Paul’s *Free Yourself* Video Course: Find Your Peace, Power, And Joy!

(36 customer reviews)


Awaken your true nature, love yourself, and forgive everything!

The Free Yourself Course is an enlightening, 30-video course about personal freedom. We have mechanics for our cars, plumbers for toilets, and Gods for our afterlife, yet we rarely engage professional guides to help us create empowered & profound lives. Release your past, own your present & experience unbridled freedom. Liberate yourself now!

This course is an engaging, comprehensive dive into your nature and potential. It outlines how you can heal and how you might become your full Self, with unlimited possibilities before you.

Some of the course’s benefits include:

  • Feeling better about yourself
  • Feeling more inspired
  • Thinking more positive thoughts
  • Rising above sadness
  • Feeling hopeful
  • Improving your habits
  • Feel happier, sweeter, and more productive!

Some of the course’s topics:

  • Create miracles in your life
  • Improve your attitude & release outdated beliefs
  • Seek and achieve pure authenticity
  • Healing depression and despair
  • Give yourself the benefit of the doubt
  • Find forgiveness for those who hurt you
  • Release detrimental and temporary self-identities
  • Learn meditation & enjoy guided journeys
  • Mantras – Level One
  • Exit relationships with clarity, grace, and positivity
  • Turn your anger into productive decisions
  • Faith, Grace, and Gratitude
  • Owning your happiness
  • Heal broken relationships with love and service
  • Release and work through karma
  • Karmic Vs Dharmic Relationships
  • Improve your self-esteem and self-worth
  • Improve motivation and mend your broken heart
  • Seek guidance from The Divine
  • Change your personal narrative
  • Find and nourish your vulnerable Self
  • And much more!

You are a divine Being, filled with love and light, with unlimited potential in every direction. You, my dear, are loved for all time.

I hope you’ll join me on this lovely, informative, and uplifting course.



Learn more about this profound course: HERE

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36 reviews for Paul’s *Free Yourself* Video Course: Find Your Peace, Power, And Joy!

  1. Laura G.

    I loved the Free Yourself course. It was very helpful during a very difficult time. Thank you!

  2. Wd4343D1

    This was a wonderful experience. I continue replay many of the videos.

  3. Frannie09

    A few of the videos were a little intense but I can handle it LOL

  4. KrisMarie2323

    Watched these with my husband and oldest son, made for excellent conversation and learning together.

  5. Lori A.

    I love the idea of forgiveness but not having to continue that relationships. Very helpful for me, thank you so much.

  6. Laura G.

    Favorite line – your primary relationship is with the universe – that made me think about a ton of times when I wish I had made my happiness and spiritual life the priority.

  7. Peter C.

    Some parts were a little out-there – but overall it was very relatable.

  8. creativenow883

    Most of the videos helped me remove some layers that I tend to use to obstruct my clarity and objectivity. Certainly not for the faint of heart – spiritual warriors unite!

  9. Rich_wilson_21

    My sweetheart and I spent 6 hours watching these back-to-back, with little breaks. It was a beautiful saturday and we loved being together and doing this together. It opened our eyes to several things that we needed to see.

  10. Jayne-Train55

    I’ve been watching one video per day early in the morning. This practice gives me something to meditate on each day. Seems a great pace for this type of thing.

  11. TriptakerBB

    Very enriching and cleansing. Lots of pausing the video and writing in my journal. I really love this. Thanks alot Paul!

  12. Whistlingwonder

    As a traveler, I tend to wander alot, but this series made me think, am I wandering too much? Am I looking internally enough? Lots to think about!

  13. Harriet_Marie6

    I love how there’s a bit of spiciness in every video, Paul – sneaking it in there once in a while. Very helpful for these types of videos – and very relevant. Really enjoyed these. Nice job!

  14. Brainiacspirit

    My you’ve grown since college! LOL Holy moly Paolo, these videos are terrific.

  15. CaptBrenda

    There was me before the videos and then me after the videos. A huge difference. I felt like I dropped 3 pieces of luggage at the door and haven’t look back since.

  16. Clippership09

    I just did one of the rituals and oh my, those are powerful. Saw them on your Free Resources page and I can’t believe how much free content you share! Outstanding!

  17. TriptakerBB

    Worth every penny, every dollar, and every minute of my time. I needed a daily respite to help me improve, forgive, laugh, and grow.

  18. CraigEnsenPT

    We love the personality cards and now we love the course! KUDOS!

  19. loveanddivinelight

    When I got up this morning, I had an email from my sister who told me to RUN, don’t walk, and jump into this course. We were able to release a lot of old yucky stuff. It’s a new day! A new dawn! Bring it on!

  20. zenithofthegods

    LOL okay, so I cried every other video and I’m a tough guy LOL I guess I really needed this! Oh and I also laughed, smiled, and felt all warm throughout! LOL

  21. 1008trippinout

    This is a very practical guide on how to clean up the past, put it where it belongs, and live here in the present moment. Super sweet.

  22. raynewayne

    There are a ton of these new-agey courses out there, and admittedly, I take a lot of them. Somehow they have mostly tended to miss the mark. Paul’s courses is relevant and timely. It 100% hits the mark I needed. A great experience.

  23. AsgardThor

    It was literally thundering outside when I was listening to the video on having the power to change your life. As a fan of Thor, I’m pretty sure he was in my living room when I was watching these today. Freaked me out but how perfect!

  24. Diannacrane1

    After having viewed the videos, I relisten to these during morning walks. It’s just now all starting to seep in.

  25. shakeitup10000

    This is one of those sweet simple video series that walks you directly into your heart, gives you some excellent instructions, and then pivots your life in your favor. A+ Highly Recommend

  26. Mostlycalm

    I’m still processing this series but to me I couldn’t have been happier with the majority of the content. Well-prepared and warmly presented.

  27. Leslieandfriend

    Paul is like a very relatable and loving friend who has incredible advice. Great course, sire!

  28. 33holyspirits

    I REALLY loved this course. I never felt patronized or overwhelmed. Very nice pacing and delivery.

  29. paulmanning

    What a lovely series of videos. Very very lovely.

  30. pinestreethouse

    The name Free Yourself is perfect. I felt about 30 lbs lighter and lost a constraint after enjoying this course. Affordable, applicable, and digestible.

  31. croneoflife4444

    Woash, those rituals are powerful and Paul does a soild job explaining them. They were very intense but very helpful to me.

  32. winesippinpolly

    After watching the first few videos, I realized just how much I’ve tended to avoid these types of things. I am thoroughly engaged and enjoying playing catchup with myself. Perfect timing for this free yourself course!

  33. GrettaSranden

    We were about to watch netflix and then we just meandered over to the computer and jumped into Paul’s course. Totally changed the evening and the course of the week. Opened up a lot of beautiful conversations with my and my family.

  34. Ohwhatislove

    I feel a little frustrated by the depth of this course lol as it pushes me a bit more than I expected, but Paul does this in such a warm and wonderful way. I’m all in, with a tiny bit of kicking and grumpiness. It’s soooo good though.

  35. nancyfrank

    We made it through the course which is rare for us. It was so important that we watched this. For like 1000 reasons. Thank you Mr. Wagner!

  36. endlessmeditation111

    It was like having a relatable monk in my living room. Paul is creative, upbeat, encouraging, and lovely. Home run for me my honey.

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