The Metaverse: Realities Colliding

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The Metaverse: The Walls Between This Reality And Others Will Evaporate

One day soon, there will be a metaverse tech launch that enables people to connect with others outside the restrictive and data-driven umbrellas of corporate-run social networks. 

This new Social Sphere will allow users to port their identities and customized data into a free and multi-way encrypted experience. 

The tech will empower everyone to create and engage in unique, protected, anonymous, custom, interactive experiences with friends, fans, and customers. 

Nothing will be compromised, manipulated, accessible, “hackable,” or owned by anyone other than each unique user. 

The interactive environment, sessions, and elements can be extinguished in an instant, creating inaccessible ghosts that can be turned on and off at will. 

In addition to manual participation, the interactivity can also be generated by brain impulse, eye movement, and gesture, but without the cumbersome attachments of cumbersome virtual gear. 

While many of the prior concerns about data and safety will evaporate, new and more serious concerns will emerge around virtual addictions and losing our identities to the enrapturing vapors of projection and illusion. 

While things like projection, illusion and all the related psychological disorders are already occurring in our current reality, they will become far more dangerous and toxic as time goes on – because the veils between the here-and-now and the fabricated digital realms of the metaverse will become far less obvious and far easier to traverse. 

We will become the robots that we are building, not because we envy them, but because we’ll need robotified identities in the metaverse to protect ourselves from our own wandering and self-negating tendencies. 


We can see glimpses of the forthcoming reality in the lives of celebrities. They contrive social identities to fulfill their own egos, desires, and the projections of others. The more money they have and the more attention they get, their identities become isolated and warped. They become facsimiles of themselves, unable to meander back to their original God-Given Selves. 

Lost in seas of delusion and paranoia, they break themselves, their relationships, and the hearts of everyone around them. 

The remedy for all of this has and always will be prayer, meditation, selfless-service, nature, healthy eating, and solitude.


You are a beautiful Living Being filled with light and love, born from stardust. You are unlimited potential in every direction. With a focus on discipline, virtue, and your own goodness, you can become as expanded and liberated as you desire. 

Pray for others and the Universe prays for us. 

How to Be Truly Woke: Are You Just Full Of It?

you woke

Woke Consciousness: A Shutterstock Licensed Image

There’s a lot of crazy talk these days about being WOKE. Have no fear though. This is part of the “It’s Okay To Be A Narcissist” movement. This whole ARE YOU WOKE bullshit has become so cliché, every person with a bleeding heart or conspiracy theory is now calling themselves WOKE. This is a trend and it means nothing.

You have to ask yourself:

  • Do we become WOKE (or awakened) when we sniff-out hashtags and taglines that feed our fears?
  • Do we become WOKE when we use these fears to concoct poorly baked conspiracy theories that then define our lives?
  • Isn’t it possible that flubbed lines in audio files are just that – a mistake, rather than a masked secret to put a chip in you dick?
  • Is being WOKE all about seeing society and business as always “out to get” us?
  • Is being a WOKER about hating the government and imagining the worst of everyone in it?
  • Is it about hating factions of society that do not think like you?
  • Isn’t it possible that WOKERS are just lazy, illiterate lovers of fantasy?

Here are a few conspiracy theories for you:

WOKERS don’t have library cards because they don’t like to read.

TRUMP-PETS can’t imagine a benevolent, peaceful world because they’re not benevolent, peaceful people.

QANONers prefer their fantasy opinions, beliefs, and ideologies over thousands of collective years of training, education, and research because they’ve trained themselves to be overreactive, presumptuous, victim-minded, and fearful. This is an addiction. As you think, so you become.

All of these things are prominent in low IQ, low emotional intelligence (EQ), and non-empathic people.

Empathy is EVERYTHING.


To be TRULY WOKE, AWAKE, or AWAKENED, it’s about understanding who you are, where you are, where you’re going, and who’s going with you. It’s about knowing your divinity and depth. It’s about stripping away the layers of assumptions and learning how to access your core, authentic nature.

Being WOKE is about responsibility, research, forgiveness, proactivity, and respecting people who are 100X more brilliant and better trained than you. 

I never tell my mechanic, “Nah, I don’t think it’s that hose. I think my car blew up because of the Republicans.”


  • Knowing that you may not have been told the truth about everything, while also acknowledging your limitations.
  • Respecting that there are many anomalies and complexities in this world, some of which are so embedded, they will be impossible to eradicate without a colossal, global, life-eradicating war.
  • Knowing that your spirit and how you relate is more important than your protests. Once peaceful and aware, then protest. Otherwise, you’re just an idiot waving a banner that you know nothing about.
  • Being able to fathom that this life of yours is a temporary metaphor meant to educate, enthuse, and enlighten.
  • Understanding that it’s all a mess because it’s supposed to be a mess. Internal and external evolution cannot happen without chaos.
  • Understanding that your pain, inability to forgive others, and refusal to have empathy for those less fortunate than you are far worse than blaming others for their invisible friends, obsessions, insanity, and lack of education.
  • ALL ABOUT forgiving everything, detaching from it all, refraining from feeding the madness.
  • ALL ABOUT bout focusing on expanding your deepest aspects and learning how to truly nurture yourself.

Being Woke is not about continuously reacting to your government and those who oppose your party of choice.

Being Woke is about being coherent enough to do research so you can defend your position using facts, rather than a contrived, manipulated, twisted ideology based on father-projection, charisma, fantasy, and fear.

Being truly AWAKE is not about falling off your bike then blaming 5G or Bill Gates.

Being Woke is about thinking clearly without influence from a religion or trending movement.

Being Woke is not about continuously complaining on social media platforms so you can self-validate your laziness and poorly researched addiction.

Hey, it’s not about posting hate against every opponent of your temporary, imagined identity and belief system. Yes, your identity and beliefs are temporary. They mean NOTHING. It’s all flawed. It’s all vapor.

The idea here would be to:

Stop fear-mongering because that’s what small-minded people do when they’re unable to imagine better outcomes. The fear gives them the illusion of control. Using fear as a response to challenges is a self-limiting habit and low-level coping mechanism for people with low IQs and devolved emotional intelligence.

Improve and evolve your ideology until it evaporates. It’s worthless to you because it’s not based on the truth. It’s based on the family, religion, and society you were born into. It’s based on contrived and self-serving ideas passed down from generations of codependent relating. 

Your ideology and belief system are mostly born from ego, media taglines, and fear.

The truth is far easier, simpler, and allowing. 

Being Woke means that you’re seeking to understand that the Eternal Consciousness includes every aspect in all of creation, which means that it will need to work itself out, even if it’s bumpy and horrible at times.

How To Be Truly Wokeprofoundly-inspirational-inuitive-reading-with-paul-wagner

If it’s part of consciousness, it’s part of you. 

Just because it’s outside of you and uglier than you, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t deserve the space it needs to work itself out.

