The Field Guide to Human Personalities: Discover the Real You (soft-cover book)


The Field Guide to Human Personalities (244-page, soft-cover book, mailed to you)

~ An inspiring look at a variety of personalities found throughout humanity. Paul Wagner shares profound insights into the spiritual, psychological, emotional, and behavioral aspects of each personality.

~ The book is filled with beautiful, full-color illustrations that bring to life the different aspects found within each of us. There are 78 chapters, each chapter focused on a unique personality. Personalities include The Lover, The Influencer, The Fearless, The Heart Collector, The Healer, and many more.

~ Each 4-page chapter delves into the emotional, psychological, behavioral, and spiritual aspects of the personality. There is also an empowerment section that provides suggestions for colors, gemstones, and homeopathic remedies to help the personality come into balance.

~ The book is a deep and insightful exploration that will bring exciting discussion and awareness to all who read it. Great for a coffee-table book and perfect as a gift to the more thoughtful explorer and aspirant. Fans of Carl Jung love The Field Guide to Human Personalities.

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