The Shankara Altar Cloth: Divine & Luxurious


A Divine Addition To Elevate & Enrich Your Sacred Space

Enrich your spiritual practice and adorn your altar with this exquisite Shankara Altar Cloth. Crafted with love and infused with divine energy, this soft, 30×30 inch square cloth is the perfect complement to your sacred rituals, meditation practice, or Shankara board.


  • Vibrant Design: A beautiful blend of burgundy, purple, gold, and white hues with intricate details.
  • Sacred Symbols: Adorned with the Golden Buddha, an Archangel, Sunya (The Sun), and the illuminated Shankara logo representing the vastness of the Universe.
  • Amma’s Mantra: Inscribed with the powerful mantra “May All The Beings, Throughout All The Worlds, Be Happy.”
  • Versatile Use: Perfect as an altar cloth, neckerchief, or a comforting reminder of your connection with The Divine.

Embrace the Divine:

Let the Shankara Altar Cloth be a tangible reminder of your limitless potential and inherent beauty. As you engage with its sacred symbols and vibrations, may you be inspired to live a life filled with love, light, and gratitude.

You are beautiful. You are an unlimited Being, filled with love and light. You were born as The Divine’s expression of a reality that only YOU can create. Be prayerful, hopeful, and full of courage and gratitude to embody the highest vibration.

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