Unlock a world of Self-discovery and a deep connection to your most empowered Self with The Personality Cards - an extraordinary oracle deck that goes far beyond tarot.

James van Praagh, Bestselling Author

Years ago, I had profound dreams channeling hundreds of personality archetypes, revealing the complexities within the human condition. I received guidance for the personality cards over a period of 10 years. Each personality reveals something about your true Self and the temporary identities (personas) you’ve created to interact with others and Creation. The Personality Cards will give you keen insight into you and the people you love.

This divinely inspired oracle deck will help you reflect on your relationship with your Self and the world, providing a path to Self-reflection and Self-reliance. Each personality card describes an aspect of humanity that you may embody or encounter in your relationships and experiences.

Discover 78 lavishly illustrated personas, each a unique reflection of who we might become in our lives.

Are you The Healer, The Bumblebee, or The Calculated? Is your partner The Comedian, The Facilitator, or The Naive? Find out with your first Personality Card reading!

The Personality Cards is the perfect oracle deck for your journey of Self-healing, Self-inquiry, and Liberation. Oracle cards are valuable tools for personal growth, Self-discovery, and spiritual development. Using these cards, you will see your Self and the world more clearly. You will discover how to improve your relationships, intuition, and life. You’ll also better understand the people and experiences that have influenced who you are today.

As you connect with these aspects, you’ll deepen your Selfawareness and understanding, and become clearer about your choices, motivations, and desires. This will help you gain clarity about the path ahead.

Great for Professional Readers, Coaches or Therapists

The Personality Cards will help you guide your clients to dive more deeply into their pure Beings, bringing to light hidden aspects, projections, and emotions. These cards are at the intersection of Tarot and Carl Jung’s personality archetypes, making them uniquely inspirational and empowering for those seeking to improve themselves and their lives.

A Fun and Surprising Icebreaker With Your Friends

This profound and captivating deck invites your friends and family to open up, share their insights, and reflect on their personalities, challenges, successes, and life experiences. Everybody loves The Personality Cards!

Gain insight into your relationships, life experiences, and most empowered Self. The Personality Cards are accompanied by a lovely, detailed, channeled guidebook designed to help you understand each personality in the deck. These profound cards will inspire your clarity and give you profound guidance to last a lifetime.

The Personality Cards are not just a tool for Self-discovery: They're a gateway to hours of personal exploration and illuminating clairvoyant and intuitive readings for you, your friends, family, and clients. Bring this transformative deck into your life, share it with friends, and grow together!

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