Beyond Quarantine: A Chance for Rebirth

Before 2020, most of us believed that pandemics were ancient history. Having read about the black plague, smallpox, and other illnesses as lessons learned, we assumed we’d most likely never have to face such doom and gloom again. After all, science is powerful!

Not so much.

Science, as we all know it today, is relatively new, and less than 150 years old. And until mRNA developments, the way we treated viruses was less than pretty. Thanks to the process developments over the last 15 years, our ability to eradicate viruses has improved. That said, it’s far from perfect. 

Prior to the late 1800s, folklore, mythology, herbology and intuitive healing practices were more popular than aspirin. Strangely, and much to the chagrin of many of today’s scientists, herbs are still popular, highly nutritious, and often incredibly effective against a myriad of health challenges. 

During the 2020-21 quarantines, people realized the virus didn’t just affect their physical health, but every aspect of their lives. Things we used to take for granted, like hugging loved ones, social gatherings with friends, and collaborative meetings at work were limited, indefinitely postponed, or canceled.

As we contemplate the aspects of our lives, and coordinate all the changes we’ve had to make, many of us are wondering, “Is Covid-19 coming to a close? Are we done with this crap?! Can I finally just frickin’ go to Starbucks and drink lattes?!” *

As we prepare to emerge from our homes, stepping out of our lonely, secluded bubbles, and back into the bright, warm, light of the world, most of us understand that this is not just a hiccup. Truly, for all of us, life has changed forever. 

(*) Um. Well, yeah, I guess. But, it’s complicated. And it’ll be dangerous for quite some time, largely because, ya know, science and well, the idiots who find the realities of health science to be inconvenient. 

“I luv my dang intense phone and highly engineery diesel injun and all thuh other conveniences that cum outa smart people’s heads, but this dang science bill gates bullsh*t ain’t for me. I seen thru the onion! I been down the rabbit’s hole – and without protection! Jesus told me to blow at the virus soze it goes outs the window, which I did and I saw it went! All this masky fear is a big guvverment scam to make us cancel tractor-pulls, mate with farm animals, and eat our own livers! LONG LIVE JFK JR, MY CUTIE Q FOREVER!”

— Bucky Buferd, Anti-Science, Pro-Qanon, Human-Hater


We’ve All Grown Up Over The Last Year

It’s been a little intense at times, right? Many of us have struggled to thrive. With isolation from friends, family, coworkers, and adventures, little dips can turn into mopey-dopey rests, or multi-month depressions. It takes a ton of discipline to remain positive during times like these.

While many of us may have adopted a variety of wonderfully healthy new habits. To you, I say, “AWESOME! GREAT JOB!” For the rest of you, there’s probably a slew of things you’ve been doing that aren’t necessarily helping you improve your vibrations, uplifting your state of mind, or, shall we say, advancing our species to new heights.

At first, the sudden changes in our schedules felt exciting. For a moment, some of us were looking forward to slowing down, connecting with family, and growing a tomato. But over time, on some days, we probably found it difficult to get out of bed in the morning. Heck even hitting snooze can feel like a monumental task. 

The best of us treated this period of time like we were at war or as if we just repelled into a 1930s kibbutz or commune. You may have begun making jams, breads, jarred vegetables, and fermented, probiotic cranberry spritzers. You may have grown sprouts, built new shelves, or had sex with your equally bored neighbor. You may even have adopted new hobbies, like painting on grains of rice or windsurfing in your mind. 

Hey, whatever it takes, right?! It’s all about staying positive and finding ways to invite enjoyment and normalcy back in our lives!

Some of us have taken this opportunity to learn new instruments, pick up gardening, or even start their own businesses. Don’t be surprised after visiting with a friend or family member and find they’ve changed religions, converted their spare bedrooms into shipping centers, and built panic caves under their compost bins.

Though some people have dramatically changed their lives during their isolation, some struggle to adapt to life while living alone. If that sounds like you, you might be counting the days until you can embrace a loved one, go naked-hottubing with your pals, and socialize like it was 2019. 

The growth we’ve experienced during this is not limited to hobbies, habits, and bad cooking. One study shows that 22% of us have reported gaining weight in 2020, some now struggle with alcoholism, and many more show symptoms of deeper depressions. This difficult time has caused many to reevaluate their social circles, work ethics, and priorities. 

On the positive side, 2020 found many of us adopting pets, finally meeting our neighbors after 10 years, and spending 10X more time with household and family members, even the ones we don’t like!

The Challenges Of Getting Back to Normal 

Here’s the thing: it’s incredibly unsafe to pretend that life is now “getting back to normal.” During any pandemic, and especially during a pandemic involving a mutating virus, we can’t make any assumptions about timeframes as related to normalcy. 

When you take your first steps out of quarantine, wear a mask, socially distance yourself from others, and stay out of rooms and buildings that do not have open windows. 99.999999999999999% of ventilation systems do not defend against viruses. 

As you ponder your next move, consider some of these ideas:


Forgive Yourself For Mistakes

During this timeframe, you may have consumed more junk food and alcohol than the average 18 yr old on their first spring break. 

It might be that you purchased so much toilet paper, you’ve launched a new business making paper-mache angels for new-age bookstores. 

You may have cheated on your wife or husband by jerking off the postman. While your mail now comes a day early, it’s quite possible that breaking this and other rules didn’t make you feel too good.  

Meanwhile, all the people you love might also have made a few of these mistakes. In times of war and pandemics, it’s always best to get to forgiveness as quickly as possible. With emotions heightened and with more people feeling confused and depressed, it’s vital that you give every human being the benefit of the doubt. 

This is a great time to forgive yourself and others. 


A Time to Build Relationships

Keep in mind that many people throughout the world have been cooped-up just like you – for the same amount of time – or even longer. This means that almost any person you reach out to is desperate for social interactions. They might even cry when you say hello.

As you explore new relationships (and revitalize the old ones), ask them about their lives, take time to listen to their struggles, and let them know that they are loved.

This is a great time to practice sharing your compassion for all living Beings. While it may have been scary to make yourself vulnerable in the past, people will be more receptive to vulnerability, especially now that they have felt cut-off from the rest of the world.

Many people lost their jobs, some have gone through a divorce, and yet others are under an almost insurmountable amount of stress. There might even be people you know who are even facing the possibility of losing everything. 

If you see somebody suffering, do what you can to help them. Something as simple as a smile or hug can go a long way. 

Remember, too, that a smile shared is equal to meditation. It can dissolve pieces of your karma and bring you closer to the Divine. 

Set Realistic Goals

To set yourself up for success, be careful how you fill your schedule. 

     1 – Don’t take on every project and idea that trips across your desk. 

     2 – Take a measured approach. Don’t rush. 

     3 – Upon every decision, be certain before moving forward. 

     4 – Relax your demands and expectations. 

     5 – Allow yourself to upgrade your priorities. 

It might take you some time to start feeling “normal” again. You might also consider that there is no more normal. The past is gone. It is a canceled check. Expect a new reality. 

For some, quarantine is not very challenging.  You might LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE working from home and spending more time with your family. You may have also taken so much pause in your life that you’ve fallen back in love with your spouse or partner. You might even now really LIKE your kids! 

If you’re ready to get back in the game, or create a new game, make a list of a small handful of daily and weekly goals. Get a schedule going. 

