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"Embrace this opportunity to rewrite your life's narrative, experience profound healing, and initiate your Self into a profound path that matches your soul's depth & desire.

My Courses, one-on-one sessions, and coaching have been carefully constructed to nurture you toward creating a truly divinely inspired life."

Digital & In-Person Programs

Dive into transformational online and in-person experiences designed to elevate your spirit, enhance your personal growth, and unlock your most profound potential.

Transformational Readings

Receive profound insight and guidance through intuitive readings that illuminate your path, dissolve barriers, and lead you toward clarity, healing, and empowerment.

Life & Business Coaching

Individual & group sessions focused on Selfdiscovery, empowerment, and personal & financial growth. Expertly guiding you to enhance all of your endeavors for lasting success and fulfillment

Oracle Cards

The Personality Cards is a unique and wonderful oracle, like tarot, but far more powerful and insightful. Each of these personalities will give you keen insight into your relationships, experiences, and conditions.

The Shankara Oracle

Discover a unique and channeled system for personal and spiritual growth created to help you align with your true nature and the natural laws of the Universe (Dharma). Including oracle cards, a divination board, oracle stones & more, this is a must-have intuitive tool.

Business Services for Healers

Build, grow, expand with services tailored specifically for healers in business. Over the years I have grown a business that offers healers a range of services, including business coaching, tech (websites, mobile apps), and marketing.


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