How To Build Your Business In The Metaverse: A Step-By-Step Guide

The metaverse is a digital space where people, organizations, and virtual representations of physical places and things can connect and interact. The Metaverse in Virtual Reality (VR) is where businesses thrive, collaborate, and exchange value on an unprecedented level.

Creating your business in the metaverse enables users to connect with your brand on a completely new level. To get started on this exciting journey, check out this step-by-step guide on how to build your business in the metaverse.

Let’s dive right in!

What is the Metaverse?

The metaverse is a concept for a collective virtual shared space, created by the convergence of virtual reality software and other aspects of the Internet. With an abundance of digital content and an increasingly networked virtual reality, the idea of a metaverse has emerged as a concept for the next generation of online and virtual reality experiences. The concept is that people will be able to create online, social platforms in which they can meet, interact,
and transact with one another. The metaverse could be considered a digital world where people will socialize and transact businesses in virtual reality. There are many exciting concepts for the metaverse, including the ability for people to create their own virtual reality (VR) worlds or to create augmented reality (AR) experiences.

Why Build Your Business in the Metaverse?

Creating your business in the metaverse enables users to connect with your brand on a completely new level. It gives your brand the ability to come to life in ways you’ve only dreamed about. You can experience your virtual business with motion tracking that reacts to your movements and voice recognition that lets you communicate with your customers and employees in a new way. The metaverse is an extremely effective communication tool that will increase your brand awareness and generate new leads like nothing else before it. It’s also highly scalable, meaning you can take your business to global scale with ease. Once you’ve created your virtual business in the metaverse, you can easily scale that business to other locations and regions without having to start all over again. With your business in the metaverse, you can extend your brand reach and increase your customer base with ease.

How To Build A Business In The Metaverse?

Building your business in the metaverse doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a complex process that requires careful planning and execution. Once you’ve decided to build your business in the metaverse, you can start by creating a business plan. This business plan will outline your business model and outline your goals for your brand. It will also outline the resources you’ll need to achieve these goals. Next, you’ll need to decide which platform to use for your
business. You can select from a variety of platforms, including High Fidelity, Sansar, VRChat, and more. These platforms are created to enable businesses and brands to create their own unique VR experiences. Now that you know what you need to do to build your business in the metaverse, it’s time to put it into action.

3D Brand Representation

Brand representation is a critical part of building your business in the metaverse. It’s the first thing customers will see when they log into your virtual business. You can choose to build your virtual business from scratch, or you can use an existing 3D model of a building or structure from the real world. Creating a 3D model from scratch is a complex and time-consuming process that requires the help of professional designers. Alternatively, you can choose a 3D model of an existing building or structure and adapt it to suit your needs. You can also hire designers to create a 3D model of your own unique business model. Creating a 3D model of your own unique business model can help your brand stand out and come to life in ways you could only dream of before.

Voice Recognition And Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Voice recognition and artificial intelligence are two transformative technologies that are essential when building your business in the metaverse. When you’re inside the virtual world, you can use voice commands to perform actions like starting or ending a meeting, or logging into your account. This creates a seamless user experience that helps you get the most out of your time inside the virtual world. You can also use AI to log user data and track user behavioural patterns inside your virtual world. This data can help you better understand your customers and help you improve your business.

Virtual Events And Meetings

Virtual events and meetings are an integral part of building your business in the metaverse. You can hold events and meetings in your virtual business to engage with your customers in new ways. Meetings and events conducted inside the virtual world can help you save time, money, and resources that would otherwise be spent on going to real-world locations. Customers and clients can attend these events in real-time from anywhere in the world. This
creates a more engaging and interactive experience, while also saving you  time and money.

Virtual Goods And Services Offering

You can offer your customers virtual goods and services in your virtual business. This will help you increase your revenue streams and give your customers more reasons to engage with your brand. Virtual goods and services are purchased using tokens, which can be purchased using real-world money. You can use tokens to purchase goods or services from other businesses operating in the metaverse. This helps your business grow even further, while at the same time, helping other businesses grow as well.

Summing up

Virtual reality is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, and it’s only getting bigger. With the rise of VR and AR, businesses can now reach new audiences and engage their customers like never before. With VR and AR, you can engage customers in new, exciting ways that were never possible before. Now, you can bring brands and products to life in a whole new way. You can create an exciting and engaging experience for your customers in a way that was impossible before VR and AR. If you’re looking to take your brand to the next level, virtual reality is definitely the way to go.

Meet Paul Wagner

Paul Wagner is an Intuitive Life & Business Coach, clairvoyant reader, and a five-time EMMY Award-winning writer. He created “THE PERSONALITY CARDS,” a powerful Oracle-Tarot deck that’s helpful in life, love, and relationships. Paul studied with Lakota elders in the Pecos Wilderness, who nurtured his empathic abilities and taught him the sacred rituals. He has lived at ashrams with enlightened masters, including Amma, the Hugging Saint, for whom he’s delivered keynotes at Her worldwide events.

Paul tours the world lecturing on spiritual liberation. He lovingly offers intuitive readings, inspirational coaching, and illuminating courses to help others with self-discovery, decision-making, healing, and forgiveness. Book a session with Paul: HERE

20 Herbs to Help You Heal Your Kidney and Prostate

Our kidneys and prostate play important roles in our bodies through the control and regulation of fluids in our systems. The kidneys remove waste and toxins, while the prostate produces semen in men, and both are vital to healthy hormone production and part of the body’s elimination processes. Healing your kidneys and prostate will bring them back to good working order. This is critically important for your overall health, so here, we go over how you can heal your kidneys and prostate naturally with herbs and supplements. Let’s dive in and learn how to boost your overall health!