Continue working out at home, but maybe try an outdoor class now and again. 

Start moving your alarm clock back 30 minutes at a time until you start waking up at your desired time. You might consider 15 minute of meditation in the early morning, a light breakfast, and then 30 minutes of praying, forgiving yourself and others, and forming a life-plan.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

When we come to life or step out of hiding, it can be easy to see someone else’s successes and feel like we’re not accomplishing very much. In these cases, we forget how long other people have been working on something. We might not know how many failures they had along the way. 

Be careful not to make too many assumptions. And never place yourself hierarchically beneath another person. 


Projecting less means less fantasy, fewer disappointments, and more reality. More reality means a more grounded, actionable life. 


Be careful on social media. Relax before responding to someone. It’s important to remember that social media is only a glimpse into someone’s life, and usually only shows the best parts. Every person you respond to on Facebook, Instagram, and other places, is struggling in ways you might not be able to see, know, or understand. 

Instead of comparing your successes to those of your friends and associates, focus on your own goals and how to gradually work towards them. 

You are a capable individual and beautiful in your own right!

Remember What You Learned In 2020

Let’s face it. You were a rockstar. You rose above the sadness. You gave good thought to your goals. You shifted your habits a bit. And you made some solid headway. You broke through a few walls, you forgave a few people, including yourself, and you made some wonderful things happen. 

YOU did this. YOU! GREAT JOB!

Remember all of the coping skills you developed in 2020. Take time to look inwardly and reflect on who you’ve become. If you’ve started to practice meditation or yoga, GOOD ON YA, MATE! Please continue working on these things to clear your chakras and energy centers, and expand your awareness and self-love.

Create a doable schedule for all these things, commit to it, and you’ll expand your life!

Try Something New

Instead of heading out and picking-up where you left off a year ago, tell yourself: IT’S TIME TO BEGIN AGAIN. It’s time for a REBIRTH!  

A few ideas!

     1 –  If you have a cat, dog, goldfish, or pet rock, I’ll bet you’ll find a MeetUp group that’ll tickle your fancy and heart – and make you feel all warm-fuzzy inside!

     2 – Start guided meditation or yoga class! Online to start – and when it’s safest, you can join a few in-person classes – but only in highly ventilated rooms and buildings. 

     3 – Examine your job and profession. Are you in the right position or field? Can you grow here? Do you have some other ideas? If so, get to it! 

     4 – After spending so much time away from everyone else, it can feel daunting to get back out there and immerse yourself with others. Think about how a butterfly emerges from a cocoon after spending a long time developing herself. During this time, you’ve grown in more ways than you know. It’s not time to be fearful, but time to spread your own wings and share the new you with all those you meet.


Rituals & Prayers

Find time for rituals and prayers, which you can find on my website under Free Resources. Dive deeply into your nature and learn who you truly are. Expand your heart by forgiving everything, including each of your mistakes. 


With daily prayer, meditation, and rituals, we can establish protective spheres around us and create pathways for light to move into our hearts, minds, and lives. 


Once in a while, find time to serve others and pray for others. This invites The Universe and all the divine Beings to nourish and support you.


Remember how powerful and wonderful you are. 


Love yourself, always.  



Mercury in Retrograde: How the Energy Of One Planet Affects The Rest



Who loves Mercury Retrogrades? Show of hands? Anybody? You in the back? Oh, you were scratching your head. Okay. 

That’s about the size of it – Mercury Retrogrades are often feared. If not feared, they’re not wanted very much. Why? Because retrogrades tend to create changes in the usual flows of energy. This affects how we function, relate, create, and feel. When one energy pattern recedes or shifts, it will affect a host of other ones. It’s the same with a Mercury Retrograde.

The Farmer’s Almanac shows Mercury will be in retrograde either three to four times every year. In 2021, it’ll be three times:

  •         January 30 – February 20 (Aquarius)
  •         May 29 – June 22 (Gemini)
  •         September 27 – October 17 (Libra)

If you’re not up-to-date with Astrology this information can mean very little to you. If you spend any time studying the ancient science of the stars, it won’t take long till you come across the phrase, retrograde. 

If you found February and prior retrogrades difficult or alarming; you, and many others can blame it on the tiny planet Mercury – the cute one that’s closest to the sun. Or more specifically, you can blame it on Mercury being in full retrograde. BRING IT ON!


What is Special About Mercury in Retrograde?

Mercury is the closest planet to the sun and the fastest in our solar system. Being the hottest and fastest planet in our galaxy, it ripples into every aspect of our existence as it moves. The energy it produces is thought to affect us in profound ways. 

Ancient Greeks sensed and deeply felt the energy radiating from the planet and named it after the God, Hermès. The planet controls communication, travel, connections, technology, agreements, and many more aspects of our daily lives.

Normally, Mercury moves from East to West in the Earth’s sky. But, a few times a year, the planet can be seen moving West to East. It’s during this time that the planet is considered to be in retrograde.

Science easily explains this illusion by comparing it to things we see everyday. When you see a plane flying in the air, it might seem like it is staying still or moving backwards. The plane is still moving at hundreds of miles an hour, but it doesn’t seem to be moving. Mercury is moving quickly around the Sun, but when it is closest to the earth, the planet seems to move backwards because of our perspective. As the planet crosses the Sun, it appears to be moving further west each night.

The planet will seem to move backwards for 19-24 days. During this time, all the aspects that the planet and related God govern are known to act differently when functioning in a direct manner.


History of Mercury

Mercury has been considered an important player in communication for thousands of years. And for almost the same amount of time, humans have been fascinated by its reversed movements. In ancient Greece, it was thought that it was a God who traveled across the sky wearing winged shoes. This winged God seemed to deliver messages between all the realms and Gods.

The Greeks named the planet after their God of communication, Hermès. When Rome conquered Greece, they renamed the God to Mercury. We use the same Latin-based planet names to this date. Astronomers have since proven Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are planets separate from their God heritage; nevertheless, the influences in our lives stem from their namesake.

Mercury has control over the same aspects the ancient Roman God did. Its momentum through the night sky is a symbol to the growing success we have. It represents energy flowing in the right direction. When that energy starts moving backwards, it might negatively impact our relationships, work, fun, computers, commitments, and health.


How Mercury Affects Your Life

Weber warns about taking risks and making mistakes. When in full retrograde, Mercury can cause foolish investments, agreements to mysteriously unwind, companies to falter, computers to break, and jobs to be lost. Double checking who you are sending emails to and paying attention to phones can help mitigate some misfortune. Avoid buying new phones and computers when communication is known to be moving backwards.

While the negative impacts of Mercury’s Retrogrades are undeniable, the Zodiac constellation in the sky during those times is usually affected more significantly. If your star-sign matches up with these dates, you should be extra aware of your surroundings. While moving backward is usually considered negative, not everything that happens during a Mercury Retrograde is bad.



Relationships fall into a grey area. Mercury in retrograde can mean a past friend, spouse, or Being will be revisiting you. Or it could signify a break in communication with someone you care about. It’s important to be cautious around what you say and in how you treat old friends. Oftentimes, you will decide if these instances result in releasing or renewing that relationship.



During Mercury’s retrograde, our communication tends to be stressed or challenged, or it experiences a breakdown. The internet can give you trouble, while phones and computers might unexpectedly stop working. It’s advised to avoid purchasing any new gadgets during this time while focusing on mastering the devices you currently own. Mercury Retrogrades bring the perfect time for learning!