Unless darkness steps forward, it cannot achieve the light. So if something horrible is happening, accept it, just as you would something positive. It’s all the same. Even darkness has a womb filled with light. Being WOKE is about owning your position in life and working with reality to improve upon it, helping where and when you can.

Being WOKE is about peacefully protesting, not causing damage.

Being WOKE is loving every color and living Being in all of creation, and feeling their pain to the point of knowing it.

Being WOKE is not about guilting or shaming yourself and others, it’s about working to rid the world of these things.

Being truly awake is knowing that all of your anger is about you and your deficiencies. (Well, except when it comes to banks, insurance companies, and military spending. You can be fuck-all, crazy angry about all that!)

If you want to be awakened and truly WOKE: work on yourself, improve your attitude, become more loving, deepen your empathy for humankind and suffering, and realize that this reality is nothing but a tiny leaf twirling in the wind.

It’s here and then it’s gone. So are we.

Apocalyptic Prophecies From The Most Popular Religions

The end of world prophecies
Alas, the end of the world is not knowable. Sorry. A Shutterstock Licensed Image.

“The Apocalypse is not something which is coming. The Apocalypse has arrived in major portions of the planet, and it’s only because we live within a bubble of incredible privilege and social insulation that we still have the luxury of anticipating the Apocalypse.”

— Terence McKenna

There are many religions and cultures that tout profound and mysterious “holy” books including apocalyptic prophecies. The most enduring of these tomes are the Bible and Quran, the most powerful and influential books birthed in recent history. These beloved testaments represent the beliefs of an almost unfathomable number of Christians, Jews, and Muslims throughout the world. 

Although these sacred scriptures are authoritative in their entirety, many devotees take the writings with grains of salt or focus on excerpts, which include the Torah (Tawrat), Zabur (Psalms), and Gospels of Christ (Injil).

Also, there are many related and adjunct writings that have not been fully approved by these popular religions. These include the Catholic Apocrypha, The Latin Vulgate and Septuagint, The Muslim Scrolls of Abraham and Moses, and the Gnostic (unabridged) Gospels, featuring the confronting Gospel of Mary and suggestive Gospel of Peace.

“The probability of apocalypse soon cannot be realistically estimated, but it is surely too high for any sane person to contemplate with equanimity.”     

— Noam Chomsky

How Have Apocalyptic Prophecies Played Out So Far?

Some of the most popular and feared chapters in these hallowed volumes refer almost exclusively to apocalyptic prophecies and events, the end of the world as we know it. They outline specific details about how a Messiah or Devil will appear and how the world we’ve come to love will be destroyed or reborn:

  • Books of Revelations, Daniel, Jubilees, Esdras, Isaiah, Malachi, Micah, Kings, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Joel, Zechariah, Matthew, Mark, Thessalonians, Haggai, Amos, Lamentations, Hosea, Nahum, Elija, and Elisha.
  • Apocalypses of Abraham, Adam, Baruch, Daniel, Elijah, Ezra, Gabriel, Lamech, Enock, Moses, Sedrach, Zephaniah, Zerubbabel, James, Galias, Pseudo-Methodius, Paul, Peter, Samuel, Stephen, and Thomas
  • The Aramaic Apocalypse
  • The Apocalypse of the Seven Heavens
  • The Book of Mormon

Whether the apocalyptic prophecies in these books are already etched into the stones of destiny or are merely twisted projections written by delusional cultists as fictional prose, these writings outline a long list of incredible events that many have believed to be the future playbook of humankind.

“We all love after-the-bomb stories. If we didn’t, why would there be so many of them? There’s something attractive about all those people being gone, about wandering in a depopulated world, scrounging cans of Campbell’s pork and beans, defending one’s family from marauders. But some secret part of us thinks it would be good to survive. All those other folks will die. That’s what after-the-bomb stories are all about.”

― John Varley

The Mother-List Of Apocalyptic Prophecies

Here is a sampling of the most popular and alarming apocalyptic predictions by the world’s most popular religions, philosophers, zealots, and psychics:

  • Based on the dimensions of Noah’s arc, Christ will return in A.D. 500
  • The end of the world will occur 666 years after the rise of Islam in A.D. 618
  • The European plague is the beginning of the end of times
  • For his “rapture,” Christ will call the faithful back to heaven, without warning
  • Christ or a similar Messiah will return to Earth and establish a peaceful kingdom, known as the Millennium (or opening of the 7th Seal)
  • After Christ’s reign, the Antichrist will come to Earth and persecute all Christians 
  • The Earth will experience devastation and a complete reboot before 2033
  • World wars and unimaginable weapons will kill millions of people over a century
  • The spiritual battle, known as Armageddon, will give rise to the Antichrist and a slew of horrendous, natural disasters
  • The world will end in 2800 B.C.
  • The world will end in 1666 with a fire in London or in 1524 with a flood in Germany


  • Christ will return, and the world will end by 1844
  • Israel will be redeemed and supported, and eventually command the planet
  • Israel’s enemies will wipe it from the face of the Earth
  • Your social security number is the “mark of the beast,” and denies you resurrection in Christ 
  • A mysterious, Babylonian, one-world system and religion will emerge in the end of times and present false notions of Christ (believed to be the New Age Movement)
  • Many new religions will emerge and encourage people to believe they are each the eternal God
  • America is the new Zion, loved and protected by God, and built to become God’s “new Israel,” protected by Him as the only significant nation on Earth
  • Christian nations will condemn and crush all Islamic nations
  • Islamic nations will condemn and decimate all Christian nations
  • Native cultures on many continents will be hunted, enslaved, and eventually eradicated
  • Two saviors will emerge, one will embody the light and one will emanate only darkness
  • The world’s most powerful nation (possibly the United States) will break international treaties and laws, initiate wars, and command an empire, which will give birth to the Antichrist and make way for his darkness
  • Years after Hitler’s death, hatred and greed will once again emerge as the basis for several nationalistic religions, which will inspire the truly devoted into a profound spiritual awakening
  • Earth will collide with the planet Nibiru in 2012, causing a physical and spiritual transformation for all living beings on Earth
  • The world will end in 1954, 1960, 1988, 1992, 1994, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2020, 2021, between 2028 and 2033, or after 2060, due to an asteroid or series of fireballs thrust from the heavens
  • By 2025, the leaders of the New World Order (NWO) will have amassed total control of all infrastructure, politics, climates, armies, and human life, and reveal themselves as the backbone to the world’s economies
  • Beginning in 2039, the melted polar ice caps will cause flooding, and there will be massive starvation due to uncontrolled population growth
  • By 2040, a variety of alien species (from other planets and galaxies) will make themselves known and teach us about the true origins and history of planet Earth
  • The Earth will become a slave-state with the sole mission of supporting non-biological Beings and robots
  • Several companies will continue to thrive through the ages, thousands of years into the future, including IBM and McDonalds
  • Before 2050, every human being will be chipped with an RFID
  • Before 2075, every chipped human being will be managed, mentally controlled, and emotionally influenced by a global electronic monitoring system
  • Before 2100, salt-water fish will become extinct, except those that are able to adapt 
  • At some point within the next 200 years, the universe will begin to reverse its expansion, which will cause time and gravity also to reverse
  • In 8000 years, the human race will either be extinct or unrecognizable
  • In 20 billion years, the universe’s atoms will have adopted new attributes, including no longer being able to contain their electrons (The Big Rip)
  • “The contraction of the universe with reversal of time and gravity will commence the beginning of the end, which will last for thousands and possibly millions of years. We will be removed from the regressing effects of reversed time as we come back alive in our own time. We will then be taken across many dimensions beyond this universe. A beautiful natural mechanism that is based on the laws of physics will cause all that to happen. This real end has nothing to do with wishful thinking and predictions of priests or shamans.”

