Are You Woke Or Just Full Of It?

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Woke Consciousness: A Shutterstock Licensed Image

There’s a lot of crazy talk these days about being WOKE. Have no fear though. This is part of the “It’s Okay To Be A Narcissist” movement. This whole ARE YOU WOKE bullshit has become so cliché, every person with a bleeding heart or conspiracy theory is now calling themselves WOKE. This is a trend and it means nothing.

You have to ask yourself:

  • Do we become WOKE (or awakened) when we sniff-out hashtags and taglines that feed our fears?
  • Do we become WOKE when we use these fears to concoct poorly baked conspiracy theories that then define our lives?
  • Isn’t it possible that flubbed lines in audio files are just that – a mistake, rather than a masked secret to put a chip in you dick?
  • Is being WOKE all about seeing society and business as always “out to get” us?
  • Is being a WOKER about hating the government and imagining the worst of everyone in it?
  • Is it about hating factions of society that do not think like you?
  • Isn’t it possible that WOKERS are just lazy, illiterate lovers of fantasy?

Here are a few conspiracy theories for you:

WOKERS don’t have library cards because they don’t like to read.

TRUMP-PETS can’t imagine a benevolent, peaceful world because they’re not benevolent, peaceful people.

QANONers prefer their fantasy opinions, beliefs, and ideologies over thousands of collective years of training, education, and research because they’ve trained themselves to be overreactive, presumptuous, victim-minded, and fearful. This is an addiction. As you think, so you become.

All of these things are prominent in low IQ, low emotional intelligence (EQ), and non-empathic people.

Empathy is EVERYTHING.


To be TRULY WOKE, AWAKE, or AWAKENED, it’s about understanding who you are, where you are, where you’re going, and who’s going with you. It’s about knowing your divinity and depth. It’s about stripping away the layers of assumptions and learning how to access your core, authentic nature.

Being WOKE is about responsibility, research, forgiveness, proactivity, and respecting people who are 100X more brilliant and better trained than you. 

I never tell my mechanic, “Nah, I don’t think it’s that hose. I think my car blew up because of the Republicans.”


  • Knowing that you may not have been told the truth about everything, while also acknowledging your limitations.
  • Respecting that there are many anomalies and complexities in this world, some of which are so embedded, they will be impossible to eradicate without a colossal, global, life-eradicating war.
  • Knowing that your spirit and how you relate is more important than your protests. Once peaceful and aware, then protest. Otherwise, you’re just an idiot waving a banner that you know nothing about.
  • Being able to fathom that this life of yours is a temporary metaphor meant to educate, enthuse, and enlighten.
  • Understanding that it’s all a mess because it’s supposed to be a mess. Internal and external evolution cannot happen without chaos.
  • Understanding that your pain, inability to forgive others, and refusal to have empathy for those less fortunate than you are far worse than blaming others for their invisible friends, obsessions, insanity, and lack of education.
  • ALL ABOUT forgiving everything, detaching from it all, refraining from feeding the madness.
  • ALL ABOUT bout focusing on expanding your deepest aspects and learning how to truly nurture yourself.

Being Woke is not about continuously reacting to your government and those who oppose your party of choice.

Being Woke is about being coherent enough to do research so you can defend your position using facts, rather than a contrived, manipulated, twisted ideology based on father-projection, charisma, fantasy, and fear.

Being truly AWAKE is not about falling off your bike then blaming 5G or Bill Gates.

Being Woke is about thinking clearly without influence from a religion or trending movement.

Being Woke is not about continuously complaining on social media platforms so you can self-validate your laziness and poorly researched addiction.

Hey, it’s not about posting hate against every opponent of your temporary, imagined identity and belief system. Yes, your identity and beliefs are temporary. They mean NOTHING. It’s all flawed. It’s all vapor.

The idea here would be to:

Stop fear-mongering because that’s what small-minded people do when they’re unable to imagine better outcomes. The fear gives them the illusion of control. Using fear as a response to challenges is a self-limiting habit and low-level coping mechanism for people with low IQs and devolved emotional intelligence.

Improve and evolve your ideology until it evaporates. It’s worthless to you because it’s not based on the truth. It’s based on the family, religion, and society you were born into. It’s based on contrived and self-serving ideas passed down from generations of codependent relating. 

Your ideology and belief system are mostly born from ego, media taglines, and fear.

The truth is far easier, simpler, and allowing. 

Being Woke means that you’re seeking to understand that the Eternal Consciousness includes every aspect in all of creation, which means that it will need to work itself out, even if it’s bumpy and horrible at times.


If it’s part of consciousness, it’s part of you. 

Just because it’s outside of you and uglier than you, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t deserve the space it needs to work itself out.

Unless darkness steps forward, it cannot achieve the light. So if something horrible is happening, accept it, just as you would something positive. It’s all the same. Even darkness has a womb filled with light. Being WOKE is about owning your position in life and working with reality to improve upon it, helping where and when you can.

Being WOKE is about peacefully protesting, not causing damage.

Being WOKE is loving every color and living Being in all of creation, and feeling their pain to the point of knowing it.

Being WOKE is not about guilting or shaming yourself and others, it’s about working to rid the world of these things.

Being truly awake is knowing that all of your anger is about you and your deficiencies. (Well, except when it comes to banks, insurance companies, and military spending. You can be fuck-all, crazy angry about all that!)

If you want to be awakened and truly WOKE: work on yourself, improve your attitude, become more loving, deepen your empathy for humankind and suffering, and realize that this reality is nothing but a tiny leaf twirling in the wind.

It’s here and then it’s gone. So are we.

A Simple Structure For Your Intuitive And Psychic Sessions

Tarot, Psychic Readings, Intuitive Coaching & More: A Shutterstock Licensed Image

1. Take 5 minutes before each session to center, call in your guides, and allow your clients to reveal themselves to you. You might chant the Om Lokaha Somastaha Sukino Bhavantu mantra 13 times to clear the space. You can also say, Shiva, Shivani, Shiva, Shivani 7 times, which will clear the energetic fabrics connecting you and your client to this moment. This will free reality to emerge and supersede the constructs at play.

2. Make note of any imagery that immediately pierces the veil and falls into your consciousness.

3. When the session begins, start with a prayer or invocation, short and sweet: Thank you Great Spirit and The Eternal Consciousness, we invite all light-beings, ancestors, and gentle souls from all the realms to join us today, in service of (client name). So it is, so it shall be.

4. Sometimes I’ll begin with a pre-reading 2-3 card pull and I’ll do a quick summary of my exploration prior to the call.


5. I’ll then ask if they have any primary or burning questions or concerns they’d like to share before you do a full card pull and reading.

6. If they shared their questions, keep the categories and emerging imagery front-of-mind. Integrate these aspects into your interpretation of the cards.

7. Pull 3 primary cards, then 2 off to the side. Sometimes I wait to pull the additional two, allowing the energy of the in-play reading to influence the experience and electromagnetic nature of the reading and relating.

8. Remember to connect with them throughout the reading, with phrases like, is this true for you, are you feeling something around this, have your experienced something like this, etc.

9. If you feel they are energetically heavy or tense, mention that you sense this aspect emerging within them, and try to tie it into one of the cards. You might also pull additional cards along the way, especially in moments when you sense trepidation, hesitation, anger, sadness, and other emotions & states-of-mind.


10. As you get to the 2/3 mark in the reading (usually 40 minutes for me), see if you can draw some conclusions, tying several elements from the experience together. This might provoke other questions.

11. In your closing, try to imagine ways the person can improve their feelings, perspectives, health, and conditions, especially within the situations that arose during the session. Over time, you’ll have a trove of helpful hints and suggestions.

12. During the reading, listen intently to every word they say, pay attention to the emotions you feel in them, and allow imagery to come in. It’s during the most vulnerable and tepid moments of a reading, that guides are thrusting information our way – all in service to our clients.

13. To close, tell them you wish for them light, love, peacefulness, and happiness, Tell them they are the embodiment of light and love, and they can always go within to expand themselves and find peace. Tell them you are here for them should they need you.