In past years, technology might not have been the biggest concern for most, but now, cars are filled with computers, and most can’t work without some form of technology helping them. 

While these things usually make our lives easier, they all function by talking to one another, via multitudes of digital handshakes. When Mercury is moving backwards, even the microchips in your coffee pot feel the ripples of energy emanating from the planet.


Work and School

For most, work and school are not options. Extra care should be given to important homework, dissertations, presentations, and meetings. A retrograde probably isn’t the best time to push for a promotion or ask for an extension. Additionally, contracts are known to falter, weaken, or feel stress during this sensitive time. Double-check emails and plan ahead for speed bumps that might arise due to unseen challenges, hiccups, miscommunications, and complete failures.



Emotional and physical health can be affected during the retrograde of Mercury. Strains on relationships can leave you feeling alone, isolated, confused, and misunderstood. You may feel over-stressed or exhausted, needing to take more naps than usual. Plan for the stress by including yoga or meditation in your daily routine. If you still feel tired, you might need to add an extra couple of hours to your sleep schedule. Eating healthily during retrogrades is advised. Consider adding probiotics and super blue green algae to your daily diet. These things will improve your vibration and awareness.


How to Prepare for the Next Retrograde

Each year, Mercury moves backwards three to four times. When the planet is moving from east to west, focus on developing contracts, building new relationships, and starting new projects. Communication flows easier when Mercury is darting in its usual direction.

Look forward to retrograde. When all communication is breaking down, it can be a great time to look inward, write, create, or journal. Use The Personality Cards to help reflect upon and focus your goals. Start planning for what you will do when Mercury resumes its normal path. If your star sign matches the time Mercury is in retrograde, double your efforts. And while you’re at it, add prayer, meditation, and lots of rituals.   


Other Planets in Retrograde

Mercury is one of the most popular retrogrades because it happens more often than others; however, it is not the only planet with a retrograde cycle. In fact, every planet (and Pluto) has moments when they move backwards in our sky, thereby interrupting patterns of energy flow.



History – After the goddess of fertility, beauty, and love, Aphrodite.

Retrograde Frequency – Once every 18 months

Duration of reversed movement – 72 days


Love and money are affected during the retrograde of this planet. Investments might lose money, relationships are likely to blossom or whither. By reversing, Venus shakes up the energies that drive love. There might be wonderful moments of mental clarity where people see things from new perspectives.



History – After the god of strength, aggression, and anger, Aries.

Retrograde Frequency – Once every 2 years and 2 months

Duration of reversed movement – 55 to 80 days


Affects direct actions. Like Mercury, when Mars is in retrograde, it is best to focus on strengthening old commitments, instead of making new ones. Go back and complete things you put down years ago. Take this time to achieve goals you already set, instead of aiming for something new.



History – After the god of Mentors, Teachers, and the sky, Zeus/Dias.

Retrograde Frequency – Once a year

Duration of reversed movement – 120 days


During the retrograde of Jupiter, review your ideals, belief systems, and visions. Masters and Gurus tend to take this time to reflect on their beliefs and teachings, and solidify the depths of their understandings. 

While in Jupiter retrograde, consider how you have affected others and be sure that you are upleveling your own energy and not becoming lost in the monotony of life.



History – God of Karma and Justice, Cronus.

Retrograde Frequency – Once a year

Duration of reversed movement – 140 days


Revisit relationships. Focus on long term goals instead of short term. Saturn’s retrograde is a great time to adjust our perspectives and look at hurdles from different points of view.



History – After the god Ouranos, the Greek word for Heaven.

Retrograde Frequency – Once a year

Duration of reversed movement – 148 days


Focus on religious beliefs and personal faiths. It can be easy to lose sight of who you are when you focus so much on others. Take time to enjoy your own inner freedom. This is a great period to explore your own liberation!



History – After the god of the sea, Poseidon.

Retrograde Frequency – Once a year

Duration of reversed movement – 150 days


Balance your inner peace, spirituality, and focus. Pray, do rituals, and help others to heal during this time. During Neptune’s retrograde, it’s easier to make changes in our spiritual development, so don’t squander this magical and mysterious period!



History – After the god of death and rebirth, Hades.

Retrograde Frequency – Once a year

Duration of reversed movement- 180 days


Pluto’s is the longest retrograde of any other celestial body in our solar system. When Pluto is in retrograde, you might reflect on how things have changed in and around your life. Consider how you have transformed over the years. Be careful not to spend too much time delving into the past; those who spend too much time looking backwards often miss what’s right in front of them.


Adding Astrology to Your Life

Understanding the retrograde cycles of these powerful heavenly bodies is just a sampling of the connections we share with the Universe and everything that lives and breathes around us. 

Astrologists spend their lifetimes studying the intricacies of how energy that’s created by moving bodies affects our various realities. Applying astrology to your life can result in wonderful moments of clarity or a spiritual awakening.  

You are born from light and sound. You have stardust in your bones. You are a walking, living, breathing miracle. Every celestial body is your brother or sister. Speak to them. Call upon them to help you grow and rebirth. They await your love and attention. To begin your transformation, visit my rituals page and find a ceremony that inspires you. Howl at the moon! Do a vision quest in the wilderness! Invite the planets and all Living Beings to participate in your expansion!


Thor, Oden, Freya & Loki: The Gods That Powered The Vikings


If you’ve fallen in love with Viking ideology, I can relate! After watching the show “Vikings,” I am even more in love with how this culture most likely connected with nature, each other, and the Gods. While not perfectly historically accurate, the series awakened an ancient part of me, one that connects with my Norwegian roots. I am deeply grateful for the spirit of The Vikings within me – which is found throughout creation.

Viking prayers are more akin to prose and poem than prayer. They also require action, in the forms of rituals. This is why I suggest so many rituals on my website – these are powerful ways to transform ourselves. When we perform rituals with the purest of intentions, we create protected, high-vibration portals that connect us with all positive aspects and trajectories within our spacetime arenea. Doing so, we invite all Goodness throughout all spacetime to join us in our endeavor.

When Vikings reached to the Gods, it was to pay homage and commune, rather than what Christians came to create – worship. As a pagan, you will only rarely worship something. Moreso, as a pagan, you recognize you are connected to everything, and every aspect is a brother, sister, or partner Light-Being on your quest to merge with and celebrate all of creation.

As a Viking, you would want to inspire the Gods to hear you and see you – and eventually take a specific action in your life. By chanting their names and declaring your hopes, you awaken the Gods to come to your aid and fulfill your dreams and ambitions.

It’s true – when we call good forces to our aid, they are loyal and they will remain with us to the end of each particular pursuit.

BE BRAVE! Call out to the Gods and make your humble request. They are listening!

When reading these, you can almost feel the desires, yearnings, and pains in their hearts.  By feeling these aspects, we empathize with all of creation. Doing so, we are invited to step into these ancient days when magic and myth were the orders of the day.

Here are some beautiful Viking poems found on a lovely and informative pagan website. These samples were written by Diana L. Paxson in this article.

Hail to thee Day, hail, ye Day’s sons;
hail Night and daughter of Night,
with blithe eyes look on both of us,
and grant to those sitting here victory!
Hail Aesir, hail Asynjur!
Hail Earth that givest to all!
Goodly spells and speech bespeak we from you,
and healing hands in this life!


