The Sacred Practice of Kriya Yoga

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The Sacred Practice of Kriya Yoga

Paramahansa Yogananda, a revered sage and luminary in the spiritual cosmos, imparted the sacred art of Kriya Yoga—a profound discipline that beckons the soul toward the celestial realms of higher consciousness and transcendent wisdom. Within the hallowed practice of Kriya Yoga lies the First Kriya Technique, a gateway to divine communion and spiritual illumination.

As aspirants on this hallowed path, it is essential to first cultivate a sanctuary of inner stillness. The mind, often turbulent like the restless seas, must find its calm before it can mirror the infinite. To aid in this sublime endeavor, the venerable HAM SAH technique serves as a preliminary practice, designed to harmonize the breath and thought into a single, serene flow. This sacred technique is a preparatory whisper, guiding the practitioner to a state of deep concentration and poised readiness, essential for the deeper voyage into the First Kriya Technique.

In embracing these initial steps, as taught by the blessed Paramahansa Yogananda, one prepares to tread the luminous path of Kriya Yoga with reverence, purity of heart, and a soul attuned to the divine vibrations of the cosmos. Let us then approach this sacred practice with the solemnity it deserves, preparing our beings to receive the light of higher knowledge and to walk steadfastly toward the eternal.

Setting the Space

Location: Choose a serene environment, ideally facing East.

Seating: Use a straight, armless chair or a firm surface, covered with a woolen blanket extending under the feet.

Physical Posture

Hands: Place the palms upwards on the thighs, near the junction with the abdominal area.

Spine: Keep the spine erect, ensuring it remains free from tension.


Throat Lubrication: Apply a few drops of olive oil or unsalted butter to the throat.

Visualization: Envision the spinal column as a hollow tube stretching from the base of the spine to the brain, particularly focusing on the third eye. Master this focus.

Execution of the First Kriya

Eye Position: With eyes closed or semi-closed, fix your gaze on the third eye, avoiding any strain.

Throat Expansion: Roll the tongue back towards the palate as far as possible, then let it return naturally, maintaining throat expansion.

Inhalation: Breathe in slowly, counting to 10-15, feeling the coolness in the throat and focusing on the sound “HA,” produced deep within. Mentally direct this sensation and sound down the spine.

Visualization During Inhalation: Imagine the breath descending smoothly through the hollow spinal tube, reaching from the third eye to the spine’s base.

Exhalation: Release the breath slowly through the mouth, matching the inhalation count, producing a continuous, soft “SA” sound. Visualize the breath rising along the spine, returning to the third eye.

Continuous Flow: Ensure the breath and sound flow without interruption; the combined sound should be a steady “HAAA SSAAA.”

Repetition: Perform this cycle 14 times, followed by at least 15 minutes of meditation, focusing on the life energy moving along the spine. Practice this twice daily, morning and evening.

Note: Beginners are advised not to exceed 14 repetitions.

HAM SAH Technique of Concentration

Initial Focus: Without straining, direct your gaze towards the third eye and passively observe the breath as if it belonged to another.

Mental Chanting: As you inhale, mentally chant “HAM.” As you exhale, chant “SAH.”

Extended Practice: Once focus is attained, breathe in while counting to 20 (adjust count as necessary), hold for the same count, exhale to the same count, and hold again. Repeat 6-12 times.

Tension and Relaxation: Inhale slowly, tensing the body. Relax completely as you exhale. Repeat six times.

Breath Retention: Take a breath, exhale quickly and hold your breath comfortably. Await the natural return of breath, mentally chanting “HAM” on inhalation and “SAH” on exhalation. Repeat three times.

This sacred practice is designed to enhance spiritual receptivity and foster a deep, inner tranquility. Engage with these techniques regularly to cultivate a profound connection with the divine energy that permeates all existence.


In the spiritual odyssey as delineated by the revered sage, Paramahansa Yogananda, the First Kriya Technique and the HAM SAH practice stand as profound beacons of light, guiding earnest seekers towards the serene shores of inner peace and ultimate liberation (moksha). These time-honored techniques are not merely methods but are sacred rites of passage that open the floodgates to divine energies and higher states of consciousness.

The First Kriya Technique, with its meticulous focus on the breath and the spiritual energy centers along the spine, offers a direct pathway to awaken and harmonize the life forces within. By channeling the breath and consciousness in a rhythmic ascent and descent along the spinal column, practitioners experience an expansion of awareness, transcending the mundane to touch the ethereal essence of existence. This practice nurtures a profound connection with the divine, cultivating an internal environment where peace proliferates and the tumult of the external world diminishes.

Complementing this, the HAM SAH technique serves as a vital preparatory exercise, training the mind to dwell in a state of unshakeable focus and stillness. It is a meditative practice that aligns the breath and mantra, creating a symphony of tranquility that permeates every cell, every thought, thereby smoothing the path for deeper Kriya practice.

Together, these spiritual disciplines offer immeasurable benefits:

Enhanced Clarity and Focus: As the mind learns to quiet its habitual chatter, clarity blossoms, allowing for a deeper understanding of one’s purpose and the nature of the universe.

Emotional Equilibrium: Regular practice stabilizes the emotions, equipping practitioners to handle life’s upheavals with grace and equanimity.

Physical Health and Vitality: The techniques enhance the flow of vital energy, promoting health, vitality, and a rejuvenated spirit.

Spiritual Awakening and Moksha: Ultimately, these practices are tools for spiritual liberation, paving the way to moksha—freedom from the cycle of birth and rebirth, and a permanent establishment in spiritual bliss.

For those inspired to deepen their journey, integrating tangential practices such as daily meditation, study of sacred texts, and participation in a community of like-minded seekers (satsang) can greatly enhance the journey. These supportive practices provide continual inspiration and insight, fortifying the spiritual path laid out by the profound teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda.

Thus, to those souls yearning for peace and seeking liberation, adopting the First Kriya Technique and HAM SAH practice offers a transformative journey. These practices do not just promise a temporary sanctuary from worldly concerns but open the portal to an enduring state of bliss and an unbreakable union with the divine. Embrace these sacred teachings, and step into the light of your highest potential, where eternal peace and liberation await.

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