In 80 Years, This Is True

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​​In just 80 years or less, we will be gone, largely forgotten. 


Our jobs, positions, titles, attitudes, and beliefs will have long dissolved. 


Our money will not exist. 


Our memories, projections, and defenses will be nothing.


Our hopes and dreams will have long dissolved and faded into the abyss. 


Our homes will house strangers.


Our expensive trinkets, toys, and cars will be heaped with trash from myriad others.


Our bodies will have long decayed and fed the insects in the earth and air. 


Our souls will have transcended beyond this three dimensional reality and birthed elsewhere – or continued to reside in the bosom of light. 


And the memories of us will have faded into a mere blip of a reflection of an image long forgotten.


Who you are right now is not who you believe yourself to be. 


What you’ll become is not what is obvious to you now. What you determine to be your life path in the here and now will result in forgotten fiction. 


There is no meaning, there is only an imagined meaning or hope or wish for meaning. 


What you are – is light – living in a body – and expressing yourself as a personality – which are barely representative of your depth, nature, and expansiveness. 


Begin to go within. Your pure essence is calling to you so that all changes, deaths, and transitions in this life will be nothing but bumps on a dusty road.

The “you” you cling to is but a fleeting mask, a character in a play that soon ends. Your current path, the one you meticulously plan and obsess over, is ultimately a meaningless story. There is no inherent meaning in this life, only the meaning we choose to create – a meaning that will hold no value in due time.

You are light, momentarily housed in a fragile vessel, expressing a fraction of your true essence. Begin your journey inward now. Discover the boundless light within, and all of life’s challenges will become mere pebbles on your path to enlightenment.

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