14. The moment you hang up, thank God, The Universe, your guides, and all the light beings throughout all the realms for their guidance and participation. Remind them that you wish to be in service To All Beings For All Time. You might chant the Om Lokaha Somastaha Sukino Bhavantu mantra 13 times as your closure.

Just remember that you are a Divining Rod and your guides are with you, always. Trust this.

If you need me, you can schedule a session HERE 🙂


Dating Questions That Inspire Authenticity

How to find love, how to ask the right questions. Shutterstock licensed image.

Dating Questions That Inspire Authenticity

Whether you’re running hot on OkCupid, Tinder, Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel, Hinge, Happen, Clover, Plenty Of Fish, Match, eHarmony, or a newly trending dating app or site, it’s helpful to set a vision for your pursuit. It’s also vital that you have a game plan – especially folks who are wildly sensitive, spiritually-minded, super-prayerful, or all of the above.

Whether you’re a healer, doctor, thinker, laborer, teacher, executive, manager, or just a down-right hard worker, we all need wonderful, loving, and aware partners in our lives. Throughout the process of seeking a lover or partner, it might feel easier to place the responsibility on the other person, but, truly, it’s up to each person to uplevel his/her/their sensibilities and awareness at the beginning of the hunt.

Chemistry is nothing. It can be contrived.

Ego is nothing. It can mislead.

Mind and mental acuity are often nothing. They can misinform.

What drives value and longevity in relationships?

Sensitivity, quality communication, awareness, attention, loyalty, presence, and empathy. If you and your partner can commit to these things, you will find your lives to be uniquely loving and enjoyable.

1 – Your Dating Vision

When starting out, it’s important to write down a few thoughts – and commit to them. When forming your Dating Vision, consider these questions:

  • How do you like to feel when with your partner?
  • What are your partner’s primary attributes?
  • How will your partner respond to confrontation, feedback, and communication challenges?
  • How will you respond to confrontation, feedback, and communication challenges?
  • How will you celebrate and allow for your differences?
  • How will you and your potential partner respond to upheaval and surprises?
  • How will you and your potential partner communicate when one or both of you is angry?
  • Are you willing to skip sex while you’re dating?
  • What do you require from sex?
  • Which potential habits will you not allow in your potential partner?
  • Which habits are you working on so that you can be the best you can be in your new relationship?
  • What areas of your life and how are you stubborn?
  • Are you truly willing to improve yourself?
  • How forgiving are you? Can you be more forgiving?
  • If your partner is not a relationship leader, can you be the leader?
  • How important will empathy and compassion be in your new relationship?
  • Will you allow yourself to have sex with potential suitors – before really knowing them?
  • Will you be cautious or revealing during the early days of exploring your new relationship?
  • Are you willing to pursue dharmic relationships (in service to truth and soul evolution) versus karmic (contractual, need-based) ones?

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2 – Your Dating Game Plan

When in pursuit of a partnership, especially a romantic one, it’s important to have a game plan and dating questions. Consider these questions:

  • Which apps will you use and which ones will you refrain from using? Why?
  • Will you be paying for meals or will the other person be paying? Or will you split the bills?
  • Will you pursue having meals together or only coffee at first?
  • Are you looking to just have fun or to find a truly wonderful partner?
  • How much effort every week are you willing to dedicate to this pursuit?
  • Will you be extra prayerful during this timeframe?

Your contract is not with individuals, it’s with the Universe.

3 – Getting Over Yourself

The most important thing we can do in life is getting over ourselves.

To have successful relationships with primary partners and lovers requires transparency, humility, and accepting that each of us has something to work on within ourselves. There is no “other.” Most often, the other person is not the problem. Mostly, we are resistant to change, we refuse to acknowledge that we can be more compassionate, and when it comes to listening, we can all be a little lazy.

The second most important skill we need to develop is forgiveness. This doesn’t mean we allow harmful people back into our lives, it means that we are able to release our anger and resentment upon most infractions.

Your ego is fiction.

Your temporary self-identity is fiction.

Release what is false.

4 – The Best Questions For Pre-Dating Exploration

When we’re using an app to find love, it’s important to use the app to its full extent. One rule that you might find helpful is to never meet anybody unless you spend 1-month texting with them via the app. This is important so that you don’t quickly jump into projections and allow chemistry to override your sense of reality.

When exploring a potential partner, don’t pretend to be someone else. In fact, it’s best to lay all of your aspects out in the first several exchanges. This way, you and your partner can keep projection and fantasy to a dull roar. Focus on being authentic, even if it upsets the other person. Be fully yourself.

Here are 60 dating questions you can ask within your favorite dating apps BEFORE you meet for coffee:

  1. What do you find most enjoyable in life?
  2. What do you find to be the most beneficial definition of success?
  3. How do you resolve conflicts in your life?
  4. In what ways do you demonstrate love when in a relationship?
  5. In what ways are you selfish in relationships?
  6. How forgiving are you?
  7. How do you feel about the words fuck, twat, asshole, and mother fucker?
  8. When you see a child, do you often smile at him or her?
  9. Are you affectionate?
  10. How important is sex to you?
  11. What specifically is sex to you?
  12. How often do you need to have sex – after the 2-3 year mark – in a relationship?
  13. What is the wildest thing you’ve done?
  14. Have you ever been arrested?
  15. Have you ever been addicted to drugs or alcohol? If yes, tell me more about your recovery and current status. purchase-the-personality-cards-oracle-tarot-deck
  16. What is your concept of God?
  17. What is your concept of The Universe?
  18. What are your most self-improving habits?
  19. What types of healthy food do you love to eat?
  20. What types of junk food do you love to eat?
  21. Ever bite your fingernails? How about your toenails?!
  22. Ever have sex in a department store?
  23. How do you feel about traveling?
  24. What is the most adventurous thing you’ve done in your life?
  25. What is your longest relationship or marriage?
  26. Do you believe that aliens from other planets and galaxies are living on our planet?
  27. Ever do anything playful with your privates, like put it into a pie or watermelon? (it’s a movie reference!)
  28. Ever use something unusual to penetrate your vagina for pleasure?
  29. What is the most compassionate thing you’ve done in your life?
  30. How would you describe your level of empathy?
  31. Have you ever taken The Empath’s Oath?
  32. How have you resolved your most traumatizing events from childhood and your younger years?
  33. When something challenging happens to you, are you proactive or reactive?
  34. When it comes to intentionally improving your life, are you a warrior or a victim?
  35. Have you ever been molested or raped? If so, are you still angry or upset about it? Are you still broken in some way? Do you pray for that person? Have you forgiven them?
  36. On a scale of 1 to 10, how positive are you in your daily life?
  37. When you’re angry or grumpy, what do you do to improve your state of mind and heart?
  38. How do you feel about ceremonies, rituals, and prayers?
  39. Do you ever envision praying with your primary partner or lover?
  40. What are you generally willing to do so that you can improve your attitudes, feelings, moods, and demeanor?
  41. What are your most unique skills and talents?
  42. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you love being in nature?
  43. Do you vegetarian or vegan?
  44. Do you have any dietary restrictions?
  45. If you’re a meat-eater, have you ever hunted and killed your own animal food?
  46. Do you like to watch birds?
  47. Do you kill spiders that you find in the house or do you capture them and release them outside?
  48. Do you vote? Why or why not?
  49. Do you have a political party affiliation? If so, are you passionate about this party?
  50. What are your core beliefs (one sentence each) regarding welfare, minorities, immigration, free national health-care, and military spending?
  51. Have you ever traveled outside the US? If so, what your favorite places to visit?
  52. What places in the US do you like to frequent?
  53. How do you serve or help others who are less fortunate?
  54. Do you invest money in the stock market, cryptocurrency, or anything related to your interests or passions?
  55. Do you like to garden?
  56. When you see a living creature flying or crawling on the ground near you, do you ever engage the little Being in conversation?
  57. When you pray, who and what do you pray for?
  58. Do you believe in miracles? How so?
  59. What is the most lovely event that you’ve experienced so far in life?
  60. When you think about death, what comes to your mind and heart?

