An Empath’s Commitment to Emotional & Spiritual Freedom

As an Empath or Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), I tend to absorb the emotions that other people are feeling. I might also absorb the emotions from an entire group of people or physical environments. I may also be able to embody the emotions of a person or event remotely.

While I can often understand and release the emotions that I sense and absorb, there are other times when I feel overwhelmed or confused by them. And sometimes I confuse other people’s emotions with my own.

As an Empath or HSP, these are my lessons to bear – and mine alone.

Some prefer to play the victim and refuse to take responsibility for their actions, experiences, and abilities. They might also feel superior to others and believe that they have reached the apex of their evolution.

This is not me.

Like all conscious Beings, I have work to do. Part of my work as an Empath asks that I become more loving and compassionate every day. Another part requires me to own every positive and negative aspect of my life, as if I chose each one of them. No matter how I feel, and no matter what I believe has happened to me in the past, I strive to live in the light and continually improve myself. As a result, I will be more capable of truly serving others.

With all of this in my mind and heart, I lovingly make this solemn oath:


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