Unlock the secrets to a more joyful, empowered, and authentic YOU with my transformative resources, teachings, tools, and courses. Discover powerful rituals, ceremonies, prayers, and declarations designed to uplift your spirit, heal your wounds, and ignite your passions. It’s time to awaken your true self and create a life that radiates with love and purpose.

Explore the resources below to embark on a journey of profound transformation. Empowering and informing yourself in this way will invite a divine and illuminating rebirth.

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My Free Community

Join my private community to enjoy special content, live intuitive readings, and deep dives into spiritual practices like rituals and divination. You'll learn more about The Personality Cards and The Shankara Oracle. Plus you'll meet some lovely folks there. Come say hello in my new and divine community!

The Shankara Master Course

Embark on a Transformative Journey to Self-Mastery - your all-inclusive guide to unlocking your power & potential. With 110+ videos, ebooks, and worksheets, this in-depth program offers a unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern practices to help you: Deepen your spirituality, Enhance your spiritual gifts, and Become a beacon of light, guidance, and abundance. Your Self-mastery will illuminate your path forward and awaken those you love & serve.

The Magic Platter Course

Unlock Your Divine Potential: Spirit Communication & Healing! Embark on a transformative journey into the mystical arts. Discover spirit communication, channeling, and personal healing. Awaken your inner light, connect with the spiritual universe, and manifest your infinite possibilities. Begin your path to illumination today!

The Free Yourself Video Course

Claim Your Freedom: Unleash Your Full Potential With Videos, Ebooks, and More. Tired of feeling stuck? The Free Yourself Course is your 30-video roadmap to personal liberation. Heal your past, embrace your present, and create a life of unbridled freedom. Discover your true nature, unlock your unlimited potential, and become your full Self. Start your journey to freedom today!

The Free Yourself Mini Audio Course

Elevate Your Life: Clarity, Courage, and Inner Peace - Ready for a transformation? This inspiring audio series is your key to unlocking self-worth, boosting confidence, and finding inner peace. Gain clarity, release your past, and embrace a happier, more empowered you. Start your journey to a more fulfilling life today!

How To Use The Personality Cards

Learn how to use The Personality Cards – a powerful, insightful & life-changing oracle. This unique tarot will help you source answers to the most pressing questions & help you know yourself more deeply. Improve your life, forgive everything & celebrate the most wonderful & empowered YOU!

Rituals & Declarations

Paul has spent 30 years learning from Buddhist, Hindu, and Native American masters. Some of his rituals and declarations have been passed down through many generations, across thousands of years. Others were created by Paul. By engaging these practices with deep intention and focus, you can transform your life.

Prayers & Sutras

Over the centuries, spiritual leaders have sourced thousands of powerful prayers and sutras from the divine. By reciting these writings, we uplift our spirits and improve our conditions. With high-vibration languages like Sanskrit, we can move beyond our conditions and into awakened states of mind and heart.

Transformational Readings

Experience a deep understanding of your life's path with my loving transformational readings. I am a clairvoyant empath and medium who has guided thousands of seekers for over 30 years. Whether you are navigating difficult life circumstances, seeking guidance for your spiritual journey, or want to bring a dream to life, I love supporting you and walking with you in love and light.


Over the years, Paul has collected and created a variety of helpful and encouraging writings and videos. When we focus on positive images, words, and ideas, we reduce our anxieties and fears, increase our vibrations, and improve our attitudes. Sometimes all we need is a little nudge. Enjoy!


Since the beginning of the Great Awakening, enlightened masters have divined many powerful mantras for our evolution. By reciting these mantras throughout the day, and in the background of our thoughts, we make space for the light to fill and enliven us. With each chant, we alert the Universe that we are ready to receive.

Inspirational Videos

Paul has curated a page filled with inspirational videos to foster your healing and spiritual growth. Discover the power of unique healing techniques and Sanskrit mantras, delve into ancient practices and rituals, and explore modern-day techniques designed to empower and transform your spiritual journey.


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