If you get push-back for wanting to only text for a while, say this:

“We’re all prone to poor decisions because of media influences throughout our lives. We’re all vulnerable. Each one of us needs some distance from images, perfume, charisma, intimacy tactics, and projection. Texting for a while helps a lot with these things. Also, I am a very open, kind, and emotionally-minded man. I love people from all walks of life. Choosing a partner for a life-long journey requires some deep exploration. It can be easy to fall into a relationship with someone for a myriad of reasons – some alignment, physical chemistry, passion, short-term connection, etc. With texting, we can explore some of the more pertinent questions, thereby accelerating the learning processes – without all the normal human distractions. Then we can determine whether it feels right to meet. This is akin to eHarmony, but without their contrived questionnaires and chemistry hooks. It’s real, it’s authentic, and it works for both parties – long term.”

You are the only person you ever interact with. There is no other.

“Don’t find fault with anyone. Not even with an insect. As you pray to God for devotion, so also pray that you may not find fault with anyone. Never think that you alone have true understanding and others are fools. One must love all, No one is a stranger. It is Hari alone who dwells in all beings. Nothing exists without Him”  – Bhagvan Sri Ramakrishna


How Your Intentions And Vibration Generate Far More Experiences Than Your Brain Or Will

intention vs brain
Your vibration is a magnetic electromagnetic frequency. A Shutterstock Licensed Image.

We are all lucky to be alive during this time in the planet’s history. There are still abundances of healthy people, animals, trees, vegetation, water sources, minerals, healing herbs, and etheric Beings. There are also wondrous storms of divine magic. Many of us are protected from the ravages of war, and some people have evolved their souls to such degrees that they share light and love with others, without expectation of anything in return. All of these things are miracles. Each one of us is a miracle. You are a miracle. In this article, let’s have a look at intentions vs brain here.

When we’re born, we are thrust into the world as mostly unbound spirits. During the early days, we live from pure vibration and gut-impulse. We are needy, trusting sponges, ready for anything. Since our prior realities were comprised of energy and etheric connection, the density and slow pace of our newly minted lives confuse us.

As the months ensue, we yearn for the Mother, the eternal feminine vibration that has spoken to us for eons. Our first attempt at manifesting the Mother in our lives was through the women who gave birth to us. We continue to project the roles of Mother and Father on a variety of people and institutions throughout our lives. Until we internalize the eternal Mother and Father and own all of it, we tend to feel disappointed. 


As we meander through the world, we take on the projections of others and allow others to control and influence our intentions, thoughts, identities, and actions. Within our first few years of life, we memorize and adopt a variety of beliefs, ideologies, and constructs, most of which are based less on truth and more on the egos of others. We begin to become dependent on approval and herd-mentality. Instead of diving more deeply into our natures, we want to be and do what others have been and done. 

Our families want us to be something specific, our religions want us to adopt their doctrines, and we allow society to burden us with limited, predetermined titles that outline how to spend most of our time while living on the planet. By age 18, our original vibrations and gut-senses are covered in garbage. Our quest is to become free of all of it. This is why spirituality is so important.

What Exactly Is Vibration?

Our souls continually emit interconnected packets of energy, much like how packets of data are transmitted from computers to the internet. As we emit, so we attract. When our spirits begin to form intentions, they cannot be described in words. They have no barriers to entry into the vibrational fields of reality. This makes intention extremely powerful and potent. 

Meanwhile, our brains can create thoughts that carry equally substantial energy, which can also influence our realities. But the brain emits energy in disconnected, unsupported bursts. While the bursts might have a moment of successful penetration and participation in reality, they lack the potency of our intentions. If the energy burst is weak, it will die out before causing any material influence. If the brain burst is strong, it might penetrate or infect reality with a temporary construct, but it won’t have a lasting effect, unless it’s immediately and continuously repeated. When we allow our brains to rule our lives, we tend to deny our soul’s understandings and desires. This is when many of us become exhausted, numb, or sick. 

Sheer Will, Brain Trusts, and Vibrational Alignment

How did we come to birth on this planet, specifically during this era? What were the instigators? Was it the sheer wills of our souls, the collective brain trust of prior and parallel lives, or were we born into this timeframe because our pre-birth intentions and vibrations matched emerging Earthly trends?

While our wills and brain trusts carry a measure of influence, our vibrations and intentions will always rule our realities. Will is built upon the temporary ego and fortified by the elusive mind. Will and brain-trusts might help us move through spacetime and occasionally tip the scales, but they’re less penetrating and magnetic than vibrations and intentions. 


Because we are comprised of energy, our intentions and vibrations will always carry the day, especially when we’re living in the other realms and choosing to birth. Once we’re living in three-dimensional realities, we tend to trust our egos and wills, thereby denigrating our intentions and vibrations. When we allow this to happen, we tend to miss out on aspects that will provoke a quickened evolution. 

Our vibrating natures, eternal and magnetic, have more power than we realize. This is why meditation, forgiveness, and love are so important. These things are all born from spirit. They’re empowered by our souls’ eternal connections to the natures of the Universes. As we meditate, forgive, and love, we vibrate with the nature of the All-That-Is. 

Just How Powerful Are Our Intentions and Vibrations?

Given that we are all magnetic by nature and continually connected to the source, our intentions and vibrations are extremely powerful. When we move past or through our emotions, detach from our obsessive minds, and seek the highest power, we become the highest power. 

If we can meditate and pray early in the morning and before we go to bed, we can improve our abilities to honor our souls’ intentions and vibrations. Doing so, we become more attractive to everything. If we can also regularly think of God throughout our waking hours, we will improve our connection to our most effulgent truths. We might even remember all of them!

There is nothing material or dangerous that can stop us from seeking the depths of ourselves. While our temporary self-identities are adept at contriving fears and excuses, it’s vital to realize that our twisted daydreams and most toxic nightmares rarely come true. We are comprised of far more light than dark. Focus on the light, while allowing the darkness to inform you. This is the relationship that the Universe has had with itself for all time. You are light and love, always. 

Empathy vs Intuition: What’s the Difference?

empathy vs intuition
One is a skill, the other is a person’s nature. A Shutterstock Licensed Image.

Embodying the pain of others is different than sensing the properties, conditions, and experience of the pain. Let’s have a look at Empathy vs Intuition in this article.

Intuition is an ability or gift whereby one or more of your senses inspires an awareness about a potential trajectory or event. For example, you might have a gut (physical) feeling or an image (spiritual sense) that someone will call you or that an impending decision will work out in your favor.

Empathy is the ability to consider, fully encompass, embody, or sense a person’s or group’s feelings, either in-person, within your soul tribe or family, or remotely. Empathy might emerge as a full-body experience where you can literally feel the sadness or grief of another person. In the case of feeling somebody else’s anger, empathy might appear as a rash or upset stomach. The overriding feeling of empathy is equal to the feelings of the other person.

The challenge for Intuitives and Psychics, who focus primarily on extracting information from a projected timeline or reality, is integrating empathy and compassion when they are helping others and themselves. The challenge for Empaths is to refrain from taking things personally when we feel or absorb energy from others.

Many Empaths, Intuitives, and Psychics have compassion and are kind people, but some highly sensitive people use the victim position/identity to take things too personally and to create self-pity, attention or drama, rather than use their gifts toward self-realization, healing, and light.

Because these types of gifts can be challenging, all sensitives should pray, chant mantras, do healing and light rituals, help the poor, refrain from alcohol, pot, and other drugs – and regularly clear their energies. Doing so helps us be earnest and true servants to our own evolution and the evolution of others.

Sending this with love and light!

Check out The Empath Oath – it’s awesome!

Amma: The Loving, Hugging, Humanitarian Saint


Amma, the remarkable, unmatched Hugging Saint. A personal photo (yup, that’s me!). Do not use.