— Dr. M.H. Kahn

The World’s Apocalyptic Religions, Movements, and Cults

Whether it’s born from a religious testament, a real prophet, the teachings of a short-lived, fear-based cult, or a vision from someone with an overactive imagination, most apocalyptic prophecies never see the light of day. 

When a religious leader promotes a date for the end of the world, their organization sees a rise in membership and revenue. While it’s misguided and dangerous, predicting the Apocalypse is good business. 

Here are a few more of the world’s religions, movements, thinkers, and troublemakers that have apocalyptic prophecies, outcomes, and events, and promoted catastrophe-based ideologies:

  • The Crusaders
  • The Assyrian Empire
  • The Baha’i Faith
  • Theosophists and Helen Blavatsky
  • Naziism
  • Mayan calendar enthusiasts
  • Branch Davidians and David Koresh
  • Seventh-Day Adventists and their many off-shoot cults
  • Fans of The Jupiter Effect
  • Believers in Haley’s Comet
  • Millerites and William Miller
  • Utopianism
  • Nostradamus
  • The New Age Movement
  • Church Universal And Triumphant, and Elizabeth Clare Prophet
  • William Branham And The Faith-Healing Movement
  • The Fifth Monarchists
  • The Anabaptists
  • Concerned Christians and Monte Kim Miller
  • Johannes Stöffler
  • Elohim City, Robert G. Millar, and John Millar
  • Botticelli and Girolamo Savonarola
  • Jehovah’s Witnesses and Charles Taze Russell
  • Mormons And The Church Of Latter-Day Saints, and Joseph Smith
  • Planet Xsters
  • The Seekers, The Guardians, and Dorothy Martin
  • God’s Salvation Church and Hon-Ming Chen
  • The Movement For The Restoration Of The Ten Commandments Of God, Credonia Mwerinde, and Joseph Kibwetere
  • Dami Mission, Lee Jong Rim, and Lee Dap-gye
  • Wilbur Glennism
  • Heaven’s Gate and Marshall Applewhite
  • Mirza Ghulam Ahmad
  • Exotheology and Marshall Vian Summers
  • The Order of the Solar Temple, Joseph Di Mambro, and Luc Jouret
  • Zoroastrians 
  • Established King and Wu Yangming
  • Pagans
  • Norse Mythology and Ragnarök

“Our Earth is degenerate in these latter days; there are signs that the world is speedily coming to an end; bribery and corruption are common; children no longer obey their parents; every man wants to write a book and the end of the world is evidently approaching.”

— Assyrian tablet, 2800 B.C.

The Truth About The Universe

The universe is a wild frontier and system built upon a limitless number of electric, magnetic and chaotic anomalies, all occurring in once instance, within multiple trajectories, and in a host of realms, all affecting each other. Given the temporary nature of our lives, and the eternal nature of conscious matter, human beings, in our current forms, are rather inconsequential.

Time does not exist. It’s a construct that helps us make sense of the madness. When the end comes, it will most likely be the result of a depressed, overworked, and sleepy, military technician. While misinterpreting a weapon’s cleaning instructions from an out-dated manual, he’ll pop a donut in his mouth, spill his coffee on the red button, and this iteration of reality will conclude.

Cold Fusion: Free Energy Tech & Government Cover-ups

Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion is perty! A Shutterstock Licensed Image.

A heated Cold Fusion debate has brewed since the 1980s when the University of Southampton’s Martin Fleischmann and University of Utah’s Stanley Pons examined the electrolysis of heavy water on the surface of an electrode. They wondered if the experiment with the palladium (Pd) electrode would produce physical changes that would challenge the established laws of chemistry.

The most compelling aspect of their experiments was evidence of the production of excess heat. If this were true, it would have resulted in The Holy Grail of energy, nothing short of an eternal panacea. It would change the world as we know it. The industry’s and public’s reaction would have been akin to the first gold rush. As it turns out, it was more like a crucifixion.

Fleischmann was then one of the planet’s most renowned electrochemists. When Pons reported their findings in a press release in 1989, it raised the world’s hopes of having free, abundant energy. The scientific community went insane.

“If low-temperature fusion does exist and can be perfected, power generation could be decentralized. Each home could heat itself and produce its own electricity, probably using a form of water as fuel. Even automobiles might be cold-fusion powered.
— Charles Platt

The team claimed that the process that created the excess heat defied traditional explanation in terms of nuclear energy principles. Pons and Fleischmann also reported that their methods produced small amounts of nuclear byproducts in the forms of neutrons and tritium. Their findings were published as the birth of Cold Fusion.

While they drank toasts to each other, they were confronted with two teensie, tiny problems. No other scientist in the world could replicate their experiments with the same results. It was also proven that Fleischmann and Pons never detected neutrons and tritium. Oops!

By the end of 1989, hopes evaporated, faith disappeared, and trust vanished. Cold Fusion was dead. So we thought.

Cold Fusion: Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

It would be nice to wake up in the morning, flip on your free auto-energy generator, and enjoy free, all-day air conditioning and the free powering of 30 devices. While it sounds fantastic and possible, this probably won’t happen in our lifetimes.

While it might be true that Cold Fusion is too challenging to create, I’m not sure that’s the only obstacle. It might also be true that Mommy Government and Daddy Big Oil won’t allow every Tom, Mustafah, and Jorge to produce their own free energy.

Much like religion, governments love to control populations. This allows a handful of families through the world to benefit significantly from every financial transaction that takes place on Planet Earth. This is especially true for energy and transportation.

  • Buy an orange; they get paid.
  • Plug in a lamp; they get paid again.
  • Buy a car and fill the tank; they get paid – often.

This might be why governments and corporations won’t allow the general public to create, manage and benefit from their private production of household and transportation energy. Failing a revolution, if Big Government and Big Corporations won’t be getting paid for a true benefit, the benefit will have a tough time seeing the light of day.

Welcome to the Completely Suppressed Global Economy.

“I would like nuclear fusion to become a practical power source.

It would provide an inexhaustible supply of energy,

without pollution or global warming.”

