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The Free Yourself Video Course

It's time to love yourself, forgive it all & awaken!

An enlightening 30-video course about personal freedom. We have mechanics for our cars, plumbers for toilets, and Gods for our afterlife, yet we rarely engage professional guides to help us create empowered & profound lives. Release your past, own your present & experience unbridled freedom. Liberate yourself now!

The Free Yourself Mini Audio Course

Let's feel more hopeful, happy & inspired.

This audio series will help you feel more clear, inspired & empowered throughout your day. You'll see your value more clearly, feel more courageous, release your past & forgive everything. Advance to the next level of resolve, clarity & happiness. Enjoy this humble offering toward toward your liberation.

The Magic Platter

A sprinkling of helpful teachings to help you grow!

Learn how to connect with Spirits, read tarot (& other oracles), and improve your intuition. You are deeply connected to the All-That-Is, every living & deceased spirit, and every Light-Being throughout spacetime. Your happiness is your birthright. Join me for this expedited, illuminating course.

The Council Of Embers

Light, love, rituals, rites, magic & miracles.

This 12-video course calls into action all light & miracle workers, loving helpers & healers, powerful witches & wizards, and faithful seers! Enjoy this inspiring overview of how to use incantation, prayer, rituals & ceremonies to forgive everything and embody your most-potent potential.

How To Use The Personality Cards

Get the most out of this powerful oracle/tarot.

Learn how to use The Personality Cards - a powerful, insightful & life-changing oracle. This unique tarot will help you source answers to the most pressing questions & help you know yourself more deeply. Improve your life, forgive everything & celebrate the most wonderful & empowered YOU!

Own The Personality Cards

Inspiration For Life, Love, And Relationships

A unique & wonderful oracle, like tarot, but far more powerful! 78 beautifully illustrated cards + 174-page booklet, in a luxurious box. The perfect icebreaker, this beautiful deck will help you celebrate yourself, become more aware & serve humanity. The Personality Cards are your new favorite deck!


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