Embracing Positivity: Wisdom from Divine Mothers Mata Amritanandamayi, Mother Meera, and Anandamayi Ma

In the realm of spiritual guidance, the wisdom of enlightened Beings carries a profound resonance. Through your relationship with an enlightened master, your journey to liberation is akin to a rocket ship ride.

Three remarkable souls come to mind, each of whom can be described as A Divine Mother: Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma), Mother Meera, and Anandamayi Ma, all exemplify the essence of love, compassion, and positivity.

As we navigate the complexities of life, the teachings of these holy Mothers illuminate the paths to staying positive, nurturing a spirit of love and encouragement that transcends ego, desires, and all challenges we might encounter throughout our lives.

Mata Amritanandamayi: The Hugging Saint’s Message of Love

Known as the “Hugging Saint,” Mata Amritanandamayi has touched the hearts of millions with her boundless love and compassion. Her teachings emphasize the transformative power of love in cultivating a positive outlook on life. Mata Amritanandamayi often shares insights on the importance of selfless service, acceptance, and embracing challenges with a loving heart.

Quoting Mata Amritanandamayi, “In reality, service is not when you do something for someone else. True service is when you see the other person as yourself.” This profound teaching invites us to expand our hearts and cultivate a positive mindset by recognizing the interconnectedness of all beings.

Mother Meera: The Silent Force of Divine Presence

Mother Meera, often referred to as the “Divine Mother,” is renowned for her silent transmission of light and grace. Her teachings, though conveyed in silence, resonate deeply with the transformative power of inner peace and positivity. Mother Meera emphasizes the importance of turning inward to discover the wellspring of love and positivity within.

Mother Meera’s guidance echoes in her silent presence: “I am here to help, to establish a deeper connection to the Divine in your own heart.” Through this connection, individuals can tap into an infinite source of positivity that transcends external circumstances.

Anandamayi Ma: The Joy-Infused Divine Mother

Anandamayi Ma, often addressed as the “Joy-Permeated Mother,” radiated boundless joy and love throughout her life. Her teachings reflect the simplicity and spontaneity of a heart immersed in divine love. Anandamayi Ma’s approach to positivity involves surrendering to the flow of life with trust and joy.

Quoting Anandamayi Ma, “You live in this world with great joy and delight, knowing that God Himself is your very own.” Her teachings encourage us to view life as a playground of joy, recognizing the divine presence in every moment. This perspective transforms challenges into opportunities for growth and positivity.

Practical Steps to Embrace Positivity

Cultivate Gratitude: Mata Amritanandamayi, Amma.org, often speaks about the transformative power of gratitude. By focusing on the positive aspects of our lives, we can shift our perspective and foster a sense of appreciation for the blessings that surround us.

Inner Silence and Stillness: Mother Meera’s emphasis on inner silence highlights the importance of finding moments of stillness amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. Through practices such as meditation, we can connect with the inner reservoir of peace that sustains positivity.

Surrender to Divine Will: Anandamayi Ma’s teachings on surrender invite us to release our attachment to outcomes and trust in the divine plan. This surrender empowers us to stay positive even in the face of uncertainty, recognizing that every experience is an expression of divine wisdom.

Extend Love and Compassion: All three divine mothers underscore the significance of love and compassion. By extending kindness to ourselves and others, we create a positive ripple effect that contributes to the collective well-being of humanity.


In the radiant teachings of Mata Amritanandamayi, Mother Meera, and Anandamayi Ma, we find an enduring invitation to embrace positivity as a way of life. Their wisdom transcends cultural and religious boundaries, offering a universal path to a heart-centered existence.

As we integrate their teachings into our lives, we not only nurture our individual well-being but also contribute to the creation of a more loving and positive world. In the words of these divine mothers, let us embody love, encouragement, and positivity, recognizing that within each heartbeat lies the potential for boundless joy and divine grace.

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Meet Paul Wagner

Paul Wagner (Shri Krishna Kalesh) is an intuitive mystic, clairvoyant reader, and a loving life & business coach. He created “THE PERSONALITY CARDS,” a powerful Oracle-Tarot deck that’s helpful in life, love, and relationships.

