I Am Releasing My Stories

By Paul Wagner

Today I declare and embrace this paradigm shift
I am releasing my obsession with my stories

I am a powerful and vibrant soul
filled with the light of the universe
I am blessed by God and born from stardust
There are no limits to my growth and awareness

From this moment forward
I will not carry stories of the past as if they happened yesterday
I will not speak of prior painful events
as if they negatively affect me in the here and now.
In fact, I release all stories now

I will refrain from using prior traumas as excuses for my behavior
I will not obsess over the trends in my life as if they are written in stone
I will not make assumptions about my lack or my inabilities
I will not blame others for my position in life

I release the past as a cancelled check
I embrace the possibilities
I declare my sovereignty
I welcome blessings from the divine

I am the light and I walk in love
I speak highly of myself, always
I serve humanity with my kindness
My life is an example of what is possible
I live in gratitude and abundance
I live in the now

I welcome all light-beings, awakened masters and positive energetic
forces into my life as my partners here forward. Book a Session with me Here.

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