Soulmates, Twin Souls, And Soul Groups, Oh My!

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Soulmates are wonderful. The associated delusions around this concept are not. Shutterstock licensed image.


While every major event in our lives impacts our health, vitality, and happiness, there are few things more potent to us than romance and intimate relationships. That’s why so many people refer to the Chinese zodiac and Vedic astrology for insights and help with major decisions around love and marriage.

This begs the question: What is a Soulmate? What are Soul Groups? What is a Twin Flame?

Since the beginning of time, the stars and planets have given humanity and other life forms immeasurable hope, clarity, and guidance. In many countries, like China and India, the majority of people utilize astrology when making major decisions or when seeking love. They’ll regularly refer to their astrological charts and major planetary events to plan daily life and set future milestones. 

Our astrological charts can help us better understand our weaknesses and strengths amid our most challenging and promising life categories. Learning these things, we can project into the potentials around every aspect of our lives so that we might improve upon them.

Yet, if we live so obsessed with these planetary and energetic blueprints, we will miss the point: we’re here to learn to be present in this moment, accepting every event as divine. That’s why it’s said: A wise person consults the stars, while a foolish one is ruled by them. In all things, temperance. And before looking elsewhere, look within.

Your Soulmate is Important to Your Story

We’ve all romanticized the idea of having a Soulmate in our lives. We’ve dreamed of a “perfect person” who truly “gets us.” We’ve projected visions of divine, loving relationships and eternal fulfillment. Feeling that our soulmates will be perfect in every way, we might even imagine these evasive souls fulfilling our every desire, even holding our hands as we die. While these things are possible, it’s all fantasy. Instead of encouraging us to improve ourselves and look within, the new age tells us to look elsewhere. We rush into our fantasies, thinking this could be “the one.” It’s not. The over-promoted, new-age concept of Soulmate is flawed and so are we. 

Astrologically, Soulmates are perfectly aligned partners whose charts have harmonious aspects when compared to ours. Many aspects of chart alignments might point to a Soulmate relationship. The challenge is that we have personalities and history and hangups. Until we mastered the mind and release our egos, even our Soulmate relationships will become stale and problematic.

Positivity is one thing, delusion is another.

The concept of Soulmate is a romantic notion – and all romance is an illusion. If you are looking within and healing every fissure in your self-construct, you will continuously be merging with the Divine. By doing so, you will always be advancing your concept of relationships and temporary self-identity. 

If you can train yourself to look within, you will become very picky in relationships and will only choose partnerships when you can sense your inner Being aligning with them. 

You are the One that you are seeking. You are the loving soul who will save you. You are your best partner. From there, you can form co-interdependent relationships that honor Dharma instead of Karma. Karmic relationships are contractual – you do this for me and I’ll do this for you. Dharmic relationships require that you are responsible for your happiness – no one else.

That said, we still might find a Soulmate, rather, one whose temperament and self-concept are peacefully aligned with ours. 

It might also be that once you’ve depended and developed as a person, once you’ve extinguished selfish tendencies and your codependent self-concept, you might finally recognize a potential Soulmate. 

What Is A Soulmate?

In short, a Soulmate is a person who is aligned with our sensibilities and behaviors in a harmonious way. We will feel encouraged by a Soulmate. And we will want to be encouraging to them, at all costs. 

Soulmates are deeply nourishing to us, on levels that transcend physical form and circumstance. We attract one another due to our most positive, radiant qualities. Some of these qualities turn into actionable events, like devotion to a higher purpose, a mutual love of the Divine (God in some form), or providing selfless service to each other. 

To be able to handle having a Soulmate, we must look within and eradicate our ego. We must put ourselves in the position of a servant. There is no other way. 

The Pros and Cons Of Being With a Soulmate

Soulmate stories are found within almost every romantic poem, book, meme, and movie. The idea that we’re fated to be with someone has been around since humans first started pairing off. Romance and finding your soulmate is a universal language that transcends culture and time. 

