ASMR: The Wild Wonderful World Of Living Sound

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ASMR: The Wild Wonderful World Of Living Sound

If you love to feel intimately connected with yourself and nourish the parts of you that need some love and attention, you might LOVE ASMR!

Do you remember the feeling of having someone you loved brush your hair when you were a child and how relaxing that was? Do you love the sound of cellophane crinkling for some reason you can’t explain? Do you enjoy going to the doctor because of the one-on-one attention you get while you’re there?

If any of this sounds familiar, you aren’t alone – millions of people around the world are seeking out the relaxing experiences that can trigger ASMR. Read on to learn more about ASMR and what some of the most common triggers are. 

ASMR is alike an auditory hug or an intimate exchange with a lover. 

What Is ASMR?

ASMR stands for “autonomous sensory meridian response” and is a specific sensation people sometimes get in response to certain stimuli. Most people describe ASMR as a tingly feeling in the back of their head, although it can be more complex than that. In general, ASMR describes a feeling of deep, almost primal pleasure and relaxation.

There isn’t yet a lot of scientific study of ASMR and what causes it. The term was first coined in 2010 by a woman named Jennifer Allen, who launched a Facebook group to find out more about the phenomenon. Since then, millions of people have become fascinated by ASMR and have devoted themselves to finding new ways to experience this sensation. 

How Does ASMR Work?

The first thing to note about ASMR is that not everyone experiences it, and it’s different for everyone. In general, people have certain “triggers” that cause them to experience those sensations associated with ASMR. These triggers can include sounds, sensations, or even certain types of interaction.

There are millions of ASMR videos available on the internet with a wide variety of different triggers. Some of the most common triggers include having one’s hair brushed, listening to crinkling or brushing sounds, or getting devoted attention from some variety of caregiver. Some people may have a lot of ASMR triggers, while others may only have one or two. 

What Does ASMR Feel Like?

Many people describe ASMR as being a little like an orgasm for your mind. Although the experience isn’t necessarily sexual, it carries the same sort of relaxation and intense pleasure as an orgasm does. People who experience ASMR describe feeling almost as if they’ve gone into a trance, lulled into relaxation by their triggers.

For most people, ASMR takes the form of tingles beginning at the top of their scalp and making their way down the neck and back. You may experience a deep, primal sort of pleasure and a powerful sense of relaxation, almost floating. Some people find ASMR so relaxing that they go to sleep to ASMR videos or use them as a form of meditation. 

Brushing Sounds

Brushing sounds are one of the most common forms of ASMR triggers. For many people, their first experience with ASMR may be having a loved one brush their hair or brushing a childhood pet. These gentle sounds can still trigger those powerful feelings of safety, relaxation, and nostalgia.

You can find millions of videos geared towards brushing sound triggers for ASMR. Content creators film themselves brushing wigs, someone’s hair, pets, or even squares of carpet. These videos are filmed with binaural sound, which creates a more realistic 3D experience that can make you feel like you’re actually in the room with the person. 

Crisp Sounds

Crisp sounds are another common auditory ASMR trigger. This sound may remind us of paper rustling in books we read as a child, leaves crunching underfoot, or your parents reading the newspaper. 

As with brushing sound videos, content creators use binaural audio to record ASMR videos with crisp sounds. They may crumple up and then flatten out sheets of paper or tear that paper into small pieces. You can find videos of people crinkling cellophane and foil, combing their fingers through gemstones, or turning the pages of a book. 

Hair Brushing

For many people, physical touch is an important part of triggering an ASMR experience. As social creatures, we crave touch and physical affection from the people we love. In some cases, that physical touch can cause the sort of deep relaxation and platonic pleasure associated with ASMR.

You may find that you’re extraordinarily relaxed by the simple act of someone brushing your hair. If you don’t have anyone in your life who will do this for you, you can find videos of people brushing wigs or even other people’s hair. While these videos don’t recreate the full experience, they can simulate some of the relaxing sensation.

Ear Touching

You might be surprised to learn that many people find their ASMR trigger is in their ears. You have tens of thousands of nerve endings in your earlobes and in the shells of your ears. Some of these nerve endings even connect to other areas of your body, including your internal organs.

Many people find it relaxing – and in some cases, even erogenous – to have their ears touched and stroked. There are dozens of ASMR videos in which someone brushes their ear with a makeup brush. The soft head of the brush and the sound of the bristles moving over the ear can simulate the experience of someone stroking your own ear. 

Personal Attention

It’s no secret that many of us crave close personal attention. We love feeling like we’re the center of someone’s attention and that we’re really being listened to. In some cases, this pleasure may be so deep that it causes that ASMR reaction associated with deepest relaxation.

Some ASMR content creators film videos of themselves looking directly into the camera and speaking as though to you. They use positive, reassuring tones and put their hands near the camera to simulate touching your face. Even this simulation of close personal attention can give people that ASMR sensation.

Role Playing

Role playing is another popular form of personal attention for people who experience ASMR. You may have found that you enjoyed going to the doctor’s office or to get your hair done because of the one-on-one attention you got during those appointments. These situations also allow you to follow the direction of the caretaker, which can be relaxing for people with anxiety.

Some ASMR videos simulate an appointment with a doctor or similar caretaker. The creator may don a white coat, speak in a welcoming tone, and talk you through the steps of the appointment. They may give you small pieces of praise throughout the video and thank you at the end for being such a good patient. 

Color Matching

If you’ve seen color matching videos go by on social media, you know how engaging this content can be. Watching someone blend different shades of paint to achieve the perfect match is enormously satisfying. For some people, it can cause those tingles that go along with ASMR.

People who do color matching videos may focus on a couple of different ASMR triggers. They might create different color swatches that go well together or try to mix a paint that blends perfectly with another surface. Just watching someone mix paint can be extraordinarily relaxing in and of itself.

Learn More About ASMR

ASMR is a relatively new concept, but it has taken the internet by storm in the last few years. As of this writing, there are more than five million ASMR videos on YouTube, and that number is rising by the hour. If you’ve never experienced those tingles for yourself, try some of the triggers we discussed and see what is the most relaxing for you.

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