As of the date of this article, Amma has hugged attendees to her programs over 40 million times. Her free events attract thousands upon thousands of people, often taking place in football stadiums. In the early days, when 50 or 60 people were in attendance, Amma was known as “Ammaji” or “Ammachi.”​

It was 1990 when I first met Amma. She was seated on a tattered, cushioned chair in the center of a small, basement room in The African-Methodist Episcopal Church in Central Square, Cambridge, MA.

The moment I walked into the room, I was so profoundly struck by Amma’s light and presence that I fell to my knees and bowed to her. I spent the rest of the day sobbing in absolute bliss, happily crouched in a corner. In addition to a few Swamis and helpers, there were less than ten other people in the room.​

While indulging my tears, Amma caught my eye and invited me to her chair. I was so nervous, I could barely speak. I walked toward her, awkward and self-conscious as if it were my first time walking. I bowed and she immediately took my hand, then gently bent me across her lap.

Amma then gently rubbed my body from head to toe while I cried. She massaged my scalp and forehead and patted my spine. Amma even squeezed my ears and tussled my hair. It felt as though I were embraced by the most loving bundle of light.

After 20 minutes of her healing touch, Amma lifted my head with her soft hands and pressed her cheek and lips against my ear. She lovingly whispered Sanskrit mantras to me as I absorbed every morsel of her love.

“Pure Love Transcends The Body. It Is Between Hearts. It Has Nothing To Do With Bodies.”
— Amma (

During this timeframe of my life, I was the host of a popular children’s TV show with fantasies of fame running through my head. After meeting Amma, my heart expanded and I changed my approach to my career and every other aspect of my life.​ Amidst all of my faults and challenges, Amma helped me blossom in ways that I could never have imagined.

During the years to come, Amma would ask me to open her retreats and events with spiritual comedy shows. It was lovely to sit near Amma’s chair and deliver playful lectures and videos about the hilarious things that happen within spiritual communities.

“I don’t see if it is a man or a woman. I don’t see anyone different from my own self. A continuous stream of love flows from me to all of creation. This is my inborn nature. The duty of a doctor is to treat patients. In the same way, my duty is to console those who are suffering.”

— Amma (

Amma’s Birth And Family

Amma, an enlightened master, was born as Sudhamani (bright, precious gem) Idamannel on September 27th, 1953, in Kerala, India. Devotees call her Amma, although she is also known as Mātā Amritānandamayī Devī, an incarnation and embodiment of The Divine Mother. Amma’s ashram, Amritapuri, is in Kerala, India.

Amma was born into a family of fishermen with six siblings, most of whom did not understand her or treat her with kindness. Amma’s commitment to her divine path is what eventually inspired every member of her family to embrace her as the Divine Mother.

Witnesses of her birth say that Amma was born without tears and with a sweet smile on her face. She was reported to have been born with bluish skin, reminiscent of stories Krishna. Even though her skin soon turned to brown, many believe Amma to be an incarnation of Krishna. From age 5 onward, Amma spent most of her time in devotional prayer.


Known as “The Hugging Saint,” Amma tours the world continually, holding free programs in multiple cities on every continent. In the hotels she inhabits, Amma rejects all comfort and sleeps on the floor (requesting that all beds and pillows be removed). She barely eats, yet will hug thousands of attendees, often for longer than 24 hours at one sitting. Amma’s darshan, or blessing, comes in the form of hugs and gentle, loving whispers during the embrace.

Amma offers mantras to those who request them, and she makes herself available to people who have life-or-death questions.

“I am not interested in making believers by showing miracles; I am here to help you find the real truth, and to find liberation of the Self (Soul) through the realization of your eternal nature.”
— Amma (

Amma’s Mission: Hospitals, Housing, Tsunami Relief & More

Amma’s international missions, Mata Amritanandamayi Math (MAM) and Mata Amritanandamayi Mission Trust, help millions of people around the world.

In addition to spiritual education, these organizations have a long, successful record of helping the poor and uplifting humanity. She has garnered hundreds of millions of dollars in donations for disaster relief, healthcare for the poor, the environment, global hunger, and education for financially strained students.

The primary missions of Amma’s organizations are to promote activities of selfless service. The idea is based on her teachings around karma yoga, which encourages everyone to help those who are less fortunate as a prayer.

Thousands of people around the world volunteer for Amma’s organizations. This includes monastics, students, and householders (married and/or with children), who come from a long list of religions, races, creeds and ideologies.

When you attend Amma’s events, you’ll hear about her mission, “Embracing the World.” All of Amma’s charitable organizations work under this premise and title.

Ranked as the #1 private India university, Amma’s Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, is an accredited university that offers degrees in Arts & Sciences, Chemistry, Biotech, Business, Education, Engineering, Nursing, Medicine, Ayurveda, and more. Students can also learn meditation, Sanskrit and yoga.


Here are a few highlights from a long list of Amma’s unique, humanitarian accomplishments:

  • Awarded over 100,000 scholarships to help disadvantaged people and the many families stricken with farmer suicide
  • MAM’s university, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, a 5-campus system, teaches nanotechnology, biotechnology, robotics, and satellite-enabled software solutions. Amma says that their goal is “To harness the power of modern technology to provide the effect of targeted aid to communities and individuals in crisis.”
  • Built four charitable hospitals that serve the poor and disadvantaged
  • Established the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre (AIMS) and several HIV/AIDS care centers. The AIMS hospitals and related programs have 1,300 beds, a medical college with 400-beds, and a 210-bed Intensive Care Facility. They’ve served over 5.5 million patients since 1998.
  • Amma’s MAM funds and manages over 47 grammar schools with an education that integrates spiritual and universal values
  • MAM is part of the “United Nations Billion Tree Campaign” and has actively planted over 1 million trees around the world
  • Amma’s SREE program and her over 5000 self-help groups serve over 100,000 women to improve their lives and support their families
  • Built over 200,000 homes for the poor
  • Raised and gave over $50 million to earthquake, tsunami and hurricane relief
  • Awarded over 60,000 microloans to help families improve their living conditions, careers, health, and businesses
  • Established nine tailoring schools and furnished them with over 2000 sewing machines
  • Educated over 500 students in pursuit of their driver’s licenses to become bus, truck and taxi drivers
  • Educated hundreds of young people in a variety of trades, including mobile phone and TV/VCR repair, plumbing, fashion design, and bag manufacturing/production
  • Her Amrita Nidhi financial-aid program is giving out pensions to over 100,000 widows, and physically and mentally disadvantaged individuals
  • Build four elderly-care homes, equipped with community prayer, ceremony and function halls
  • Amma’s AYUDH helps young people integrate spiritual and universal values into their lives, as she teaches them ways they can help the elderly, homeless and disadvantaged
  • Built two homes that continually help hundreds of children with food, housing, and education

There are many other services, functions, and organizations that Amma and her MAM manage or fund across the globe. Her mission represents one of the most profound humanitarian efforts in history.

Amma’s Miracles

Amma began performing miracles very early in life, including licking the sores of lepers which healed them of their debilitating disease. While she does not place emphasis on these miracles, there are many confirmed stories circulating throughout India.

During her early life and beyond, Amma was known to be extraordinarily generous and compassionate with the lower classes in society, her most impoverished neighbors, and all of the nearby animals. She would regularly forsake her own hunger and give her food to hungry cows and goats. To many, Amma was the miracle that saved their livestock and families.