RenaFood is a supplement that was introduced in 1975 by Standard Process to support healthy kidney function. It contains a combination of vitamin A, bovine kidney extract, and kidney bean juice powder, which are necessary key nutrients that help regulate kidney cell activities.  RenaFood helps heal your kidneys by replenishing the acids, enzymes and hormone precursors keep your kidneys functioning in tip-top shape. Your kidneys are hard working organs and sometimes they need a little help to do all of the work that they need to, so supplementing with RenaFood can help keep them in good working order.

Banana Stem

Banana stems are the flower found on the stalk of a banana plant and this vegetable is considered a super food that helps to detox the prostate and kidney organs. By consuming banana stem, it can greatly reduce the chances of having an enlarged prostate by inhibiting the proliferation of prostate cells and production of dihydrotestosterone, a hormone that stimulates the development of testosterone. As well, the banana stem contains potassium and magnesium, two minerals that can help prevent kidney stones and other kidney related illnesses.


Gokshura (Tribulu Terrestris, Bindi)

The Gokshura is small leafy flower, native to areas with warm and humid climates like southern Asia, southern Europe, Africa, and Northern Australia.  This plant has been used as part of traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine as an answer to many different prostate and kidney problems, because of its high antioxidant content. Taking this herb can boost libido, suppress the growth and spread of cancers and tumors, remove kidney stones and help manage erectile dysfunction.

Shatavari (Asparagus, A. Racemosus)

Shatavari is a member of the asparagus family and is used to treat many prostate issues.  It prevents the formation of many types of kidney stones, most commonly oxalate stones by increasing the magnesium concentration in urine.  It can also relieve inflammation and improve urination and urine retention, which reduce the potential for benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Pumpkin Seeds

Not only do pumpkin seeds make a healthy snack, but they are also packed with valuable nutrients that are good for the body! Win-win! These antioxidant seeds are highly effective in reducing the risks of certain cancers since they can reduce the effects of dihydrotestosterone on the prostate, which is what causes it to grow. They also help to prevent the accumulation of uric acid in the body, which is what can lead to kidney stones.


Pomegranates are powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory that contains many anti-viral properties. If that wasn’t enough, this superfood contains high amounts of vitamin C and potassium.  When it comes to kidney health, the added potassium in the fruits will help prevent the formation of crystals and reduces the likelihood of developing kidney stones.

Varuna (Crataeva Nurvala) Powder

Varuna Powder comes a tree native to India and Bangladesh.  This powder has anti-inflammatory properties and in terms of prostate health, it is highly effective in treating benign prostate hyperplasia and can helps to prevent painful urination caused by enlarged prostates. For kidney health, this powder can cure kidney stones by decreasing the increased production of oxalate.

Saw Palmetto Fruit

The saw palmetto fruit contains beta-sitosterol, a plant-based sterol that reduces the symptoms of enlarged prostate (reducing the amount of dihydrotestosterone), such as problems urinating, and has actually been shown to shrink the prostate gland.

BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin

BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin is a natural antioxidant that was developed by Nutrex.  This supplement has anti-inflammatory properties and has been shown to slow down the enlargement of the prostate and reduce kidney diseases.


Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that is often found in tomatoes and other red and pink fruits.  Studies show that those who consume a lycopene-rich diet, have a 30-40% lower risk of developing prostate cancer.

Punarnarva (Boerhaavia diffusa)

Punarnarva is a small plant that is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine.   Considered one of the best herbs for kidney health, punarnava is traditionally used to pacify the doshas, bringing harmony to the body. It is used as a tonic to heal your kidneys, particularly due to its diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties, and can be taken to manage kidneu stones and other kidney disorders.


Chyawanprash is a Ayurvedic supplement that has anti-inflammatory properties which drastically improves immunity and can reduce the occurrence of kidney stones. Sign me up!

Horse Gram (Kulthi Dal)

Horse gram is the most protein-rich lentil on the planet.  Packed with polyphenols, flavonoids, steroids, proteins, iron, vitamin B complex and calcium, its diuretic nature makes it a prime choice for kidney stone treatments.

Ginger (Zingiber Officinale)

Ginger is a root vegetable known for its characteristic bright yellow colour and it’s notable spice. Ginger is high in vitamin C, magnesium, and other minerals.  When consumed as a tea, it can promote healthy blood pressure and prevent the formation of kidney stones as well as flush out the kidneys and other toxins to prevent bacteria build-up. And its delicious!

Potassium Citrate

As a major remedy for kidney stones, potassium citrate slows the growth of crystals that form them.


A natural, sticky substance that is found on the rocks of the Himalayas, Shilajit contains fulvic acid and dozens of other minerals that come with a plethora of health benefits. This compound has been used in ayurvedic medicine and is used for treating enlarged prostates. As well, it acts as a diuretic to remove excess fluid from your body and also helps to pass kidney stones.

Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 is a highly effective detox vitamin that aids the removal of calcium build-up, such as the calcium fund in kidney stones.

