Mercury in Retrograde: How the Energy Of One Planet Affects The Rest



Who loves Mercury Retrogrades? Show of hands? Anybody? You in the back? Oh, you were scratching your head. Okay. 

That’s about the size of it – Mercury Retrogrades are often feared. If not feared, they’re not wanted very much. Why? Because retrogrades tend to create changes in the usual flows of energy. This affects how we function, relate, create, and feel. When one energy pattern recedes or shifts, it will affect a host of other ones. It’s the same with a Mercury Retrograde.

The Farmer’s Almanac shows Mercury will be in retrograde either three to four times every year. In 2021, it’ll be three times:

  •         January 30 – February 20 (Aquarius)
  •         May 29 – June 22 (Gemini)
  •         September 27 – October 17 (Libra)

If you’re not up-to-date with Astrology this information can mean very little to you. If you spend any time studying the ancient science of the stars, it won’t take long till you come across the phrase, retrograde. 

If you found February and prior retrogrades difficult or alarming; you, and many others can blame it on the tiny planet Mercury – the cute one that’s closest to the sun. Or more specifically, you can blame it on Mercury being in full retrograde. BRING IT ON!


What is Special About Mercury in Retrograde?

Mercury is the closest planet to the sun and the fastest in our solar system. Being the hottest and fastest planet in our galaxy, it ripples into every aspect of our existence as it moves. The energy it produces is thought to affect us in profound ways. 

Ancient Greeks sensed and deeply felt the energy radiating from the planet and named it after the God, Hermès. The planet controls communication, travel, connections, technology, agreements, and many more aspects of our daily lives.

Normally, Mercury moves from East to West in the Earth’s sky. But, a few times a year, the planet can be seen moving West to East. It’s during this time that the planet is considered to be in retrograde.

Science easily explains this illusion by comparing it to things we see everyday. When you see a plane flying in the air, it might seem like it is staying still or moving backwards. The plane is still moving at hundreds of miles an hour, but it doesn’t seem to be moving. Mercury is moving quickly around the Sun, but when it is closest to the earth, the planet seems to move backwards because of our perspective. As the planet crosses the Sun, it appears to be moving further west each night.

The planet will seem to move backwards for 19-24 days. During this time, all the aspects that the planet and related God govern are known to act differently when functioning in a direct manner.


History of Mercury

Mercury has been considered an important player in communication for thousands of years. And for almost the same amount of time, humans have been fascinated by its reversed movements. In ancient Greece, it was thought that it was a God who traveled across the sky wearing winged shoes. This winged God seemed to deliver messages between all the realms and Gods.

The Greeks named the planet after their God of communication, Hermès. When Rome conquered Greece, they renamed the God to Mercury. We use the same Latin-based planet names to this date. Astronomers have since proven Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are planets separate from their God heritage; nevertheless, the influences in our lives stem from their namesake.

Mercury has control over the same aspects the ancient Roman God did. Its momentum through the night sky is a symbol to the growing success we have. It represents energy flowing in the right direction. When that energy starts moving backwards, it might negatively impact our relationships, work, fun, computers, commitments, and health.


How Mercury Affects Your Life

Weber warns about taking risks and making mistakes. When in full retrograde, Mercury can cause foolish investments, agreements to mysteriously unwind, companies to falter, computers to break, and jobs to be lost. Double checking who you are sending emails to and paying attention to phones can help mitigate some misfortune. Avoid buying new phones and computers when communication is known to be moving backwards.

While the negative impacts of Mercury’s Retrogrades are undeniable, the Zodiac constellation in the sky during those times is usually affected more significantly. If your star-sign matches up with these dates, you should be extra aware of your surroundings. While moving backward is usually considered negative, not everything that happens during a Mercury Retrograde is bad.



Relationships fall into a grey area. Mercury in retrograde can mean a past friend, spouse, or Being will be revisiting you. Or it could signify a break in communication with someone you care about. It’s important to be cautious around what you say and in how you treat old friends. Oftentimes, you will decide if these instances result in releasing or renewing that relationship.



During Mercury’s retrograde, our communication tends to be stressed or challenged, or it experiences a breakdown. The internet can give you trouble, while phones and computers might unexpectedly stop working. It’s advised to avoid purchasing any new gadgets during this time while focusing on mastering the devices you currently own. Mercury Retrogrades bring the perfect time for learning!

In past years, technology might not have been the biggest concern for most, but now, cars are filled with computers, and most can’t work without some form of technology helping them. 

While these things usually make our lives easier, they all function by talking to one another, via multitudes of digital handshakes. When Mercury is moving backwards, even the microchips in your coffee pot feel the ripples of energy emanating from the planet.