Amma would also give her family’s belongings to those in need. Even as a young girl, Amma would spontaneously hug others with the hope of comforting them.​

“If we penetrate deeply into all aspects and all areas of life, we will find that hidden behind everything is love. We will discover that love is the force, the power, and inspiration behind every word and every action. This applies to all people, irrespective of race, caste, creed, sect, religion, or of what work people do.”
— Amma (

Amma Quotes

  • “Children, love can accomplish anything and everything. Love can cure diseases. Love can heal wounded hearts and transform human minds. Through love, one can overcome all obstacles. Love can help us renounce all physical, mental and intellectual tensions and thereby bring peace and happiness.”
  • “True worship of God is rendering help to those who are suffering.”
  • “Different people will think different things – that is the nature of the world. People have the right to have faith or not to have faith.”
  • “For me, everything in creation is God, there is nothing but God. Every single object is a wonder for me.”
  • “Only when human beings are able to perceive and acknowledge the Self in each other can there be real peace.”
  • “All I am concerned with is what positive I can do.”
  • “Compassion is Consciousness expressed through your actions and words. Compassion is the art of non-hurting. Compassion cannot hurt. Compassion cannot hurt anyone because compassion is Consciousness manifested. Consciousness cannot hurt anyone. Just as the sky cannot hurt anyone and space cannot hurt anyone, the manifestation of Consciousness, compassion, cannot hurt anyone. One who has compassion can only be compassionate.”

Amritapuri: Amma’s Home Ashram

Amma began hugging people at her home in her early teens, and more regularly as spiritual disciples took residence on her family’s property. Amma says that when people would share their troubles with her, she would listen, share advice and then hug them.

This loving ritual eventually became part of Amma’s blessing which new seekers can experience when they visit Amma. By lovingly embracing others, Amma is absorbing a measure of pain in the world, which heals hearts and helps humanity.​

Amma’s home ashram, Amritapuri, is in Kerala, India, which is also Amma’s primary residence. There are only a few weeks throughout the year when Amma is not touring the world and therefore resides at Amritapuri. Her original tiny temple is still in perfect working order and often used for Pujas and Homas, ceremonies of light and love.​​

When visiting the ashram, you’ll find inexpensive accommodations akin to a youth hostel, delicious and affordable vegetarian meals, free spiritual education, and free programs where attendees are invited to receive Amma’s special darshan in the form of a hug.​​

Mornings at Amritapuri begin long before dawn, when men and women chant in separate halls. If you walk near Amma’s main temple, you can find the sweet spot between the two halls, where you’ll be drenched in waterfalls of chants occurring on either side of you. It’s a profound experience. Visitors are always welcome to attend as fellow-chanters.

Spiritual ceremonies in the forms of Pujas and Homas are performed daily, and can be of benefit to individuals, families, friends, and loved ones. If you have a personal prayer, need or desire for help, healing or cleansing, Amma’s Pujas and Homas can be ordered through her website.

Amma’s Awards And Honors

It seems that every year Amma and her organizations are recognized for their tireless efforts to serve humanity. Here is the most current list of their remarkable achievements:

  • 1993: Named “President of the Hindu Faith,” at The Parliament of the World’s Religions 100th Anniversary
  • 1993: Hindu of the Year, by Hinduism Today
  • 1995: Address at The Interfaith Celebrations, 50th anniversary of the UN
  • 1998: Care & Share International Humanitarian of the Year Award
  • 2000: Keynote speaker at the Millennium World Peace Summit, UN General Assembly
  • 2002: Karma Yogi of the Year, by Yoga Journal
  • 2002: Gandhi-King Award for Non-Violence
  • 2005: Mahavir Mahatma Award
  • 2005: Centenary Legendary Award of the International Rotarians
  • 2006: James Parks Morton Interfaith Award
  • 2006: The Philosopher Saint Sri Jnaneswara World Peace Prize
  • 2007: Le Prix Cinéma Vérité
  • 2008: Mahavir Mahatma Award
  • 2008: Keynote at the Summit of the Global Peace Initiative of Women
  • 2010: Honorary Doctorate, The State University of New York
  • 2012: Amma in the Top 100 Most Spiritually Influential, Living People
  • 2013: 1st Annual Award, Vishwaretna Purskar (Gem of the World Award), by Hindu Parliament
  • 2013: Proclamation by the State of Michigan, declaring Amma to be a true citizen of the world for her worldwide charitable works
  • 2014: One of the 50 most powerful women religious leaders, by Huffington Post
  • 2014: Kavithilakam Pandit Karuppan Award
  • 2014: Participated with the first coalition of Anglican, Catholic, Orthodox, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist leaders (including Amma) to sign a shared commitment against modern-day slavery and human trafficking under the direction of The Global Freedom Network
  • 2015: Keynote at The United Nations Academic Impact Conference
  • 2015: Medal of Honor, by Ms. Evie Evangelou, Fashion 4 Development
  • 2015: Special Envoy for the Protection of the Planet in the Summit of Conscience for the Climate in Paris, by French President Francois Hollande
  • 2015: Golden Goody Award (Oscar for Social Good) for Amma’s Worldwide Humanitarian Charities

Amma’s Titles, Roles And Positions

While Amma is hugging people, you’ll often see her Swamis hand her a variety of cell phones. I often wondered why – until I realized that Amma is the CEO of a variety of missions.​

Here are Amma’s primary roles and positions in organizations that serve millions of people across the globe:

  • Founder and Chairperson, Mata Amṛtānandamayī Math
  • Founder, Embracing the World
  • Chancellor, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University
  • Founder, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS Hospital)
  • Parliament of the World’s Religions, International Advisory committee member
  • President, Swami Vivekananda’s 150th birth anniversary celebration committee
  • Member, Elijah Interfaith Institute Board of World Religious Leaders

Other Divine Mothers

Mother Meera is also known as an embodiment of The Divine Mother. Born in 1960, Mother Meera can be found touring the world giving visitors her loving blessing. This free transmission of Light, Love, and Grace is Mother’s gift to the world. Mother Meera once said, “The whole purpose of my work is in the calling down of the Paramatman Light and in helping people. For this I came – to open your hearts to the Light.” You can visit to learn more.

Sri KarunaMayi has spent her life immersed in prayer and is known for her embodiment of Divine Motherly Love, which she readily shares with all of creation, including people, animals, and plants. Karunamayi has said, “Where there is selfishness, love will not manifest, and where there is love, there is no room for selfishness.” You can learn more at her website here.

Both of these embodiments of divine love regularly tour the world, shedding their eternal light on all walks of life.

Attacks And Allegations​

While there have been a few physical attacks and negative statements toward Amma, none have materialized relevant corroboration or material evidence. In the one or two public cases, every accuser recanted their stories and apologized directly to Amma and her organizations.​

Despite occasional harsh treatment toward her, Amma repeatedly says that she forgives and loves all of them. Concerning one disgruntled devotee, Amma said, “Even now, Amma is only filled with love for that daughter. I am praying that virtue and goodness come. Time will shine forth the truth.”

“All those who are born will die one day. I am going ahead keeping this reality in mind. I will carry on. I will continue to give darshan to the devotees coming here to meet me.”
— Amma (

Books & Documentaries About Amma

There are hundreds of books written by Amma and her disciples, which can be found on her website at Here are the television programs and documentaries that feature Amma and her remarkable work:

  • River Of Love, 1999
  • BBC’s Weird Weekends, “Indian Gurus,” 2000
  • Darshan: The Embrace, 2005
  • In God’s Name, 2007
  • Science of Compassion: A Documentary on Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, 2016

“There is always a lack of love. It has always been Amma’s wish that her life should become love and compassion itself. My sole mission is to love and serve one and all.”
— Amma (

Living With A Master

When traveling to or residing at Amma’s ashrams, everyone works as volunteers in service to the poor and disadvantaged. A volunteer might stay for a few weeks or up to several years, and possibly longer. Some people come to Amma’s ashrams to enter into periods of prayer and meditation.

Many of Amma’s devotees spend half their time working in their home cities and then travel in spurts to volunteer for Amma’s organizations, all of which serve humanity. Some devotees have portable businesses that allow them to work when needed, travel with Amma at her programs around the world, and volunteer regularly to help others.​

It’s exhilarating to be around Amma, and it’s always of benefit to serve others through her karma yogi programs. As always, Amma encourages her followers and visitors to continually seek ways to serve others, no matter where they live.​

Amma continually tours the world and can be found traveling throughout the United States and Canada from May through early August every year. Amma’s unique bookstore and vegan cafe travel are always a lovely and nourishing part of her programs. Admission is always free, although it’s recommended that you arrive early.