While fate sounds like an interesting idea, fate is born from your trajectory, which you can change at any time by forgiving someone, releasing the past, or changing how you respond to circumstances.

Finding your “other half” can be an elusive challenge. After all, you might have many halves wandering the planet at any given time. Especially if you’ve been at it a while and find you’re still looking. The biggest challenge we have is that human beings too often idealize the concept of Soulmates, which creates an insane amount of pressure once we begin projecting that title onto someone. Romance is also marketed by unconscious companies and people, who have nothing better to do than encourage people’s delusions. Media outlets continuously reinforce our “missing-half status” by depicting unrealistic expectations and concepts in TV, movies, and advertisements. With these depictions, the media drives our sense of loneliness and separateness. 

Truth be told, we are never truly alone. We are merged with the divine. When you feel alone, pray or serve someone with love and light. 

Belief in the Soulmate concept or “destiny” can lead to poor communication within and with our potential partners. All relationships take effort and innovation because we are not communicating from our souls, we are communicating from contrived self-concepts that we continually re-fabricate based on what we want or feel at any given moment. This makes true relating very difficult.

How Does Astrology Help Us Find or Know Our Soul Mates? 

There are times when the stars do align for us, and we’ll find what feel to be Soulmates or “perfect” matches. When this happens, it doesn’t take long for us to share deep understandings with one another.

It might be that the understanding goes beyond words – like an intangible force in line with fate brought about by unforeseen forces. Our joint astrology can help us deeply enjoy our alignment with these people and find pathways around any potential struggles. Astrological, especially Vedic Astrology, can help guide the way.

If you want to start using astrological signs to move forward in finding a Soulmate, start with the Moon. The Moon represents the feminine aspect of our natures, which is a more receptive and creative soul. The Moon’s nodes represent who we are and where we’re going in this life. When someone’s personal planets or luminaries touch either the South or North nodes, it can yield a feeling of destiny. While this, too, is an illusion, it can give us the glue we need to develop commitment, loyalty, and a sense of service to this person.

Astrology Provides Hints

The core of Astrological influences comes from the energy we absorb from
the Universe and specific planets, such as mercury retrogrades. We can ingest and embody energies from our environments and other people in our lives, and we develop ‘subtle’ vibrations that will magnetize a variety of related experiences. The more we pray, meditate, forgive, and release, the more aligned we will be with our pure natures and the Divine – and the more we’ll attract goodness to our lives. 

Should we be looking to the planets for guidance when it comes to our relationships? Yes to guidance, but no to obsession. We are each far more powerful than our individual charts and unions of charts with others. 

Astrology offers potential outcomes. Prayer, devotion to a living or imagined Deity, and selfless service can overpower our Astrological charts. Your chart might note that you are a stubborn Taurus, but you can overcome stubbornness in an instant.

Your destiny can be altered and improved at any moment. It’s up to you, not your chart.

Is it Necessary to Experience True Love?

We believe in true love because our Soul’s essence is always looking to find our other halves. The reality is that we are not missing anything or anyone. We are simply lacking discipline. We might meet someone with whom we feel “connected,” but this connection is often nothing more than a pleasant stew of chemicals and projections. The imagined connection could potentially be traced to a prior life with this person, but the chances of that are slim. Even so, those prior lives are long gone and they too were based on the needs and fantasies of temporary self-constructs and imagined personalities.

In short, stop fooling yourself. 

What Is Falling In Love?

Falling in love is the process through which we bend our understanding of the Universe and ourselves to the will of a delusion. The act of falling in love with a person doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve met your Soulmate. And it’s not really love. It’s a projection of an idea. Given how mind-obsessed we all are, these projections can appear and feel real. 

Chances are, if you’re in love with someone, it’s because you forgot yourself and believe this person to be a savior of some sort. They are not. 

