Mobile Apps Grow Your Business!

If you love your customers and enjoy interacting with them and providing great value, you'll love having your own custom mobile apps. Everybody is on-the-go and on mobile, so it's 100% vital that you meet your customers where they are at. While your website and store are important, it's connection that grows a business.

Whether you're a healer, teacher, artist, psychic, counsellor, or startup, we can help. You might want to offer custom content and have your own membership group. If you have your own oracle or tarot cards, you can provide automatic in-app readings! If you're ready to fully engage your customers, let's go!

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There are many ways to benefit from having a mobile app:

1. You'll own your own universe
2. Provide protected, custom content
3. Build a private community
4. Offer oracle & tarot readings in-app!

Check out our Blended Soul™. This is a powerful, intuitive personality app created to help you explore your life, desires & dreams. Use the app for personal exploration or as a spiritual tool to improve your relationships & career. Share it with friends and grow together! A wonderful app chock-full of insight!



With your own apps, you'll have a private, ongoing, nonstop connection to your community of customers and fans.


By engaging your customers within your own apps, your business will naturally expand.


Mobile apps provide new pathways to revenue. Money helps us grow our businesses and secure peaceful lives.


You can immediately add content to your mobile apps for a truly fast connect to your crowd.

Oracle & Tarot Cards

By offering automatic readings in your apps, customers will learn the value of your custom tarot & oracle cards - and they'll want to buy them!


You own the apps, you own the connection, you own the data. Nobody can take advantage or mess with you.

Questions & Answers

How long does it take to build my custom apps?

The process of building custom native apps takes roughly 2-3 months, depending on whether you are building the iOS and Android apps at the same time. (different languages)

Will I be able to edit the content in the app?

Yes, certainly, 100%! You'll have admin access to your own content library. You can update it at any time you'd like.

What is the commitment?

You'd have a deposit and then monthly payments, for several months if necessary.

How do I begin?

Simply visit the contact page and send Paul a personal message.

How do I know what type of app I want?

Paul can help you with the process of mapping out the functionality on your app.

Who owns my data?

Only YOU. You would also have your own custom server.


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