Wake Up Sunshine: Is Your Partner Truly Committed to You

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Wake Up Sunshine: Is Your Partner Truly Committed to You?

Hello, Spiritual Firestarters!

Today, we’re tearing off the rose-colored glasses and facing a truth we often only whisper about: the chilling possibility that your love life might be more illusion than reality. In the whirlwind of new romance, it’s all too easy to float blissfully on cloud nine. You’re tumbling headlong into love, every moment is exhilarating, and everything feels just perfect. But what happens when that intoxicating mist begins to clear and you start noticing things aren’t quite as they seemed?

If this sounds painfully familiar, you might be caught in the snares of ‘cushioning’ or ‘back-burnering’. Let’s dive into these modern dating disasters and identify the glaring red flags that signal your partner might not be as into this as you are.

Cushioning: The Infamous Backup Plan

Cushioning is the dark art of keeping someone else on the sidelines—just in case things with you don’t work out. Yes, it’s as underhanded as it sounds. Behind the scenes, they’re nurturing a semi-romantic connection with another, ready to jump ship the second your relationship hits turbulent waters.

Back-Burnering: Spotlight Not on You

Slightly different yet equally soul-crushing is back-burnering. Here, you’re not necessarily competing with another lover, but make no mistake: you are not the main event. You are the understudy, the second choice, lingering in the wings while your partner scans the horizon for a better option. They’re there, but they’re not with you. Not fully, not really.

Signs You’re Being Played

Obsessed with Their Phone: If your partner can’t part with their phone, sneaking texts and guarding it like nuclear codes, alarm bells should ring.

Hot and Cold: Are they all over you one minute and colder than a winter in Siberia the next? Such erratic behavior often points to them weighing their options—and you’re not the only one.

Flaky Plans: If getting them to commit to plans is like negotiating peace treaties, it’s because they’re keeping their options open, waiting to see if something “better” comes along.

Frequent Stand-Ups: Once is a mistake; repeatedly is a pattern. If they often ditch plans last-minute, their priorities are elsewhere.

Radio Silence: A genuinely interested partner finds time to communicate. No response is a response—it means they’re just not that into you.

Dwindling Intimacy: If your sex life has gone from steamy to non-existent without explanation, it’s likely their desires—and perhaps their attentions—are directed elsewhere.

While everyone has off days or moments where they withdraw, consistent patterns of the above behaviors over months are not just red flags; they’re flashing neon signs.

What You Deserve

Let’s get real: Relationships aren’t Band-Aids for loneliness. A truly fulfilling relationship enhances your life; it doesn’t compensate for what’s lacking. You deserve a partner who’s thrilled to be with you, committed to growing together, and treats you like the priority you are.

Take the Reins

If your gut is screaming that something’s off, listen to it. Don’t drown in a sea of excuses for someone who wouldn’t even wade into shallow waters for you. Remember, you’re not destined to play second fiddle in anyone’s orchestra.

And hey, always check yourself first. Maybe it’s your actions or lack of commitment that’s stirring the pot. Reflect, assess, and be honest with yourself. Start from a place of gratitude—acknowledge what’s genuinely wonderful about your partner. If you still end up asking, “Why the hell are they acting this way?” it’s time to bring it into the light.

If your instincts are still tingling after you’ve done your soul-searching, consider this your clarion call to action. You’re not here to be anyone’s backup plan or second choice. You’re here to be the star of your own epic love story.

So, Vibrant Firestarters of the Divine, if this resonates, it’s time to reassess, reclaim your power, and maybe reroute your journey to someone who truly values and cherishes you. Don’t settle for the shadows when you were born to shine brightly in the sun.

Join me and my tribe, and let’s dive deeper. While it won’t always be intense, I promise it’ll be one hell of a ride.

Paul Wagner 🕊️ Shri Krishna Kalesh

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