A Simple Structure For Your Intuitive And Psychic Sessions

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1. Take 5 minutes before each session to center, call in your guides, and allow your clients to reveal themselves to you. You might chant the Om Lokaha Somastaha Sukino Bhavantu mantra 13 times to clear the space. You can also say, Shiva, Shivani, Shiva, Shivani 7 times, which will clear the energetic fabrics connecting you and your client to this moment. This will free reality to emerge and supersede the constructs at play.

2. Make note of any imagery that immediately pierces the veil and falls into your consciousness.

3. When the session begins, start with a prayer or invocation, short and sweet: Thank you Great Spirit and The Eternal Consciousness, we invite all light-beings, ancestors, and gentle souls from all the realms to join us today, in service of (client name). So it is, so it shall be.

4. Sometimes I’ll begin with a pre-reading 2-3 card pull and I’ll do a quick summary of my exploration prior to the call.


5. I’ll then ask if they have any primary or burning questions or concerns they’d like to share before you do a full card pull and reading.

6. If they shared their questions, keep the categories and emerging imagery front-of-mind. Integrate these aspects into your interpretation of the cards.

7. Pull 3 primary cards, then 2 off to the side. Sometimes I wait to pull the additional two, allowing the energy of the in-play reading to influence the experience and electromagnetic nature of the reading and relating.

8. Remember to connect with them throughout the reading, with phrases like, is this true for you, are you feeling something around this, have your experienced something like this, etc.

9. If you feel they are energetically heavy or tense, mention that you sense this aspect emerging within them, and try to tie it into one of the cards. You might also pull additional cards along the way, especially in moments when you sense trepidation, hesitation, anger, sadness, and other emotions & states-of-mind.


10. As you get to the 2/3 mark in the reading (usually 40 minutes for me), see if you can draw some conclusions, tying several elements from the experience together. This might provoke other questions.

11. In your closing, try to imagine ways the person can improve their feelings, perspectives, health, and conditions, especially within the situations that arose during the session. Over time, you’ll have a trove of helpful hints and suggestions.

12. During the reading, listen intently to every word they say, pay attention to the emotions you feel in them, and allow imagery to come in. It’s during the most vulnerable and tepid moments of a reading, that guides are thrusting information our way – all in service to our clients.

13. To close, tell them you wish for them light, love, peacefulness, and happiness, Tell them they are the embodiment of light and love, and they can always go within to expand themselves and find peace. Tell them you are here for them should they need you.

14. The moment you hang up, thank God, The Universe, your guides, and all the light beings throughout all the realms for their guidance and participation. Remind them that you wish to be in service To All Beings For All Time. You might chant the Om Lokaha Somastaha Sukino Bhavantu mantra 13 times as your closure.

Just remember that you are a Divining Rod and your guides are with you, always. Trust this.

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How to Be Super Vulnerable so God Be Like, “WHUT! I Better Give You Some Love!”

super vulnerable

When we’re super vulnerable, we have a measure of God-consciousness. A Shutterstock Licensed Image.

Let’s nail an important definition upfront. In this article, God does not refer to a separate force but to the pristine electricity that we all embody, that we all desire to return to and merge with. For today, God is the Universe, All-That-Is, Consciousness, and the Eternal Everything. Let’s dig in and get to know what this pervasive embodiment of light and love might want from us — in prayer and in those super-secret moments when all hell breaks loose.

It’s not always easy to connect with and honor our naked, vulnerable selves, but that’s where the gold is. When it comes to having our prayers answered, it’s also our most potent tool.

When we feel hurt, we might prefer to be indignant or victim-minded. Relishing our anger, we might speak from a mask rather than what is beneath it. Unable to get past our stories and become vulnerable, we stew, label, and blame. When God hears this victim-mindedness in our prayers, She hums a little song and says, “This person is loved, but she is not ready yet.”

purchase-the-personality-cards-oracle-tarot-deckI was in New Mexico’s Pecos wilderness doing a ritual about letting go. The more vulnerable I became, the more I was able to connect with the earth, the sky, and all of the animals nearest me. With each breath, I let go of stories and untruths. I went deeper within my vulnerable self. It felt like a partnership with the divine. The more vulnerable I became, the more I let go, the more I felt the presence of the eternal flame.

I am not suggesting that we’re not allowed to be needy or that we should never use the label ‘victim’. I am saying that if we want to experience transformation or divination, it requires that we let go of all stories, labels, masks, excuses, and blame.

Upon letting it all go, God rests her hands on our shoulders and lets us know that we share her spirit. It is in this space that we enlighten ourselves and our lives. Embodying the purest attributes, we become everything, including the Gods we seek.


If we choose to remain inside of our stories and if we project only neediness, God hovers about and does not intervene. Why? Because it was our choice to not become Her.

To improve the purity of our consciousness and divinity, we must become Vulnerable Superheroes, dropping attitudes, entitlements, and masks. Letting go of frozen labels, needs, and desires, we begin to melt into the eternal Self, and we get a taste of who we are.

This is the Great Thaw.

When we’re angry or depressed, we fixate on our interpretations and projections. We defend our positions for hours, days, weeks, or lifetimes. The moment we stop defending and perseverating on our positions and circumstances, we realize we have been lying to ourselves and our identities begin to dissolve.


The more we melt, the sweeter we feel. It’s magic.

We realize the entire trip was a self-created nothing.

We are like dandelions blowing in the wind and God is the wind. The dandelion doesn’t make demands. He doesn’t beg for mercy or blames his neighbor. He doesn’t proclaim that he hates himself or that he’s fucked up.

The dandelion lets the winds of reality move through and around him so that they can remove what is not real. He bends with the winds, even blends with them. He is IN the moment with God and he IS the moment of God. There is no resistance.


