Startup Confidential: The Raw Unfiltered Truth About Starting A Company (ebook)




STARTUP CONFIDENTIAL (244-pages, ebook) is a brash and humorous look at the What, Who, and How of launching your Big Idea.

Written by EMMY® Award Winning comedian and startup addict Paul Wagner, this book is funny and intense, akin to swallowing a pill the size of your nephew.

Packed with meaty facts and figures, the book digs into the human aspects and the gut-wrenching stories that make startups such profound experiences. There is no other book like this one anywhere. It’s a game-changer.

Paul Wagner is a startup and executive consultant. His poignant and funny lectures about startups and corporate culture bring the house down. They’re brash, bold, and built to enlighten.

ps. This is not a hard-cover or soft-cover book. It is a digital book that you will download after purchase. Nothing arrives in the mail.

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