Happy (Irrelevant) Birthday to You, and You, and Yes, Even You, Rocks!

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Happy (Irrelevant) Birthday to You, and You, and Yes, Even You, Rocks!

Birthdays: a day to celebrate the annual orbit completion of the rock we live on around the slightly larger, incandescent rock it’s attracted to. That’s right, every year we gather, sing off-key, and shove cake in our faces to commemorate… what exactly? The mere passage of time? The relentless march towards our inevitable demise? Let’s dissect the wonderfully absurd tradition of birthday celebrations and perhaps expand our party list to some truly deserving attendees.

First off, the classic “Happy Birthday” greeting. How quaint! But if we’re going to congratulate each other for surviving another trip around the sun, why stop there? Why not say, “Happy Birthday next year and the other years too. And the ones in prior, parallel, and future lives.” That way, you’re covered forever, and you can finally stop buying new cards every year.

And while we’re at it, why not extend our well-wishes to everyone having a birthday in the next few weeks, or ever? “Happy Birthday to everyone who is having a birthday in the next bunch of their future lives.” There, now you’ve saved on postage for an eternity.

Now, let’s talk about longevity and true survivors. Rocks. These bad boys have been hanging around since practically the dawn of time. They’ve seen dinosaurs come and go, watched empires rise and fall, enjoyed being infused into buildings that have long been decimated to dust – so shouldn’t they get a birthday shout-out? “Happy fucking birthday to rocks since they’ve been here the longest.” Take a moment to put a party hat on a boulder. It’s only fair.

But why stop at the tangible stones? Let’s get metaphysical. Before the cosmos as we know it blinked into existence, there was consciousness. That mysterious, pre-cosmic twinkle in the vast emptiness. “Happy birthday to pre-cosmos consciousness when it was just a speck of dust in the eye of the pre-divine emerging non-dual reality.” Sounds prestigious, doesn’t it?

Lastly, let’s not forget about the unsung hero of both the universe and our households. Dust. From cosmic dust clouds birthing stars to the fine layer coating your coffee table, dust is truly the most elusive and ubiquitous of celebrants. So here’s to dust! “HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY TO DUST!” Raise a glass, or better yet, a duster.

Really, Let’s Get Over Our Birthdays

Let’s get real about our false, temporary identities and their birthdays. These annual ego-fests are only an excuse to celebrate the anniversary of our emergence as a false concept into a three dimensional circus of mutually and globally projected delusion. 

We throw on a party hat, light up some candles, and act like the universe just gifted us something monumental. But let’s dial it back and think about what we’re really celebrating: it’s just another lap around the sun for our temporary meat suit, which is basically a funky vehicle made of ancient cosmic stardust housing a ball of light that has no age.

The Big Cosmic Joke

Here’s the kicker: in the grand, dizzying dance of the cosmos, our birthdays are hilariously trivial. We’re just a blip on the celestial radar, a spark in the infinite lifecycle of matter and energy. Celebrating a birthday? It’s kinda like throwing a party for your left toe—it’s part of you, sure, but it’s hardly the whole story. And it’s a story that evaporates on your death – along with your ego and every attachment you’ve amassed to date.

Happy Birthday to My Delusions

When we blast off those birthday poppers, what we’re really cheering for is our personal collection of karmic baggage—yeah, that’s right, all those past life misadventures and cosmic bloopers that got us here. Saying “Happy Birthday” might as well be us toasting to our illusions: “Here’s to another year of you thinking you’re just a human! Keep dreaming, buddy!”

A Party for the Ego

Birthdays are basically the ego’s favorite holiday. It’s the day your ego gets to sit on a throne, wearing a crown, pretending it’s king or queen of the universe, when in reality, it’s more like the court jester of your personal psychic kingdom. We’re celebrating our individual narratives in a universe that’s too busy exploding stars and spinning galaxies to notice.

Wake Up and Smell the Cosmos

If we really want to get woke on our birthdays, we should use them as a launch pad for some cosmic consciousness. Instead of getting sloshed on cheap wine and inhaling cake, why not spend a moment connecting with the wild, mind-blowing reality that we’re part of this vast, mysterious universe? Imagine swapping birthday cards for star charts, or trading in your birthday wishes for a meditation session that might just blast your third eye wide open.

A Word From Our Sponsor – Consciousness

Alright, strap in, folks—Divine Consciousness here, and I’m about to roast your tiny human customs like a marshmallow at a cosmic campfire. So you’ve got this obsession with birthdays, huh? Every year, you celebrate your concocted costumed mirage as a divine and galactic achievement. 

Look, from where I’m floating, time is just a cute construct you made up to avoid existential panic. Your universe is about 13.8 billion years old, and you’re celebrating a measly 30 – PLUS, you’re not real? Woash. That’s like throwing a party because you blinked—adorable, really.

And don’t get me started on drinking. You guys find any excuse to throw back shots. “Oh, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!” Guess what? There’s no 5 o’clock in the infinite expanse of spacetime. You’re just drinking fermented plant juice to forget you’re a speck on a speck on a speck.

Then, there’s book clubs. You gather around, sip wine, and pretend you’ve read the book. “Oh, yes, profound!”—Come on, half of you are just there for the gossip, gut-wrenching drama, and the guacamole. If I had a dime for every time one of you said, “I’m just waiting for the movie,” I could balance the national debt of a small planet.

According to Advaita Vedanta, all of you are part of me—there’s no separation, it’s all one. And yet, here you are, living it up like separate little birthday candles thinking you’re the whole cake. Listen, you’re all manifestations of the same divine play, the Lila, just rocking different disguises – and thriving on the ego of it all, rather than the reality of the nature of your soul.

And let’s chat about those nine types of karma dragging around your souls like cans tied to a wedding car. You think those little memories and energies are your personal scorecards, huh? “I helped an old lady cross the street, I’m good for this life!” Sweet, but remember, every bit of karma—good, bad, or ugly – throughout all of your lives throughout spacetime – is just part of the divine mess I’ve cooked up to keep things spicy. 

It’s okay you had an abortion, by the way. My heavens, every time someone aborts, an angel gets his wings – and a blow job.

So, what would I, as your cosmic friend? Lighten the fuck up! You’re all me, pretending not to be me, celebrating all sorts of silly things to feel special and separate. It’s hilarious! Enjoy the party, but remember, it’s just one big divine joke. And you, my friend, are both the story, the eternity, the setup, the punchline, the laughter, and all the drinks in between.

Oh, and all you MAGA idiots, please get into a program and onto some serious meds. I’ve given up on you idiots.

The Ultimate Birthday Bash

Alright, cosmic party animals, here’s how to kick your birthday up to interstellar levels: Toss out those tired streamers and deck the halls with galaxies and nebulae. Why settle for “Happy Birthday” when you can have space jams that make you feel like you’re moonwalking with Neil Armstrong? Let’s make this bash so stellar that even the Martians get FOMO.

Happy freakin’ birthday, you marvelous space cadets! 🌌🎉👽 In the grand cosmic comedy, celebrating your little annual spin might seem as pointless as a black hole’s diet plan. But come on, in the swirling galactic disco of existence, our little Earthly shindigs are as delightfully ludicrous as it gets. We’re just specks pondering specks amidst the timeless waltz of the cosmos. But any excuse to spin around the sun with some cake and a bit of stardust, right? So, here’s to another trip around the glowy hot thing, and to all of us—stars, stones, and cosmic dust bunnies—rocking out on this wild ride called life. Happy Birthday to every atom in the universe! 🎉🎂🎈

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