This is why God and the dandelion get along so well. They know that they are one and the same.

Let’s walk deeper into ourselves without resistance or expectation. With open palms, let’s wave goodbye to our temporary illusions, personalities, and mind-bodies. We are electromagnetic pulses, vibrations, and light-beings. We are energy. Let’s embrace this idea.


What we imagine to be pain is an illusion.

Strip naked and feel the gentle caresses from the One that We All Are. I am not suggesting this is easy. I am aware that life is complex and full of diversions. I also know that diversions are only constructs. We create them, we grow them and we can let them go. They are like the whiskers on the dandelion. We can release them to the wind.

Today we might say:

“Dear Universal Being, God Consciousness, Eternal Electromagnetic Energy That I Am, it is with a light and open heart that I seek the purest vulnerability today. It is with a light touch that I nudge my projections and fears to the fire. It is with pure intentions that I release the cloaks and contrivances that blind me. Today I am open to being with the Creator without label or pretense. Today I am the Creator. Today I am in a state of loving that equals the reality of love throughout all of space and time. Today, I am truly vulnerable and ask for your hand and heart in all that I do. With love, in love, and always, your servant.”

Forensic Forgiveness: Unlocking the Emotions, Imagery, and Habits that Bind

Letting go doesn’t mean welcoming everybody back to the party. A Shutterstock Licensed Image.

Forgiveness can open up a cavern of light and potential within us, and produce powerful, miraculous effects. Forgiveness might not always involve loving our offenders, but it can include loving ourselves.

“Forge” is part of the words “forget” and “forgive.” Forge means to build, create, or clear. We have to create and clear paths to forget and we have to create and clear paths to forgive. The difference is that if we solely forget, we miss out on the lesson, and if we forgive, we absorb the lesson and embody a deeper clarity.

The word “forge” also suggests, “to birth using fire.” Forgiveness is full of fire. It’s about releasing (burning) the old and being reborn (rebirth).


“It’s one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, to forgive.

Forgive everybody.”

~ Maya Angelou


We might be unaware of our needs or desires to forgive others.

We might be deeply entrenched in emotions, habits, and activities that forsake our purity. It’s our hope for purity that inspires forgiveness; it’s our vulnerability that invites the divine to help us transform.

We might be so addicted to the stench of our habits, depressions, regrets, and their related resentments that we’ve become unwilling or unable to choose clean air. It’s easy to forget that rebirth is our birthright.


Upon a painful experience, a secret part of us might want to relish or preserve it. Our minds might add soundbites and images to our recollection of the event, which, in turn, transforms it into an indelible stew.

What then? If a part of us loves or builds-upon a negative event, how do we move through it or past it? It begs the ancient question, how do we forgive?


“Enlightenment means the ability to recognize oneself in all living creatures.”

~ Amma (Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, Amma.org)


The Process of Forensic Forgiveness

For some people, the forgiveness of even the most traumatic happens during a gentle walk by a quiet stream. After a sweet recollection of the good and the challenging, and the release of a few tears, it’s done. Forgiveness is miraculous when it happens this way.

Depending upon the relationship or event, forgiveness can also be extremely difficult, and the process can take what seems like centuries. As long as we don’t squash every impulse to forgive, our desires for resolute clarity will eventually saunter to the surface and humbly request our attention. GO FORGIVENESS GO!

If forgiveness is difficult for you, consider picturing yourself as having required some aspects of the traumas or relationships you experienced for your growth, evolution, or healing. It’s in this way that you might be able to assume a measure of power over your past. It might then be possible to heal in the present and allow an unburdened future to unfold.

Let’s recap. Forgiveness can be a b*tch, but you can do it!

To begin, write in your journal. I use my journal as a living, editable relationship with the Divine. Whatever I write, I assume that the Divine is helping me to process it, extract its highest value, and turn it into light.

As you write about the events and people in your journal, consider every interaction to be a lesson about who you are. Don’t obsess over the actions of others. We have no control over these things.

Refrain from seeing yourself as a victim. Let the tears and feelings flow without reservation. When it comes to forgiveness, judgment and fear are pointless.

For this exercise, write solely about the characteristics of your challenging experiences, and refrain from meticulously documenting the details. Explore solely the attributes.

If someone added anger into the mix, add anger to your “list of attributes.” If the event involved betrayal, lying, contrivance, deceit, or physical pain, add those to the list. If this same person or event also brought grace and love into your life, add those to your list.

As the list grows, you’ll see the characteristics, emotions, and aspects at play. These are things that emerged around YOU. These things are part of YOUR narrative. YOU are the centerpiece. It’s not about other people, it’s about YOU.

Click to read “Amma: The Loving, Hugging, Humanitarian Saint”

As you compile the list, continue to write in your journal. Gently describe all the images, phrases, and associations related to the traumatic events that you wish to integrate and heal. Look at every trajectory, related person, and imagined picture that appears to be connected to the events that you are processing.

After you’ve exhausted your written exploration, process how you feel about each image, phrase, and soundbite. Try to encourage your feelings to move. As you process and release emotions, feel the clearing in your heart.

Cry, pound the earth in anger, and pray. The more complex the collage, the deeper the lessons. Be thorough. While it’s wonderful when this process is completed within a short period, allow forgiveness to take some time.


Let go and forgive all aspects, all the stories, and every image.

Remember to forgive yourself along the way.


What is Emotional Forgiveness and Healing?

Emotional forgiveness is the process by which you express your emotions to achieve forgiveness, and therefore achieve a healing. This is not the only pathway to forgiveness and healing, but it’s the predominant one.

As you look deeper into the attributes of the people and events in your life, you might see that you have hurt people in similar ways to how you have been hurt. It might be that the traumas you’ve experienced are nothing more than divine modalities helping you to resolve prior actions and to become a better person.