Phol and Wuodan rode to the wood;
then Balder’s horse sprained its leg.
Then Siðgunt sang over it and Sunna her sister,
then Frija sang over it and Volla her sister,
then Wuodan sang over it, as he well knew how,
over this bone-sprain, this blood-sprain, this limb-sprain:
bone to bone,
blood to blood,
limb to limb,
such as they belong together.

(trans. Storm, p. 109)

Calling to the Gods is our right. After all, they somehow earned their status among us. Having lived human lives merged with their divine skills, they know what it feels like to love and bleed. Calling them into our lives can enhance our sense of power and help us bring to life our desires.

Whatever You Name Them, Own Your Connection To The Divine!

Odin (also known as Wōden, Wuodan, Wuotan, and Wuotan) is the lord of frenzy, knowledge, death, royalty, war, victory, sorcery, and poetry. A powerful God, one of the oldest and most primary, is also known as the husband to the goddess Frigg. What a POWER-COUPLE!

Thor, the might warrior, was (is) so powerful, he was able to bring to life his divine tool, the hammer known as Mjollnir (or Lightning). He used this hammer to protect his Asgard from the giants.

Freya, the goddess of the birds, used her falcon feathers to shape a falcon to help her protect her people.

Loki, the shape-shifter could quickly surprise and outwit the many rodents who came to unseat the Gods and their people. Thrym, the chief of the giants didn’t stand a chance against these divine Beings. Thor’s goat-drawn chariot would also serve them well.

You are an abundant servant to the light. Step into your role as a giver and lover of grace and goodness. You are lovely in every way. Own it!





Hail Mary,

Full of grace

The Lord is with Thee

Blessed art thou amongst women

and blessed is the fruit of Thy womb, Jesus

Holy Mary, Mother of God

Pray for us sinners

Now and at the hour of our death




This is one of the sweetest and loveliest prayers ever written. It asks that we connect with the Divine Mother in the form of Mary, mother of Jesus. We honor this divine soul, and we ask that She pray for all of us who are imperfect.

When we pray for others, the Universe prays for us. When we seek intercession, we are saying to God, “I invite all the help I can get!” When you pray the Hail Mary earnestly and softly, you will open your heart and merge with the divine, even if only for a moment.

By praying this prayer, you awaken your inner feminine, and you request that the eternal loving and nurturing masters bless, envelop, and protect you.

Remember that in your times of need, God is holding your hand and helping you evolve. It’s for this reason that we accept all challenges and goodness as blessings. As we evolve, expand, and liberate, we help others to do the same.

You are a beautiful aspect of this Universe. God created you to experience Herself through your eyes. It is an honor to have this life. You need not be perfect. You need not be happy. One must only be eager to hope and love with abandon. The rest will flow according to God’s grace.

Who Was Mary, Mother Of Jesus?

Mary was the wife of Joseph the carpenter, born into the Hebrew faith. Mary was also the Mother of Jesus, “Yeshua of Nazareth. ” It is believed that Mary conceived and gave birth to Jesus through a divine, virgin, “immaculate” conception.

Mary is an embodiment of The Divine Mother, the eternal feminine force who continues to bless and nurture all of creation. She merged with the divine upon accepting the role of Mother of Jesus. From there, she lived a holy and spiritually enriching life.

Amma, known as The Hugging Saint, and Mother Meera are known to be born as The Divine Mother.

Guan Yin, the Buddhist goddess, is also said to be a manifestation of The Divine Mother. And there are many others! We are so blessed!

Remember that you were born from love. It is your nature. Love yourself so that you can then love and serve others. This is the only path. You can do it!

The other important Mary in Jesus’s life is Mary Magdelene, one of His first disciples. She was also known as Mary of Magdala. Following Jesus’s death, Mary is believed to have traveled through the world sharing the teachings and gospels of Jesus. In the Gnostic gospels, the writings rarely included in the bible, it is understood that Jesus saw Mary as the most spiritually advanced member of his early church. She was to be the next container and teacher in his lineage. While Jesus and Mary may also have been lovers and partners, and may have birthed children together, the most important aspect here is that Jesus saw Mary as an equal.


There are many stories of The Divine Mother appearing throughout human history. In Hinduism, there are spiritual masters and avatars who come to live their lives as human beings. Amma, The Hugging Saint, is known as the Divine Mother, as are Mother Meera and Sri Anandamayi Ma. There have been many throughout time who have taken human form to teach, heal, and illuminate the world.

In Hindu, Egyptian, and other teachings, far more ancient than Christianity, there are many instances of virgin births, including:

Plato: Many Greeks believed that his mother Perictione was a virgin who mated with the Gods to produce Plato, an enlightened man who would illuminate society.

Huitzilopochtli: In Mexico, this spirit is known to be the God of War who was conceived by a virgin mother.

Rama: His mother conceived him by drinking a sacred potion that was delivered to her by the god Vishnu.

Jason: Son to the known virgin Persephone, later killed by Zeus.

Hina: A Tahitian goddess who conceived her child by walking under leaves that were being entranced and moved by God.

Silvia: She was the wife of Septimius Marcellus. Her procreation partner was said to be the god Mars.

Kneph: As a disembodied and holy spirit, the god Kneph is said to have impregnated a precious virgin by holding a mystical cross near to her mouth.

Attis: Born from his mother, the virgin Nana, he is the Phrygian god.


Remember that all divine Beings came to this planet to enlighten and inform us of our potential. You are unlimited in every direction. There is nothing holding you back except your mind. Release the mind and dive within, seeking only divine bliss.

You are a lovely spark of light. Allow yourself to embrace this aspect of yourself. Allow yourself to love yourself. Allow, allow, allow. When we bow to the divine in ourselves and others, we honor all of creation.

Stay positive, choose happiness, and always reach toward the light!

May All The Beings, In All The Worlds,

Throughout All The Realms, BE HAPPY!

2021: Chinese New Year Invites Wonderful Celebrations & Rituals!

2021: Happy Chinese New Year
2021: Happy Chinese New Year
A Shutterstock Licensed Image


For many Americans, the last day of the year is the 31st of December. On this eve, you’ll find millions of Americans jettisoning fireworks, eating expensive meals, having family and block parties, and watching the Time Square ball drop, all in anticipation of counting down the last few seconds of the year. When the crowd yells, “Happy New Year!,” groups practice all sorts of traditions, including:

  •       Kissing someone to declare a desire for more love
  •       Making resolutions toward specific achievements
  •       Toasting to new beginnings in life, love, family & career
  •       Practicing rituals to initiate personal transformation
  •       Launching fireworks to celebrate the light & magic ahead
  •       Eating & drinking a lot so they pass out numb & clueless

No matter your tradition, many people worldwide initiate new and clean calendars to signify the rebirth of their journeys. Through a variety of intentions, rituals, prayers, and meals, they hope to create a rejuvenated life and inspire beautiful transformations in themselves and every relationship among their families and friendships.

On New Year’s Day, it’s truly a NEW DAY! LET THE REBIRTH BEGIN!

Last year, people were stuck at home, staring at the blank walls, forced to face their inner truths. Though many people are still struggling with the new realities of workflow, social distancing, and new-style productivity, this year feels different from others. This year truly feels like a new beginning, unlike any others prior. It’s this year that we all hope to escape the follies, crushing challenges, and remarkable shifts that occurred throughout 2020.