— Stephen Hawking

A Little Secret


When I was living in the wilderness in NM, I ventured to the post office one day and found an older guy tinkering with his truck. He claimed it would now get over 400 mpg. I was so indelibly curious that I asked him to show me how it worked.

We drove to his house in the mountains, down a few long, dusty roads. When we arrived at his mobile home at the end of a cul-de-sac, he immediately broke out the architectural renderings from his time as a scientist at Sandia Labs in Albuquerque.

The man also pointed to a small, ominous black box in the corner of his living room. He said, “That’s where all of our free energy comes from. Oh, and it also provides air conditioning.” The house was cool. The rooms were bright. I was beyond blown away.

When I went back to visit him a few months later, he was gone. Not just the man, but his entire house had vanished. As if none of it ever existed. I still get goosebumps thinking about the whole experience.

BTW, there are over 1000 patents for carburetors registered at the US Patent Office. They’ve all been purchased by the automotive and car industries…

When Toyota announced its cute little Prius would soon be getting over 120 mpg, they experienced corporate espionage and other challenges. Somehow the 120 became 60.

As rightful citizens of planet earth, we are only permitted to utilize 20% of what is already proven and possible. It’s all about profit and control.

What Is Cold Fusion?

Cold Fusion is also known as LENR or low energy nuclear reaction. In laymen’s terms, Cold Fusion is a system of energy production that produces more usable energy than what is initially put into the system.

In scientific terms, Cold Fusion is the containment and management of a series of nuclear reactions that occur at room temperature, which produce heat, and therefore, energy. The other attribute of Cold Fusion is that while heat is generated, no neutrons or gammas are emitted.

The reason the concept of Cold Fusion is compelling is that the internal chambers of current devices experience heat in the millions of degrees Celsius. This might prohibit ordinary folks like you and me from creating and managing our own energy production systems.

“Rocket scientists agree that we have about reached the limit of our ability to travel in space using chemical rockets. To achieve anything near the speed of light, we will need a new energy source and a new propellant. Nuclear fission is not an option.”

— Wilson Greatbatch

Is Cold Fusion Possible?

Cold Fusion is indeed possible, although many scientists say that it’s highly unlikely. The primary reason, they say, is that detecting fission events requires high flux nuclear reactors to study them. This makes it expensive.

I believe that this technology is already being used in military technologies. Because most truth rises to the surface, I believe we’ll eventually learn about the secret and alien technologies already being used to produce energy.

It’s entirely possible that Cold Fusion is far less dangerous and improbable than currently being reported.

MIT’s Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough

Recently MIT scientists discovered the path for a nuclear fusion reactor to expel excess heat. This was a massive hurdle in global energy production science. While many scientists are still skeptical, the majority of the world’s most brilliant scientists are working hard to bring this to life.

While this doesn’t resolve the free energy scam, it will establish a system of safe, limitless, and clean energy production, unlike current systems.

“When we look up at night and view the stars,

everything we see is shinning because of distant nuclear fusion.”

— Carl Sagan

How To Build A Cold Fusion Reactor At Home

A man named Andrea Rossi built the Energy Catalyzer (E-cat) the world’s first proven cold fusion reactor. Rossi tells us that a group of independent scientists has already validated his invention. His tests show that his device can create energy that’s 10,000 times the energy density and 1000 times the power density of gasoline, currently the most productive fuel available.

There are probably countless private machines that provide the same effects. If I were to invent something remarkable, I would be cautious with how I brought the device into public view. Great thinkers tend to disappear mysteriously.

Consider Edison’s corporate backing against Tesla’s brilliant anarchism. Tesla was outmaneuvered and broken by the power players of his day. Tesla was not on the hunt for profit; he was establishing a system that would produce free energy for every person on the planet.


Why Free-Energy Suppression Conspiracy Theory Exists

Most people have experienced suppression and oppression from governments and large companies. Whether it’s being deprived of futuristic technologies already in use, enduring countless companies under-delivering, or paying the high costs associated with health care, gasoline, and home energy, we’ve all been marginalized in some way. We all have feelings of mistrust for these organizations.

Because of this, every human being doubts that governments and corporations are working on our behalf and telling us the truth. We know that something is amiss.

Sadly, there are thousands of brilliant inventors who have sold their tech to governments and for-profit companies, each of them sworn to secrecy, with the threat of legal action and death. Remember the guy who was able to turn water into an energy-generating system for his car? He was killed. There are countless similar stories throughout the world.

Corporate interests and government agencies suppress invention until they can cannibalize it, whether to benefit the industrial war complex or to create wealth for corporations, board members, and executives.

If the US Government were to outlaw lobbying and the related gifts and cash-incentives that go along with it, the entire world would benefit.

I am grateful for all the science-minded, research warriors who question the status quo and push to bring us the truth, even if their facts are conjecture. Because of their efforts, we will eventually learn the extent to which we have been deprived of our fundamental rights to technology that could benefit every woman, man, and child on the planet.

The Personality Cards: Official Launch!!!

personality cards

Hi Everybody,

I have an exciting announcement! I’ve been working for quite some time now to put together a truly intuitive, personal experience that extends beyond the current tarot reading culture. After much meditation, thought, and experience in intuitive readings and coaching, I’ve finally created my own personality cards for tarot readings!

My Personality Cards just arrived and I’m grateful for all the work that went into them. The card artist Lucy Kyriakidou did an amazing job! I love how the cards, booklet, and box came out.

Here’s a quick taste!

personality cards

personality cards

The personality cards are fun to use and can

provide deep insight into who we are.

I use them in every intuitive session I do,

and they are always on-the-mark!

To use them, you can pick out your cards for the day during your dedicated time for self-reflection, prayer, and meditation. Each card has a personality identity which you can read more about in the booklet included. Use these descriptions and helpful guided meditations to dig deep, learn more about yourself, and even navigate the situations you are experiencing currently.

Buy them HERE.

If you need help learning more and using them for the first time, I’d love to hear from you. You can sign up for a 1 hour session with me here, where I’ll guide you in using the personality cards during an intuitive reading.

Deciphering the Dolphin: S.E.T.I.’s Plan For Alien Contact

order of the dolphin

Loving Dolphins! A Shutterstock Licensed Photo – 478929451

Are Dolphins the Key to Communication with Other Worlds?

Consider the remarkable characteristics of the brains of bottlenose dolphins, and how similar they are to our brains. While their brain-to-body-weight ratio is second only to humans, at 1600 vs. 1300 grams, their brains are more substantial than ours. This is why John C. Lilly, Frank Drake, Melvin Calvin, Carl Sagan, and ten other scientists formed The Order of the Dolphins in 1961.

With Lilly at the helm, this brilliant group of dolphin-lovers and E.T. enthusiasts would soon form the group, S.E.T.I. (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence). S.E.T.I.’s plan, which continues today, is to discover how to find, attract, and talk to aliens.

