The Complete Shankara Oracle System: Your Key to Divine Guidance & Manifestation


The Most Advanced Oracle On Earth


(1) Complete Shankara™Oracle System: Shankara is a high-vibration portal and oracle system. It was created to answer your most pressing questions, awaken you to your Divinity, guide you on your spiritual journey, and empower you to create the life you have long imagined and deserve.

Shankara includes: (18) Sacred Stones in a soft pouch, Shakti’s Cube, (4) Sacred Oracle Decks (Master, Alchemy, Release, Sacred Action), a lavishly designed board, The Setup & Play Booklet, The Book Of Meanings, and a lovely, intricate box.

Created upon the most ancient sacred principles and teachings, The Shankara Experience is an exploration of truth, love, and light. Its enduring Universal principles will lead you toward a more profound understanding within your circumstances and help you source deep inner wisdom and The Dharma (right-action) to navigate them.

The Shankara board is imprinted with spiritual and astrological symbols born from ancient formulas and traditions. It was built to help you connect with high-vibrational energies, penetrate the depths of your Being, and embody your Highest Self.

The Shankara Master, Alchemy, and Release Oracle Cards were divinely inspired, created to help you source the most illuminating answers for your life, overcome obstacles, make conscious decisions, and see your Self and others more clearly. They will remind you how magical, resourceful, and powerful you are.

The Shankara Sacred Stones and Shakti’s Cube will illuminate the vibrations and pathways of your hopes, dreams, and desires. They will point the way to freedom, flow, and virtue.

You may utilize all the elements within Shankara to summon your most beloved ancestors, guides, deities, and Light-Beings to shower you with blessings, encourage your heart’s delight, and enlighten you with wisdom.

Shankara does not come shrink-wrapped because each Shankara Oracle is hand-assembled (to protect the sacred stones) by Shri Krishna Kalesh.

Enjoy a Mystical Reading from Paul (Kalesh) or a profound, private session.


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