By feeling and expressing our emotions, we achieve tidbits of wisdom. With emotions comes wisdom.

Rituals of Forgiveness & Letting Go

Rituals help us physicalize our beliefs and desires, helping them come into our physical realities.

My favorite ritual is The Seven Arrows ritual, most reliably found within the Native American tradition. The ritual involves making a list of the things that you seek to release from your life (Death Arrows), along with a list of the things and attributes you wish to welcome into your life (Life Arrows).

During the ritual, you decorate arrows for each item on the list, and then do separate rituals for the Life Arrows and the Death Arrows. It’s all about letting go and making room for goodness and transformation in your life.

The Changing The Book of Life Ritual is an equally powerful ritual. In this ritual, you make a list of the events, people, and experiences that you wish to remove from your life. Ask that the universe return any gifts, talents, and attributes that you were given during each of these experiences and relationships. Pray that the people related to these events are nurtured and healed by the divine, and do not experience any loss.

For each event, experience, and relationship you wish to cleanse, ask that all the gifts, talents, and attributes that you relinquished during each exchange be returned to you. Throughout the process, allow emotions to rise and dissipate. This is how the soul achieves cleansing and clearing.

Love, forgiveness, emotional-release, and healing based rituals have the power to remove negativity, enlighten our paths, and create lasting healing and change.

If you’d like a copy of these rituals, email me at paul@paulwagner.com.

“Discrimination is meant for one who is in the process of evolution. You need strict discrimination to understand the difference between what is good for your spiritual progress and what will create obstacles in your path. A seeker must discriminate between what is eternal and what is non-eternal. But once you have attained the state of perfection, you have renounced everything, even discrimination. You cannot hold onto anything. Transcending all dualities, you become the universe; you become expansiveness itself. You become both day and night. You go beyond purity and impurity.” ~ Amma (Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, Amma.org)

When We Let Go, We Create Space

While society often teaches us otherwise, our attachments aren’t treasures. Even our habits around family and friendships can be hindrances. Seeing ourselves clearly often requires changing habits, relationships, environments, and releasing the things that inhibit or restrict our clarity and freedom.

By diving deep into the elements, associations, and related mental conjurings of our most challenging experiences, we exponentially expand our understanding of ourselves and reality.

We deepen and expand. By doing so, we create internal engines that allow us to process life’s events with greater ease.

With release comes a vacuum, which the universe will seek to fill with reflections that are in line with your renewed self. While this process is an act of self-love, it is also a prayer of hope for your offenders.

Forgiveness helps us release the emotions and imagery that restrict us. From there, we grow discrimination. Everybody wins, especially you.

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personality cards

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personality cards

personality cards

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Praying With Humility: How To Change Yourself And The World

change yourself

Praying Hands, Change Yourself – A Shutterstock Licensed Image

It’s perfectly appropriate to defend our belongings, lives, and loved ones, and to yearn for specific relationships and life-experiences. It’s also suitable to desire titles, positions, gobs of money, and the highest levels of success. You might even have fantasies of domination or revenge. It’s all part of the play.

While goals and desires can be conjured through intentions and focused effort, prayers tend to require a separate set of conditions and attributes. If all whimsies and pangs of hunger were equal to prayers, then prayers for football team wins, stock windfalls, and military massacres would dominate the supernatural circuits, and crowd the fulfillment funnel.

For a prayer to be considered “fair trade,” it’s probably best it meets one or more of these conditions:

  • Reflects a personal, life or death situation
  • Is born from pure, heartfelt intentions
  • Stems from a place of humility
  • Reflects a measure of reverence
  • Does not require that other living Beings be hurt, punished, or killed
  • Results in improved conditions for one or more people, the results of which do not threaten other living Beings
  • Enhances an individual’s or group’s health, safety, mental capacity, attitude, emotional state, spiritual
  • wholeness, comfort, relationships, or general well-being, including yours
  • Expedites a person’s psychological, emotional, or spiritual evolution, including yours
  • Inspires and invites feelings of positivity, kindness, and generosity
  • Provokes compassion or empathy from anyone who might hear the prayer
  • Immediately increases the vibration of the person praying


If your prayer doesn’t embody any of the above attributes, it might be more of a hope, desire, or goal than a prayer. Authentic prayer does not generally involve the ego. For example: praying for a financial windfall is probably egoistic, but praying to receive money to pay for your Mother’s surgery, might have measurable appeal to the Universe’s vibrational, response-network.

How do we create and improve our realities?

To up-level our selves and lives, we start with a feeling or a sense, then we slowly churn it into an intention. Once it’s embedded in us, we imagine related scenarios, outcomes, and destinations. Within these elusive dreams, we form agendas and implement actions, thereby moving us toward the fulfillment of our desires.

To accelerate our journeys, we might use games, leverage, strategy, or cunning. We might also engage our friends, allies, and demons. These are the systems and rackets that rule our physical lives within our three-dimensional realities.

It’s perfectly moral to have goals, dreams, and fantasies that are self-serving. Even a measure of greed can produce positive feelings and outcomes. It’s also permissible to dance with shadows and invite devils to dinner. What separates goodness from evil is not our thoughts or associations; it’s the upshot of our efforts. If hints of our intentions, and hosts of our actions, produce favorable conditions, we still might be invited to sit at the right hand of the divine.

When we’re in the aggressive pursuit of achievement and position, it’s not necessarily harmful or bad, but it’s probably not prayerful. Prayerfulness requires our vulnerability. If our prayers are muddied with desires for pleasures and trinkets, they can become superfluous, even benign.

What if we wish to shift something unique, deep, and lovely? What if our desires are perfectly pure and egoless? What if we have the heart, soul-intention, and desire-base of a child? What, then?

