-opening. I had forgotted to love myself. This is now a no-brainer!

  3. ChrissyCB

    Thank you, Paul, I love this, every minute of it. It’s helping me and my family in ways I never imagined.

  4. RickRayNow

    Such a lovely inspiring group – all led by such a sweet master of goodness and expansion. Paul, you’re providing a very important service – thank you!

  5. WalkingSoftly

    Walking with you and this little group is one of the most important things I have ever done for myself.

  6. Wonderandplay

    I am infinitely more alive and in love because of this group. I thought I was relegated to a negative attitude LOL but seriously, this group gave me hope and faith I never had before. I am indebted to this experience and to Paul XO

  7. Livinginthenow

    It’s almost like I could never imagine such a group or exprience. It has turned out so much more remarkable than I imagined. I love this so much. Thank you Paul – and thank you to the happy, wild tribe who inspires me every week!

  8. Trueenterprises

    I’ve met lots of masters and wonderful people through my life. I am very lucky. This group and working with Paul are two additions that have changed me in such a profound way.

  9. Actorandlover

    Thank you for this great experience! I LOVE IT LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

  10. WayneGray

    EVERY WEEK IS AWESOME! I’m enjoying this so much! Thanks for all the kindness and listening and transformative advice!

  11. JulieCraig12

    My life has changed so much since we all met. I’m a new person with such renewed faith in EVERY area of my life! Paul, you do such a terrific job – serioulsy wonderful.

  12. Phil3449

    I am literally happier than I have ever been. I feel connected to this group – and so deeply supported by Paul. It’s a new life!

  13. Whisperingpines1

    I am very grateful for this experience. I am always learning from either Paul or the group’s responses. It’s quite the adventure!

  14. CuriousSoul108

    Every group session seems to invite more depth and more expansiveness. I feel like I’ve not only become more peaceful, but more open and alive. So grateful!

  15. Whimsicalandfree

    Thanks Paul for all of these sweet and encouraging sessions. I am looking forward to more and more and more and more!!!

  16. HarryBrighton1

    You have rocked my life in such a wonderful way, Paul – thank you so much

  17. Londonernow

    It’s funny how every group sessions brings light into my work and marriage. I’m learning how to be a better person for sure. Highly recommend this!

  18. OzzyOzzyYes

    A+ experience with Paul and these great folks

  19. FrancisMiller112

    All of Paul’s ideas seem so simple but my gosh they change me each and every time he speaks. It’s quite a light festival with Paul and my coaching group. Filled with gratitude all the time!

  20. WakingLove

    Where has this been all my life LOL love this so much

  21. InspiringHealer

    At least 2 hours before each weekly session, my girlfriend and I seem to sit in front of the computer just waiting for the session to begin – it’s become a funny thing in our home – so much goodness comes out of Paul & this group

  22. AncientSoul9

    I love watching people when Paul is working with them or doing a reading for them, they open up, they let go, like all of them. It’s quite amazing to watch!

  23. SammyRay

    Even the moments of silence are delicious this group is so wonderful

  24. Alwaysdreaming1

    Paul is also my one-on-one coach – and there is nothing like this anywhere – it’s so intimate and real and encouraging.

  25. freeandalive

    There is a lot of value in this group experience. Then Paul and his magic take it all to a whole other level. Loving this so so so much.

  26. alwaysingratitude

    whoah, I seriously love this more than beer! how did that happen?! lmao

  27. DariusS18

    I had a difficult time letting go of a few things. Between Paul, my cohort in this coaching experience, and the rituals on Paul’s website, I am feeling so much more free and alive, than ever before. This is quite a gift to me and my family.

  28. FinancialGuy88

    As a financial anaylist, I’m a bit less open to these kinds of things than others might be, but somehow Paul opened my eyes to a deeper part of myself. It’s a very helpful piece of my life now.

  29. Ellenandme

    Paul is such a light… I love his work, articles and coaching… oh and I love his Personality Cards such fun!

  30. CreativeWildOne

    I am growing so much because of this great group and how Paul works so playfully with each of us

  31. AbbyHewitt

    With all the craziness in the world, coaching with Paul is the respite I’ve needed. It’s changing me in positive ways that I never expected for this type of thing.

  32. holyoneswithme

    There is so much amazing quality and value packed into these sessions. It’s fun, informative, inspiring and encouraging. Exactly what I needed.

  33. Originalhippie68

    Paul’s groups are like little mini road trips into the heart of it all. I am so in love with this, I can barely find the words!

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