While we know that Western, conventional medicine has revolutionized health care, it lacks a holistic approach to health and wellness aims to heal from within, not simply cure a symptom. By embracing a more natural approach to your health, you can tap into a space where ancient wisdom and modern science exist, and apply these principles to your daily life. Our health journeys involve so much more than medication, like exercising, eating well and living more naturally. By embracing other gifts from the world, like plants and herbs, you can take control of your health and heal yourself naturally.

Meet Paul Wagner

Paul Wagner is an Intuitive Life & Business Coach, clairvoyant reader, and a five-time EMMY Award-winning writer. He created “THE PERSONALITY CARDS,” a powerful Oracle-Tarot deck that’s helpful in life, love, and relationships. Paul studied with Lakota elders in the Pecos Wilderness, who nurtured his empathic abilities and taught him the sacred rituals. He has lived at ashrams with enlightened masters, including Amma, the Hugging Saint, for whom he’s delivered keynotes at Her worldwide events.

Paul tours the world lecturing on spiritual liberation. He lovingly offers intuitive readings, inspirational coaching, and illuminating courses to help others with self-discovery, decision-making, healing, and forgiveness. Book a session with Paul: HERE

Meet Paul Wagner

Paul Wagner is an Intuitive Life & Business Coach, clairvoyant reader, and a five-time EMMY Award-winning writer. He created “THE PERSONALITY CARDS,” a powerful Oracle-Tarot deck that’s helpful in life, love, and relationships. Paul studied with Lakota elders in the Pecos Wilderness, who nurtured his empathic abilities and taught him the sacred rituals. He has lived at ashrams with enlightened masters, including Amma, the Hugging Saint, for whom he’s delivered keynotes at Her worldwide events.

Paul tours the world lecturing on spiritual liberation. He lovingly offers intuitive readings, inspirational coaching, and illuminating courses to help others with self-discovery, decision-making, healing, and forgiveness. Book a session with Paul: HERE

The Wonders of Vagus Nerves and Vagal Toning

The Wonders of Vagus Nerves and Vagal Toning

Have you ever noticed the immediate sense of relief you get after taking one deep breath? Do you wonder why you feel so amazing after a good, long laugh with a friend? Does rubbing the skin around your ears relax you, but you aren’t sure why? All of these actions stimulate your vagus nerve, one of the major cranial nerves that controls many of the major systems in your body. Read on to learn more about vagus nerve stimulation and how you can practice toning at home.

What Is the Vagus Nerve?

Your vagus nerve is one of twelve cranial nerves in your body, each of which come in pairs. Although we’ll talk about the nerve as a singular entity, it’s actually made up of two nerves that come out of each side of your brain stem at the lowest point. If you place your fingers at the very base of your skull, on either side of the small notch at the top center of your neck, you’ll be pretty close to where your nerves emerge.schedule-intuitive-reading-with-paul-now

Your vagus nerve handles a number of bodily functions, including regulating your heart rate and breathing, managing your digestion, and controlling your reflexes. Your vagal nerve controls when you swallow, cough, sneeze, and even gag. It also controls cardiovascular activity other than your heart rate and can play a big role in heart health.

Somatic vs. Visceral Components

Some of your other cranial nerves control sensory information, such as sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and sensations. Others handle muscle function and operation of different glands in your body. This nerve is one of those pairs that handles both functions, which is why stimulation can be so powerful.

Your vagus nerve functions can have a somatic component, which impact sensations you feel on your skin or in your muscles. They can also have a visceral component, which impacts sensations you feel in your organs. Either of these components can play a role in either sensory functions or motor functions throughout your body.

Sensory Functions

This nerve performs several sensory functions, meaning it provides you with sensation in different areas of the body. It provides somatic sensory information for parts of your ear and throat. If you run your finger along the skin behind your ear, the sensation you feel is running along your nerve.

Your vagus nerve also provides visceral sensory information that comes from deeper in your body. This nerve controls sensation in your esophagus and trachea, larynx, lungs, heart, and digestive tract. Any time you have a stomachache or a sore throat, you can thank your nerve for carrying those signals to your brain.

Motor Functions

Your vagus nerve also controls several motor functions throughout your body. Your nerves carry the signals from your brain out to the muscle or organ that’s doing the work and then back to your brain. This nerve controls motor function in your larynx, throat, and soft palate, which is why it plays a role in your gag reflex.schedule-intuitive-reading-with-paul-now

The nerve stimulates muscles in your heart in order to regulate your resting heart rate, or your heart rate when you’re not doing anything strenuous. It also controls the contractions that happen in your gut as a normal part of your digestive process. These contractions happen along your esophagus, stomach, and most of your intestines to move food along this tract.

What Is Vagus Nerve Stimulation?

Now that we know a little more about the vagus nerve, let’s talk some about nerve stimulation. As you might guess from the name, nerve stimulation involves causing activity along your nerve. Although this can be as simple as running your finger over the skin behind your ear, it can also involve more complicated procedures.

Often, when people refer to vagus nerve stimulation, they’re referencing a procedure that uses electrical impulses to stimulate your vagus nerve. Doctors sometimes use this type of nerve stimulation to treat epilepsy or depression. Some experts also believe this procedure could help with multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, cluster headaches, and more.

Vagus Nerve Stimulation Devices

The medical procedure known as vagus nerve stimulation uses a device to deliver carefully controlled electrical impulses. This device gets implanted under the skin of your chest and is about the size of a military ID tag. It has a wire that runs up to the vagus nerve on the left side of your brain stem and sends electrical signals through the nerve and into your brain.