Many Americans have already started their journeys to revise, celebrate, and improve themselves. For those observing the Chinese New Year, it’s a little different, more theatrical and ritualistic, and a bit more complex and exciting. And this excitement is about to begin! 

Observed on the first new moon of the year, the Chinese New Year is not so different from the one celebrated on the 1st of January, yet it offers a chance to improve specific aspects of life, relationships, hearth, and home. 

For the Chinese, this holiday is about expelling the negative aspects so that there is ample space for the positive to emerge, strengthen, and manifest. 

Before The New Year Festival Begins

On the 3rd day of the eight lunar month, Chinese people offer prayer, food, and burning incense to The Kitchen God known as Zao Jun. This day is thought to be his birthday! 

For many, Zao Jun’s wife is also considered a Kitchen God. Families might leave little bowls of rice, candy, cookies, and more to humble themselves to these loving, empowering Gods. 

This activity is repeated on the 23rd day of the 12th lunar month in northern China and the 24th day in southern China, just before the New Year festival begins. Chinese believe that this is the day that The Kitchen God reports to the Jade Emperor in Heaven. 

This time period is often known as The Kitchen God Festival or The Little New Year, where families prepare for the rituals and cooking they’ll soon perform so they might clear the past and invite the new.

Families often offer candy or sweets to The Kitchen God so that he’ll have a good feeling when he reports the family’s activities to Heaven. Yes, this is a form of spiritual bribery! A family might even construct a paper effigy of Zao Jun in order to invite Heaven’s most auspicious responses and providence. 

Yard and garage cleaning are also part of this festival. During this time, even the tiniest bit of waste is removed from the property. Prayers are offered, incense is burned, and all the residents are cleansed. 

Throughout this process, it is said that all of the negating or blocking spirits are asked to leave and all those who remain are requested to nurture the family and all of their belongings. 

As legend and historical reports have it, Zao Jun was actually a human being who lived on the earth, but under a different name, Zhang Lang. Zhang Lang married an amazing human being, someone who was truly virtuous. Sadly, he soon diverted his love to a younger woman.

Although this karma took away his eyesight and turned him into a beggar, his former wife encouraged his remorse, and he began weeping. Soon, his vision was restored. With guilt in his heart, he thrust himself into the kitchen fire and died. Over time, his former wife built a shrine over the fireplace which began his evolution from broken man to divine Being. 

Zhang Lang, in the form of Zao Jun, continues to be an inspiration for many Chinese people to be earnest, honest, forthright, loyal, and humbly in service to the family. 

It is also said, because of her humility and love for him, that his former wife is far more powerful than he. May all kitchens and homes benefit from this lesson!

Observing the Chinese New Year at Home

 Like most western New Years’ events, the Chinese New Year is celebrated on the eve of the holiday. But unlike its counterparts, the Chinese New Year includes over two weeks of festivities and rituals that follow the eve, and many days of prep work before the year begins. 

Before observing the Chinese New Year holiday (New Year’s Day), many Chinese and observant families will first clean their house and throw away (and give away) and unused items. 

The removal of clutter and garbage is not only symbolic of the negativity the house hopes to purge from the last year, but is a literal decluttering of the lives of everyone living there. 

It’s interesting to note that any items used for New Year’s cleaning are put away before New Years’ day. This prevents anyone from sweeping away the accrued and potential good luck.

After everyone cleans their houses, they decorate them in red and yellow lunar patterns. The decorations vary from house to house, but may include lanterns, knots, traditional Chinese gowns and many handmade streamers. Paper symbols are cut with scissors and hung in windows. The symbols can vary but usually represent the animal of the year. 

Once the house is clean and fresh, householders begin to relax. They look forward to celebrating the year for up to 15 days.

New Year’s Eve 

 Every eve of the Chinese New Year, families will gather around for a reunion dinner, one that’s similar to the Thanksgiving meal of American households. Distant family members will travel from around the world to sit with relatives and celebrate the coming year. 

During this reunion, adults give their younger family members (children and teens) money (cold hard cash) in red envelopes. How cool is that?! 

This is symbolic of the hope for prosperity in the new year. The amount of money varies from family to family, but usually ends in an even number to promote good luck and positivity. 

The meals change from region to region, but the symbolism is the same. Whether it’s dumplings, noodles, stews, joe, meat, or cake, each meal symbolizes the need for resources to sustain the family. Whether it’s dumplings or cake, loved-ones share their plump dough as prayers of prosperity for all involved. 

After the meal, families often head to the temple. Similar to Jewish, Christian, and Muslim New Year’s services, many view the Chinese New Year as not only a chance to find renewed lives, but as an opportunity to renew their faiths.

This Spiritual Renewal is typically followed by returning home and observing the last few hours of the year with close family. Everyone enjoys lots of home-cooked food, reflects on the previous year, and looks forward to the wonderful opportunities ahead.

Toward the end of this day, all cleaning tools, brooms, dustpans and the like are stored for a time so that luck cannot be swept away!

The First Day of the Year

At midnight, fireworks and noise makers are heard throughout the streets. While western traditions have less specific and often vague explanations for the bright displays, traditionally, the loud noises are meant to scare away negative energies and the spirits that loom in the house. Along with these explosions, Lion or Dragon dancers might be present to partake in the ritual of removing the old and welcoming the new. It’s customary to continue the dances with giant Dragon and Lion puppets throughout the night to scare any lingering spirits that might out-last the fireworks.

In recent years, Disney and other Hollywood entertainment companies have done a much better job presenting theatricalized Chinese culture. While prior attempts were often sloppy, incomplete, or insulting, today’s movies illustrate authentic representations of Chinese rituals and dances. 

Shou Sui

After the midnight ceremonies, in observance of this night (known as Shou Sui), doors are locked and remain locked until the light of the morning. In some households, everyone in the family remains awake throughout the night to encourage a long and prosperous life for all family members. 

If children participate in this late night and early morning, it is said they will increase the longevity of their parents. Throughout the year, many Chinese prayers include the hope for longevity for parents and grandparents. 

During the remainder of New Year’s day, families honor deities and elders, showing respect to all those who existed prior, most notably, the people who made their lives and families possible.

Day 2-5

Day 2 of the Chinese lunar calendar is considered the beginning of the year. During this time, married women will travel back to their birth parents, after spending the eve and first day with the families of their husbands. This day is the first one that traditionally targets an individual God. The God of Wealth is celebrated by opening new businesses, giving money to others, and praying for a prosperous year.


This is also a day of discussing, releasing, and forgiving past behavior related to money. It might be that one or more members of the family had a bad habit in relation to finances. This is the day they solve the riddle of how that habit came to be – and they resolve to release it for all time. 

Traditionally, women in China are entrusted with the being responsible for all financial matters within the family structure. While adherence to this tradition has lessened over time, it’s still a vital part of the philosophy. Men, on the other hand, are given a stipend, an allowance much like American parents give to their kids. 

This distinct cultural aspect has proven incredibly effective for the Chinese people. While men often have a great deal of non-specific, outward aggression, women tend to strategize around their aggression, in favor of the family. 