Strangely, the Universe, born from light, has the heart of a child. This child is not infantile; rather, She is the embodiment of the deepest and most profound truths in all of reality, and throughout all galaxies and realms. Whether you see Her as a God, Avatar, Master, or Guru, or the embodiment of pure electromagnetic energy giving birth to matter and circumstance, She is truth itself.

When we beckon the Divine, we enter into a courtship with eternal light. It doesn’t matter if we’ve named him Jesus, Buddha, or Elm Tree, and it doesn’t matter whether we’re rich or poor. What matters most is that we have chosen to bow to a Supreme Being, which is also us. As we embody the purest humility, we see through the eyes of the Divine, and into forever. It’s in this state that prayers are immediately fulfilled.

Once we are in a complete and humble prostration to the eternal Self, we can be anyone or anything. In this position, we can share every tidbit of our pain and let it all out. We can be sad, angry, or delighted. We can be full of love, rage or hate. We can be selfish, and we can beg. Most importantly, as we lay our hearts and burdens at His holy feet, we free ourselves. This is how every soul, regardless of religion, can be immersed in the bosom of eternal light, and be born again.


Genuine prayer is not easy. It comes at a price. To connect with and shift the fabric of reality through prayer, we must first admit that our self-identities and personas are temporary and barely real.

While we might not need to embody our purest selves at the start of our prayers, we need to be open to our unraveling. Without a doubt, to achieve a durable state of prayer, we must acquiesce to the All-That-Is, from the cores of our beings.

The Reality Of It All

When leading and participating in Native American and Pagan rituals, I’ve seen people heal themselves of hatred, depression, and disease. I’ve felt spirits exit bodies, and I’ve seen miraculous transformations in the most broken and horrid people.

Through deeply intentional and action-based prayers, I know that anything is possible. Even if for a moment, if we can strip ourselves of our false identities and desires, and open our hearts to the vibrations of pure light, we can co-create any reality.

To begin, sit in silence, and bow to the eternal master. Call out to your angels, guides, Gods, and helpers in all the realms. Yearn to be opened. Beg for the light to blow you away.

The Electromagnetic Nature Of Emotions

Electromagnetic nature of emotions

Electromagnetic nature of emotions. A Shutterstock Licensed Image

When we allow ourselves to feel our emotions, it’s as though hidden forces, even tidal waves, move within us. As we process them, vast amounts of space within our minds and hearts emerge. We feel lighter and more resolved. Our emotions help us evolve and teach us how to expand, yet our understanding of them is limited.

Electromagnetism is the study of electromagnetic force, which is born from interactions that occur between electrically charged particles. Particles attract, matter is formed, and energy is emitted.

Electromagnetic fields transport these forces, giving birth to electromagnetic radiation, such as light. As atoms attract via electromagnetism, they create our physical realities. We cannot exist without electromagnetism.

Lightning is the result of electrostatic discharge. Emotions are similar. When we have experiences, we immediately absorb them, and then our personalities form responses. Meanwhile, without any apparent effort, our minds and hearts funnel our experiences through our unique webs of perceptions and beliefs. At the end of this speed tunnel, and without much effort, our emotions are born.


As ideas and imagery move through our minds and bodies, they bounce around like pinballs, creating, and provoking emotional responses. It’s in this way that emotions appear to be ultra-compact, contained hurricanes of raw energy. Since they can be stored and extracted, it means that emotions most likely have mass.

Emotions Are Somewhat Infectious

You’ve been in movie theaters and experienced waves of emotions. During specific scenes, you can almost feel the weight in the room. It’s quite possible that when we express emotions through laughter, yelps, and gasps, we release chemicals and electromagnetic discharges born from emotions. This is why being in a funeral home might feel different than being in your living room.

Are my emotions more powerful than God?

When religions tell you to ignore your emotions, they’re telling you to deny your impulses and refute your ability to expand. Since your expansion can produce your divinity, you’re a threat to every religion.

The more conscious religions will encourage you to honor your emotions, and expand your understanding of self. While it might be challenging to become self- and God-realized, religions should encourage these pursuits. What can be more critical than your expanded consciousness? Maybe nothing.

If emotions weren’t the byproduct of interactions, we’d have a better chance at controlling them.

Emotions are tiny, energy-Beings that are created and fueled by our thoughts. When we have a charged thought, whether positive or negative, we will undoubtedly experience emotions. Because we often assign meaning to our thoughts, they tend to have a flavor of angry, sad, delight, fury, excitement, and more.

While it’s difficult to control how we express our emotions during traumatic and profoundly beautiful events, it’s possible.

Emotions like love, joy, comfort, relaxation, peace, and positive passion can improve our attitudes, relationships, and immune systems.

Meanwhile, emotions like fear, hate, anxiety, shame, blame, and despair tend to deplete our energy levels and health and even kills cells. Regardless of this distinction, dormant emotions, harmful or not, must be encouraged to move.

Here’s how you might awaken or move your emotions and the related electromagnetic discharges toward your favor:

  • When having an emotion, allow it to breathe. Don’t judge it. Try to love it.
  • As it moves within you, note how much energy it requires to sustain.
  • If an emotion commandeers your passion or clarity, note its value: positive or negative.
  • If it’s negative, permit yourself to express it safely. Letting out a little steam will reduce its internal effect on you. If the feelings of negativity remain dominant, choose a modality to help you express it. You might consider crying, exercising, writing in your journal, pounding the earth, or doing a healing ritual to help you expand beyond your temporary self-identity.
  • If your feelings are positive, let them fill you up, then share them with abandon.
  • In every situation, you can choose a higher-level perspective. In doing so, your emotions will follow suit. While honoring your emotions is essential, it’s best not to fuel negative emotions. Give them their say, even a vote, but don’t give them a seat at the table or cement them into your reality.

