Adoration to the Almighty One. Adoration to the noble Avalokitesvara, bodhisattva, the Great Compassionate One.

I continually adore the One who Dispels all Fears, O noble Avalokitesvara, to You adoration, O Nilakantha.

I shall clearly sing the ‘heart’ Dharani for the sake of all beings, for it is pure and serves all purposes for all beings, as it purifies the path of soul existence.

Therefore, Lord of Radiance, World-Transcending One. Come, come, great bodhisattva, descend, descend. Bear in mind my heart-Dharani.

Do, do the work in our souls. Hold fast, oh Victor, oh Great Victorious One. Hold on, hold on, oh Lord of the Dharani.

Move, move oh my immaculate image, come, come. Destroy every poison.

Quick, bear in mind, quick, quick, descend, descend. Enlightened being, O enlightened being, enlighten me, enlighten me. Oh merciful

My Lord, appear unto me. To You who sees our all, Namo. To the Great Lord, Namo.

To the Great Lord in Yoga, Namo. To my Lord, Namo. To the Varaha*, Namo.

Adoration to the Triple Gem. Adoration to the noble Avalokitesvara bodhisattva, Namo.


Namo Ratna Trayaya. Namah Arya Avalokitesvaraya. Bodhisattvaya Mahasattvaya Mahakarunikaya

Sarva Bandhana Chedana Karaya. Sarva Bhava Samudram Sosana Karana. Sarva Vyadhi Prasamana Karaya.

Sarva Mrtyu Upa-Drava Viansana Karana. Sarva Bhaye Su Trana Karaya. Tasmat Namas – Krtva Idam

Arya Avalokitesvara Bhastinam Nilakantha. Pi Nama Hrdayam Avarta Isyami. Sarvartha-sadhanam Subham Ajeyam

Sarva Bhutanam Bhava Marga Visuddhakam. Tadyatha, Om Aloke Aloka-mati Lokati Krante. He Hare Arya Avalokitesvara.

Maha bodhisattva, He Boddhisattva, He Maha bodhisattva, He Virya Bodhisattva, He Mahakarunika Smara Hradayam.

Hi Hi, Hare Arya Avalokitesvara Mahesvara Parama. Maitra-Citta Mahakarunika. Kuru Kuru Karman.

Sadhaya Sadhaya Vidyam. Ni Hi , Ni Hi Varnam Kamam-Game. Vitta-Kama Vigama.

Siddha Yogesvara. Dhuru Dhuru Viryanti, Maha Viryanti. Dhara Dhara Dharendresvara.

Cala Cala Vimala Amala Murte. Arya Avalokitesvara Jina Krsna Jata-Makuta. Valam Ma Pra-Lamba Maha Siddha

Vidya dhara.Vara Vara Maha Vara. Bala Bala Maha Bala. Cala Cala Maha Cala.

Krsna-Varna Nigha Krsna – Paksa Nirghatana. He Padma-Hasta Cara Cara Desa. Caresvara Krsna –Sarpa Krta Yajnopavita

Ehyehi Maha Varaha-Mukha,Tripura-Dahanesvara. Narayana Va Rupa Vara Marga Ari. He Nilakantha , He Mahakara ,

Hala hala Visa Nir-jita Lokasya. Raga Visa Vinasana. Dvesa Visa Vinasana.

Moha Visa Vinasana. Huru Huru Mala, Huru Huru Hare, Maha Padmanabha

Sara Sara , Sri Sri , Suru Suru. Bhu ruc Bhu ruc. Buddhiya Buddhiya , Boddhaya Boddhaya.

Maitri Nilakantha Ehyehi Vama. Shitha Simha-Mukha Hasa Hasa, Munca Munca Mahattahasam Ehiyehi Pa.

Maha Siddha Yogesvara. Bhana Bhana Vaco. Sadhaya Sadhaya Vidyam.

Smara Smaratam Bhagavantam Lokita. Vilokitam Lokesvaram Tathagatam Dadahi. Me Drasana Kamasya Darsanam

Pra-Hiadaya Mana Svaha. Siddhaya Svaha. Maha Siddhaya Svaha

Siddha Yogesvaraya Svaha. Nilakanthaya Svaha. Varaha-Mukhaya Svaha

Maha-dara Simha-Mukhaya Svaha. Siddha Vidyadharaya Svaha. Padma-Hastaya Svaha

Krsna-Sarpa Krta Yajnopavitaya Svaha. Maha Lakutadaharaya Svaha. Cakrayuddhaya Svaha

Sankha-Sabdani Bodhanaya Svaha. Vama Skandhadesa Shitha Krsnajinaya Svaha. Vyaghra-Carma Nivasanaya Svaha

Lokesvaraya Svaha. Sarva Siddhesvaraya Svaha. Namo Bhagavate Arya Avalokitesvaraya Bodhisattvaya

Maha Sattvaya Mahakarunikaya. Sidhyanthu Me Mantra-Padaya Svaha.


great compassion of mantra


Recite the Mantra of Great Compassion and you will enjoy these positive life-aspects:


You will always meet good friends.

You will always be born in a good country.

You will always be born at a good time.

Your place of birth will always have a good king, queen, or leader.

Your family will be kind and harmonious.

Your heart will be pure and full.

You will not violate the prohibitive precepts, ones that can restrict, limit, or harm you karmically.

The organs of your body will always be complete.

You will obtain everything you seek.

You will always obtain the help and respect of others.

Your riches will not be plundered.

You will always have the necessary goods and wealth in abundance.

In your place of birth, you will see the Buddha and hear the Dharma.

Dragons, Gods, and Good Spirits will always protect you.

You will awaken to the most profound meaning of the most Proper Dharma.


Constantly chant this Great compassion mantra and your life will improve according to this mantra’s vibration.


About Paul

Paul Wagner is a Consciousness, Life, and Business Coach, and a 5-time EMMY-Award winning writer. He created THE PERSONALITY CARDS, a powerful Oracle and Tarot deck that’s helpful in life, love, and relationships. For years, Paul studied with Lakota elders in the Pecos Wilderness, who nurtured his empathic abilities and taught him the sacred rituals. He has degrees from Boston College in Computer Science and Psychology. Mr. Wagner has lived at ashrams with enlightened masters, including Amma, the Hugging Saint, for whom he’s delivered keynotes at Her worldwide events. Paul tours the world lecturing about personal expansion and spiritual freedom. He lovingly offers intuitive readings and inspirational coaching to help you with self-discovery, decision-making, forgiveness, and business. Book a session with Paul.


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