The Child Queen: A Sad And Deceitful Personality

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Many celebrities are Child Queens, as are those who are deeply disloyal & narcissistic. This applies to all genders!


We’ve all dealt with narcissists and know how difficult they can be. We might deeply love them yet, too often they crush us. These underdeveloped souls are often unaware of themselves and unable to admit the damage they bring to others. This is because they are entranced with their position or contrived self-identity.

The Child Queen might appear to be well-mannered, even spiritually evolved, but in reality, she is a secretly tragic character who does not understand loyalty, virtue, and commitment – to self and others.

Unable to trust herself and own her life, she is continuously looking outside herself and to others to tell her what to think and feel. This leaves her lost, confused, dependent, and sadly, without control of her own life and spine.

These broken souls might even unknowingly enroll or manipulate you with their personality, charisma, or warmth, only to turn on you after they nurture their fears into delusions.

The disruptions and pain that result from engaging these types of people can be devastating. While they not only hurt and deceive others, they do the same to themselves.

Our job is to pray from them and find compassion for them – and establish a healthy distance from them. Yes, lots and lots of distance!


You might know a few folks who are in the public-eye. Models, athletes, celebrities, “reality” stars, and others like them, tend to have moments or long periods of time where they behave like The Child Queen. This is okay if it’s a moment here or there, but when the bodies start piling up on the sides of roads, you know there’s a bigger issue at hand.

Child Queens never truly own their lives. They create temporary self-identities to garner and take advantage of the attention they receive, but they never truly work on their core Selves. They are unable to see beyond their own delusions.

When egos are pinched, or when they want to break agreements, rather than humble themselves and communicate like human beings, they rant, rave, and blame. They might even hire security teams to validate their false fears and exonerate their self-generated confusion.

The Child Queen barely knows who she is and continuously projects her insecurities onto others. She is sad, tragic, and dangerous. Pity these people, pray for them, but never allow their shallow projections and warped self-worth to dampen your spirit.

To fully protect yourself, keep a healthy distance from these disloyal souls. Unable to self-acknowledge, feel empathy, feel remorse, and apologize, they have a long, long, LONG road ahead of them.

“When we receive Prasad from the temple, we never complain, whether it’s too salty or too sweet. By considering it a gift from God, we cherish and accept it, whatever it may be. Consider the whole world as a temple and all of your actions as prayers. Try to develop this same attitude towards everything that happens to you in life. Whether success or failure, criticism or praise, accept everything as a gift from God and be happy and peaceful.”
~ Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi (


If you’re struggling with having become The Child Queen, it’s time to be honest with yourself and others. It’s time to own your stuff, change your behavior, and evolve into the remarkable person you know you can be.

Begin with gratitude for all those who have lovingly and selflessly served you.

Acknowledge how you broke agreements in serve to your fears and low self-esteem.

Seek the source of your power and integrity. Become true to yourself and your word. You can do it!

Failing these things, you’ll continue to go in disastrous circles, disappointing yourself and enabling others  – validating a dishonest and spineless YOU.




The Child Queen

“I love being in charge! It’s my house, my money, and my world, so I deserve everything I want, all the time, no matter what. I rule everything – and everybody should do as I say. I don’t want to have to explain everything, you should just know. And if you’re not giving me what I want, I’m gonna tell on you and then you won’t ever be invited to my parties ever again. My mommy says I’m special and awesome all the time, which is 100% true, so shut up.” 


When a person throws tantrums, they are delusional, rejecting integrity and self-responsibility at every turn. 


The Child Queen is sweet and loving until you challenge her warped, over-elevated self-perception. She’s cute and charismatic until it’s time to fulfill her responsibilities and agreements. This vacuous soul can pretend to be a good little girl for quite some time, fooling the best of us, but the moment you test her quality, she’ll run screaming throughout her castle. She’ll blame everybody but herself, all the while seeking similarly juvenile souls to agree with her.

With her infantile attitude and behavior validated, The Child Queen will seek revenge rather than a loving resolve. She simply cannot fathom the idea of accepting her own choices. She’ll blame everybody but herself, then complain about the “injustice of it all”.