Can We Replace Emotional and Mental Mechanisms to Make Life Easier?

Human beings do not react similarly to the same conditions, largely because our perceptions and beliefs are not uniform. Each of us is a unique machine, with indeterminable mental pathways, emotional mirrors, and projection systems. Given the complexities of each person’s life, it would be quite challenging to successfully swap one person’s wirings and inner workings for another’s.

Current technological advances seem to allude to the possibility of replacing aspects of ourselves with prosthetic emotional and mental constructs. While this is compelling, it would most likely require brain transplants, and thorough expunges of our neural networks. In cases like these, individuals would no longer be themselves. In fact, they might be considered adult new-borns.


Where Can Our Emotions Lead Us?

Just like a compass needle, our emotions seem to point us in specific directions. Anger tends to lead to destruction, although rage can protect us, and noble fights can produce miraculous outcomes. Joy tends to point to positivity, although it can also result in permeable boundaries and unwanted pregnancies. It’s all a matter of perspective, and it’s situation-specific. If we’re careful with our emotions, we can construct formidable personalities, through which, we can create empowered lives.

What’s The Takeaway Here?

Your emotions comprise one, massive, collective organ. Each emotion is akin to a mini hurricane, which can save, protect, or heal you. Emotions either fuel your reality or feed its deconstruction. Every emotion you have is a piece of you. It lives within your body and emits electromagnetic discharges. Your emotions have a substantial influence on your overall vibration.

Treat this vital, collective organ with respect. Seek modalities and rituals that ground and nurture you, and use your words and tears to express your position. Remember that you can often choose your emotions, or at the very least, choose to improve upon them.

Finally, in all things:

  • Accept what is happening in the present moment.
  • Release your resistance to the flow.
  • Be careful when assigning meaning to circumstances, events, and relationships.
  • Focus on love, joy, and health.
  • When confronting hypocrisy and insanity, be fierce, firm, and swift.
  • Remember, the past is a canceled check.
  • Choose positive responses whenever possible.
  • Set clear boundaries so you can protect your beautiful garden.

Unlock The Hidden Secrets of Your Personalities

hidden secrets of personalities

Our Personalities Are Temporary Self-Identities! A Shutterstock Licensed Image.

Some life lessons are hard to swallow, but the toughest ones are those which push us toward a greater self-understanding. With an expanded sense of Self, we make better decisions and our lives are more peaceful and productive, even healthier. What determines our growth is not warm-fuzzy, white-light vision-boards; rather, it’s the actions we take toward fulfilling our dreams of self-realization that determine our growth and success.

Each of us is an ever-changing chemical equation in pursuit of connection and equanimity. We know that our personal alchemy and happiness are dependent upon our thoughts and desires, but without investment through action, nothing in our physical realities will change.

Working in the background of our daily lives and relationships is a set of powerful personalities. This buoyant, loyal, feisty group of secret identities is what we use to interact with the world. By confronting, healing, and up-leveling each of these personalities, we in turn release emotions, people, events, beliefs, and paradigms that no longer serve our evolution. In the process, we transform this life, as well as prior and future lives.

The Purpose of Personalities

Every experience results in the accumulation of attitudes, intentions, and beliefs, which live in us like magnets. Left unchecked, our internal magnets can attract undesirable experiences to our lives. These magnets also form identity masks (personalities) within us, which also attract experiences and act as the engines behind our actions. We are at the mercy of these amorphous, embedded constructs until we recognize, heal, and release them. While some of our personalities are helpful or benign, the rest of the crew can be a force to reckon with.


Our core personalities act as the collective machine that drives our lives. Much like our spirits use our bodies to live in physical realities, we use our primary personalities to engage the world, make friends, get jobs, and get attention. By temporarily naming and then exploring our personalities, we make them more relatable in the moment, which helps us process unattended emotions, imagery, and experiences. Doing so, we increase our ability to forgive ourselves and others. As a result, our awareness expands and we grow.

Over time, we evolve and our core personality sets change. At the ends of our lives, we drop all personalities and return to Source.

This does not mean that our souls die: it means we go back to an existence without pretense or construct, a state we can achieve while living in our bodies in the here and now.

Return to Source

According to the most ancient spiritual traditions, the purpose of life is to release the features within us that are incongruent with the Source of all life. This is what the masters who have appeared throughout time have taught us. Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus, Krishna, Lao Tzu, Quan Yin, Amma, Paramahansa Yogananda, Swami Vivekananda, Osho, Thich Nhat Hanh, Sai Baba and all the light beings who brighten our spirits, point to oneness with creation, a merging with eternity.
They desire for us to go through the process of Self-realization, seeking Nirvana, the state of the perfect non-existence of self-serving desires. Some people pursue this clear state by praying, chanting, or living monastic lives, but the majority of us utilize relational and emotional modalities to serve our spiritual advancement. These tools bring us closer to the Self, expanding our awareness, clarity, and sense of freedom.

By exploring and finding empathy for the broad spectrum of human attributes inherent in the human condition, we move closer to the Source.

By seeing ourselves in every living being we experience and interact with, we become free. With our intentions and actions focused on embracing all aspects of the human condition, we awaken.

The Challenge

How do we begin this type of deep exploration? There are powerful rituals that can bring us closer to ourselves. From Sweat Lodges and Pagan Rituals to advanced energy work and self-cleansing modalities, we have many options.

The challenge is that most of us do not have the simplicity of life to allow a one-time workshop or Vision Quest to take hold in our lives in a longer-term, meaningful way. And even though we might recite positive thoughts and mantras, if we’re honest with ourselves, we know these things are often not powerful enough to break our emotional and psychological bondage. In many ways, traditional new age modalities are temporary, egotistic, problematic, and narcissistic.

