I Feel Lost Or Sad

Sing this to any tune. It can help you improve
your perception of reality. It can also help you
uplevel how you feel within this moment.

Love, Paul

My beliefs about this moment can be changed
There‘s more to me than what I am feeling
My feelings are always temporary
I need not obsess about this illusion.

My depression is always temporary
My sadnessis always temporary
My anger is always temporary
My attitude is always temporary

My personality is always temporary
My self-identity is always temporary
My mental thoughts are always temporary
My mind is a temporary construct
My heart might feel broken
But it‘s only temporarily confused

My situation is only temporary
My circumstances are only temporary
My conditions are only temporary
All of these things can be improved
I can improve if I have tiny bit of patience

My pain feels real but it‘s temporary
My confusion feels real but it‘s temporary

I know that I have more inside of me
I know that I am more than this moment

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