Sad and isolated, she’ll continually affirm her self-deception, shallow nature, bizarre projections, and imagined fears to soothe her deeper wounds, which she refuses to properly address. In the end, she’ll only hurt herself. 

While we might want to believe this pretentious ankle-biter to have integrity and virtue, she’ll most often worship her own personality, body, and beliefs. She’ll go out of her way to avoid personal and spiritual growth. She is her only obstacle.

The Child Queen can save herself by fully owning all of the aspects she tends to project onto others. She can merge her surface warmth with a revitalized integrity and truly evolve. When follows her ego and fears, she is forgetting the simplest truth: There is only YOU calling forth experiences to help you dissolve your weaknesses and illusions, and grow. 

It’s time to humble yourself and grow up. Otherwise, the combination of Defiance, Evasion, Anger, and Fear will make you DEAF.


Petulant, nasty, and dishonest are not the attributes of a spiritual person. They represent a delusional power-player whose only desire is to maintain a false, temporary self-identity, position, and pedestal.

The Child Queen might even imagine herself to be a deep, fascinating, and marvelous person, but she rarely does the right thing. Rather than humble herself and be grateful, she squanders all the kindness, virtue, and luck that comes her way. 

When The Child Queen is out of touch with herself, she becomes vengeful against those who sought to help her. She can’t imagine that the goodness she requested from the Divine actually arrived. In her childish, over-reactive mind, she turns loving servants into villains. 

Unable to improve her relationships, she’ll declare her hatred for her husband and family in one breath, then pretend everything is fine in the next. She’ll never arrive at an inner-congruence or genuine self-awareness. She struggles to own her stuff, thinking she is far more evolved than she is.

Instead of working to become a spiritually evolved and empowered human being, The Child Queen prefers to play the victim. She might even hire a cybersecurity team in an attempt to prove herself right and righteous. She’s not. She is merely lost, confused, and trapped in delusion.

This sad soul has no sense of her truth. She is imbued with warped self-esteem and no self-worth, with no ability to maintain genuine friendships (because friendships require altruistic effort). She’s inconsistent, voiceless, and lonely, having trapped herself in her own glass tower. 



If you’re riding the line between Quality Human Being and Child Queen, keep in mind that your ego is deceiving you. Take it down a notch and source a deeper level of compassion and empathy for those around you. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Be reasonable. Your vengeance represents your self-hatred and confusion – and has nothing to do with the other person.

You might also want to fully own all of your actions and choices so that you can finally heal and evolve. It’s time to  learn how to communicate your thoughts and feelings with others so that you can become a spiritual warrior.

You might believe yourself to be an untouchable, high-level person, but you fart and poop like the rest of us. Stop self-aggrandizing. Find true humility. Become a Human Being. 

You may have been fooled by your own over-spiritualized self-concept, imagination, and materialism. Numerology is not more important than your own intuition and integrity. Stop using new-age ideology to validate your laziness and fears. You’re not enlightened – you’re a little girl living a delusional, egoistic moment. Even so, you can choose to evolve in this moment.

It’s time to buck up, become an adult, and contribute to society with earnestness. Own your deficiencies, communicate like a responsible human being, and stop hurting others. In all things, honor your agreements. When you honor your agreements, no matter how painful, you grow from them. 

The Universe is giving you yet another chance to own your stuff and evolve. Take it.


Apparently, you enjoy going through life throwing tantrums and being disloyal. Take responsibility for your bad attitude and seek to improve your communication and relationships. Stop creating villains. 

In the psychological world, you might be Borderline or Bipolar.

You bask in the light when it’s granted to you, but upon any infringement on your ego, you turn into a heartless monster. The Universe is giving you a chance to grow up, pay your debts, apologize to those you’ve harmed, and seek the light. It’s your only hope.

If you’re lamenting over an engagement with The Child Queen, there’s a chance she’s already eaten you alive. If you’re wondering what a journey with The Child Queen might bring, just imagine a black hole – with sparkles – and a litany of shallow, new-age fetishes. 

To save yourself, cut your losses and seek a more enlightened client, friend, partner, or lover. Find forgiveness if you can. Regardless, move on from this heart-breaker at the speed of light!

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