He created The Shankara Oracle, a profound divination tool that includes 18 gemstones, a lavishly designed divination board, and over 300 penetrative oracle cards – all to help you heal to your core and illuminate your Being.

Paul studied with Lakota elders in the Pecos Wilderness, who nurtured his empathic abilities and taught him the sacred rituals. He has lived at ashrams with enlightened masters, including Amma, the Hugging Saint, for whom he’s delivered keynotes at Her worldwide events.

Paul tours the world lecturing on spiritual liberation. He lovingly offers intuitive readings, inspirational coaching, and illuminating courses to help others with self-discovery, decision-making, healing, and forgiveness. Book a session with Paul: HERE

The Connect And Let Go Process

The Connect & Let Go Process

By Shri Krishna Kalesh



I developed this process by first creating The Personality Cards, my first oracle deck. The idea here is to focus on the challenging imagery that often reemerges so that the emotions arise just enough to be released. Connect with the imagery and emotions, then let them go. 

Additionally, focusing on personality attributes that have caused you trouble in the past can help you connect with the emotions that may have inspired them, so you can also release those as well. Connect with the attributes and related emotions, then let them go.


Overall Process

In all things, we must welcome our feelings and emotions. Never judging them, we fully embrace them, and we lovingly nudge them to rise up. Then we can either lovingly dissolve, coddle, release, or watch them gently exit our systems.

We do the same with others who are exhibiting feelings and emotions. We do not judge them for how these things emerge for them. 

We do not blame the person who is upset for being too angry, sad, depressed, brash, or anything other exaggerated emotion. 

We do not judge cursing or harsh language. 

While we, of course, should not allow physical violence and protect ourselves at all costs, we encourage and seek only the person’s acknowledgment of their pain, their healing, their path to letting go, and the journey toward forgiveness.


To Start

Begin the process by first acknowledging if any image comes to mind that you can welcome into your sphere. In doing so, can you feel the motions related to it? 

Can you focus so intently on it that it inspires an emotion to rise to the surface? 

Can you process this emotion by either crying or feeling the intensity of it for some time?



Self-Inquiry Process

For all of these questions, you can either sit with your Self and process these within your mind and heart, or you can add journaling to help you connect and let go.

Be vulnerable with your Self in this moment.

Open your heart to awaken your own healing.


The Divine

Ask God or Deity or Guru to be with you.

Open your heart to The Divine.

Allow your Self to be a child, truly open and pure.

Tell The Divine your problems as if She is your best friend.

Describe what bothers you most.

Describe what brings you pain.

Ask God to be with you, love you, hold you, and bless you.


Express Your Emotions

How does this make you feel?

Now that you are open and feeling loved, explore the images that come to mind.

Can you find the tears?

If not, can you breathe for a while to see what emerges?

Can you tell your Self: I love you, I am with you, God loves you, you are doing a wonderful job.



Is there someone you can forgive?

Is it you or someone else?

Can you empathize with the other person?

Can you empathize with your Self and who you used to be?

Can you feel the other person’s pain?

Can you feel the pain of the former You?

Can you forgive them now?



Can you love and appreciate yourself for working on your Self?

What do you need to appreciate at this time?

Can you let your tears flow?

Can you let forgiveness flow?

Can you allow the troubling imagery to exist and then dissolve?

Can you let your grudges, grievances, and projections go?

Can you let it all go?

Can you forgive everything?



What did you let go of today?

Describe what shifted

Describe how you feel now

Describe what is different

How will you go forward? 


Healing After Letting Go

Om 3 times into your hands. 

Rub your whole body 3 times with your holy hands.

If you’d like, imagine your deity’s or guru’s face in the palm of your hands as you do this.

Pray for everyone involved. 

Chant your mantra for some time.

Tell The Divine how much you love her.

Tell your Self how much you love her.

Recite something like: I am loving, peaceful, and happy, ready for a new day!


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