Do Jesus, Dionysius, Krishna, And Mithras Share The Same Life Story?

life story of krishna

Krishna and Radha – A Shutterstock Licensed Image

Whether you’re a Christian, Buddhist, Pagan, Muslim, Hindu, Jew, New-Ager, Atheist, Zoroastrian, or Planetary Alienist, you’ve somehow been privy to the story of Jesus. While Christians like Catholics and Baptists might not agree on the procedures required to celebrate and worship Christ, they agree on these aspects of the Christian narrative:

  • When Jesus’ mother conceived Him, She was a virgin. An angel announced the birth.
  • Upon his birth, wise men and shepherds visited Jesus and his family. They were guided to a remote manger by the constellations. 
  • At a young age, Jesus had an unusual thirst for spiritual matters and a powerful command of his birth religion. 
  • Throughout his life, Jesus taught about love, faith, hope, devotion, and justice. 
  • He performed many miracles, including healing lepers and casting out demons.
  • Jesus defined himself as the Son of God and was assumed to be omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent.
  • He defined the nature of God to be a trinity, comprised of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. 
  • He often claimed, “I am the Resurrection,” and promised to cleanse the world of sin. 
  • Jesus gave many lectures and had a core group of disciples who spread his teachings. 
  • He was known to be loving, meek, and merciful, and he forgave his enemies. 
  • Jesus was criticized for associating with society’s outcasts and sinners. 
  • He withdrew to the desert to confront all aspects of the universe within Himself. 
  • Before being betrayed, Jesus held the last supper for his dearest disciples.
  • His teachings threatened old religious doctrine and fearful politicians, which resulted in Jesus being captured and crucified.
  • After Jesus died, he rose from the dead and appeared to his disciples. 

Click to read Amma: The Loving, Hugging, Humanitarian Saint

“After three days they found him in the temple courts, sitting among the teachers, listening to them and asking them questions. Everyone who heard him was amazed at his understanding and his answers.”

— Luke 2:46-47

The Life Story of Krishna

What’s surprising is that most of these story elements are also found in Krishna’s narrative. While some might assume that the early Christians stole from the older Hindu religion, it’s fair to say that when the divine births a master, He or She knows that some aspects of the narrative are vital for inspiring devotion to divine love and light. Also, all masters are born from the same cloth, the same mysterious force, and the same eternal consciousness. It might be said that focusing on the narrative detracts from the embodiment of the teachings. 

Many other religions claim Christianity stole their stories. Some of the ancient writings on parchments and stone indeed point to this possibility. Regardless, much of the evidence has been poorly constructed and presented. It’s incorrect to say that early Christians and propagandistic writers did not steal from this sacred religion, it’s just that, when considering traditional academic procedures, it’s not apparent. 

In all things, our devotion and beliefs are personal, and therefore, sacred. While claiming theft might seem justified, it’s also a distraction. With positivity and focus, we can deepen our devotion to our chosen Gods, refrain from judgment, and circumvent our egos. 

No worthy God has a penchant for sustaining a vendetta, ego, or attitude. As all precepts are illusions, details are merely dust. 

Horus The Child and The Cult of Isis

Most of the writings that equate Horus The Younger with Jesus were written by comparative religion enthusiasts who often referenced the writings of other enthusiasts, most of whom are from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. While compelling on first-read, the thrust of this research does not stem from accredited religious figures, Egyptologists, or biblical scholars. This could limit its credibility.

While the narratives around Horus The Child and his mother Isis are fascinating and potentially illuminating, there are few proven similarities to the story of Jesus. The research on this topic is vague. Some of it points to teachings assumed to have been birthed in the City of Atlantis. It might be that the writings that promote the connection between Horus and Jesus are born from hopes rather than qualified scholarship. 


The original narrative of Horus the Younger, very different from Horus the Elder, featured a powerful Sun God who commanded the elements from the sky. He was the protector of those who suffered affliction and pain. Often depicted in the arms of his mother, Isis, the imagery most likely had a substantial influence on Christian iconography in the forms of the Virgin Mary and the Christ Child. While there are many other reported similarities, they may or may not be bonafide. 

There is a vast array of conflicting information on this subject, found in libraries and on the web. Because of this, our religious beliefs must stem from the core of our beings and the centers of our devotional hearts.

Mithraism life story

Mithra is known as the God Sun, and some have claimed him to be the mediator between God and humanity. Sadly, anti-Christian writers may have sought to defame the religion, hoping to victimize their unique God. Other writers, especially those who lived during the years 100-500 AD, such as Justin Martyr, Athenagoras of Athens, and Clement of Alexandria, wanted to remove the stigmas against Christianity in support of making it a legal religion.

While Mithraic writings may have pointed to the notion of salvation, they were most likely based in Zoroastrian principles around man’s participation in the cosmic struggle of a magnificent creation opposing the eternal forces of evil. Other purported similarities between Christ and Mithra have mainly been dismissed, including shared December 25th births, a water-miracle, and the mark of the cross.

Dionysius and Jesus life story

The culture and religion around Dionysius were born from a philosophical form of Hedonism. While Jesus may have been the true vine of divine love, Dionysius was literally referred to as the God of Grapes, and therefore wine. While both Gods were traveling teachers, performers of miracles, riders of symbolic donkeys, and then murdered, this is where the similarities end. 


Regardless of what you believe, your God is whomever you elevate above yourself. With a little faith, Horus, Dionysius, and Krishna could certainly protect you from the perils of this world and the demons within your nature.  

In all religions, the details are sketchy. We’ll never know when or how Christ, Mithra, or the other Gods-in-Human-Form were born. Since all of their narratives were written many years after their deaths, we can only assume their stories were born from combinations of divine intervention, subjective truths, mythology, and hope. While we can love them and honor them, we might never know the truth of their physical lives and purpose. It might also be true that the details are unimportant. 

The prevailing truth of our lives is that the divine can spring forth and lovingly envelop our spirits in an instant. She can birth a master from a vibrant flower or a ray of sunlight. He can conjure realities and spacetime trajectories that appear to last forever, yet only last a moment. 

There are many ways to connect with a loving, divine master. Given their eternal, non-egoistic natures, they probably don’t care which name you call them. Whether it’s Shiva, Saraswati, Aphrodite, Ares, Sol, Tristan, Dolya, Gabrielle, Isolde, Khepri, Koko, or Lena, because they were either born from light or elevated by human consciousness, their vibrations are bright, beneficial, and eternal. 

There are many types of Gods and masters. There are living masters, birthed/deceased Gods, and divine Beings that solely live within the other realms. It is up to each of us to command our divinity, bow to the eternal light, and remain humble in our pursuit of perpetual resurrection. 

Seek Enchantment and Transformation through Prayerful Ritual and Ceremony

Prayerful Ritual and ceremony
Rituals and ceremonies can be truly transformative! A Shutterstock Licensed Image.

When we create the space and time to connect with the deepest parts of ourselves, we honor the ancient’s teachings and most enduring tribal traditions found on every continent on Earth. By committing to this deepening, we awaken our cores and establish trajectories leading to healing and transformation. To begin, we need only glance in the direction of our divine natures. In this article, you will know about the prayerful ritual.

With heart-centered intention and thoughtful action, we can clear the dust that clouds our souls’ perceptions and connectivity. Regardless of how lost or confused, we believe ourselves to be, in every moment there exists the potential for clarity. While it might feel daunting, even impossible, you have the power to reconnect with your deepest Self and the eternal consciousness. In the process of seeking our soul’s illumination, we improve our perceptions, vibrations, and the ability to feel nurtured by our realities.

