You and I are two persons and yet you and I are one;
and the gap between the two of us this also is myself:

There can be no question at all of duality.

Attachment and hate arise out of the sense of duality.

Everybody’s satisfaction is my satisfaction

Everybody’s happiness is my happiness.

Everybody’s misery is my misery.

Become drinkers of nectar,
All of You, become drinkers of the wine of immortality.

Tread the path of immortality,
where no death exists and no disease.

When you feel power within yourself,
when new light dawns on you from within,
the more you can keep it concealed in utter calm and stillness,
the more it will grow in intensity.

If the slightest opening appears,
there is always the fear it will escape.

Sustained effort ends in effortless being, in other words;
what has been attained by constant practice is finally transcended,
and then spontaneity comes.

~ Sri Anandamayi Ma

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