S.E.T.I.’s Plan: Communicating with Dolphins


Believing that dolphins are as sentient and intelligent as humans, S.E.T.I.’s plan was to learn the dolphin language, and teach English to them. Doing so, they suspected these profound creatures would eventually prepare us for when it came time to decipher alien languages, and communicate with extraterrestrials. According to Lilly, through “dolphinese,” dolphins would one day hold a seat at the U.N. With Lilly at the helm, this brilliant group of dolphin-lovers and E.T. enthusiasts would soon form the group, S.E.T.I. (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence). Their mission, which continues today, is to discover how to find, attract, and talk to aliens.

Believing that dolphins are as sentient and intelligent as humans, S.E.T.I. wanted to learn the dolphin language, and teach English to them. Doing so, they suspected these profound creatures would eventually prepare us for when it came time to decipher alien languages, and communicate with extraterrestrials. According to Lilly, through “dolphinese,” dolphins would one day hold a seat at the U.N.

How Dolphins Communicate; Compelling Attributes Of The Bottlenose Dolphin

It’s not just the brain weight and related ratios that make this premise so exciting. Dolphins have a very complex neocortex, densely packed with billions of neurons, almost perfectly aligned with humans. This tells us that dolphins are adept at problem-solving, emoting, social cognition, perception, and the theory of mind, which includes having beliefs, desires, and intentions, with the ability to sense what others are thinking. Also, these beautiful creatures have proven that they grow cultural traditions, which they pass from generation to generation.

Dolphins can understand sentences constructed with elaborate gestures, and they’re adept at pinging underwater keyboards to communicate their desires to humans. Dolphins also have the unique, human-like ability to recognize themselves in mirrors. By all accounts, dolphins are self-aware and should be considered sentient beings. There are 40 species of dolphins.


For years, scientists have explored how dolphins communicate. Initially, they found that cetaceans (dolphins, whales and porpoise) use echolocation to find each other, and specific whistles or “calls” that help them communicate within their species, and with other species. Later findings reveal that each dolphin uses a unique whistle, also called a “signature whistle,” which has helped identify specific dolphins. Many scientists report that hearing dolphins talking in this way is a profound experience.

In the wild oceans, dolphins enjoy home ranges of over 60 square miles. When they are held in captivity by a Sea World or similar organization, they are only permitted to swim throughout an area that is one-ten-thousandth of 1% of what is considered home-like to them. This is why capturing and confining dolphins should be regarded as unethical, possibly evil.

Dolphins Still Hunted And Slaughtered

It’s hard to imagine why thousands of dolphins are stabbed to death each year in the Japanese town of Taiji. The residents have been mostly silent since the release of the 2010 Academy Award-winning, Best Documentary, “The Cove,” which used drones to uncover Taiji’s annual dolphin massacres.

For their crimes against this beautiful species, the fishers have still not shared any explanations of substance, other than, “This is the only way our town makes money” and “We’ve been doing this for 400 years, so it’s okay.” No, it’s not, and no, it isn’t. It’s like saying, “Rape, war, and brutal patriarchy have been going on for over 5000 years, so we’re going to keep that going, too.”

If the townspeople could agree on a clear directive, there could be many ways they could improve-upon their economy, and without murdering thousands of dolphins each year. Even the whale statues at the entrance to Taiji seem metaphoric of the town’s values: rusty, old, and decrepit.

Who Was John Lilly?

John Cunningham Lilly (1915 – 2001) was a brilliant scientist, and a highly respected physicist, neuroscientist, psychoanalyst, and writer. He was also the inventor of floatation tanks. Lilly’s work and obsessions were at the epicenter of the 1960s cultural revolution. He worked for opposing groups at the National Institutes of Health (N.I.H.), helping to create dialogues between physical brain scientists and those focused on mental health. courtesy Flip Schulke Archives

Later he would experiment on live, monkey brains, without inducing major trauma or damage to brain tissue.

Lilly’s friends included Ram Dass, Werner Erhard, Timothy Leary, and a long list of controversial thought leaders of the time.

He and his fellow, counterculture warriors were experts at creating controversy and initiating transformative discussions.

After building countless bridges between several scientific communities, and long after he relished thousands of drug-induced, near-death experiences, Lilly died at age 86 of heart failure.

S.E.T.I.’s plan, set by Lilly, studied how bottlenose dolphins vocalize their desires and needs. At the forefront of this category of exploration, Lilly and his friends established pioneering laboratories in the U.S. Virgin Islands and San Francisco, that analyzed human-dolphin communications across 20 years. He and his team of scientists believed that communicating with dolphins could hold profound, life-changing secrets for human beings, the Earth, and beyond.

A fan of ingesting psychedelics while floating in isolation tanks, Lilly was the inspiration for the Hollywood movies, “The Day of the Dolphin,” and “Altered States.”

The Human Dolphin Relationship Aspect of S.E.T.I.’s Plan

Over 300,000 dolphins, whales, and porpoises die annually from being caught in fishing nets. Many, too, are captured and interred in tiny pools for our entertainment. When it comes to protecting and elevating the lives of cetaceans, there is much work to be done.

Several years ago, India officially declared dolphins to be non-human persons, with every right that enables their liberty. As such, the country declared dolphin theme parks to be illegal and required them to be shut down.

In Helsinki, Finland, leading marine scientists like Lori Marino, signed the Declaration of Rights for Cetaceans, stating, “We affirm that all cetaceans as persons have the right to life, liberty, and well-being.” Lori Marino’s work with dolphins, whales, and porpoises has demonstrated that their levels of self-awareness equal or rival that of human beings.

Referring to the personhood of dolphins, Marino said, “We are not alone in being the kinds of animals that reflect upon ourselves and put into perspective who we are.”

Are Dolphins Aliens Themselves?

Lilly and S.E.T.I. leaned on the idea that dolphins could be a highly evolved alien species, introduced to the Earth to help us assimilate to the other species and cultures throughout the galaxy. S.E.T.I.’s plan started forming.

Spiritual channelers, seers, and starlight souls, like Nina Brown and Grandma Chandra, believe that cetaceans arrived eons ago from planet Sirius B. This was long before humans arrived and imposed their three-dimensional, duality-based reality.

Some clairsentients believe that cetaceans were brought to our planet to uphold spiritual truths, and to infuse our ecosystems with bright, crystalline light. It appears to be entirely possible that these lovely, highly evolved, intelligent beings are far more expanded than other creatures on Earth.

With the planet consisting of two-thirds water, with only 5% explored, dolphins might be protecting us from realities and dimensions that we are neither prepared to accept, nor equipped to engage.

Beyond S.E.T.I.’s Plan: Are Dolphins Enlightened?

According to Thomas I. White, a philosopher at Loyola Marymount University, dolphins can monitor and control themselves, and frequently demonstrate a unique, aquatic morality, with clear sets of ethics. There are also hundreds of exciting stories referring to dolphins helping humans. All of this points to dolphins being genuine persons, and potentially more.

