The Magic Platter Course: Expand Your Mystical Nature & Intuition


A Sprinkling Of Divine Teachings To Deepen Your Intuition

The Magic Platter is a great course for mystical Souls who love to dive deeply into the esoteric arts. A sprinkling of helpful teachings to help you grow! Learn how to connect with Spirits, read tarot (& other oracles), and improve your intuition.

You are deeply connected to the All-That-Is, every living & deceased spirit, and every Light-Being throughout spacetime. Your happiness is your birthright. Join me for this expedited, illuminating course.

Learn about these wonderful topics:

  • How to communicate with spirits
  • Deep forgiveness
  • The Power Tarot
  • How to improve your intuition
  • How to connect with the eternal Consciousness
  • Selfless service to others
  • Gurus and Masters
  • Creating empowering Environments for Rituals
  • Remote healing
  • Tips fo HSPs & Empaths & Sensitive Souls

You are a divine Being, filled with love and light, with unlimited potential in every direction. You, my dear, are loved for all time.

I hope you’ll join me on this lovely, informative, and uplifting course.


Paul (Kalesh)

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