There is No Other

Is There An Other?

By Paul Wagner

the only person I can change
the only person I can truly affect
the only person I can control
the only person I can push
the only person I can rage against
the only person who can inspire my transformation
the only person I ever interact with is


I can choose to place the blame
I can choose to pass the buck
I can choose to make life difficult
and pretend I give no f*ck

I can live from the place of victim
And continue to complain
I can turn my positivity
Into a thunderous rain
Or I can change my narrative.

I am the only person who can change my life
Blame isn‘t helping me
The past does not exist

Why am I stuck?

Because I don‘t want to change my story.
I‘m addicted to my story.
I like being RIGHT and HURT.

But today, I‘m changing all that.
I choose to own all of my experiences as if I chose them.

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