We cannot advance without a measure of deep exploration and momentary pain. We might achieve a state of clarity for a moment, but it doesn’t mean we can sustain it or necessarily benefit from it. Even if we sit in meditation for 10 days and eat vegetarian food while focused on our navel, the positive effects will easily wear off if we do not upkeep the efforts. Consistency in positive, transformative, and cleansing action is what returns us to ourselves and keeps us there.

You can breathe white light out your crown chakra all day long, but there’s no guarantee your mind will not consume you in the hours that follow.

Slowing down for long enough to achieve lasting transformation is a challenge we all face. There are few systems in place that can give us true transformation. Most of the spiritual teachings we regularly consume are bundles of candy. They feel so good, they’re pretty, they’re delivered by sexy yogis, they create positive vibrations and they inspire a sense of openness for a moment. But a week later, what has truly changed? Very little.

The path of the Shaman and spiritual aspirant consists of an equal balance of exploring the light and opening the doors to the shadows. This path takes into account the balance of light and dark inherent in the universe. We cannot sit in the light and expect lasting change.

The universe is everything, both light, and dark. If, while consuming the light, we are not dancing with the dark, we are missing the point. Jesus spent 40 days in the desert. He wasn’t playing charades or writing positive thoughts on index cards. He was dealing with his shit and the shit in all of the universes. We all have the same opportunity but rarely pursue it.

The Work

6 years in development, Paul’s The Personality Cards, and Blended Soul app, are tools that can help you deepen your process of self-exploration. If you wish to do the work without a toolset, here’s what I recommend:

  1. Sit quietly with your journal and write down a list of your positive attributes.
  2. Write down a list of people who you believe are personifications of these attributes.
  3. Write down a list of your negative and bizarre attributes.
  4. Write down a list of the people who are reflections of these attributes.
  5. Pick the 3 most-exaggerated people from each list.
  6. One by one, look into each personality and be honest about how you resemble each person. Explore each attribute and look at how you have behaved in similar ways.
  7. Be honest with yourself about your ugliness. Express regret, find your anger, find the sadness beneath your anger and let it all go.
  8. Find forgiveness for yourself and others in every instance related to these 6 personalities.
  9. Contemplate the images that have haunted you or oppressed you. Focus on the emotions and let them out. Release your attached to the images and the emotions. Clear the slate so that you can become new.
  10. Celebrate your positive attributes and commit to realigning with them in all of your future endeavors.
  11. Write down your thinking and emotional processes as you go through this activity.
  12. Allow several hours or several days to complete a thorough exploration and full-body release. Do whatever it takes.
  13. Once complete, keep a list of the attributes you are hoping to embody throughout the rest of your life.
  14. Repeat this process when you feel cloudy or uncertain about who you are.

Enjoy Your Clarity

After going through this process, you will have a newfound clarity. Your mind will be more at ease and your heart will be open and full. Go deep and find clarity.

The purpose here is to embody a high level of acceptance for who you really are, who other people are and what reality is. There is no quick path to remove all of our false projections. There is only the expanding of your awareness, which most often comes through an intensely emotional experience. Without emotion, there is little chance wisdom will prevail.

Seek to know all parts of you. Do not run away from the shadows and challenges deep within your psyche. Cleanse them by opening the doors to the light. While the pain might feel unbearable, it is temporary.

This is an ongoing process. Continue to explore and release emotions around the imagery you obsess about. Grieve every image and every personality. Always seek the release of negative attributes and allow for the deepest awareness around every situation.


The Potential Changes

The more you are able to cleanse the emotions from your physical body and the more you are able to shed light on your shadows, the more you will evolve. This evolution will create greater simplicity in your life. It will be a letting go on every level. The value is that by climbing all of these emotional mountains, you give yourself the ability to climb every mountain and face every obstacle in your physical reality.

The more you go through these processes, the more you will see changes in your jobs, security, love life, personal life, and relationships. Upon every letting go of emotion, you’ll release or change your magnets. With fewer magnets, there are fewer attachments.

By going through these types of processes, you will change at a core level. This means that some of the people in your life may leave, new people may emerge and life will feel different. The degree to which you commit to this process will be equal to the level of peace that will emerge in your life.

Throughout this process, you will learn whether or not your family is an age-old addiction or a valuable tribe of compatriots. You will learn about your inner monsters and their ill-effects in your life. Most importantly, you will learn how to be connected to the Source of all life. While this takes time, each step can be freeing, illuminating, and exciting.

Born From a Divine Spark

We are all born from divine sparks. These sparks, however pure, cannot prevent us from adopting debilitating characteristics and attitudes. However difficult, healing these aspects helps us evolve.

You are invited to explore, embrace, forgive, and celebrate all aspects within yourself and others. Imagine the personalities living in your core. See each of them as a reflection of you and the people in your life. See each one as a representation of an aspect of the universe calling you to love, heal, and master it. May this process help you move successfully past your stories and closer to emotional and spiritual freedom.

How To Write Letters That Inspire Your Rebirth And Educate Your Inner Circle

How to write letters

Writing letters can move you forward – even if you don’t send them. A Shutterstock Licensed Image.

Changing our lives often requires putting our intentions into words. Handwritten letters to friends, families, and enemies can help you let go, move on, and level up. 

When we want to experience a life-changing paradigm-shift, we can’t ignore all of the people who reside in our minds and hearts. Whether they are friends or enemies, we are relating with them on some level. If we are to transforms our beliefs, we must also shift those relationships. They are mirrors that we cannot ignore.

To truly change the paths of our lives, and shift our behaviors, we must engage with every figure that feeds us, whether the person is living in this physical world or traversing other realms.