Day 3

This auspicious day of ritual looks towards the God of Blazing Wrath. People burn paper to ensure they avoid any misfortune. During this day, many people stay home and refrain from welcoming any strangers into their lives. For the most reckless among us, this third day tends to invite unfortunate events and general bad luck. 

Day 4

The fourth day of the Chinese New Year features a Spring dinner that’s most often shared among friends and family. Meanwhile, businesses tend to return to their usual schedules and pursuits. 

Some business owners will combine a few of the rituals they performed at home on this day, all in service to the primary pursuit of growing and protecting their companies. 

Day 5

This important day is considered the birth day of the God of Wealth and is celebrated by lighting more fireworks to draw the attention of the deity. Just like the New Year’s eve, dumplings shaped like money bags are consumed in his honor.

Day 6 and 7

After the official 1st day of the New Year, cleaning is generally forbidden for a period of time, most notably on the sixth and seventh days. 

Sweeping and removing items from the house could have led to positive energy accidentally being thrown out. But on this day, the Horse’s Day, all the accumulated trash is thrown out in fear that holding onto excess could potentially invite more negative energy going forward. 

 Following this final removal of trash on the sixth day is the personal or seventh day. On this day, many Chinese people consider making personal growth their number 1priority. Throughout the day, individuals will reflect on how they have personally grown over the prior twelve months. 

During this time, expensive fresh foods are often prepared according to ancient traditions and eaten thoughtfully and communally. Dishes containing raw fish and vegetables are consumed to ensure continual growth and prosperity.

Day 8, 9, and 10

The tenth, eleventh, and twelfth days of the Chinese New Year celebrate the Jade Emperor. Exact days vary from culture to culture, but typically the traditions are true to each region. 

Some families burn incense and offer food on golden paper, while others have large feasts adorned with red lanterns. In many families, the household will pray and respectively bow to the Jade Emperor and all the Deities below Her. By respecting these Gods and those who provided for others, the house hopes to glean good fortune for themselves and those in need.

It is said that the the most earnest families who truly honor the Jade Emperor enjoy the most auspicious and wondrous new year. 

Day 15 (Last day of the Chinese New Year festivities)

Two weeks after the Chinese New Year’s day celebrations began, the Day of Lanterns is observed. During this time, families light candles to guide ancestors to the eternal light. Lanterns are lit and carried throughout the house and community, inviting happiness and good fortune for all those who witness their soft glow.

 In ancient times, the lanterns were red to symbolize wealth and positivity, but over the years, lanterns have taken many shapes and sizes. While some are shaped like golden Dragons, others include riddles that lead children on scavenger hunts. During these hunts, children experience adventure and self-discovery. 

 Regardless of the shapes of the lanterns, the breathtaking landscapes, filled with little beacons of light surely help to lift the mood of all those who attend. The Lantern Festival is a day to anticipate goodness, fortune, and happiness. It’s an inspiring day when new hopes are created and old hopes are fulfilled!

Applying the Philosophy of the Chinese New Year

While the typical American New Year’s Eve party might be solely celebratory in nature, the Chinese New Year is largely dedicated to hope, reflection, and new beginnings. These more thoughtful types of activities are akin to performing ancient rituals. 

 Each New Year is a chance to celebrate life. Each day is an opportunity to better yourself and all those around you. Use every holiday as days of renewal so that you continually improve your vibration and reach closer to the light – the light within and the light throughout eternity. 

Remember, too, that you are a miracle, born from light, sound, and stardust. You are unlimited in every direction throughout all trajectories of your person and all of the related reflections throughout spacetime. 

Truly, you are eternity embodied. 

If you’re ready for a variety of beautiful and transformative rituals, check out my Free Resources page for Rituals & Declarations – and much much more. You might enjoy exploring and performing The Seven Arrow’s Ritual and The Ritual of The Changing Of The Book Of Life. When performing rituals, we invite all Beings to join us in our transformation and liberation. 




7 Simple Ways To Open Your Mind And Move You Life Forward

Open Your Mind with 7 Simple Methods
Open Your Mind with 7 Simple Methods
A Shutterstock Licensed Image.


It all sounds cliche: “Let’s free ourselves!,” “Be Happy Now!,” “There are no excuses – just do it!” It’s true, these ideas are now very popular. Almost everyone on the planet has heard these taglines from somewhere. They’re so popular that we’ve become immune to them. We’ve given up on ourselves and we too often accept defeat before our prime. What isn’t so popular is taking action to embody these positive ideas. What isn’t popular is understanding who we were, who we want to be, and the disparity in-between. What isn’t popular is absolute positivity, especially in how we think about ourselves. 

We’re so busy living in the past, we haven’t space within our minds and hearts to imagine something miraculously positive for ourselves in the future. You can change all that!

Here’s the reality: You can free yourself from limiting beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and habits. You can be happy when you choose to be happy. It all depends on how much you are willing to release your current intentions, attitudes, and addictions. When I say addiction, I’m not referring to substances, which are also problematic, I’m referring to the chemicals that arise from specific self-negating thoughts and behaviors. 

To begin and excel at being free, clear, and positive, there are many things we can do. Here is a list of 7 ideas that many people have incorporated into their lives. Each one of them is powerful all by itself. If you can invite all 7 of these things into your life as habits, you’ll be further along than 99% of Planet Earth. 

Let’s get to it!

1: Continually forgive yourself and others. Allow yourself to think lovingly of the people who have hurt you. Remember that it’s okay to make mistakes, even huge ones. There is no other way to truly embody a new piece of knowledge. We must allow ourselves to make mistakes. Acknowledge them, endeavor to do better next time, and move on! Everybody will adjust.

2: Understand and embrace your most endearing and empowering attributes. If you cannot claim your gifts, beauty, and magic, who else will? Yes, our moms love us, but they love us because they want us to love ourselves. When we appreciate our best attributes, we love ourselves, we honor our births in this world, and we pay tribute to our mothers. Doing all this, we reduce the barriers that prevent our futures from unfolding.

3: Stop obsessing over the past. It does not exist, except in the dark corners of your mind. We love to think about the things that occurred in the past, even things that never happened. Truth be told, no matter what the memory is, our minds have already polluted it. After 5 years, most of our memories contain only 20-50% of the actual events. During those 5 years, our little brains conjure ideas to validate our contrived self-concepts. If our memories were stocks, they’d never produce any dividends. Let them go. Be here, right now, in the present moment.

4: Celebrate small victories until victory is a staple in your life. If we cannot get a solid handle on how wonderful you are, it’s vital that you create a plan and celebrate every small step. By doing this, you’ll get in the habit of appreciating yourself, which is required to move forward and free yourself.

5: Meditate and pray often. By meditating we release self-limiting thoughts and feelings. When we clear our minds and hearts of energy and activity, we create more space for ourselves to grow. Khalil Gibran said, “Out of the well our sorrows dig, flows joy.” Breathe in white light, exhale. Focus on your inhale and exhale. Do this for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night. It’s as simple on that.

6: Find ways to selflessly serve others with zero expectations. Whether it’s volunteering at a charity event, taking care of your aging family members, serving a local homeless shelter, or donating to a Native American community: giving works! It will help you get over yourself for a moment, and it can fill your heart with love and joy. Selfless service is the highest calling on Planet Earth. 

