Changing the Book of Life – Ritual

A powerful ritual that helps you release the past and begin anew.

Seven Arrows – Ritual

Releasing the past and declaring your future can be transformative.

Release Abortion – Ritual

Helping lost and released souls in their transitions through the realms.

Release A Marriage Or Relationships – Ritual

Honoring the experience of loving another Being, and then letting go.


When Relationships Change – Declaration

Allowing for changes in relationships is empowering.

I Am Releasing My Stories – Declaration

Our stories trap us into temporary and illusory constructs. Let them go.

I Seek Clarity, Light, & Love - Declaration

When we commit to the light, the light embraces our whole being. When we are grateful, we invite more of the same.

I Immerse Myself In Love – Declaration

It‘s time to embrace the notion of becoming effulgent with love.


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