If we take this a step further, we might notice that dolphins have less attachment to physical objects. While they are adept at building and nurturing their families and communities, they do not seek to accrue wealth, enact heavy-handed leadership, or establish long-term, hierarchical, social positions. While they have individual personalities and understandings, they seem to have their egos in check.

Some tribal and native cultures see these intuitive creatures as spiritual masters who want us all to embody our true, soul-centered selves. It is in this way that we might consider dolphins and their brothers and sisters to be enlightened beings.

Dolphins and other cetaceans might be inviting us to improve our vibrational frequencies, so that we may achieve ascension beyond our limited self-identities.

Was Nefertiti An Alien, A Powerful Extraterrestrial From A Distant World?

Nefertiti: A Shutterstock Licensed Image

During 1353–1336 B.C., the Egyptian queen Neferneferuaten Nefertiti, and her husband, the “Alien Pharaoh,” a formidable warrior, led a religious revolution in Egypt. Was this major shift in ideology born from an intimate, personal evolution? Or were the King and Queen influenced by alien Beings who had been visiting the area for eons? And since there is no record of her parents’ place of origin, was Nefertiti from another world? The answers might lie in the hidden, burial chambers and secret altars of the powerful and mystical Queen Nefertiti, whom her husband saw as his equal.

Instead of paying homage to the over 2000 popular, Egyptian Gods, and honoring the stories handed down through the scribes of time, this courageous, royal couple opened their hearts to a single divine Being. In so doing, they introduced monotheism to the masses.

God’s name was Aten, also pronounced as Aten, Aton, and Itn, and he was embodied by the disc of the Sun, the mighty sphere that illuminates creation.

Was Aten An Alien?

It was said that Aten was the only God and one who could see into the hearts and minds of every worshiper. With his life-giving rays, Aten created the Nile for everyone’s sustenance and was the protector of creation.

In exchange for their loyalty to Aten, the devout people of Egypt would receive His blessings. Aten knew no bounds, and his instructions were seen as the only truth.

Was the Sun disc that the ancient Egyptians worshiped actually the Sun, or was the light-disc a piece of technology beyond their comprehension? How could the Sun share specific instructions? Were these ancient Egyptians interacting with a magnificent, verbal deity, or were they engaging with alien technology, misinterpreting their experiences as a spiritual phenomenon?

Was Nefertiti An Alien? Or Were Both King And Queen Hybrid Aliens?

The Egyptian hieroglyphs from that time illustrate Nefertiti and Akhenaten as having unique relationships with the Sun disc. According to a variety of these pyramid-sourced texts, the royal couple appears to have departed the Earth for periods of time.

There are similar texts showing their many returns to Earth. From this perspective, it appears that either Nefertiti, Akhenaten, or both of these influential people were extraterrestrials. The reason that the legends seem to favor Nefertiti as the alien is because no one has found any records that her parents ever existed.

What Were The Royal Couple’s Alien-Hybrid Characteristics?

The Queen and King had unique physical appearances when compared to the people of their time. Their specific features included more full hips, protruding bellies, thinner faces, and elongated facial features, plus the most remarkable aspect, elongated, cone-like skulls. These types of skulls had not appeared previous to their reign, nor since.

In the past decade, DNA samples were taken from several Egyptian pharaohs. Given the unusual prevalence of the CXPAC5 gene in Akhenaten’s mummy, there has been speculation that his genes may have been manipulated before his reign as Pharaoh.

Given that this gene is responsible for cortex growth, it would suggest that Akhenaten’s cranium housed a larger-than-normal cortex. When this idea is added to the questions surrounding the elongation of Nefertiti’s and Akhenaten’s skull, it provokes further curiosity.

All of this exploration points to one of the possible reasons why Nefertiti’s body has not yet been found: given her unusual physical makeup and DNA, she may have returned to her home planet shortly after her son, King Tut, passed away.

Where Might Nefertiti Have Been Buried?

Throughout Egypt, Nefertiti was known by many names, including “Lady of Grace” and “Sweet of Love.” She was known to be a spiritual, sensual, and fiercely independent woman.

Rumor has it that Nefertiti was so beautiful and powerful, that her husband could not bear the comparison between he and his wife. It is said that Akhenaten disowned Nefertiti near the end of his reign, but allowed her to remain in a position of queenly power. He may have done so because he feared her wrath.

We know that Nefertiti was perceived as the King’s equal because of how she was artistically represented in the Tombs of the Nobles at Armana. Armana is the burial site of the most powerful leaders, courtiers, and persons of the city of Akhetaten. It’s clear that Nefertiti was an iconic force to be respected.

Given how her image was positioned on her husband’s sarcophagus, she came to be known as the embodiment of Isis, and all of her magical and sexual prowess. With this label came the belief that Nefertiti participated in the daily rebirth of the cosmos. There could be a no more dominant position in Egypt or on Earth.

While Nefertiti and her husband reigned during the most affluent time in Egyptian history, we do not know whether their good fortune was born of this world or another. And we do not know where Nefertiti was buried, if at all.

In 2015, a deeper, high-resolution analysis of Tutankhamun’s tomb showed there are two unique door outlines within the tomb’s walls. These passages lead to adjacent, unexplored rooms. These two rooms may have been erected to add further secrecy and protection for Queen Nefertiti’s body.

Given that Tutankhamun died as a young boy might suggest that his subjects may have had to scurry to locate a proper burial chamber. Rather than keep his dead body in storage for several years, they may have swapped his body for Nefertiti’s, and placed her in a hidden side room.

Was This Nefertiti’s Altar?

In the Spring of 2001, I traveled through Egypt and was lucky to be invited into an ancient ceremony involving the God, Ra. It involved slicing our skin, merging our blood, and praising the eternal Sun of Light. I humbly declined and went back to a wild feast with my Bedouin friends, under the stars in the Cairo desert.

During this magical trip, I rode Arabian racehorses, listened to remarkable stories from John F. Kennedy’s 90 yr-old, now-blind, former, tour guide, and was invited into secret tombs that were closed to the public.

One of the tombs I visited had never been officially opened by either the government or local land authorities. It was a 2-hour horse-ride from the center of Cairo, far into the desert. When my guide brought us to a full stop, there was only sand in sight. As I meandered a bit, I noticed one of the mounds of sand had a structure beneath it.

My guide was negotiating with the gatekeeper, an angry man holding a machine gun. He waved at me to join them. When I greeted them, my guide told me to give the man $20 in exchange for the “experience of a lifetime.” What happened next blew my mind. I was shaking, but I could not have been more excited.


I was led to the structure under the sand mound, where there was a set of tall, wide, thick, wooden doors. I was told that I had 10 minutes to enter and enjoy what was behind them. My guide said to me,

“This is a secret place, known only to a handful of people. You are not welcome, but for these 10 minutes. This is Nefertiti’s private altar. You may sit near the altar, but do not touch it, as the Gods will know. You have 10 minutes.”