Most of the time, neurologists program stimulation devices to send signals at appropriate intervals. However, sometimes, patients may be given a magnet that can control the device, too. This can be helpful in the case of depression or cluster headaches, when the patient can tell that their symptoms are getting worse.

Deep Breathing

Although vagus nerve stimulation devices are the most well-researched method of vagus nerve stimulation, they’re not the only way to do it. Because it’s is connected to so many parts of your body, you can perform vagus nerve exercises in a number of ways yourself. This can help to bring you back into balance and may ease some of your symptoms.schedule-intuitive-reading-with-paul-now

Deep breathing and meditation are two of the most effective ways to stimulate your vagus nerve. Remember, this nerve controls movement in your lungs, your heart, and your mouth and throat. Practicing breathing exercises and meditating can send positive signals up that nerve, strengthening and toning the pathway there.


Given how connected your vagus nerve is to your throat, it also makes sense that chanting would stimulate the vagus nerve. For one thing, the vibrations caused by singing, humming, or chanting will resonate up the vagus nerve. But chanting a mantra that naturally resonates with the positive energy of the universe can bring even more positivity and light into your being.

Chanting the sacred “om” is always a good bet when you’re trying to stimulate your vagus nerve and you don’t know where to start. You can also say one of the sutras or a favorite prayer from your religion. You may also want to chant a personal mantra that empowers you and promotes healing for your body, mind, and spirit.


Another fabulous way to stimulate your vagus nerve is through laughter. Studies have shown that laughter is good for your health for a number of different reasons. It stimulates your heart, improves your intake of oxygen, stimulates your lungs and muscles, and amps up your endorphin production.schedule-intuitive-reading-with-paul-now

If you’re feeling like you need some vagus nerve stimulation, try to make plans with friends or loved ones who always make you laugh, even if those plans happen over virtual platforms. Watch a favorite movie or listen to a comedian you like. You could even play with your pets or your kids, read a book that makes you giggle, or scroll through comedy accounts on social media.

Learn More

The nerve touches many of the vital areas of your body, including your heart, lungs, digestive tract, and more. Vagus nerve stimulation can help to ease symptoms of depression, epilepsy, indigestion, and more. You can practice vagus nerve stimulation at home through deep breathing, chanting, and laughter, among other methods.

If you’d like to learn more about methods of self-healing, check out the rest of my site at I am here to help you awaken and bravely create an inspired life. Learn more about my services today and start changing your life in the most positive way.


You are a beautiful Living Being filled with light and love, born from stardust. You are unlimited potential in every direction. With a focus on discipline, virtue, and your own goodness, you can become as expanded and liberated as you desire.


Pray for others and the Universe prays for us.

The Benefits & Dangers Of Emotional Intelligence

The Benefits & Dangers Of Emotional Intelligence

You might have heard the term increasingly used in the corporate world, but emotional intelligence can be applied to any situation and environment. To keep a healthy state of mind for both you and the people around you, achieving a certain level of emotional intelligence is extremely helpful. But what exactly does it mean to be emotionally intelligent, and how can you improve your skills in this area?

Learning more about being emotionally intelligent is a great way to improve your personal and professional life. I broke down the basics below!

Am I Emotionally Intelligent?

By asking the question, “Am I emotionally intelligent?” you’re already on your way to improving your emotional intelligence. To improve yourself in any capacity, always first to obtain self-awareness. It doesn’t necessarily matter so much where you are on your journey or the spectrum of emotional intelligence–it matters more that you’re willing to assess yourself honestly and work on making those necessary changes.schedule-intuitive-reading-with-paul-now

Emotional intelligence, also frequently referred to as “EQ,” means that a person has the capacity and will to healthily explore and manage emotions in themselves and apply that skill to others. For example, a manager with lower emotional intelligence might be allowing the troubles in their personal life to alter the way they treat their employees without realizing that the source of this anger stems from their home life, not the “incompetence” of their team. In contrast, an emotionally intelligent manager would be self-aware and work to moderate their emotions with therapeutic and reflective techniques so that they stay conscious and respectful of their employees’ experience at work.

Personality and past experiences play a role in how emotionally intelligent a person is naturally, and no one is perfect. Some people are naturally empathetic and in tune with their emotions, such as highly sensitive people, while others have a habit of repressing emotions and allowing unresolved issues to affect other aspects of their life. No matter where you land on the emotional intelligence spectrum, there is always an opportunity to improve.

Wondering how emotionally intelligent you are? Ask yourself these questions:

      1. Do I recognize when and which emotion I feel when I feel it?
      2. Do I lose my temper quickly or give up easily when I’m frustrated, sad, or angry, or can I effectively calm myself down and react healthily?
      3. Do people often come to me to talk about their feelings or get advice about complex situations because I’m a good listener who understands?
      4. Am I aware of which situations cause me to feel certain emotions?
      5. Do I pay attention to and understand the emotions of those around me?

Don’t be afraid to be honest with yourself. Understanding where you are at in your emotional intelligence journey will help you take the right steps to move forward.

Why Should I Become More Emotionally Intelligent?

It’s no surprise that emotional hangups can deeply affect our growth in other aspects of our lives. If we have unresolved feelings in our personal life or in our professional life, those feelings can leak into the other and affect our performance and enjoyment. Our own emotions can also get in the way of our relationships with others or cause undue stress and tension. To free ourselves from these obstacles and improve our lives, we will have to do some hard work including addressing those emotions at the source and learning to moderate them or resolve them.