The good news is that when you believe you’ve found your Soulmate, it changes the way we look at life, as if everything has finally “fallen into place.” The reality is that we are already merged with the Divine, so why not focus on that? Why not focus on having the Divine clear your heart and soul? From there, you can liberate yourself. Why not focus on becoming Divine so that any relationship will be born from a clean soul-alignment, devoid of delusion. 

What Is A Twin Flame? 

Twin Flames feel like best friends because their soul is a near-identical soul imprint to ours. That makes most Twin Flame relationships fiery, sexy, problematic, or a combination of all three. Many people find value in Twin-Flame relationships, but these pairings are not the best for marriage or long-term relationships. They tend to flair up and flair out like herpes. 

You might enjoy a Twin Flame relationship with a friend or roommate. Unless the two of you are also fully immersed in a Dharma-based ideology, you’ll want to make sure there is always a healthy distance between you. One of you is the flame and one of you is in the pile of flammable material. Just be careful. 

When we rush to convert our Twin Flame relationships into romantic connections, we are most likely lonely and impatient. Don’t rush into anything. If there is a need to rush, chances are that it’s based on insecurity, low self-worth, and low self-esteem.

Some people describe Twin Flame relationships as being pulled into hurricanes. When was the last time you felt a hurricane was beneficial?

If you’re coming out of a Twin Flame relationship that ran hot and intense, you may not be prepared for the pain upon walking away. It will often feel like part of yourself is missing, like an arm or leg, or worse, your heart or soul. Upon a Twin Flame relationship conclusion, some people feel frozen in time, convinced they cannot move on. That’s because they gave their power to their Twin Flame, which is easy to do. 

How Can I Recover from a Twin Flame Extinguished?

Soon enough you will feel like a Phoenix rising from the ashes. You may be broken, but you will soon be whole. If you’re feeling like you cannot recover from a Twin Flame relationship, it’s time to improve upon your commitment to spiritual disciplines like meditation, yoga, forgiveness, and selfless service to others. Knowing ourselves, we can never feel empty.

The Twin Flame relationship is born from two people’s need to exercise their egos. This is not a bad thing, it’s just something to keep in mind. Your ego should be annihilated in this life, but enjoying the ego once in a while is okay. 

If you feel inclined to have sex with your Twin Flame, it might be fun, but it will book-live-intuitive-reading-with-paul-wagnerbe like having sex with yourself.

Sex is the lowest form of communication. If you have no other levels of communication to rely upon, you’re not relating with the other person, you’re just masturbating together. Not a bad thing, just not necessarily something that will help you evolve over time.

After all, sex is simply going to the bathroom in a nicer room.

What Are Soul Groups?

Soul Groups are like leaves on a branch. You either entered this life to travel together or you traveled in a prior life together. You might regularly find Soul Groups with whom you feel aligned. That’s because you’ve lived many lives. This is not an achievement, rather, it’s a fact. 

You might also be involved with a Soul Group because of how you have evolved in this lifetime. Your most treasured Soul Group may have formed because of a new devotion or commitment you’ve made. It might be that because of a change in your life, a Soul Group quickly appeared. 

Soul Families are a unique type of Soul Group. They are more intimate and often involve members of the Soul Family having experienced a more familiar connection from life to life. It might be that your Soul Family is comprised of people with whom you’ve been romantic in prior lives and people with whom you’ve also been a sibling or parent in prior lives. The forms of our relationships are not as important as how we evolve when immersed in them.

So, Before You Begin Diving Into Soulmateship…

You are unlimited potential in every direction. You can achieve liberation in this lifetime. Focus not on romance, rather, focus on truly loving and knowing yourself. From there, you can develop co-interdependent relationships based on Dharmic principles, rather than Karmic ones. 

If you’re truly seeking enlightened companionship, begin with the Divine. From
there, pray for a loving, selfless partner. Until you find one, become one. Whatever you become, you will attract. 

Forgive everything, release everything, and only rely upon Astrology to give a
few hints. After all, you are not limited by a faint blueprint. You are only limited by your beliefs. 


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