When we seek divine clarity, we find many gifts:

  • Answers to our deepest questions
  • Changes in our perceptions
  • Changes in dynamics
  • Awakened potentialities
  • The ability to forgive and truly let-go
  • Improved awareness of our talents, attributes and personal magic
  • Lessened projection, fewer expectations, and more acceptance
  • Reduction in our attachments to self-limiting societal and religious constructs
  • Less desire to delude ourselves
  • Deepened humility
  • Increased connectivity and joy
  • Expanded abilities around creating and sustaining empowered lives

Schedule a ritual training session with Paul: HERE

This powerful, intimate experience involves a beautiful, life-changing ritual,

book-ended by two profound and intuitive sessions with Paul.

Paul’s Experience

Seven Arrows, Changing the Book of Life, Vision Quest, Sweat Lodge, and Medicine Wheel are ancient rituals that lead to connection and liberation. Paul spent many years learning Native American rituals under the guidance of Lakota elders and shamans. Traveling throughout India and China, seated at the feet of enlightened masters, Paul learned the ceremonies and traditions that our ancient elders created to help us heal and awaken.

Open your heart and heal thru ritual. You’ll LOVE it.

How Pandemics And Other Emergencies Lead To Spiritual Evolution

Spiritual Evolution
Buddha Wears A Mask: A Shutterstock License

When major challenges emerge, we can choose from a variety of responses. We can dive deeply into the why, we can jump immediately into an operational plan to protect ourselves, or we explore ways to expand our consciousness and embodiments of love to allow for the shifts. Obviously, we all want to protect ourselves, but after we get our first aid kits, store 18 frozen pizzas and 311 rolls of toilet paper, and make sure our loved ones are safe, we might have some time to kill. This is where it gets interesting. This article will enable you to know about the Spiritual Evolution caused by pandemics and emergencies.

Throughout our lives, we continuously develop and update our temporary self-identities (the personalities that emerge within us as we construct our positions in the world.) When we’re in the throws of busy lives, we tend to harden our attachment to specific self-identities. This, in turn, puts us on more direct courses geared for specific outcomes and karma.

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

— Mr. Rogers

The challenge with adopting and defending our defined personalities is that when something changes, which is often the case, we become lost, confused, depressed, angry, or sad. In short, when our flows are interrupted, we don’t always know how to put it all in perspective or recover.

The trick is to expect change and find ways to embrace it. When we do this, we begin to see how most aspects of our lives are neither valuable, investible, or worthy of our panic. Even though our jobs and careers feel meaningful and empowering for a time, it doesn’t mean that we’re evolving. In fact, most of our job-related activities are endured with a smile, not genuinely celebrated.


It sometimes seems impossible to see the matrix behind our contrived lives. It’s difficult to assess our reality because we believe our contrived realities to be real. They’re not.

Where Did We Come From?

The natures of our souls are similar. We are all born from love and are able to embody love. This doesn’t mean we always choose love, it just means that this skill is part of our birthright. Throughout our lives, most of us keep love at an arms distance. We adopt identities, commit and fail to them, and eventually find success within a temporary, contrived scope. If we’re careful, we escape this life with only a few bruises. If we’re not so lucky, we leave our bodies somewhat broken and confused, relegated to heal when immersed within the other realms.

While this all might seem superfluous to living a real-life within a three-dimensional reality here on planet Earth, there is nothing more important than these ideas. We are soul not the body, eternal not finite. We are born to be reborn, not die. There is no end, there is no beginning. We are everything from here to there and beyond, and we’re everything in between.

When our worlds burst, we have but one choice: find the emotions, express ourselves, move beyond our illusions, and dive into the depths of who we are. During tragedies, we are called to reconnect with the heavens and reclaim our divine rights to be detached, aligned, prepared, and aware.

If we are able to or if we choose to, we can serve others and enjoy exponential growth. While there is no escaping this life’s ups and downs, there are pathways to help us master life’s complexities and evolve at every turn.

How Do I Evolve?

In a world teeming with political, electrical, and illusory influences, the most appealing choice is to evolve our emotional and spiritual capacities and to expand our hearts. While the New-Age fantasy-sphere often proclaims otherwise, evolution requires sacrifice, commitment, and bumping into quite a bit of furniture. You can’t always bliss your way out of reality. You have to be a warrior.

Here are a few ideas that can lead to emotional and spiritual evolution:

  • Meditate for 10 minutes every morning. If you can also do 15 minutes of yoga, and 10 minutes of chanting or praying for others, you’ve got yourself a trifecta, and a solid spiritual workout.
  • Explore the idea that you have had many lives before this current life. It might be that you’ve replayed the same dramas and passions from life to life, possibly for centuries. If you can imagine the repetitive nature of your spirit’s journey, you might be able to imagine that whatever is happening is part of a dream-reality that your soul requires at this time. To fight it, or to negate it in any way, could easily work against you.
  • See each negative experience as a powerful mini-workshop in getting over yourself. Some situations require setting boundaries, standing up for yourself, and prepping for change. Being prepared is being a good steward of your body and soul.
  • Imagine that the disaster you are experiencing is precisely what you and everyone else needs to evolve in this lifetime. While tragedies can be devastating, try to also allow for accepting them, even in forms that appear dangerous.
  • Pray for the people you feel hatred toward. When you pray for others, the entire universe prays for you. When you overcome hatred and prejudice, even while in the bosom of your not-so-evolved birth religion, you become Christ-like. When this happens, it’s a beautiful thing. Savor it.
  • Try to make room for relaxing and breathing deeply throughout the day.
  • Laugh at yourself often, making note of your silly reactions and attachments.
  • Be bold and firm when someone hurts you, even to the point of feeling angry and self-righteous. Afterward, see if you can let these feelings go. Continue allowing yourself to feel the hurt and anger – and then letting it all go – until you no longer feel those emotions.
  • Throughout every spiritual practice and process, don’t judge yourself. Even Hitler and the darkest spirits can be forgiven.
  • Once in awhile, eat a delicious, decadent dessert.
  • Talk to plants and animals.
  • Cuddle your loved-ones often.
  • Find simple ways to serve others. One example might be to simply smile at strangers. Another way is to give a little money to charity every month, even when you don’t have much to give. Helping and serving others invites the angels into your life. This is vital to your spiritual evolution, click here to read more.

Disasters cause spiritual evolution and remind us that life is short and that we be can always be better at serving our loved-ones and ourselves. When danger lurks and death is near, we are reminded of how petty and short-sighted we can be. We are also reminded of how much we love God and all things divine.


As you process the challenges in your life, remember that the past is a canceled check. Just like former versions of yourself, they do not exist. You are reborn the moment you want to be reborn.

To protect yourself, you don’t need a gun or secret bunker, you need to:

  • Align with the principles infused in the fabric of heaven
  • Regularly open your heart
  • Love and forgive others, and for a time, give everyone the benefit of the doubt
  • Forgive yourself
  • Pray for those you love
  • Be detached for proactive

In all things, remember: whether you are living or dying, you are an eternal spirit connected to the All-That-Is. You are always in the arms of God. I am wishing you peacefulness, safety, better spiritual evolution, and health during this time, and always!

Jesus Is Far More Eternal, Loving, Powerful Than His Christian Narrative Reveals


Jesus was an enlightened master, still accessible, still embedded in the light. A Shutterstock Licensed Image.

Jesus was one of the first enlightened masters with a broad mission and mass appeal. A true and eternal master, Jesus was likely olive or dark-skinned.

While originally based in the teachings of Jesus, and focused on love and compassion, Christianity has since become somewhat broken, splintered and confusing. Even the white portrayal of the likely olive or darker-skinned Jesus is a fabrication.

It’s a religion with many limbs and branches, most of which are not fully rooted in The Eternal Light of Christ. In many ways, Christianity, in all its forms, has lost its way.

Behind the leadership of each of Christianity’s sub-sects, are lineages of successions that were not always inspired by love. Many of the church’s leaders have been ambitious men who promoted codes and ideologies that defied Jesus’s teachings. This is still happening today.

From protected, pedophile priests who’ve committed multiple crimes with no repercussions to hateful born-again Christians who use Bibles as weapons to judge millions, too many of the church’s factions no longer live by the Master’s teachings. It’s become a sea of conflict and misdirection.

