The Heart Sutra - English & Sanskrit

A profound sutra that will enliven your heart and fill you with light.

The Great Compassion Mantra

Connecting with the eternal realms that are filled with compassion.

A Prayer For Love And Rebirth

Inviting love and rebirth can be deeply healig and transformative.

Om Purnamidah: A Peaceful Creation – Prayer

Praying into the whole of creation is a lovely experience.

108 Names Of The Divine Mother – Prayer

Chanting these names can help you transmute all negativity.

Vishnu Sahasranāma - Hymn & Prayer

Chanting these names can invite profound spiritual protection.

The Lord‘s Prayer - Revised for All Beings

Rewritten according to the original Aramanic, with sacred additions.

Hail Mary Prayer - Original Aramaic & English

A beautiful translation, according to the original Aramaic.

Muslim (Quranic) Prayers on Faith & Gratitude

Honoring my Muslim brothers &sisters with these beautiful prayers.

Great Spirit Prayer

Connecting with Great Spirit is your birthright. Celebrate it, now!


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