Many people find that becoming more emotionally intelligent has helped them to:

      • Create a more positive environment for themselves and others
      • Reduce stress, frustration, and anxiety
      • Better handle constructive criticism, adversity, or change
      • Learn more about themselves and pursue a life that fits them better
      • Improve their social life and make deeper connections

How can all this be possible? Think about how deeply and strongly emotions drive your daily decisions and actions. Many people think of themselves as fairly rational and reasonable people, but human beings are emotional and social animals as well. Emotions, no matter how repressed or small they are, play a huge role in the trajectory of our lives and our relationships with others.

Encourage Positivity

Learning to moderate your own emotions helps to build a more positive environment. Instead of dealing with an underlying atmosphere of tension, stress, and frustration, an emotionally intelligent person can acknowledge these negative feelings, pinpoint the source, and implement an active resolution or coping techniques to straighten them out and encourage positivity.

Diminish Stress and Anxiety

By learning more about your emotional tendencies, you can recognize when stress, frustration, or anxiety is taking control. Then, you can address the source of those negative feelings and learn that anxiety and stress are normal, but you can react to unfavorable situations more positively. Instead of worrying about the future or possibilities, you can take charge of a situation or become more present in the moment, accepting that anything could happen and anxiety has no benefits–it only negatively affects you.


See Life as a Journey

Every day, we are met with several opportunities to either grow and embrace change or reject growth and change. Everyone is met with adversity, and while each situation is unique, emotional intelligence can always help when dealing with those situations. If you’re responsible for a negative event, you can more readily accept responsibility and work to right the wrong. If you’re not accountable, you can still react positively to help fix the situation instead of getting defensive or angry. When you get constructive criticism, you take it as a rare opportunity to see yourself through the eyes of others and not as an insult. When there’s a fork in the road of your life, you can celebrate a new opportunity for change and adventure rather than allowing fear and stress to engulf you.

Dig Deep into Your True Self

Emotional intelligence allows us to assess our emotions and how they impact our lives successfully. By being reflective and self-aware, we can truly get to know ourselves. Applying this knowledge of ourselves moving forward, we can choose to engulf ourselves in environments, opportunities, and social circles that will help us improve and move forward towards our goals rather than staying stagnant or regressing. You’ll be able to sit down and decide if your career is the right one, if your relationships are benefitting your life, and if you’re taking the necessary steps to do what you’ve always dreamed of doing.

Improve Your Social Life

Finally, improving your emotional intelligence doesn’t just affect how you deal with your own feelings–it also helps you to listen better and empathize with others. Of course, learning to moderate your own feelings and be honest about your emotions will help others to connect with you and feel closer to you. At the same time, you’ll be able to understand your friends and family better and learn how to improve their lives. Suppose you have a social circle or family that experiences a lot of tension. In that case, you’ll also learn how to better predict unfavorable situations that could harm those people and work to resolve them to avoid conflict or stress. Overall, you’ll build your ability to communicate and problem-solve.


What Are the Dangers of Emotional Intelligence?

For the most part, emotional intelligence is an amazing skill and highly recommended for everyone looking to improve themselves and their lives. At the same time, it’s also important to remember that all skills can be used for wrong reasons. People who have high emotional intelligence have an excellent understanding of how emotions affect and drive people, so they can use this knowledge to manipulate others. They’re also very good at self-control, so they might be masterful at hiding their own emotions.

In conclusion, always be wary of others who seem to be incredibly in tune with others’ emotions and make sure they do not have ulterior motives. You might be able to spot a trend of manipulation, and you should steer clear. They could be energy vampires!


Emotional intelligence is a journey, and you are a beautiful Living Being filled with light and love, born from stardust. You are unlimited potential in every direction. With a focus on discipline, virtue, and your own goodness, you can become as expanded and liberated as you desire.

Pray for others and the Universe prays for us.



There is no “Other.” There is only you experiencing yourself.

Psychedelics & Substances That Improve Mental & Spiritual Health

Psychedelic Mushrooms & Other Awesome Substances That Inspire Psychological Health & Spiritual Transformation

The war between those who want it to be legal to get “high” and those who want to ban all substances that get you “high” has been raging on for years, but the history of using mushrooms and other hallucinogenics has gone on for much longer across the globe. Almost every culture has had widespread use of substances to achieve an altered state of mind, including mushrooms, plants, oils, beans, and more. During this historical use of substances, many cultures revered these altered states of mind as ways to reach a higher power, speak to other worlds, and further the journey of their higher selves. Now, we know there are substances that improve mental health and spiritual health.

As modern governments have begun restricting the use of these substances more and more, groups who still wish to use them are fighting back. Marijuana, for example, has been illegal for so long and is finally being slowly legalized because studies reveal that claims of its dangers were unfounded. The benefits far outweigh the risks–and marijuana is not the only substance now being investigated. A new movement to legalize psychedelics claims that these substances have huge benefits for those with mental health struggles.

Interested in how these substances might help you tackle your own struggles, whether they’re psychological or spiritual? Here’s a list of some awesome substances that improve mental and spiritual health that you can discover.