It’s not important whether or not we physically reconnect with these people. It’s not important whether we wish to build or burn the bridge. What’s most vital here is that we seek an understanding of their roles in our lives going forward.


Keep in mind that even if you write the most stunning letter, one worthy of the Smithsonian, it doesn’t mean that you should send it. The first mission is to write the letters.


Why Would You Want To Write These Letters?

  1. You’ve already had a rebirth and you wish to educate a few of the most important people in your life.
  2. You desire a complete transformation and wish to energetically (not physically) engage the people and images that might be influencing your current (outdated) self-identity, self-perception, beliefs, desires, and actions.
  3. Knowing that you placed yourself at the mercy of people you do not like or those who do not respect you, you have decided to eradicate all negative and negating influences and circumstances in your life.

How Do I Write These Letters?

First Version

  1. Imagine that you can say anything to this person. No holding back!
  2. Treat this first letter as a secret journal, only meant for you and the Divine.
  3. As you write, express your feelings with clarity and certainty, and without hesitation.
  4. Explore your feelings and thoughts in this letter until you have exhausted every aspect of the relationship. Dig into nooks and crannies. Illuminate old imagery. For this moment, bring it all in, writing everything that comes across your mind and heart.
  5. Try to find moments where you enjoy it. Allow feelings of sadness and anger. Let your emotions come to the surface. Honor them, for a moment.
  6. Print the letter, kiss it, hug it, and thank yourself for writing it.
  7. Burn the letter in the sink.
  8. Say a prayer for this person. Imagine that you and this person are surrounded by pink, protective light. Send the person lots of love and remain in gratitude for this experience.


Final Version

  1. As you embark on the writing, imagine that you are speaking to yourself. When expressing your feelings, do not dwell on the past, rather, dwell on gratitude.
  2. Respectfully honor the past, without being too specific or too verbose. Stay away from blame or suggesting that one of you could have done better or been smarter.
  3. Declare where you believe the relationship will now go. Even if it is to remain in the ether, speak your truth with love and light.
  4. Craft this letter as if you are writing to the Universe, because you are.
  5. As you write, let emotions arise and let them go. Honor them, but do not dwell on them. These little bubbles are no longer meant for you.
  6. Sit with the letter. Hold it in your lap. Love it. Close your eyes. Breath into this moment. Feel gratitude.
  7. Either prepare to send the letter to this person or decide to make that decision later. Put the letter on your altar or in a sacred, secret place.


After writing each letter, you might feel a little exhausted. You might feel confusion, sadness, or anger. You will certainly feel relief. Allow these feelings to dissipate. Breathe deeply and allow your mind and heart to clear.

Pray for each person to whom you’ve written a letter. Pray for their health and happiness. Pray for their families and future. Send them love and light. Appreciate all the positive aspects of these relationships and be grateful for every lesson, no matter how small.

Every person that comes into our lives embodies a lesson. Each lesson is born from our desires to evolve. If we attract a lesson, no matter how painful or wonderful, it is because we vibrated the nature of that lesson, long before it appeared in our lives.

You are an electromagnetic Being. You are primarily soul plus a tiny hint of body. The body is secondary. Your relationships are secondary. Learn to honor them by showing up with clarity and vibrancy. Learn to celebrate them. And when it’s time, learn to let them go.

Truth be told:

Your relationship is not with other people. 

It’s with the Universe.

Make bold decisions that make you feel happy and resolved.

If you need to communicate these things, do it swiftly.

Let your soul embrace every lesson it desires. In all things, seek clarity, and be grateful. If you are resistant and defiant when having an experience with another, let it go before you hurt yourself or others. That person or lesson might not be meant for you.

For transformational rituals, including how to process and release prior relationships, circumstances, and beliefs, go HERE.

Relinquish Codependency In Life, Love, Relationships and Business: It’s Time To Liberate!


Codependency t is best. A Shutterstock Licensed Image. 

Our primary relationship is not with any individual, it’s with the Universe. The transcendent self is eternal.

Many of us are afraid to be spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically liberated. On the surface, it appears to come at such a cost. When releasing codependent patterns, we know that our relationships will change, and our businesses will shift. In pursuit of liberation, our lives can transform to such a degree, they might be unrecognizable, at least for a while.

When circumstances introduce us to our codependencies, we might fight them until we lose everything, including our self-respect. We might even latch onto our codependence in defiance, so we can prove somebody wrong. As we argue for our attachments to these mutually limiting dependencies, we hurt ourselves and others.

What Happens When We Release Codependency?

When we release codependency from our lives, relationships, and businesses, everything becomes more clear. We empower ourselves and others to be interdependent, where each participant healthfully and confidently maintains their own temporary self-identities.

As we release codependencies, we might fear losing prior relationships, but what usually emerges is greater clarity in these connections and a more evolved individuation. Certainly, things will change, but always for the better.


When we reevaluate the limiting relationships in our businesses, we might fear losing long-term employees whom we’ve come to depend upon. Truth be told, when in pursuit of clarity in our businesses, we usually end up liberating these employees to pursue their highest self.

In the meantime, we clean up energy pockets, paradigms, and processes that formerly reduced our self-esteem, market value, client reviews, revenue, and abilities to be truly effective.

In the pursuit of a non-codependent life, we may fear becoming so different that we won’t recognize ourselves or our loved-ones. In the end, we do become different. And so do our projections onto others. This up-level is an improvement for the Universe.

When we move away from codependence:

• We stop carrying other people’s baggage.

• We stop living in accordance with other people’s jealousy.

• We begin to reject other people’s limiting projections on us.

• We no longer fret over what other people think about us.

• We stop limiting ourselves so that others feel comfortable.