Work and School

For most, work and school are not options. Extra care should be given to important homework, dissertations, presentations, and meetings. A retrograde probably isn’t the best time to push for a promotion or ask for an extension. Additionally, contracts are known to falter, weaken, or feel stress during this sensitive time. Double-check emails and plan ahead for speed bumps that might arise due to unseen challenges, hiccups, miscommunications, and complete failures.



Emotional and physical health can be affected during the retrograde of Mercury. Strains on relationships can leave you feeling alone, isolated, confused, and misunderstood. You may feel over-stressed or exhausted, needing to take more naps than usual. Plan for the stress by including yoga or meditation in your daily routine. If you still feel tired, you might need to add an extra couple of hours to your sleep schedule. Eating healthily during retrogrades is advised. Consider adding probiotics and super blue green algae to your daily diet. These things will improve your vibration and awareness.


How to Prepare for the Next Retrograde

Each year, Mercury moves backwards three to four times. When the planet is moving from east to west, focus on developing contracts, building new relationships, and starting new projects. Communication flows easier when Mercury is darting in its usual direction.

Look forward to retrograde. When all communication is breaking down, it can be a great time to look inward, write, create, or journal. Use The Personality Cards to help reflect upon and focus your goals. Start planning for what you will do when Mercury resumes its normal path. If your star sign matches the time Mercury is in retrograde, double your efforts. And while you’re at it, add prayer, meditation, and lots of rituals.   


Other Planets in Retrograde

Mercury is one of the most popular retrogrades because it happens more often than others; however, it is not the only planet with a retrograde cycle. In fact, every planet (and Pluto) has moments when they move backwards in our sky, thereby interrupting patterns of energy flow.



History – After the goddess of fertility, beauty, and love, Aphrodite.

Retrograde Frequency – Once every 18 months

Duration of reversed movement – 72 days


Love and money are affected during the retrograde of this planet. Investments might lose money, relationships are likely to blossom or whither. By reversing, Venus shakes up the energies that drive love. There might be wonderful moments of mental clarity where people see things from new perspectives.



History – After the god of strength, aggression, and anger, Aries.

Retrograde Frequency – Once every 2 years and 2 months

Duration of reversed movement – 55 to 80 days


Affects direct actions. Like Mercury, when Mars is in retrograde, it is best to focus on strengthening old commitments, instead of making new ones. Go back and complete things you put down years ago. Take this time to achieve goals you already set, instead of aiming for something new.



History – After the god of Mentors, Teachers, and the sky, Zeus/Dias.

Retrograde Frequency – Once a year

Duration of reversed movement – 120 days


During the retrograde of Jupiter, review your ideals, belief systems, and visions. Masters and Gurus tend to take this time to reflect on their beliefs and teachings, and solidify the depths of their understandings. 

While in Jupiter retrograde, consider how you have affected others and be sure that you are upleveling your own energy and not becoming lost in the monotony of life.



History – God of Karma and Justice, Cronus.

Retrograde Frequency – Once a year

Duration of reversed movement – 140 days


Revisit relationships. Focus on long term goals instead of short term. Saturn’s retrograde is a great time to adjust our perspectives and look at hurdles from different points of view.



History – After the god Ouranos, the Greek word for Heaven.

Retrograde Frequency – Once a year

Duration of reversed movement – 148 days


Focus on religious beliefs and personal faiths. It can be easy to lose sight of who you are when you focus so much on others. Take time to enjoy your own inner freedom. This is a great period to explore your own liberation!



History – After the god of the sea, Poseidon.

Retrograde Frequency – Once a year

Duration of reversed movement – 150 days


Balance your inner peace, spirituality, and focus. Pray, do rituals, and help others to heal during this time. During Neptune’s retrograde, it’s easier to make changes in our spiritual development, so don’t squander this magical and mysterious period!



History – After the god of death and rebirth, Hades.

Retrograde Frequency – Once a year

Duration of reversed movement- 180 days


Pluto’s is the longest retrograde of any other celestial body in our solar system. When Pluto is in retrograde, you might reflect on how things have changed in and around your life. Consider how you have transformed over the years. Be careful not to spend too much time delving into the past; those who spend too much time looking backwards often miss what’s right in front of them.


Adding Astrology to Your Life

Understanding the retrograde cycles of these powerful heavenly bodies is just a sampling of the connections we share with the Universe and everything that lives and breathes around us. 

Astrologists spend their lifetimes studying the intricacies of how energy that’s created by moving bodies affects our various realities. Applying astrology to your life can result in wonderful moments of clarity or a spiritual awakening.  

You are born from light and sound. You have stardust in your bones. You are a walking, living, breathing miracle. Every celestial body is your brother or sister. Speak to them. Call upon them to help you grow and rebirth. They await your love and attention. To begin your transformation, visit my rituals page and find a ceremony that inspires you. Howl at the moon! Do a vision quest in the wilderness! Invite the planets and all Living Beings to participate in your expansion!