Psilocybin or Magic Mushrooms

One of the most significant innovations in recent mental health advancements regarding the use of substances is psilocybin or the main active ingredient of “magic mushrooms.” The movement is so massive that major outlets are now calling it the “psychedelic gold rush.” This gold rush is a pushback from the government’s use (and some would claim misuse) of their categorizations of substances. Psychedelics like ketamine, MDMA, and psilocybin are classed as Schedule I substances, which means they have a high risk for abuse without the counteractive benefit of medical value. Many scientists and innovators are exclaiming that the categorization is just plain false. Further, that banning these substances that improve mental health will negatively affect us for generations to come.

Many innovators are experimenting with combining psychedelic-based drugs with conventional therapy, and they’re coming up with promising results. Those who suffer from PTSD and depression, for example, are currently undergoing clinical trials with psilocybin and reporting relief from their symptoms. As a result, many U.S. cities have begun decriminalizing the drug so that its benefits can be explored and enjoyed as of the recent Presidential election.schedule-intuitive-reading-with-paul-now

Psilocybin, or magic mushrooms, have a long history of spiritual benefits as well. The indigenous peoples of Mesoamerica used these substances for healing and divine inspiration. Art created in reverence of these substances date back well before Columbus’s time, even dating back to 6,000 years ago. In 1955, European Americans took part in an indigenous psychedelic mushroom ceremony and published an article in Life magazine, inspiring Harvard academics to attempt the ceremony as well and to eventually start the Harvard Psilocybin Project, which covered religious and psychological effects of the substance.

An altered state of mind is exactly what many believe is the key to accessing the higher self or divine powers. As humans trapped in our flat reality, our minds have a hard time escaping the view of what’s around us. Turning inward and breaking down the mind’s boundaries can help us explore new mindsets, think thoughts that were otherwise impossible, and tap into previously unreachable dimensions.

Peyote Cactus

Speaking of the American indigenous peoples, Peyote was a widely popular substance used for accessing a new level of spirituality as well as for medicinal purposes. Peyote is a cactus found in the Southwest and in Mexico which you can pull buttons off and chew on them to experience a “trip.” Like magic mushrooms, Peyote was also outlawed by the U.S. government, but its use is still prevalent. As an exception, Native Americans who are a part of the Native American Church are allowed to continue using Peyote for their religious ceremonies.

Research on psychedelics has been mostly shut down by the U.S. government, as the general claim is that the use of these substances can lead to brain damage and altered personalities. Scientists agree that long-term heavy use of psychedelics can be damaging but argue that use in small, controlled doses can actually offer many benefits. John H. Halpbern, a psychiatrist from the Harvard School of Medicine, has been studying the use of Peyote by Native Americans for years. Specifically, Halpbern believes Peyote and other Native American substances can help to fight addiction and alcoholism. He claims that tribes that use Peyote for religious ceremonies have much lower rates of alcoholism, which is a rampant issue among the Native American population.

During these religious ceremonies, only three teaspoons on average of Peyote is ingested by participants, which Halpbern explains is only enough to experience a buzz of stimulant, not hallucinate. He explains that it most likely only serves to deepen the emotions felt during the ceremony and helps the participants to open up their minds and hearts to the spirituality of the ritual.schedule-intuitive-reading-with-paul-now

Peyote, therefore, is another powerful substance that, when used properly, can help open up our minds to access our higher selves and even to dimensions beyond our own. Combined with rituals and meditation, Peyote helps the Native Americans to come together in spiritual enlightenment and speak to the divine. It’s truly a powerful substance that improves mental and spiritual health.

Ibogaine or Iboga Bark

In Africa, the Tabernanth iboga plant has been at the center of religious experiences. The Babongo people worship this plant and the drug that derives from it because of its strong hallucinogenic effects. It is used as a part of their religious ceremonies, as the Babongo people feel it is a way to tap into spiritual knowledge. When the bark is pulverized and ingested, those who take it can experience a wide range of emotions and visions, including anxiety, euphoria, and a blending of their senses to create other-worldly experiences.

Ibogaine is so powerful that it’s influence has stretched far outside of Africa. In fact, it’s been used in Western medicine since the 1800s to lower blood pressure, treat fevers, and even help with toothaches. However, the United States has since banned the use of Ibogaine, claiming it has no medical value yet has a high potential for abuse. Researchers are still investigating the drug and suspect that it may play a valuable role in mitigating the opioid crisis as well as provide medical value in other ways if controlled.


Kava is a popular plant extract used mostly in beverages in the South Pacific. It’s been used in spiritual ceremonies to relax participants and relieve symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, and even drug withdrawal. Kava was made illegal to sell in the Canadian and European markets due to its history of causing liver damage and death, but after reviews of the lack of evidence, it was reinstated on the market in most countries. In any case, Kava affects the brain and central nervous system and can be taken for up to 6 months straight safely for anxiety. Now, it’s even a popular substance sold as drinks and used socially similarly to beer.

Pacific Islanders highly revere kava for its ability to bring people together and channel communications with the spirits. Kava is regularly consumed during religious ceremonies in efforts to strengthen kinship and speak with divine powers from other dimensions. Kava drinking was also used as a way to reaffirm the status and hierarchy within societies.schedule-intuitive-reading-with-paul-now

When diluted properly, Kava can cause a state of aloofness, where one is happy and unconcerned. They might feel more free of their mind and body, and they’ll never experience unpleasant feelings like alcohol can cause. While feeling free, the Kava user never loses control of their reason. On the other hand, excessive use of Kava can cause a lack of control over muscles, making it more difficult to move quickly. Eventually, heavy Kava users can lose sense of objects around them and drift off to sleep.