Behind the doors were 30 or 40 wide stairs. At the bottom was appeared to be a long table. I sat, not near the table, but atop of it, which is when I realized that this table was actually a beautiful, haunting and ornate altar.

A faint etching in the stone walls showed the light of Aten pouring onto the outreached arms of disciples. I knew I was in the right place, at the right time, and would never see anything like it again. Was this Nefertiti’s altar? Was I that lucky? I might never know the truth.

Loren McIntyre: Telepathic Photographer of Hidden Mayoruna Tribe

Loren McIntyre


Loren McIntyre
Amazon Tribes: A Shutterstock Licensed Image

People have been communicating telepathically for thousands of years. This ability to transmit words, emotions, and imagery to another being’s mind is a skill set that every human being and many animals possess. Just like our physical muscles, our telepathic skills can be strengthened. Loren McIntyre, the famous National Geographic photographer, knew this.

Loren McIntyre communicated with an uncontacted Amazon tribe called the Mayoruna, not with words, but with his consciousness. During his two-month-long kidnapping, Loren became an expert telepath and lived to tell the story.

“Our spirituality is a oneness and an interconnectedness with all that lives and breathes, even with all that does not live or breathe.”
– Mudrooroo

Who Was Loren McIntyre?

Loren McIntyre was born in Seattle, Washington in 1917, and died in 2003 at the age of 86. In his youth, Loren was fascinated by the travels of his heroes. They included African explorers Sir Richard Francis Burton and John Hanning Speke, who hoped to find the source of the Nile. Loren also loved reading about the Galapagos Islands and Brazillian jungles. After graduating from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in Latin American Culture, he joined the Merchant Marines and served in World War II.

As a soldier, Loren McIntyre visited a host of Asian and South American countries and eventually worked for a US global assistance program in Bolivia and Peru. After years of traveling and taking photographs as an amateur, he was hired by National Geographic in 1966 to present 47 of his most beautiful photographs. This photo-essay on Brazil launched him.

Throughout his career, Loren’s photos and articles appeared in over 500 publications, including Time, Life, Smithsonian, and many others. His first book sold almost a million copies. His titles include “The Incredible Incas and Their Timeless Land,” and “Amazonia.”

Loren McIntyre Ventures into Peru

Hoping to find the true source of the Amazon River, Loren McIntyre ventured into the Peruvian wild in 1971. At 17,220 feet, and 100 yards across, he discovered a large pond, which was the farthest source of the Amazon ever reported. It’s now named Laguna McIntyre, the river’s true, permanent source. He would have made his heroes proud.

When asked how he found it with such a small team and no technology, he said, “The mountains called to me, and I listened.”

Before this remarkable expedition, Loren McIntyre was temporarily kidnapped by the Mayoruna natives, sometimes referred to as the Cat People due to the distinct nose piercings worn by the women. The year was 1969. Living on a small branch of the Amazon River, this wandering tribe had long been protected by a massive forest canopy, and never contacted by modern society. The only reports had been from a handful of missionaries, bandits, and adventurers, who were able to see them, but did not contact them.

When the Mayoruna approached Lauren McIntyre deep in the forest, he gave them presents of cloth and mirrors, which they happily accepted. When he noticed that their jewelry was mostly made of human skin and bones, he became nervous. When handed a skull as a drinking cup, he nearly fell into shock. Without a common language, McIntyre knew he was embarking on a journey of a lifetime, one that he might not survive.

“They were two people staring at each other knowingly, communicating psychically amidst an ocean of deaf, dumb and blind meatsacks.”
― Travis Luedke

Although there was a feeling of connection with the tribe, he was clearly being held captive. And not every tribesman sought his friendship. Regardless, he complied with his masters and followed them through the jungle. During this two-month captivity, McIntyre lost confidence, clothing, his camera and a coveted roll of film. He also lost his connection to the outside world.

Loren McIntyre’s Telepathic Connections

Early in this unexpected and dangerous adventure, McIntyre was conscious of the fact that he was communicating telepathically with the tribe’s leader. He also became aware of a constant background noise, which he termed, “beaming.” He would come to realize that the beaming was the tribe’s collective mental chatter, infused with both their spoken words and their thoughts.

After his daring and dangerous escape on a raft made of fragile, balsa wood, McIntyre explained that he and the tribe were on a profound, spiritual expedition.

This journey would connect them all with the birth of spacetime. The pursuit led the tribe to the beginning of linear time, far outside the parameters of what members of modern society could ever understand.

During his travels, Loren McIntyre had wondrous encounters with over 30 native tribes, even meeting with the Mayoruna once again in the late 1970s.

When reflecting on his journeys, McIntyre defended his Mayoruna experience as a series of events that cannot be appropriately explained solely with words. His experiences of reaching the mythical beginning of reality, performing tribal rituals, and greeting the dawn of time, shook him to his core. Out of a combination of fear of criticism from his scientifically materialist-minded colleagues and sheer bewilderment, he was unable to discuss the experience for years. He would never be the same.

Eventually, McIntyre co-wrote and co-produced the IMAX film, “Amazon,” with his Romanian partner Petru Popescu, which became a 1997 Academy Award nominee for Best Documentary Short. It was based on Popescu’s book entitled, “Amazon Beaming.” The book and film follow Loren McIntyre along his harrowing journeys and inward explorations, as he pursued and achieved spiritual freedom.

Beaming Mayoruna Telepathy

While telepathy is a term coined by Fredrick W.H. Myers in the 1800s, it is the true way of connecting with other beings. Words often force us into our preconceived paradigms and limiting, temporary matrices, which are symptoms of human sickness.

As we wander and obsess within our personal mind-constructs, we dream of fanciful, fabricated realities. All the while, we remain in subjective relativity, and in total avoidance of the here and now. We are imprisoned, and yet we laugh at the ancient language of streaming, conscious connection.

The Aboriginals are one of the oldest Peoples on our planet. They dream-walk in the here and now. They are the original warriors and adventurers, who never doubt that our minds and physical realities are constructs drenched in metaphors and hallucinations. Our modern experience is akin to drug addiction, the healing for which will evade us for years to come.

We are the embodiment of consciousness and we are the connection; therefore, we can always connect. Given all of our self-obsessions, we have become the sole blockade to our individual and collective freedoms. Only we can free ourselves.

“Welcome to Telepathics Anonymous. Don’t bother introducing yourself.”
― Bauvard

Can We Relate With Rituals Involving Eternal Time & True Reality?

Given all the illusions that we’ve empowered modern society to birth, it’s become difficult for us to release our obsessions and attachments. We have become unable to build lasting rapport with the spacetime continuum and the related, flowing rivers of connected consciousness. We are at sea and without a durable boat.

