Inspirational Courses, Coaching,
And A Divine Oracle Deck!

It's time to expand your life and embrace the possibilities. Forgive everything and be free!

Paul's Courses

Paul created his paid and free courses to help humanity forgive everything, embody positivity & create goodness in their lives. Through Paul’s courses, you’ll clear pathways to your happiness & success. Consider starting with the free courses. They’re wonderful!

The Personality Cards!

Paul has authored several books and oracle decks, including The Personality Cards: a unique and fascinating tarot deck for life, love & relationships. Far more powerful than traditional tarot. You’ll love these remarkable cards!

Personal & Business Coaching

Paul has coached thousands of spiritually-minded healers, teachers, execs, business owners, and politicians. He’s helped more than 500 organizations, universities & governments around the world. Coaching with Paul requires transparency and a deep intention to improve your self and the world.

Awesome Mobile Apps!

Check out Paul’s Blended Soul® app. If your healing, teaching, or entrepreneurial business needs a mobile or web app, Paul’s company wants to help. Affordable, creative, and fast.

Imagine engaging your audience with unique interactive content. Consider how fun and exciting that would be for your customers.

With a mobile and web app, you can carve out your own unique niche and expand your position as a thought leader. It’s time to expand your operation and take your work to the next level!


Business Coaching, Oracle Card Training & Spiritual Advisory

Dive Deeply And Expand Yourself!

Transformational ideas and modalities that will help you dramatically improve your life.

Deeply Intuitive Sessions • Personal & Business Coaching

Faith, Hope, And Love Lead To Miracles

As a highly Intuitive Life & Business Coach, Paul senses and understands your emotions, sees your potential paths and challenges, helps you move beyond self-deception, and guides you to your deepest truths. Paul's courses are remarkable.


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