The Personality Cards: Inspiration for Life, Love & Relationships

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The Personality Cards: Unlock the Depths of Your Soul & Relationships

Experience a revolutionary oracle deck that transcends traditional tarot and bland oracle cards. The Personality Cards offer unparalleled depth, insight, and divine guidance, taking Carl Jung’s archetypes to a whole new dimension.

Discover the Power Within:

  • 78 Exquisitely Illustrated Cards: Each card is a work of art, designed to ignite your intuition and reveal hidden truths.
  • 174-Page Guidebook: Unlock the secrets of each personality archetype and learn how to interpret their messages for your life, love, and relationships.
  • Luxurious Packaging: The deck and guidebook are presented in a beautiful box, making it a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

Why Choose The Personality Cards?

  • Advanced Intuitive & Psychic Readings: The Personality Cards will deepen your understanding of your self and your clients. And they’ll take your readings into a whole new dimension. 5 Star reviews from countless fans say The Personality Cards are far more helpful and insightful than today’s abstract, bland and repetitive tarot and oracle cards.
  • Deepen Self-Understanding: Gain profound insights into your own personality, motivations, and patterns.
  • Transform Relationships: Navigate the complexities of love, friendship, and family dynamics with newfound clarity.
  • Find Your Path: Uncover your unique purpose and discover the steps to create a fulfilling life.
  • Spark Meaningful Conversations: Use the cards as a powerful tool for connection and personal growth with friends and loved ones.

Embrace a New Level of Self-Discovery:

The Personality Cards are more than just an oracle deck; they are a catalyst for transformation. If you’re ready to embark on a journey of self-exploration, healing, and empowerment, this deck is your perfect companion.

You might also enjoy a divinely inspiring session with Paul (Kalesh) – a deep and empowering experience.

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27 reviews for The Personality Cards: Inspiration for Life, Love & Relationships

  1. Yvette C.

    Where have these cards been all my life?! Oh my gosh, there is so much depth in the booklet and in each image. I am very moved by them, from head to toe!

  2. Paul Wagner

    One of the most intuitive decks on the planet. Bar none! Love em!

  3. Terry R.

    The most down-to-earth and helpful cards on planet earth – bar none! LOVE THESE!

  4. Binnie G.

    As a therapist, I’m always looking for inspirational cards that help people see their shadows and work through them with positivity. The Personality Cards are 100% authentic – a wonderful tool!

  5. KrisMarie2323

    My husband and I use these cards to help us see each other more clearly, more profoundly. This helps us see ourselves more clearly – which truly serves the betterment of our relationship – and commitment to clarity and love. The Personality Cards A+++++ Thank you!

  6. Zoey B.

    These are a powerful oracle – almost spooky – but so uplifting! I use them every morning. I enjoy them immensely!

  7. Ginger M.

    Every time I use The Personality Cards, I feel awakened to the present moment. They help me move through my stuff with grace.

  8. Curtis N.

    The Personality Cards are far more relatable than a traditional tarot deck – and far more helpful than new-age style cards and practices. This deck helps me improve myself every day. I cherish them so much!

  9. Brightsoulalways11

    The Healer card is on my desk all the time, constantly reminding me how to focus on the divine and deliver it to others.

  10. Abbie_Winter

    Paul, we love these. My family and I use them every weekend when we do our saturday morning ritual. Such a wonderful, connective and life-changing experience. We deepen and we’re happier together. It’s quite amazing! Thank you!

  11. RTBenz_Mystic

    When I do readings for others, it’s always with a big of hard work – and often because regular tarot cards are so airy-fairy! The Personality Cards are for real people who want to do real work and connect with their natures. They’re wonderful!

  12. Torrey VB.

    These cards make me very happy. So pretty! And so incredibly profound!

  13. Gretchen C.

    I am amazed at what comes through my heart and mind when using The Personality Cards. There is nothing like them – anywhere!! Thanks, Paul! These are just awesome!

  14. GovindaKrishna1008

    Every spread moves me so deeply – these cards feel like they read my mind and heart. So lovely.

  15. Mary L.

    My sweetheart and I are always asking God and The Universe to show us how we can grow. We use The Personality Cards as a pathway into our hearts. Every session we do with each other is so delightful – and yet 100% pinpointed at our questions and challenges. It’s uncanny! We just love these cards.

  16. JoeyRobert S.

    We love these cards! We bought 10 for friends and family! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  17. AndreaFelicia N.

    I am in love with these cards. So beautiful! And so profound! Absolutely remarkable. They seem to know me in ways I don’t know myself LOL!

  18. Johnny J.

    The best birthday present EVER. Stunning!!!

  19. Craig H.

    When I teach others how to do intuitive readings for others, I begin and end with The Personality Cards. Very relatable for all levels, and very personal. This helps me guide others to look within and advance. An excellent tool.

  20. WillJr_Magic101

    Paul – these are outstanding! So fun for my clients and I. Each card reading is such a deep and motivating experience!

  21. GustavDivine

    These cards and descriptive booklet are helping me see myself more clearly, getting me closer to embracing my core nature without judgment or shame. It feels like a new day after every time I use the cards. I’m very grateful for these. Blessings to you!

  22. Rich_wilson_21

    As a spiritual healer and teacher, I spend a lot of time alone, digging deeper within myself, carving out new space and clarity. The Personality Cards are very helpful in this pursuit. Each card is unique with a beautiful image – and such penetrating lessons. The writing is profound and delicious, on every level.

  23. Frankie T.

    Everybody in my tribe loves The Personality Cards, and your writing is more than inspiring! So many Aha moments. Too many to count!

  24. Lori A.

    I love The Influencer card. She helps me stay proactive in my life, helping me to appreciate my ability to connect with others and inspire them. There are many cards that inspire me. Sometimes I have 10 of them on my desk at a time. My parnter and I are enjoying them very much, thank you!

  25. Caroline B.

    Oh that Righteous Beast card! Such and intense card. Then when I read The Cuddler, I could see why these aspects of me would play so well together. Fascinating so far!

  26. UranchaLover2000

    We put these cards in all the adult Christmas stockings, then we had a cocktail party calling each other, using the cards. It was a blast. We laughed, acknowledged things about ourselves, let go of parts of our past, and saw each other so clearly. This was so much fun. Thank you for making these very special cards.

  27. sofineprint

    I love everything about these cards! It is amazing how powerful the images are and that these cards are meaningful for yourself and for others in your life. I can’t recommend using these cards enough!

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