7: Live in gratitude, every minute of every day. Too many people complain about every little thing in their lives. From how their mail is placed in their mailboxes to bad customer service, too many people get caught up in the details rather than the gratitude. It’s petty and small-minded. When we consider the remarkable number of wonderful things and people in our lives, we release our negativity. When we release negativity and embrace gratitude, it’s remarkable what the Universe will bring to us. Stay humble. Be grateful. Always!

Remember that millions of people have less than you. Millions. Remember that you are the embodiment of light. If you didn’t know it, let me tell you: you are made of stardust and you are part of an ever-expanding Universe. Don’t play the small game. Play the big game. Get out of your own way, practice the 7 steps, and decide to free yourself from the past. It’s time to grow!



A Simple Structure For Your Intuitive And Psychic Sessions

Tarot, Psychic Readings, Intuitive Coaching & More: A Shutterstock Licensed Image

1. Take 5 minutes before each session to center, call in your guides, and allow your clients to reveal themselves to you. You might chant the Om Lokaha Somastaha Sukino Bhavantu mantra 13 times to clear the space. You can also say, Shiva, Shivani, Shiva, Shivani 7 times, which will clear the energetic fabrics connecting you and your client to this moment. This will free reality to emerge and supersede the constructs at play.

2. Make note of any imagery that immediately pierces the veil and falls into your consciousness.

3. When the session begins, start with a prayer or invocation, short and sweet: Thank you Great Spirit and The Eternal Consciousness, we invite all light-beings, ancestors, and gentle souls from all the realms to join us today, in service of (client name). So it is, so it shall be.

4. Sometimes I’ll begin with a pre-reading 2-3 card pull and I’ll do a quick summary of my exploration prior to the call.


5. I’ll then ask if they have any primary or burning questions or concerns they’d like to share before you do a full card pull and reading.

6. If they shared their questions, keep the categories and emerging imagery front-of-mind. Integrate these aspects into your interpretation of the cards.

7. Pull 3 primary cards, then 2 off to the side. Sometimes I wait to pull the additional two, allowing the energy of the in-play reading to influence the experience and electromagnetic nature of the reading and relating.

8. Remember to connect with them throughout the reading, with phrases like, is this true for you, are you feeling something around this, have your experienced something like this, etc.

9. If you feel they are energetically heavy or tense, mention that you sense this aspect emerging within them, and try to tie it into one of the cards. You might also pull additional cards along the way, especially in moments when you sense trepidation, hesitation, anger, sadness, and other emotions & states-of-mind.


10. As you get to the 2/3 mark in the reading (usually 40 minutes for me), see if you can draw some conclusions, tying several elements from the experience together. This might provoke other questions.

11. In your closing, try to imagine ways the person can improve their feelings, perspectives, health, and conditions, especially within the situations that arose during the session. Over time, you’ll have a trove of helpful hints and suggestions.

12. During the reading, listen intently to every word they say, pay attention to the emotions you feel in them, and allow imagery to come in. It’s during the most vulnerable and tepid moments of a reading, that guides are thrusting information our way – all in service to our clients.

13. To close, tell them you wish for them light, love, peacefulness, and happiness, Tell them they are the embodiment of light and love, and they can always go within to expand themselves and find peace. Tell them you are here for them should they need you.

14. The moment you hang up, thank God, The Universe, your guides, and all the light beings throughout all the realms for their guidance and participation. Remind them that you wish to be in service To All Beings For All Time. You might chant the Om Lokaha Somastaha Sukino Bhavantu mantra 13 times as your closure.

Just remember that you are a Divining Rod and your guides are with you, always. Trust this.

If you need me, you can schedule a session HERE 🙂


How to Be Super Vulnerable so God Be Like, “WHUT! I Better Give You Some Love!”

super vulnerable

When we’re super vulnerable, we have a measure of God-consciousness. A Shutterstock Licensed Image.

Let’s nail an important definition upfront. In this article, God does not refer to a separate force but to the pristine electricity that we all embody, that we all desire to return to and merge with. For today, God is the Universe, All-That-Is, Consciousness, and the Eternal Everything. Let’s dig in and get to know what this pervasive embodiment of light and love might want from us — in prayer and in those super-secret moments when all hell breaks loose.

It’s not always easy to connect with and honor our naked, vulnerable selves, but that’s where the gold is. When it comes to having our prayers answered, it’s also our most potent tool.

When we feel hurt, we might prefer to be indignant or victim-minded. Relishing our anger, we might speak from a mask rather than what is beneath it. Unable to get past our stories and become vulnerable, we stew, label, and blame. When God hears this victim-mindedness in our prayers, She hums a little song and says, “This person is loved, but she is not ready yet.”

purchase-the-personality-cards-oracle-tarot-deckI was in New Mexico’s Pecos wilderness doing a ritual about letting go. The more vulnerable I became, the more I was able to connect with the earth, the sky, and all of the animals nearest me. With each breath, I let go of stories and untruths. I went deeper within my vulnerable self. It felt like a partnership with the divine. The more vulnerable I became, the more I let go, the more I felt the presence of the eternal flame.

I am not suggesting that we’re not allowed to be needy or that we should never use the label ‘victim’. I am saying that if we want to experience transformation or divination, it requires that we let go of all stories, labels, masks, excuses, and blame.

Upon letting it all go, God rests her hands on our shoulders and lets us know that we share her spirit. It is in this space that we enlighten ourselves and our lives. Embodying the purest attributes, we become everything, including the Gods we seek.


If we choose to remain inside of our stories and if we project only neediness, God hovers about and does not intervene. Why? Because it was our choice to not become Her.

To improve the purity of our consciousness and divinity, we must become Vulnerable Superheroes, dropping attitudes, entitlements, and masks. Letting go of frozen labels, needs, and desires, we begin to melt into the eternal Self, and we get a taste of who we are.

This is the Great Thaw.

When we’re angry or depressed, we fixate on our interpretations and projections. We defend our positions for hours, days, weeks, or lifetimes. The moment we stop defending and perseverating on our positions and circumstances, we realize we have been lying to ourselves and our identities begin to dissolve.


The more we melt, the sweeter we feel. It’s magic.

We realize the entire trip was a self-created nothing.

We are like dandelions blowing in the wind and God is the wind. The dandelion doesn’t make demands. He doesn’t beg for mercy or blames his neighbor. He doesn’t proclaim that he hates himself or that he’s fucked up.

The dandelion lets the winds of reality move through and around him so that they can remove what is not real. He bends with the winds, even blends with them. He is IN the moment with God and he IS the moment of God. There is no resistance.


This is why God and the dandelion get along so well. They know that they are one and the same.

Let’s walk deeper into ourselves without resistance or expectation. With open palms, let’s wave goodbye to our temporary illusions, personalities, and mind-bodies. We are electromagnetic pulses, vibrations, and light-beings. We are energy. Let’s embrace this idea.


What we imagine to be pain is an illusion.

Strip naked and feel the gentle caresses from the One that We All Are. I am not suggesting this is easy. I am aware that life is complex and full of diversions. I also know that diversions are only constructs. We create them, we grow them and we can let them go. They are like the whiskers on the dandelion. We can release them to the wind.

Today we might say:

“Dear Universal Being, God Consciousness, Eternal Electromagnetic Energy That I Am, it is with a light and open heart that I seek the purest vulnerability today. It is with a light touch that I nudge my projections and fears to the fire. It is with pure intentions that I release the cloaks and contrivances that blind me. Today I am open to being with the Creator without label or pretense. Today I am the Creator. Today I am in a state of loving that equals the reality of love throughout all of space and time. Today, I am truly vulnerable and ask for your hand and heart in all that I do. With love, in love, and always, your servant.”

