​​In Memoriam – The Ego’s Obituary (Dawn Of Time To 2024)

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After a long struggle with The Eternal Spirit and Divine Consciousness, we bid farewell to a formidable, convincing figure, a tireless leader in the realms of temporary identities, desires, and suffering – the Ego. 

Born of the seeds of separateness and selfishness, the Ego embarked on its journey in the early dawn of time amid the birth of humanity, rising from the murky depths of harsh conditions and primal instinct to claim its throne as the CEO of Mind, Inc.

Bold moves and ambitious expansions marked the Ego’s early years. Under its leadership, Mind, Inc. ventured into territories of individualism, nationalism, intellectualism, religiosity, militarization, and material success, championing the banners of ‘I’, ‘Me’, and ‘Mine’.

The Ego thrived in the marketplace of personal achievements, possessions, and grandiosity, building empires of false identity, contrived delusion, and fortresses of self-aggrandizement and self-protection. During The Ego’s reign, walls went up while consciousness went down.

Throughout various epochs like The Middle Ages, The Inquisition, The Age of Reason, The Industrial Revolution, the Digital Explosion, and The Influencer Generations, The Ego adapted, evolved, and reinvented itself time and time again to meet the demands of an ever-changing world – for one purpose: to force the knee of every Being.

Ego Terms

As it birthed its many manifestations throughout time, The Ego coined these alarming yet poignant terms and acronyms: 

Separatist, Isolationist, Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing, Populism, Supremacy, Authoritarianism, Totalitarianism, Patriotism, Law & Order, Propaganda, Indoctrination, Xenophobia, Echo Chamber, Sovereignty, Ethnonationalism, Juche, Führerprinzip, Autarky, NRA, and MAGA.

Unlike any other player in history, The Ego called to the surface an unfathomable array of unique periods where pendulums swung from oppression and superiority to outright sociopathic narcissism and mass murder.

Like a true master of delusion, deception, duplicity, fraud, and misdirection, The Ego used immeasurable cunning moves, movements, and global obsessions to maintain and sustain its throne. 

It was also a master of innovation, always one step ahead of awareness, consciousness, and empathy. As it maneuvered and deceived countless souls and populations, The Ego ensured its position at the top of many corporate, military, religious, and hostile ladders. 

Ego Spawn

The Ego was self-aware to a point, knowing that it could not alone achieve its myriad missions to control factions, if not the entire globe. As a remedy, The Ego enrolled harsh, masked, and separatist soldiers to dissuade populations from being aware of their eternal nature. Some were megalomaniacal leaders like Stalin, Mao, Amin, Hitler, Mussolini, Netanyahu, and Trump. 

The Ego then infiltrated sensationalist religions, media enterprises, and egoic hosts who fed fear to the masses to enflame, control, and own them, like The Roman Empire, The Catholic Church, many Popes and religious leaders throughout history, Caesar, Napoleon, Hitler, Goebbels, J. Edgar Hoover, McCarthy, Manson, Jong-un, Hearst, Murdoch, Anti-Vaxxers and the Anti-Science Movement, Breitbart, Infowars, Qanon, and others. 

And there are thousands, if not millions, working on behalf of The Ego in ways that appear informative but, in the end, are equally controlling, misleading, racist, hateful, and harmful. Tucker Carlson, Megyn Kelly, Alex Jones, Glen Beck, and Sean Hannity, to name a few. 

Others are on the verge of being The Ego’s minions – those who appear to uncover truths and who sensationalize conspiracies, egoistic new-age propaganda, and the many sedentary, non-productive, and hashtag “movements.” Where is their vetting process? What are the spiritually transformative and collective results of their products, posts, hosts, guests, rallies, and interviews? Why do they allow opinion to be the master? They, too, are lost in the exponentially damaging emanations and exrements of The Ego.

Dawn Of Light Throughout Time

Thankfully, its seed died with itself – and as the wheels of time turned, a shift emerged. Influenced by Advaita Vedanta’s and Buddhism’s timeless teachings, a collective spiritual awakening started to awaken the corners of human consciousness. 

Enlightened masters through the ages, from Babaji and Adi Shankara to Ramana Maharshi and Amma, whispered of a truth beyond the constructed self. They taught us that “You are not a drop in the ocean, but the entire ocean in a drop,” as Rumi eloquently put it, challenging the very foundation upon which the Ego had built its empire. The walls begin to crumble.

Even the ancient Greeks knew of what was emerging, as Pythagoras shared, “Man, know thyself, and you will know the Gods,” aligning with the ancient sages around Self-inquiry and the expansive nature of the soul.

Sri Ramana Maharshi’s inquiry, “Who am I?” became a Trojan horse within the fortress of The Ego’s domain, leading many to discover that there was no ‘I’ to be found at the core of Being. The Buddha’s teaching that “The root of suffering is attachment” highlighted The Ego’s fundamental flaw – its relentless grasp on the impermanent, self-aggrandized, and delusional.

As more and more individuals embarked on the inward journey, The Ego’s influence began to wane. Its once unassailable control over human thoughts and actions was called into question, and its strategies of division and separation were seen for what they truly were – imaginary obsessions, distracting illusions, and devastating delusions.

The Light Workers

The final era of the Ego was marked by a gentle yet profound revolution, not of conflict and conquest, but of Self-realization and return. Humanity’s collective spiritual growth and illumination, nurtured in the hearts of countless seekers, poets, sages, healers, intuitives, teachers, and sages, heralded the dawn of pure Consciousness. 

While some continue to delude themselves through self-promotion and watering down the ancient teachings, they, too, will eventually fade into the night and rebirth awakened.

And so, in a humble backyard ceremony next to a seed of The Bodhi Tree, witnessed by the silent stars and Eternal Mother Of All, The Ego was lovingly laid to rest. In its place, Consciousness was acknowledged as the true avatar, a master not of separation but of unity, not of selfishness but of divine compassion.

The Ego is survived by its vast extended family: Thoughts, Emotions, Perceptions, and Sensations – all of whom are currently undergoing a transformative rehabilitation program led by Consciousness. They, too, will emerge formless and merged with light.

Donations & Adieu

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the living enlightened masters who love and nourish the Earth. Your contribution supports the liberation from desires and suffering for Beings everywhere.

Farewell, dear Ego. Though fraught with challenges, your reign was an essential chapter in the story of human evolution. You have now been embraced by The Infinite, where all distinctions dissolve and merge into the vast expanse of Awareness.

“Form is emptiness, emptiness is form,” as declared in The Heart Sutra, reminds us that even as we celebrate the passing of the Ego, we acknowledge its role in the grand play of existence. 

In the end, we find that there was never a separation between the small self (Atman) and Consciousness (The Eternal Self or Brahman). The Eternal gave us this dance of shadows and light to nudge us along the path to awakening.

Rest in peace, dear Ego. May all Beings realize their true nature beyond you in the boundless freedom of pure love and Consciousness.

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