THE PERSONAL GROWTH SET: Inspiring, Uplifting & Fun!


The Personal Growth Set: Inspiring & Uplifting

These powerful ebooks will help you see yourself more clearly, forgive everything, and celebrate the present moment. (3 ebooks, 336 pgs)

      • The Field Guide To Human Personalities (eBook, 244 pgs)
      • The Spiritual Seeker’s Handbook (eBook, 75 pgs)
      • How To Live An Exuberant Life (eBook, 21 pgs)

Explore the following:

Ways To Invite Happiness Into Your Life

How To Have Empathy For Everyone

How To Forgive Everything & Live More Peacefully

Temples & Ashrams: How to behave at ashrams & temples? What are the protocols?

Mantras, Tantras & Prayer: Key ideas & practices within Hinduism & Buddhism

Humor & Grace: Release our egos, and make room for grace. With grace, we can improve our lives.

Guru Culture: What makes a Guru, Swami, or Monk so special?

Shamans, Mystics & Sages: How are each of these unique?

Karma & Forgiveness: Are you ready to move beyond your karma and forgive your challenges & offenders?

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