Forensic Forgiveness: Unlocking the Emotions, Imagery, and Habits that Bind

Letting go doesn’t mean welcoming everybody back to the party. A Shutterstock Licensed Image.

Forgiveness can open up a cavern of light and potential within us, and produce powerful, miraculous effects. Forgiveness might not always involve loving our offenders, but it can include loving ourselves.

“Forge” is part of the words “forget” and “forgive.” Forge means to build, create, or clear. We have to create and clear paths to forget and we have to create and clear paths to forgive. The difference is that if we solely forget, we miss out on the lesson, and if we forgive, we absorb the lesson and embody a deeper clarity.

The word “forge” also suggests, “to birth using fire.” Forgiveness is full of fire. It’s about releasing (burning) the old and being reborn (rebirth).


“It’s one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, to forgive.

Forgive everybody.”

~ Maya Angelou


We might be unaware of our needs or desires to forgive others.

We might be deeply entrenched in emotions, habits, and activities that forsake our purity. It’s our hope for purity that inspires forgiveness; it’s our vulnerability that invites the divine to help us transform.

We might be so addicted to the stench of our habits, depressions, regrets, and their related resentments that we’ve become unwilling or unable to choose clean air. It’s easy to forget that rebirth is our birthright.


Upon a painful experience, a secret part of us might want to relish or preserve it. Our minds might add soundbites and images to our recollection of the event, which, in turn, transforms it into an indelible stew.

What then? If a part of us loves or builds-upon a negative event, how do we move through it or past it? It begs the ancient question, how do we forgive?


“Enlightenment means the ability to recognize oneself in all living creatures.”

~ Amma (Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi,


The Process of Forensic Forgiveness

For some people, the forgiveness of even the most traumatic happens during a gentle walk by a quiet stream. After a sweet recollection of the good and the challenging, and the release of a few tears, it’s done. Forgiveness is miraculous when it happens this way.

Depending upon the relationship or event, forgiveness can also be extremely difficult, and the process can take what seems like centuries. As long as we don’t squash every impulse to forgive, our desires for resolute clarity will eventually saunter to the surface and humbly request our attention. GO FORGIVENESS GO!

If forgiveness is difficult for you, consider picturing yourself as having required some aspects of the traumas or relationships you experienced for your growth, evolution, or healing. It’s in this way that you might be able to assume a measure of power over your past. It might then be possible to heal in the present and allow an unburdened future to unfold.

Let’s recap. Forgiveness can be a b*tch, but you can do it!

To begin, write in your journal. I use my journal as a living, editable relationship with the Divine. Whatever I write, I assume that the Divine is helping me to process it, extract its highest value, and turn it into light.

As you write about the events and people in your journal, consider every interaction to be a lesson about who you are. Don’t obsess over the actions of others. We have no control over these things.

Refrain from seeing yourself as a victim. Let the tears and feelings flow without reservation. When it comes to forgiveness, judgment and fear are pointless.

For this exercise, write solely about the characteristics of your challenging experiences, and refrain from meticulously documenting the details. Explore solely the attributes.

If someone added anger into the mix, add anger to your “list of attributes.” If the event involved betrayal, lying, contrivance, deceit, or physical pain, add those to the list. If this same person or event also brought grace and love into your life, add those to your list.

As the list grows, you’ll see the characteristics, emotions, and aspects at play. These are things that emerged around YOU. These things are part of YOUR narrative. YOU are the centerpiece. It’s not about other people, it’s about YOU.

Click to read “Amma: The Loving, Hugging, Humanitarian Saint”

As you compile the list, continue to write in your journal. Gently describe all the images, phrases, and associations related to the traumatic events that you wish to integrate and heal. Look at every trajectory, related person, and imagined picture that appears to be connected to the events that you are processing.

After you’ve exhausted your written exploration, process how you feel about each image, phrase, and soundbite. Try to encourage your feelings to move. As you process and release emotions, feel the clearing in your heart.

Cry, pound the earth in anger, and pray. The more complex the collage, the deeper the lessons. Be thorough. While it’s wonderful when this process is completed within a short period, allow forgiveness to take some time.


Let go and forgive all aspects, all the stories, and every image.

Remember to forgive yourself along the way.


What is Emotional Forgiveness and Healing?

Emotional forgiveness is the process by which you express your emotions to achieve forgiveness, and therefore achieve a healing. This is not the only pathway to forgiveness and healing, but it’s the predominant one.

As you look deeper into the attributes of the people and events in your life, you might see that you have hurt people in similar ways to how you have been hurt. It might be that the traumas you’ve experienced are nothing more than divine modalities helping you to resolve prior actions and to become a better person.

By feeling and expressing our emotions, we achieve tidbits of wisdom. With emotions comes wisdom.

Rituals of Forgiveness & Letting Go

Rituals help us physicalize our beliefs and desires, helping them come into our physical realities.

My favorite ritual is The Seven Arrows ritual, most reliably found within the Native American tradition. The ritual involves making a list of the things that you seek to release from your life (Death Arrows), along with a list of the things and attributes you wish to welcome into your life (Life Arrows).

During the ritual, you decorate arrows for each item on the list, and then do separate rituals for the Life Arrows and the Death Arrows. It’s all about letting go and making room for goodness and transformation in your life.

The Changing The Book of Life Ritual is an equally powerful ritual. In this ritual, you make a list of the events, people, and experiences that you wish to remove from your life. Ask that the universe return any gifts, talents, and attributes that you were given during each of these experiences and relationships. Pray that the people related to these events are nurtured and healed by the divine, and do not experience any loss.

For each event, experience, and relationship you wish to cleanse, ask that all the gifts, talents, and attributes that you relinquished during each exchange be returned to you. Throughout the process, allow emotions to rise and dissipate. This is how the soul achieves cleansing and clearing.

Love, forgiveness, emotional-release, and healing based rituals have the power to remove negativity, enlighten our paths, and create lasting healing and change.

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“Discrimination is meant for one who is in the process of evolution. You need strict discrimination to understand the difference between what is good for your spiritual progress and what will create obstacles in your path. A seeker must discriminate between what is eternal and what is non-eternal. But once you have attained the state of perfection, you have renounced everything, even discrimination. You cannot hold onto anything. Transcending all dualities, you become the universe; you become expansiveness itself. You become both day and night. You go beyond purity and impurity.” ~ Amma (Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi,

When We Let Go, We Create Space

While society often teaches us otherwise, our attachments aren’t treasures. Even our habits around family and friendships can be hindrances. Seeing ourselves clearly often requires changing habits, relationships, environments, and releasing the things that inhibit or restrict our clarity and freedom.

By diving deep into the elements, associations, and related mental conjurings of our most challenging experiences, we exponentially expand our understanding of ourselves and reality.

We deepen and expand. By doing so, we create internal engines that allow us to process life’s events with greater ease.

With release comes a vacuum, which the universe will seek to fill with reflections that are in line with your renewed self. While this process is an act of self-love, it is also a prayer of hope for your offenders.

Forgiveness helps us release the emotions and imagery that restrict us. From there, we grow discrimination. Everybody wins, especially you.

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