• We stop blaming ourselves for other people’s failures and deceit.

• We stop falling when others fall. We stop failing, overall.

It’s not easy, but when we relinquish codependency, we up-level our entire ecosystem. Doing so, we give others the chance to choose liberation over their prior limiting behaviors and paradigms.

When anyone releases codependent behaviors,

the whole Universe benefits.

As we inch closer to a lasting clarity, we might grasp at some of the relationships in our lives. We might attach to temporary, contrived meanings and take several steps backwards. In the process of pursuing liberation, we might even slam the door in its face.

What does it mean to be liberated?

Liberation is the release of our binding and limiting attachments to our attitudes, stories, minds, emotions, relationships, temporary self-identities, physical realities, and all of the extrapolated illusions that are born from them.

Liberation is an immersion in the eternal,

a highway without pitstops.

Generally, as we evolve and release our codependence, stories and attachments, it’s common to find that many relationships begin to evaporate into the horizon, much like any dream. What emerges is a more resilient Self-identity founded in eternal truths versus societal constructs, fairytales, and fabrications. This can happen with our lovers, spouses, businesses, and more.

The liberation path eventually extinguishes our addictions to codependence and our needs for approval from others. In its wake, we begin to reflect on Self as it is, not as a comparative to others, or as a reflection of our temporary positions in other people’s lives.


Eventually, the concept of maintaining relationships becomes superfluous. Since the universe always brings to us people and events that are magnetically aligned with our temporary self-identities and vibrations, we needn’t worry about maintaining relationships. These connections will work out in accordance with the revised clarity and energetic dissonance between us.

In the process of liberating ourselves, the Universe honors who we have become and are becoming. In so doing, it allows our prior relationships to either up-level or evaporate. Throughout the processes inherent in liberation, and the release of all codependence, all parties are recalibrated according to their revised self-identities and vibrations. All is well.

Our primary relationship is not with any individual.

It’s with the Universe.

In the pursuit of the eternal, everything eventually falls into place, in its own time. It’s like planning a road trip. You can’t venture to Vancouver without a vehicle. The pursuit of transcendent liberation is the vehicle for the up-leveling of your life, paradigms, perspectives, attitudes, and temporary self-identities. It’s the only vehicle that can carry the truth of the all-that-is and grant you access to it.

Be clear with what you want. Allow insecurities and misconceptions to move through you and outside of you. Don’t use your fears around codependency as your excuses to avoid transformation.

Stop defending lies. Practice recognizing your potential and celebrating your pursuit of it.

“Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.”

— Goethe

Yes, divine intervention is real and palpable. But we must take the first step.

The Black Moon: An Invitation To Celebrate & Invest In The Awesome And Incomparable YOU!

The black moon

A Black Moon is Beautiful and Powerful! A Shutterstock Licensed Image.

Embrace Your Brilliance And Take Action NOW! A Black Moon is a delicious invitation to embrace your creative spark.

A Black Moon occurs every 32 months. When Mercury went direct in Cancer last night, the new moon rose in Leo.

I love Leo. She pushes us to see our value and take action. She taps us on the shoulders, and kisses our cheeks, saying,

“It’s now time for you to shine!”

During Leo Moons, it is customary to focus on new ways to see ourselves, and invite new modalities that will help us share our gifts, talents and attributes. It’s a great time to engage a challenge!

While Leo is always about capturing and embodying our rightful sovereignty, the Black Moon and the waning Mercury Retrograde (Mercury-Shade) keenly amplify this energetic encouragement.

There could be no better time than RIGHT NOW to be alive, creative, expressive, and full of your rightful power. Seriously! Get on board with YOU!

This new moon is all about self-expression!

A Black Moon is an energy typhoon that seeps into our electromagnetic fields. She helps us see our personal truths, and shed light on all the events, circumstances, and people around us.

If you can take a moment to allow this powerful, energy ally to share its truth with you, you will be surprised at how helpful she is. She’s like the Divine BFF you’ve always wanted.

Let The Black Moon Embrace You & Shine Through You!


Because this Black Moon is particularly lusty and Herculean, she can take the form of a ripped, intoxicating Warrior-Angel. During this time frame, there might be healing shakeups and slight breakdowns, whereby illusions fade away, and truths are resurrected in their places.

The Black Moon always serves our highest ideas and most advanced natures. She is a proponent of the most advanced aspects promoting our highest good.

This lovely creature is akin to a Cosmic Coach, who encourages us to know ourselves deeply, embrace our truths (both dark and light), and seek only clarity and divine righteousness in our experiences and relationships.

The Black Moon invites us to embrace

a fresh start with clear intentions.

When we pursue our highest ideals and Self, it must begin with the most courageous self-love imaginable. This is not a time to tinker in positivity. It’s the perfect time to master it.

See your value in all its glory. Embrace how every particle in the Universe knows and loves you. Allow this love to help you evolve, evaluate your world, and take appropriate and timely actions.

Ask yourself:

Where are you most loved?

Where are you under-allowing?

How can you improve your reality?

There is no human Being on earth, no etheric entity throughout the realms, who can love you more than you can love yourself. It must begin with you. You are, and always have been, the Universe.


Declare what matters to you most!

Proclaim your skills, talents, and attributes to the Universe!

Believe, then be “baptized” in the bosoms of love and light!


It is your right to be wild and free. It is your nature to feel vibrant, connected, and exhilarated. Release every iota that has held you back.


Declare your new self-identity.

Move forward knowing that

your ancestors, the Universe,

and all the light-Beings,

in all the realms,

want you to be happy. ALWAYS!



Ase, Ase-O or Ashe (“ah-sheh”) “The power to make things happen,” utilizing our life force in partnership with the eternal forces of light. Akin to the concept of Chi.