I Immerse Myself In Love

By Paul Wagner

Today, I declare that I am born of the light.
I am ready for a deeper immersion in love.
And I seek the utmost clarity in all things.

I release my obsessions around my past and my future.
I release all shame and guilt.
I release the temporary self-identities that have limited me for centuries.

I seek a rebirth into LOVE, now, in this moment.
I know that I compose my own limits. I know that I am unlimited.
I ask that all of my light-filled ancestors, and all light-beings,
awakened masters and positive energetic constructs
join me in my quest to be full of light and love.

I seek to embody the gifts bestowed upon me pre-birth.
I seek to release all blocks and attachments that imprison me.

The past does not exist. It is a canceled check.
I forgive the past. I forgive. I forgive. I forgive.
I forgive myself.
I forgive those who have tried to hurt me.
I forgive myself for believing that I was hurt.
I am deeply grateful for being born.

I release the aspects of my ego that create negativity.
I ask that the love and light in the bosom of the universe fill all of the
holes, gaps, and disparities within my Being
I seek only love forevermore.

I pray for all other Beings who are struggling.
May you rise above your self-imposed limits
and embrace who you truly are.
Let’s rise about it all.

So it is, so it shall be. AMEN.

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