With our God-constructs, invisible friends, selfie-addictions, collective narcissism, and fascinations with control, we align ourselves with remote islands. It’s only by relinquishing our attachments to society-created narratives that we can begin to immerse ourselves in the eternal flows of spacetime and consciousness.

While we can begin with meditation and mantras, we may not have the discipline to cross the long bridge back to ourselves.

In McIntyre’s journey, he merged with the eternal and formed a bond with the river of spacetime energy. Within that construct, he connected with other living Beings. Your executable version of Mayoruna telepathy is within your reach.

We all have the same capacities and capabilities. When we reach a certain level of consciousness-expansion, we become beacons of light and love. It’s within our grasps to merge with the Eternal and the Divine. The primary obstacles are our beliefs related to the notion that our physical realities are the end of the line. They are not. They are the beginning, and they’re only a suggestion.

The Fresno Nightcrawler: Armless, Faceless, Two-Legged Cryptid

The Fresno Nightcrawler

Home of the Fresno Nightcrawler, well, maybe. A Shutterstock Licensed Image

When a tough, no-nonsense, 60-year-old Marine tells you he saw an alien, you tend to perk up and listen. According to this Ohio native, the creature had long, muscular legs, no jawline, no face, no hands, and knees that appeared to bend backward. According to the Marine, the creature was leaning forward, and in pursuit. Many claim this to be the first sighting of the Fresno Nightcrawler.

The creature has been called an “extraterrestrial insectoid,” appearing to walk like an arachnid, with legs akin to a Daddy-Long-Legs Spider. Also known as Pholcidae, these cellar spiders walk gingerly, which is precisely what each of the Nightcrawler videos exhibits. Reports say that the 3-4 feet tall creature also resembles a praying mantis.

What is a Cryptid?

A cryptid is a living, breathing animal (or other Being) that is not commonly believed to exist, although it may. Examples include the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, and the Nightcrawler creature, among others.

Famous cryptids from around the world include:

  • Ahool: Indonesia’s giant bat
  • The Ningen: Japan’s sea-dwelling cryptid
  • Altamaha-ha: Georgia USA’s giant river monster
  • Dobhar-chú: Ireland’s legendary water-hound or otter
  • Orang Pendek: Sumatra’s little bigfoot
  • Jersey Devil: New Jersey’s massive, two-legged, winged dragon-sheep
  • Mapinguari: Brazil’s double-mouthed bear with scales
  • Olgoi-khorkhoi: Mongolia’s massive venom-spitting intestine-worm

There’s also Momo, Shuck, Tessie, the Yowie and many more.

Jose And The NightCrawler Alien


In 2010, a man named Jose, who has since died, allegedly recorded a pair of short, armless, two-legged, creatures walking through his back yard. They moved slowly and methodically, appearing to be calm and quiet. As they gracefully traversed the landscape, they seemed to be gliding across the grass.

Several paranormal investigators, scientists, and experts have reviewed the footage, noting that it would be difficult to replicate. That said, video analyst and debunker Phil Poling, known through his channel on YouTube, “ParaBreakdown” appears to have cracked the code. Phil and his team were able to create a video with characters appearing to be very similar to Jose’s aliens.

The quality of Jose’s video was poor because the footage was recorded using older security cameras with output to VHS tapes. Not only was the footage poorly compressed, pixelated, and covered with visual noise, it turns out it was a recording from a television playing the video. This is the only version of the video to be popularized by the media.

The Yosemite Nightcrawler

In March 2011, it was reported that caretakers at Yosemite National Park had mounted cameras to record possible vandals when two bipedal, humanoid creatures appeared from the brush and meandered through the trees.

Similar in physical structure to the Fresno alien, these creatures looked as if they were wearing loose, skin-like clothing. When video professionals analyzed the footage, they said that it could easily be reproduced with CGI animation and two pairs of stilts. Regardless, conspiracy theorists love the footage, and members of MUFON, The Mutual UFO Network, seem to be split on the idea of the Nightcrawler being a real creature.

Questions About The Nightcrawler

When the fact-checkers at Parabreakdown tried to duplicate these videos, they said that it took three tries before creating a video that perfectly mimicked the Nightcrawler videos.

To demonstrate their point, they used a cloth puppet, strung a wire between two points, then pulled the creature from one location to another. They used video noise and compression techniques to filter out the wires and to make it look really spooky. When you examine Parabreakdown’s video, it appears to be a perfect reproduction of the creatures in Jose’s original video.

The Native American Myths and DMV Sculptures

While some conspiracy theorists have tried to reach into Native American lore to find aliens similar to the Nightcrawler, there is no apparent exact match. The Yokuts, Miwok, and Ohlone peoples are among the tribes that were discussed.

When exploring Algonquian folklore, the Wendigo or Windigo is a mythical evil spirit found in various forests and lake regions in the US and Canada. While this creature has long, lanky, monstrous arms, it also has a full torso, head, and antlers.


In Navajo folklore, there are creatures known as “skin-walkers” that represent the antithesis to ancient Navajo teachings. A skin-walker is known to be a dangerous witch who can morph into a wild beast or possess an animal or person.

While skin-walkers can take many forms, there is no genuine connection between the related Navajo folklore and the Nightcrawler phenomenon.

Several sources have reported that a DMV in California has placed artwork on display that’s representative of The Fresno Nightcrawler creature. These tall, wooden depictions were made of tree trunks and appeared to be armless and headless, akin to the two-legged Nightcrawler. The challenge here is that there is no proven connection between the artwork and any ancient myths or reported sightings.

Nightcrawlers and The Collective Consciousness

When legends gain a firm footing in the public consciousness, they begin to take on a life of their own. Because most people want to believe there are aliens and other creatures living among us, they’ll allow their imaginations to run wild and beyond the bounds of reality.

Since the early 1930s, millions of images that represent alien life have been conjured and presented to the public. It’s probable that, from this conceptualized imagery, the collective consciousness formed a consensus around the sizes of eyes, legs, faces and more, for a variety of species, some real, some fantasy.

While there is certainly strong evidence of aliens visiting us and living among us, we must remain critical of videos and pictures that are mindlessly strewn across the blogosphere. There is no end to our collective imagination.

While many other stories of alien visitations appear to be authentic, the Fresno Nightcrawler does not have the street credit to be among them. There are problems with this legend, most notably that there are far more fantasy depictions of the creature than first-hand reports and videos.

The Nightcrawler Cryptid is becoming more and more popular throughout the world, mainly because inspired artists are posting their renditions on social media. Some of the Nightcrawler renderings appear to be outrageous and frightening, while others are cuddly and cute.

Searching the web, you’ll find depictions of the armless wonder in thousands of illustrations, gifs, animated sequences, stickers, pins, and hand-sewn pillows, puppets, and dolls, either on display or for sale. The artwork is popping up everywhere.

These creepy crawlers continue to be marketed and celebrated in a variety of countries and languages. It’s a wonder how the Fresno Nightcrawler doesn’t currently have its own Hollywood franchise.