While the core of Christianity is still accessible,

it’s rarely upheld or defended.

Most of its followers seem to almost condone

their religion’s sins, saying things like, “Have faith.”

Consider how “born-again” Christians continue to villainize and denigrate people who are LGBQT, immigrants, agnostics, atheists, or members of other religions. They also taunt those who choose to meditate, do yoga, or exercise their rights to have an abortion.

These sad and misled people have continued to demonstrate hatred against those who don’t follow their cult-like ideologies, by telling them, “you are not saved.” How sad it is that this type of ignorance is still in play!

Many churches that call themselves “Christian” are so steeped in their own hypocrisy, they have rendered themselves ill-equipped to love, meet the spiritual needs, or foster the growth of disciples.

Many of their adherents are being taught to hate rather than love. They’ve become so hyper-focused on their incomplete and over-edited Bible, they can’t help but judge and forsake those who are depressed, poor, lonely, disenfranchised and desperate. Aren’t those the people who Jesus taught us to love and heal?

These types of Christians regularly guilt and shame those who refuse to jump-aboard their exclusionary hate-wagons. In what twisted reality did Jesus use guilt and shame? He didn’t. Jesus was the embodiment of love, compassion, and acceptance. These things are no longer taught at American mega-churches, because hate sells.


When these ignorant people most often quote their “scriptures,” they do so specifically to hurt others, not to nurture them. It’s as if they imagine themselves to be in relationships with a dark, egoistic and fictional Christ, rather than the loving, healing and transformative nature of the Eternal Christ.

Within the first day of posting this article, I was verbally ambushed by some of the most backward, hateful people I’ve experienced, none of whom have any idea what their short-sighted outbursts do to others. I can only imagine how many sad and lonely people they’ve damaged this way. If Jesus were to return as his original person, they wouldn’t recognize him. They’d put him in a detention center and toss the key.

How Do I Access The True Nature Of Christ?

For the purest teachings of Jesus, follow a living, enlightened master, and read the Gnostic gospels, the texts rejected by male, Christian leaders throughout time. With so many dark souls having tainted these teachings, it’s a miracle we can still seek and find Him.

Christianity’s agreed-upon religious tome is The Bible, a 1700 year old text filled with inconsistencies. The old testament has been translated into over 600 languages, and the new testament has been translated from the original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek, into over 1534 additional languages.

The oldest version of the Bible has over 14,800 discrepancies when compared to the latest King James version. There are now over 2000 uniquely translated and edited versions of the bible. The current version has been rewritten over 300,000 times (yes, three hundred thousand). Over 99.9% of the translators were men.

Given its limitations, the Bible should never be used to limit our beliefs,

define or confine God and the universe, or judge others.

Throughout time, Christian popes, leaders and warriors have maneuvered, raped and pillaged, all in the name of God, and in direct opposition to the teachings of Jesus. Jesus, like any enlightened Being, would disavow his position in such an organization, and he would question the tenets outlined in their limited, manipulated “holy” text.

If Jesus returns, which he continues to do in many forms, he might not limit himself to being Christian. His membership in such a thing might be antithetical to his nature. While he would be loving of Christians, he would most likely neither prefer them nor emblemize his position among them.

If He were here with us now, Jesus would lead us to eternal truths, the ones not properly recorded by early followers, subsequent editors, and the church’s many selfish leaders throughout history.

No matter the religion or creed, it’s silly to put God in a box. The universe and God are unlimited. The Divine has never relegated itself to merging with one master, path or creed. She has been birthing enlightened teachers and teachings for eons. All we have to do is open our hearts and seek Her.

God, the Eternal Consciousness, the everlasting Being of light, in the form of Christ and all of the Eternal Masters, is one glance or thought away. Just open your heart.

Who Was Jesus?

The true nature and lineage of Jesus have little to do with his carpenter father or virgin mother. The depth of Jesus’s spirit and the breadth of his mission is born from many lifetimes in service to humanity and creation.

As a boy, and throughout his teenage years, Jesus benefited from the deep and beautiful teachings of the famous, regional rabbis of his day, including Johanan ben Zakkai, Hanina ben Doda, and Abba Yose Holikufr.

Jesus was a devoted Jew, who quickly emerged as a profound sage and prophet. As he further embodied God’s light, delving deeply into the realities and natures of humanity, love, and the Universe, Jesus grew far beyond the limited teachings and judgmental nature of his birth religion. Within a short period of time, Jesus exponentially expanded into the Eternal Embodiment of Love.


Although he was born infused with divine light, Jesus most likely became a student of Buddhist and Hindu tenets. Either way, He had a clear, Vedic astrology chart of an Eternal Master. He was not a figurehead of a religion or movement. He was the embodiment of light and love.


This is why gurus and “wise men” flocked to witness his birth. There were many more than three men who came to visit Jesus in his early years.

To be with Jesus, visit with the living masters who travel the planet today. Most of these enlightened Beings are female, and embody feminine qualities. This is because the nature of the universe is predominantly feminine, as are Jesus’s teachings.

One cannot follow Jesus without understanding the nature of the Divine Mother, whether your understanding is conscious or not. It’s in this way that embracing Jesus’s mother Mary can be helpful for unfoldment into Self-realization through Christ.

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Without The Divine Mother, there is no depth of femininity, receptivity, compassion or empathy. In Her embrace, we are immersed in eternal love and embraced by all of creation. It’s through Her arms that we can also experience the living Jesus.

Here is a partial list of living and recently deceased Sons and Daughters of God, who many believe to be akin to Jesus and embodiments of divine love. Other terms for them are “Spiritual Masters” and “Gurus.”

1. Amma

2. Karunamayi Ma

3. Mother Meera

4. Thich Nhat Hanh

5. Paramahansa Yogananda

6. Anandamayi Ma

7. Eckhart Tolle

8. Yogi Bhajan

9. Chogyam Trungpa


The Mystical Teachings of Jesus

Somehow lost in the catacombs of The Vatican and other Christian cultures, these teachings are the foundation for spiritual growth.

  1. Love others as yourself.
  2. Seek forgiveness of yourself and others.
  3. Embrace a life of service to others.
  4. Be lovingly detached from relationships and physical realities.
  5. Transcend beyond your emotional, psychological, and physical limitations.
  6. God is both masculine and feminine, but mostly feminine.
  7. Your imagined self-identity is temporary. If you choose, you can be born again, and into the nature of God.
  8. The physical and spiritual realities that comprise all Beings and all matter, in all the worlds, and in all the realms, are One Living-Being. This Being Is The Embodiment Of Light And Love.
  9. We cannot help others by affirming their illusions, temporary Self-identities or attachments to their temporal physical realities.
  10. We can help ourselves and others by releasing illusions and accepting the fact that we can never be truly trapped by them. We are also eternal.
  11. We only harm ourselves in our own self-perceptions, and our self-limiting thoughts and paradigms.
  12. Our compassion for others should not affirm their illusions, it should free the individuals from their addictions to illusions.
  13. Our mistakes are canceled checks and carry no lasting consequences.
  14. The Divine (God, Jesus, and Other Divine Beings) are not responsible for our mistakes or pain. They allow them, in agreement with our true natures, and in pursuit of our expansion into Self-realization.
  15. Closed minds and closed ecosystems are born from egos.
  16. Remain non-attached to whichever states of consciousness you encounter or achieve.
  17. The substratum of your mind is ego. Sink deeply within yourself and explore that which is beneath and beyond all substratum.
  18. Duality is the belief that there is an “other.” There is no other. It’s all connected.
  19. You are, and you always have been LOVE.
  20. Seek and affirm love in all people, places, and things.
  21. Your love and gratitude will unveil the truth and set you free.
The journey to spiritual liberation begins with devotion to a master. Whether it’s Jesus, Amma, Yogananda, or another Holy Being, be true to your heart and follow the path of light and love. Stay close to your master, in mind and heart. The master will never leave you.