Consent & Waiver

I am hiring empath, coach, and spiritual advisor Paul Wagner to give me feedback on my life, career, and relationships, via in-person, phone, and live video meetings (herein “Sessions”). By purchasing a session or package, I acknowledge and agree to the following:

1. I understand that intuitive sessions are not and cannot be used as substitutes for any type of health, medical, or psychological therapy or treatment;

2. I understand that Paul Wagner is a coach and seeks to provide encouragement and challenges in the form of advice, which may or may not resonate with me;

3. I have requested empathic and spiritual coaching sessions from Paul of my own free will, I am voluntarily participating, and I am accepting full responsibility for my medical, mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and bodily well-being;

4. I understand these sessions with Paul Wagner should be considered friendly non-intrusive coaching or light entertainment, the truth of which cannot be verified and/or guaranteed, except by me;

5. I acknowledge that when I seek advice from another human being, it is always my decision to accept it, reject it, or simply consider it with a grain of salt;

6. I understand and accept that some types of advice are difficult for me to hear because I can be resistant to change;

7. I understand that no clairvoyant, psychic, or intuitive-empath can predict the nature, type, content, and substance of any information which I may receive during psychic readings, sessions, and/or spiritual counseling;

8. In addition to helpful, positive ideas, I understand and accept that some of the information received during this session might be unpleasant, may evoke painful memories, and could be emotionally difficult for me to receive and process;

9. If I engage in any activity, perform any action, or make any decisions based on the information provided by Paul Wagner, I do so at my own risk and take full responsibility;

10. On behalf of myself, my assigns, guardians, and representatives, I release, discharge, waive, and forever relinquish Paul Wagner and his companies from all known or unknown claims resulting from information that I may or may not receive during my voluntary participation in sessions with Paul Wagner;

11 I or my associates, as a result of my session(s), will not present any claims against, prosecute, sue, or attach liens to Paul Wagner or his companies and associates. I wave all claims, demands, and compensation from all perceived injuries and losses related to my sessions;

12. I agree that if I bring a claim for damages against Paul Wagner or his companies and associates, as a result of my actions and omissions, I and/or my estate shall indemnify and hold harmless Paul Wagner and his companies and associates from any and all claims, actions, or damages;

13. I am not under duress, influence, or coercion.

14. By ticking the Consent & Waiver box on the checkout page of, I voluntarily and knowingly agree to this Consent & Waiver.