When it comes to accessing deeper spirituality with Kava, therefore, you can quiet your mind, pull your senses out of the physical world, and get in better touch with the higher self and the divine. Further, it’s definitely one of the powerful substances that improves mental health.


I am here to help you awaken and bravely create an inspired life. Learn more about my loving services today and start changing your life in the most positive way.

You are a beautiful Living Being filled with light and love, born from stardust. You are unlimited potential in every direction. With a focus on discipline, virtue, and your own goodness, you can become as expanded and liberated as you desire.

Pray for others and the Universe prays for us.



There is no “Other.” There is only you experiencing yourself.

How Empaths Can Build A Beautiful Intentional Life

Amma is a living enlightened Being, the ultimate Empath. Learn more at


How To Build Intentional Lives As Empaths

As a coach, clients and friends will often seek my counsel. While each of their challenges appears to be unique, I believe many of the problems, especially the recurring ones, stem from one simple idea: We have yet to release the past, forgive everything, and construct new, durable personas (temporary self-identities) – ones that can establish and sustain an enjoyable, stable life.

Instead of plunging into forward movement, we tend to repeatedly reaffirm the past and go in circles.

We can change this. We can recreate our lives with the purest, clearest, and most focused intentions. Living an intentional life is not for everyone, but it’s the only path to liberation and peace.

Even amid being pummeled by karmic repercussions that stem from prior lives, if we establish a strong and deeply rooted self-concept, we can withstand any storm.

Let’s Dive In, Empaths!

From the moments of our births, we begin to build temporary self-identities or personas to maneuver through our lives. These personas are most often born from outdated beliefs, confused family dogma, codependent social paradigms, and limiting religious doctrine. Along the way, we weave guilt, shame, and regret into the fabric of our personas to the point of imprisoning ourselves in loops of repeated behaviors, decisions, and addictions.

Because of this, most of us live as if we’re strapped to rollercoasters, whereby we continuously react to external stimuli as if we have no control. In the short term, we enjoy the results of our impulses. In the long term, we find ourselves in complex situations that erode our senses of Self and peace.


Over time, consequences and complications emerge. We cope, medicate, and try to assemble a quick-fix response to it all. 

We try everything but eventually find that quick fixes do little to address the deeper issues. We look at every aspect of our lives and realize that our marriages, jobs, and environments are not aligned with who we know ourselves to be. 

In a moment, we understand that we are not self-aware, and therefore, we are not free.

This is the moment of decision. 

Do we continue to shrink and hide or do we choose the road less traveled, finally embracing our true Self as beautiful empaths?

If we choose the latter, we begin to wake up!

We soon feel or sense deep-seated emotions and regrets. We might feel anxious or panicked, feeling unable to source remedies. We finally see the weight that we’ve amassed atop our souls. We remember the stories and justifications we used to keep our outdated personas in charge and in motion for so long.

In a pure moment of delight, we decide enough is enough!

Intentional Spiritual Living is a decision and commitment of the mind and heart to live a fully conscious, pre-meditated life according to our deepest values, ethics, and beliefs, without story or excuse. 

We build an intentional life through self-inquiry, ritual, ceremony, and forgiveness. We own and acknowledge every aspect of our choices amid our tumultuous lives. We own it all – from every teensie bit of minutia to every decision we’ve made.

Empaths! We take responsibility for EVERYTHING. 

We blame NO ONE.

Beginning an intentional life often comes with a year or more of crying a few hours every day. It requires complete transparency with our core Self, God, and the eternal consciousness. We can no longer hide. We refuse to hide. We are now on a mission to unearth every truth about ourselves and the nature of the Universe.

We begin to imagine a new persona, one that is built upon virtue, transparency, vulnerability, and truth. We no longer carry regret or shame. We no longer blame. We own it all – every molecule of every instant.


We process it all, pounding the earth in anger and crying for every lost moment. We cry to God and the Universe to nurture and save us. We do this until we are drained of all projection, attitude, and ego. We realize we know nothing and we are nothing. 

From there, we build our new, more durable, more holy persona – not from the rubble, rather, from the truths we’ve uncovered and become.

We grow our personas into emotionally, psychologically, and financially stable warriors – through whatever means. With meditation, mantra, and Divine grace, we begin to strengthen and stabilize. 

We continually release emotions, attachments, and the past. 

“The past is a canceled check. It no longer exists.” – Amma

After some time, we realize that we’ve become warriors of self-care, self-responsibility, and self-awareness. 

Having built an intentional spiritual persona, we can now build an intentional spiritual life.

How Do We Do This as Empaths?

      • We are careful welcoming people into our lives
      • With a new friend, we are careful when choosing to engage in sex. While sex is certainly wonderful, it can be distracting and harmful. Get to know your friends before jumping into bed with them.
      • We are careful before solidifying a marriage. According to the rishis, it is best to know and live with someone for 3 years prior to committing to a marriage.
      • We carefully research and plan job and home changes
      • We don’t “jump” into anything, instead, we pause, reflect, and consider
      • We refrain from feeding our addictions
      • Less screen time and more prayer time, like letter-writing
      • We pray as often as we can
      • We continuously have faith hope
      • We forgive everything
      • We own everything
      • We do not dwell on our negative feelings
      • We remember that we are never a victim
      • We work to completely dissolve our egos
      • We choose our food carefully (organic, grass-fed, no chemicals, lots of greens and vegetables)
      • When we are able, we strive to find the balance between western medicine and naturopathic medicine, knowing that pure food is our best medicine
      • We realize our thoughts sustain us, so we choose them carefully
      • We learn to place our attention on aspects that truly serve and uplift us because we know what we contemplate is what we become. Mediate on the rose and you become the rose.
      • We realize that our self-esteem can only come from ourselves
      • We decide to be happy because happiness is a choice
      • We say goodbye to people and events that do not serve our liberation and peacefulness
      • We say goodbye to deep attachments, except GOD & THE DIVINE
      • We have boundaries
      • We only speak lovingly about ourselves
      • We stop all projection
      • We maintain a healing attitude
      • We find ways to selflessly love and serve others while also not hurting ourselves
      • We root ourselves in self-inquiry, honesty, and love
      • You might enjoy releasing processes and modalities like The Sedona Method (search it, it’s awesome)
      • When we’re ready, we can seek out living enlightened masters like Amma, Karunamayi Ma, and Mother Meera
        • We can ask to receive a mantra from one of them
        • We can ask Her to be our guru or spiritual master which can expedite our pathway to liberation.
      • If we feel so inclined, we honor the purest and most non-judgmental tenets of our birth religions
      • We enjoy our fellow empath birth masters, including Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, and others


You are more than you realize. You have resources far beyond your wildest imagination. It’s time to commit to a more eternal game. It’s time to release it all and become your most vibrant, eternal, and empowered Self. SURrender!
As you reach toward liberation, you might want to explore having a coach, guide, or therapist to help you along your path. In the meantime, meditate, pray, and chant with loving attention toward the divine.


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Thor, Oden, Freya & Loki: Powerful Viking Gods


If you’ve fallen in love with Viking ideology, I can relate! After watching the show “Vikings,” I am even more in love with how this culture most likely connected with nature, each other, and the Gods. While not perfectly historically accurate, the series awakened an ancient part of me, one that connects with my Norwegian roots. I am deeply grateful for the spirit of The Vikings within me – which is found throughout creation.

Prayers to the viking gods are more akin to prose and poem than prayer. They also require action, in the forms of rituals. This is why I suggest so many rituals on my website – these are powerful ways to transform ourselves. When we perform rituals with the purest of intentions, we create protected, high-vibration portals that connect us with all positive aspects and trajectories within our spacetime arenea. Doing so, we invite all Goodness throughout all spacetime to join us in our endeavor.

When Vikings reached to the Gods, it was to pay homage and commune, rather than what Christians came to create – worship. As a pagan, you will only rarely worship something. Moreso, as a pagan, you recognize you are connected to everything, and every aspect is a brother, sister, or partner Light-Being on your quest to merge with and celebrate all of creation.

As a Viking, you would want to inspire the Viking Gods to hear you and see you – and eventually take a specific action in your life. By chanting their names and declaring your hopes, you awaken the Gods to come to your aid and fulfill your dreams and ambitions.

It’s true – when we call good forces to our aid, they are loyal and they will remain with us to the end of each particular pursuit.

BE BRAVE! Call out to the Viking Gods and make your humble request. They are listening!

When reading these, you can almost feel the desires, yearnings, and pains in their hearts.  By feeling these aspects, we empathize with all of creation. Doing so, we are invited to step into these ancient days when magic and myth were the orders of the day.

Here are some beautiful Viking God poems found on a lovely and informative pagan website. These samples were written by Diana L. Paxson in this article.

Hail to thee Day, hail, ye Day’s sons;
hail Night and daughter of Night,
with blithe eyes look on both of us,
and grant to those sitting here victory!
Hail Aesir, hail Asynjur!
Hail Earth that givest to all!
Goodly spells and speech bespeak we from you,
and healing hands in this life!


Phol and Wuodan rode to the wood;
then Balder’s horse sprained its leg.
Then Siðgunt sang over it and Sunna her sister,
then Frija sang over it and Volla her sister,
then Wuodan sang over it, as he well knew how,
over this bone-sprain, this blood-sprain, this limb-sprain:
bone to bone,
blood to blood,
limb to limb,
such as they belong together.

(trans. Storm, p. 109)

Calling to the Viking Gods is our right. After all, they somehow earned their status among us. Having lived human lives merged with their divine skills, they know what it feels like to love and bleed. Calling them into our lives can enhance our sense of power and help us bring to life our desires.

Whatever You Name Them, Own Your Connection To The Divine!

Odin (also known as Wōden, Wuodan, Wuotan, and Wuotan) is the lord of frenzy, knowledge, death, royalty, war, victory, sorcery, and poetry. A powerful God, one of the oldest and most primary, is also known as the husband to the goddess Frigg. What a POWER-COUPLE!

Thor, the mighty Viking God warrior, was (is) so powerful, he was able to bring to life his divine tool, the hammer known as Mjollnir (or Lightning). He used this hammer to protect his Asgard from the giants.

Freya, the Viking goddess of the birds, used her falcon feathers to shape a falcon to help her protect her people.

Loki, the shape-shifter could quickly surprise and outwit the many rodents who came to unseat the Gods and their people. Thrym, the chief of the giants didn’t stand a chance against these divine Beings. Thor’s goat-drawn chariot would also serve them well.

You are an abundant servant to the light. Step into your role as a giver and lover of grace and goodness. You are lovely in every way. Own it!